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#morning rb

Time to pick through whatever drivel my brain spouted out last night for that Good Content

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good morning why is akiteru suddenly attractive to me

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been taking melatonin so i have these really strange dreams all of a sudden? last night jack antonoff was my flatmate/best friend and he gave me carly rae jepsen tickets and said he loved me

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“Seven years later, six since she had last seen her mother, Sheela sat perched on bloodied soil and looked at the stars with her sister.”

A/N: This was intended to be a snippet but it’s kinda long lol and I wasted two hours I should have been working BUT on the upside, I’m actually pretty happy with it! Tell me what you guys think? It’s completely unedited so idk how good this is objectively speaking lmao

I based this off this prompt I found online, “How many more innocent people have to die?”

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Okay, I genuinely had no idea how that happened..
I was using tumblr browser (mobile) when rebloging it, and I guess….it somehow glitching???

There’s like 7 ppl messaging me about it now. Yeaaaah, I’m seriously sorry about that haaa..

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god like the worst part is that even if the eyepocalypse could be ended theres a good chance that things could never “go back to normal” because literally everyone in the world will be completely traumatized

like there’s teachers who forgot their own names and doctors that have to realearn how to walk and cashiers who can’t even look at a camera and children who don’t remember any way to live other than hiding in the dark

and then some people are actually dead but you have no way of knowing if the one person you remember from before the everything is dead or hiding from you or forgot you or ended up halfway across the world or in a hospital with a chronic case of one of their lungs is missing like how is a society supposed to bounce back from that? How is anyone supposed to go back to normal after the world literally ended???

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it’s 1am and i’m sure i won’t get any replies butttt i’m almost done the svech story soooooo what should i write next?

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kinda want to change my url. my two ideas r northstarpointingsouth nd hotelchannels . pls giv feedbac,,,

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that one picture of frank where he looks like a shitty little boy. you know the one. pretty please click 4 hq.

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This one…. is gonna be niche.

I was just rewatching the Dream/Techno duel from Dream’s perspective. I noticed that he mostly refers to himself as “we,” which is super interesting! I actually do that as well, and it’s something I’ve talked to a lot of people about.

Most everyone changes up how they refer to themselves when they self-talk, but it seems like most of us have a preference for one thing. Most people I’ve talked to usually call themselves “I.” It makes sense, that’s how it works in conversation. A lot of people also refer to themselves as “you,” and some call themselves by their name or pronouns.

Calling yourself “we” is what I’ve seen psychoanalyzed the most. I don’t have an answer for what it means, but it is just a weird interesting thing that I related to, and maybe a handful of you guys will too?

And yeah, sure, he might be using the royal “we” and including his fans, but let me have my fun.

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good morning i’m straight up lighting candles and manifesting for me to pass this test because at this point, studying is pointless 💆🏻‍♀️

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