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#morpho butterfly

Morpho godarti lachaumei

Morpho godarti is a species of Morpho butterfly found in Peru and Bolivia. The metallic coloration of these butterflies is caused by reflections of light along the altering lamellate wing structures. These structures, mostly brown in color, reflect blue wavelengths on the dorsal (back) sides while ventral (under) sides mostly retain their brown hue. Such has been studied for the development of dyeless paint, biomimetic textiles, and anti-counterfeit currency technology. It’s estimated that Morphos reflect up to 70% of light that hits their bodies, though not all species under the Genus are iridescent.

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Pretty Butterflies (by: Garden of Eve)

A new butterfly ready to emerge at the Butterfly Farm in Aruba and some other lovely ones.

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Morpho (by: Garden of Eve)

An emerging Morpho butterfly at the Butterfly Farm in Aruba.

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Morpho butterfly by Trond Larsen

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Everybody listen!

I got a sustainably sourced morpho!!!!

I’m freaking out a little bit.

Here’s some micro shots of her scales!

Also they’re way bigger than I imagined. Like hummingbird size.

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You guys have no idea how hard it is to take pictures of dang morpho butterflies. as soon as they land, they close those wings up, and they fly so dang fast.

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I got to hold a butterfly yesterday. It made me so happy.

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“Sometimes your drawings come to life…”

First calligraphy butterfly I’ve ever seen, used so much Iridescent Blue India Ink to create a “real” Emperor Butterfly!

I expect M. Menelaus to be part of some of my later works!


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