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You two are funny
He's like the annoying little brother I never wanted and will have to poison with cyanide someday
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So in tonight’s live Sarah said that the next book she works on will be a full novel. But then she also said that the Novella she has planned would likely be set BETWEEN ACOSF and the next book in the series. Doesn’t this feel a little strange? I haven’t read her other series’ so maybe it’s something she does but the non chronological thing kind of took me by surprise since these 5 have all been linear and it’s not like this would be a full prequel so I guess I’m just ????

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Some explorative sketches. Also a new piece and its extras available @

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We are going to see the warrior unicorns at the zoo?
The what now?!
He means the rhinos.
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Me after ACOWAR and ACOFAS when everyone was ignoring the “main” couple and getting hyped up on that Nessian juice:


Me after ACOSF when everyone is ignoring the “main” couple and breaking into ship wars:

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Known to many as the Goddess of Battle, She has been a deity since the beginning. There are many representations of a Triple Goddess as symbols and statues. In the beginning, She was said to have lived as three humans sharing one Soul. Some call Her, the Divine Feminine. She was the basis of one of this world’s major religions.

That religion now worships a male deity, but the original religion moved North with the Celtic peoples. They left North Africa to colonise Europe. The Triple Goddess was later called by them, the Morrigan. The Triple Moon and Triple Spiral symbols represent phases of life. These are called, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

The Maiden is the Waxing Crescent Moon. A time of growth and fresh potential. A time of exploration, self-confidence, fighting skills, and creativity. The Maiden can invoke the Power of Enchantment on one whom they want as a partner in life. It is a phase where experience and exploration can bring excitement and learning.

The Mother is the Full Moon. A time of abundance and of responsibility. A time of adulthood and prime physical condition. This is the most powerful phase of life. A time where one may invoke the Power of Passion. This can be positive or negative. A phase where one puts their Willpower into the world to ensure a future for the species.

The Crone is the Waning Crescent. A time of winding down, the Crone’s abilities are in wisdom and guidance. This is the second most powerful phase of life, but it is the phase where one is most feared. Where one can invoke the Power of the Goddess to enhance their magical abilities. This can be prophecy, healing and influences.

From the beginning, people were well aware that only Action matters in the Material Plane. There are those who talk of Ascension and yet their vibration has decreased due to their Inaction. One can choose to ignore the negative if they want, but subconscious fear does not bring Ascension. Negativity increases unless Action is taken to remove it.

“Maiden, Mother, Crone.”

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A Wip of a morrigan full body piece

It will be posted later today @

Become a supporter of my work so you can get this one, past ones, future ones and welcome package that includes a welcome sketch too

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It costs €100 to go see a therapist. However, it costs €0 to tell myself “it really do be like that sometimes”
mog no
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✨ 5 Days Left  ✨

Pre-orders for “The Keeper’s Codex: A Dragon Age Fairy Tale Anthology” end on March 7th!

For now, enjoy sneak peek of @lalalere‘s beautiful illustration~  

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Anah, slightly concerned
When's the last time you slept?
Morrigan, holding her sixth cup of coffee
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Okay what are we guessing.

I mean, #5 has to be Elain’s book right? Maybe #6 is the final impending war that was built up in ACOSF? Like a world peace type ending? Perhaps? #3.2 I have no idea…I thought it was going to be after ACOSF at first but now I don’t know. Another Feysand novella? Who’s POV could it be? Mor? Amren? Azriel? Elain? Elriel?

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Okay, SO! I know I’m not the only one speculating about the next book and Elriel, so here’s my thoughts:

  • The next book will be Elain’s book. She’s clearly got a lot of things to sort through and the Azriel POV exclusive chapter was to hype that up.
  • After pouring it over (and over) I’ve decided that I’m pretty positive Elriel is endgame and here’s why…
  • We still haven’t delved into Mor’s perspective aside from the chapter in ACOFAS and I believe her story will be intertwined with Elain’s because (current headcannon) I think Mor and Eris are mates (Sarah hints at it hardcore in ACOSF). Mor is going against the mating bond and so will Elain because of her feelings for Azriel.
  • Elain will go to the Spring Court for a time and live with Lucien. They owe it to each other to at least try. After all, they’re mates for a reason, right? Edit: Maybe that was a poor choice of words. They most certainly don’t owe each other anything, like if Elain is uncomfortable by Lucien then she shouldn’t be forced to go with him but the whole dance they’ve been doing of avoiding each other has to come to a head. They are mates and that is unavoidable. Part of Elain’s journey will be facing what life has thrown at her that she’s been too afraid to face.
  • Elain will be the one who brings the Spring Court back into full bloom and help Tamlin (because I feel like there’s more to his story, though it’s still unclear how)
  • Elain has a darkness that she has to confront. It stems from all the trauma she went through during the war. Everyone thinks she’s this pure happy ray of sunshine but that is exhausting. No one can be that all the time. That’s why she’s drawn to Azriel. She doesn’t feel like she has to be anyone but herself with him.
  • Elain doesn’t really belong in the Night Court, but somewhere inbetween the dark and the light. A theory I recently read has something to do with the prison being the 8th court and Elain being the one to bring it back somehow which would make it the Dusk Court. Which would be a perfect inbetween for Elriel to reside.
  • Then there’s tons of other pieces at play. We’ve got Vassa and Jurian, the fourth item from the Dread Trove, (Gwyn? Will she and Azriel have a thing? What is going on there?), and a whole other war coming that Sarah foreshadowed at the end of ACOSF. Sarah’s got her work cut out for her.

So that’s pretty much everything that’s been running through my head since I read ACOSF. But I trust Sarah and I know that however she writes it—even if I’m wrong—will be amazing because she loves these characters just as much as we do. Actually, probably more because she made them.

Hopefully we’ll know more from Sarah’s Instagram live tomorrow!

  • Also! I just read that Sarah had confirmed in the past that someone could have more than one mate so it’s possible that Azriel could be that for Elain. Or who knows? Maybe Elain can change the mating bond somehow and free both herself and Lucien. Maybe he’s just her platonic mate (lol) 🤷🏼‍♀️
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“Today was … unexpected.”
“It’s so much harder,” [Mor] said, groaning as she chucked the rest of the blanket into my lap and rose to her feet. “When enemies turn into friends. And the opposite, I suppose. What didn’t I see? What did I overlook or dismiss? It always makes me reassess myself more than them.”
“Another joy of war?”
She snorted, heading for the tent flaps. “No—of life.”

MOR IS GREAT. Yes she was mean to Nesta in the beginning but helped her out when it counted. She is not perfect. I love her

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I'm the type of person that likes to think things through
I once saw you eat a marshmallow that was still on fire
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Sick of these ship wars turning nasty so I’ll now be aggressively shipping the following couples just out of protest:

  1. Eris and Azriel (Eriel- let these dark bois with daddy issues be a part of your world)
  2. Gwyn and Tarquin (TarGwyn- young ocean eye babies who deserve the WORLD and must be protected but will also not hesitate to blood ruby their enemies)
  3. Emerie and Vassa (Vasserie- 2 queens. That’s it.)
  4. Mor and Elain (Elor- Idk they both don’t like to wear black and would be the most physically attractive couple in Prythian.)
  5. Lucien and Madja (Macien- because SOMEONE needs to heal and care for Lucien dammit)

I won’t be taking criticism at this time or any time, thank you.

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I love the acotar series but if there is something that I hate is the fandom because there are people who are so toxic and that just ruins the experience of having debates on social media. There is literally an hastag anti nesta stans, like you can not like the character not everyone needs to like her but create an hastag because people like her?

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