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I just had to make the MK11 version of Kung Lao from that MK movie preview. I JUST HAD TO

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I know people are hyped about the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie, but am I the only one who’s actually worried?

Why? Well, this is why.


They’re introducing a totally new character who isn’t in the games and, according to the synopsis of the movie, he may be the main focus of the whole thing. I don’t want that to be the case, because that could mean that the actual main characters from the games won’t get as much screen time as they deserve. Like Alice overshadowing the actual video game characters from the Resident Evil series. Honestly, I hope that’s not the case and that the movie is good.

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Yup!! Can do! I’m going off of in game mk11 height models for everyone but Kenshi; I’m just guessing his height for him lol.

Kung Lao


Originally posted by loutino20

  • Kung Lao frequently is around 7ft tall Gods and Outworlders; do you really think height would deter him? He doesn’t have much of a preference for height at all, so he’ll never make you feel like it’s a hinderance or odd in any way. You’re just tall and that’s fine by him. He still adores you with his whole heart and strives to impress you everyday.
  • However, that being said… he will only slightly roll his eyes if you do take a liking to making short jokes about him. Just a little. You both end up making cheesy jokes about another’s height simply because you both can. There isn’t much that’s different when you’re taller than Kung Lao other than that and also that he can be given piggy back rides pretty easily and yes, you have given him one.
  • If people ever ask, Kung Lao honestly does get offend on your behalf. Height means nothing to him; he loves you. He wants to live his entire life with you. He doesn’t have to prove a point by being taller than you and couldn’t care less. Now if you’ll excuse him, Kung Lao is going to go pick flowers for his partner.

Liu Kang


Originally posted by ladyscientiaxv

  • Growing up around Lord Raiden and Lord Fujin makes a man pretty careless about height, and Liu Kang has next to no issue being the shorter one in the relationship. It doesn’t matter to him at all; when he takes an interest in you, you can be pretty certain he’s in it for the long run, and physical traits don’t matter much to the monk.
  • He’s quite the optimist at times; Liu Kang doesn’t focus on how short he is compared to you. Instead, he likes to focus on how tall you are. He’s not a short man at all, so it’s rare that he cannot reach things that are high up. But with you? He can ask his partner when he can’t, to grab him something. Plus, there is a plethora of pictures of Liu Kang picking you up and how dorky that looks. He finds it amusing to look back on those memories.
  • When people ask, he just shrugs. It hasn’t ever been something that’s bothered him. Even better, Liu Kang sheepishly will admit to you that he does enjoy that your height makes it easier for him to be the little spoon at times.

Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang)


Originally posted by anoodledragon

  • Kuai Liang is not the tallest man, and he knows it. A good majority of his allies are taller than him, so it’s pretty natural at this point for him to look up at you when addressing you. He doesn’t mind having a taller partner at all; it’s just having a relationship in general that can be tough for him in the beginning, but he is a very competent lover.
  • Is it amusing to see the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei’s spouse be that much taller than him? Possibly at first glance, but nobody cares much for height, especially in the clan. It only comes to mind when people like the retired Hollywood actor bring it up. Even then, it’s met with Kuai Liang’s simple response that he loves your honour and wit more than anything physical.
  • Now, a benefit of your height is that you’re incredibly good at holding him while cuddling, and Kuai Liang enjoys that more than he thought he would. Furthermore, he’s considered quite tall for the average Lin Kuei, meaning you’re likely taller than the majority of the clan. Good for you.

Kenshi Takahashi


Originally posted by raidenmahboi

  • When I tell you Kenshi is probably the least bothered out of everyone; I mean it. The man literally cannot see your height, and nor does he care. He fell in love with your mind and heart, not your physical traits. However it’s easy to forget there even is a height difference, since it’s always in the back of his mind.
  • He has literally heard you bang your head against shorter door frames and immediately replied with “…I just remembered how tall you are, love. I’m so sorry; do you want some ice?” There’s a dorky smile on Kenshi’s face when he says that.
  • I’d say Kenshi has more of an issue with people who seem to point out your height. Why is everyone but the people in the relationship bothered by it? However, he also loves it at the same type, because either of you can cheesily point out that it doesn’t matter because he cannot see how tall you are anyways. Plus that means he can comfortably be the little spoon.
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Hey Mortal Kombat people hit me up

Okay okay just now as I was using my dad’s pizza cutter to cut sum pizza we made, I had an epiphany. So we were talking about Mortal Combat and just as I was holding the cutter, I though of a character: a pizza cutter character. (here’s the description of the character and her weapon, i will probably draw them soon):

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Oh OK let me just:

5. OK idk if this counts as a fight scene but that part at the end if Zombieland 2 where they gotta blow up all those zamzams, that’s shit superb.

4. Mortal Kombat, I forget which one, it’s the one where everyone fights each other to get to the top of that tower, that one. That beginning scene where you see them fighting, loved that.

3. Pretty much all of Ghost of Tsushima.

2. Scott prilgrim vs. The world’s first and third, and fourth fight. Fucking bangers.

1. Wii boxing with Matt on wii sports. Listen.

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Suijin: You think yourself A God?

Rain: I command the water now Suijin.

Suijin: You may command it, but I created it.

Kagusuchi: Outworld’s false Sun God.

Kotal: What makes you a better fit for the title?

Kagusuchi: I was born from sun’s flames!

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“I come….Offering redemption….Fight for the NetherRealm in the Mortal Kombat tournament and In return I will help you find Sub-Zero, Avenge your brothers and assure that you find peace for what he did to your family…..Will you do that for me General Hasashi?“


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Y’all want to request something? My inbox is open atm :•) make sure to read my rules and all before requesting!

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“Rock You Like a Hurricane” by Scorpion is officially Fujin’s song now. Even Johnny confirm it on his reveal trailer.

No I don’t take any constructive criticism thank you.

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Tony Romo makes a great Mortal Kombat reference during the Browns-Chiefs game, Fans ate it up!

Tony Romo makes a great Mortal Kombat reference during the Browns-Chiefs game, Fans ate it up!

It was an intense game between the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs, but it was Tony Romo’s Video Game reference that won the day and the hearts of NFL Fans and Gamers. Romo was in Kansas City today calling the Browns-Chiefs divisional playoff game not only quoted the Legendary Video Game Icon but did an Impressive impression of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.

The former Dallas Cowboys…


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So I Drew my OC Suijin The Water Goddess


She’s one of the 5 elemental gods. The ex wife to Raiden and has a twin brother named Kugutsuchi who is the fire god. I’ll probably draw him tomorrow. She also saved Liu Kang from drowning as a baby and brought him to the Shao Lin temple to be raised.

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God OK uh

5. Jade, from Mortal Kombat. She knows how to fight and she’s pretty???? Sign me up.

4. Lara Croft, from tomb raider. She can fight and is pretty???? Hecks yeah.

3. Jax, also from Mortal combat. He can fight and he’s pretty???? I’m down.

2. Foxy from fnaf. Do not come for me on this. Please. Just. Don’t speak about it.

1. Harley Quinn, from Batman, I mean I like her in the video games and movies but shhh. She’s pretty and she knows hot to fight.

So as you can see, I have a type.

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So… I tried to actually draw Kano instead of my goofy ass cartoon versions lol


Toony sketch for comparison

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I prefer to go with the story the King Jerrod was stronger than Shao Kahn and was about to kill him until Shang Tsung cheap shot him in the back. Stop disrespecting my man’s memory NRS!

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