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#mortal kombat oc
harrissa-hoe · 2 hours ago
Suijin, hands Kitana a note: here, take this
Kitana: it just says "you are baby" on it
Suijin: yes, you 𝘢𝘳𝘦 a baby
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bar10du · 3 hours ago
Random headcanon
Henia wears glasses in her day to day life but rarely around the kombatants. That's only because there's usually something about to go down whenever they see each other and she doesn't want to break them.
Which led to:
Raiden, fighting someone with bombs going off in the distance, gunshots all around: Henrieta, what time is it?
Henia: What?
Raiden: Time! The clock is on your right, hurry!
Henia, squinting really hard: Uhhhh,, Something half past... Two? 🧐
Raiden, angry, confused and stressed: WhaT? *Almost gets punched by the enemy*
Henia, magically summoned her purse and frantically looking for her glasses: G-give me a second! Almooost, oh right! *Puts them on quickly and realizes she's been staring at a round stain on the wall*
All of them are back at the Special Forces headquarters, Henia puts her glasses on and looks around: Whoaaa, you all have FAceS!? ...and pretty ones too~ *stops at Raidens disappointed face and sighs* I'm sorry, I swear I'll get contacts by the next mission...
Fujin: Alright, but how did you get around without them until now?
Henia, realizes it doesn't make much sense: By shapes and colors...? ...I'm very lucky though!!
The whole HQ: 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Also, sorry but not sorry for this cursed format ( ˶ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ˶ )
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someirish-brawler · 6 hours ago
Erron's Favorite Thing About "Loosing" His Button-Ups Is This:
Tumblr media
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anxietymuffin · 8 hours ago
Smoke: Would you ever want a girlfriend?
Bi-han: Don't be ridiculous, I have no time for such things-
Yujiki: *ready to fight god* *openly mocks sektor* *doesn't act "ladylike* *curses like a sailor* *talks back and challenges Bi-han* *sarcastic* *strong af* *Amazing assassin*
Bi-Han: *inhales* she will be my bride
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someirish-brawler · 15 hours ago
I Know @shaolinhat Draws His Sona Shorter Then Shang...
But I Headcanon Shang Shorter So Jess Can Carry His Husband Around :)
Kinda Like This:
Tumblr media
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ninibear3000 · 15 hours ago
I’m just gonna head canon that the Elemental Gods were like immature teenagers thousands of years ago.
*Water Goddess Tootega is just trying to peacefully read her book in the Sky Temple*
Raiden: I guess Cetrion giving you immense power and skill makes up for your height. Or lack there of I should say.
Earth Goddess Avani: You know what brother... *amplified bicycle kicks to where Tootega is reading*
Tootega: *sighs and moves into a different location*
Fujin: Safara what happened to the batter? *holds up empty bowl*
Fire Goddess Safara: *swallows and visibly has batter on face* I don’t know.
Fujin: *rubs his face*This is the third time today at this rate we will never finish! No worries, at least there’s the second bowl now, where did-
Safara: *is already eating from it and teleports away*
Fujin: *eye twitches and proceeds to chase after her*
Tootega: *tries to ignore the growing chaos and teleports to the roof and focuses on her book*
*Off in the distance*
Avani: SO I’M A CHEATER NOW! *bicycle kick noises*
Safara: *Drops bowl and shatters it*
*Suddenly the Sky Temple shakes, the winds nearly knock Tootega off the roof. She is struck by lightning and falls in the court yard. Strangely, the sun is out making it significantly hotter.*
Tootega: *Goes back inside fried.* All of you. SHUT. UP. *it starts pouring rain*
*All four of them start complaining to Tootega about the rain*
Tootega @the Elder Gods: I would like to request my own temple.
And that is how all the other Elemental temples got made.
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ninibear3000 · 19 hours ago
*makes references to oc despite the fact I haven’t put any info out there*
Sanayah: Lao we shouldn’t be seen like this.
Kung Lao: Don’t worry no one will see us.
Sanayah: *sighs*You know a nun and a monk is not ideal.
Lui Kang: So what were you and Kung Lao doing the other day?
Sanayah: What were you and Kitana doing the other day?
Lui Kang: *awkwardly* That...that doesn’t matter.
Raiden: Did you forget all that Bo’ Rai Cho has taught you?
Sanayah: Of course not master!
Raiden: Then why are you skipping breakfast?
Asma: Please don’t say it.
Sanayah: You should talk to Cassie.
Asma: All I said was that she was hot, *sighs* let’s just train for now.
Bo’ Rai Cho: What was the first thing I taught you?
Sanayah: Can’t be a strong warrior on an empty stomach.
Bo’ Rai Cho: Then why did Raiden tell me you’re skipping the most important meal of the day?
Cassie: So you didn’t train with Lui Kang and Kung Lao?
Sanayah: No, I trained with the Kung Fu Nuns of the Drukpa Lineage.
Cassie: Wait a second, did you say Kung Fu Nuns?!
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harusdomain · a day ago
Tumblr media
“Poppin’ a pill with my left hand
Got my right hand on your girlie...”
Sorry for inactivity guys >_< Just finished my finals
One of my fave songs that I think fits Kano a lot
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honey-apple-kiss · a day ago
❤ The One and Only ❤
Tumblr media
Hey, y'all! I'm in the middle of a moving process but I'm able to chill for now, meaning I could finally hook up my PC again!
I felt like making something prettyful using images of Erron-Boo captured directly by me. 🤠🌟📸 Thankfully the effects I've applied does kinda conceal the lackluster quality of Switch MK11 🙃 Despite that, Erron is still very cute, of course! 😍
Super Kirby Clash and Kirby Star Allies kept me busy these past few months, so I'm waaaaaaaay behind in my MK11 progress. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Tho I was able to do some catching up over the past couple of weeks; crazy good fun! The Krypt has its tedious moments and some Tower challenges can cost one their patience (If not their sanity) but if it means Erron-Boo will receive an expansion to his wardrobe and arsenal in the end, then all the trouble will so be worth it. 🥰
I'll deffo be nabbin' his Fireworks outfit in the near future. But for now, enjoy Indiana Black/Erron Jones(More specifically, the "Grave Robber" variant)! *Sigh* That outfit paired with the "Old Fashioned" hat makes me a happy gal. 🥰❤❤❤❤ Yayyyy!
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yuvon · a day ago
Race Against the Hourglass
An Mortal Kombat AU story
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zantsungart2019 · a day ago
Gay marriage between sorcerer Shang Tsung and sorcerer Zan Chen Lee (more known as Zan Chen Tsung now)
Tumblr media
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free-the-shadows · a day ago
Shinnok : who is this "Bi-Han" you constantly keep taking about?
Heian : um... He's a friend?
Bi-Han, emerging from the shadows : excuse you? So holding hands is just being friends for you?
Heian : how did you-
Shinnok : you disappoint me, my dear daughter.
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tora-lotus · 2 days ago
2 3 new Tora Skins 💕💕🐈
I'd say Raijin Sama(Raiden Sama) is an Elder Skin, Heir of Hu Ye is Mortal and Tora no Kaze(Tiger's Wind)is Mythic 🤔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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free-the-shadows · 2 days ago
Okay but Heian being Shinnok's "adoptive daughter" is a thought that cannot leave my brain.
I mean, Shinnok is an Elder God, and the Elder Gods are the ones who created Heian, so it's fair enough if I say Shinnok is Heian's dad, right?
Heian hates her clingy dad but y'know, he loves her 😌
Honestly I love this headcanon, so expect more explanations about it very soon 😂
Tumblr media
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maddenedroses · 2 days ago
Shao Kahn: You’re all quite short.
Siris and Lilith: Well... Yeah? We’re children.
Shao Kahn: That’s no excuse! I was never as short as you!
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free-the-shadows · 2 days ago
Bi-Han : do you know how much Heian is precious to me?
Kuai : a lot?
Bi-Han : no.
Kuai :
Bi-Han : too much. Seriously I need to stop but I love her so much-
Kuai : you are a simp, brother.
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thedreadfularts · 2 days ago
Smol floppy eared hellpuppy does a head tilt.
I still have zero idea of what color give to Goofball.
But at least I found a cool and easy way to draw flames.
Tumblr media
I love that life stage puppies and kittens walk with their paws pointing in, it's just too cute 💕
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