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Golden, golden,

Light unfolding,

Busily, merrily, work and play,

In flowery meadows,

And forest shadows,

All the length of a Summer day!

All the length of a Summer day!

Sprightly, lightly,

Sing we rightly,

Moments brightly hurry away;

Fruit-tree blossoms,

And roses’ bosoms,—

Clear blue sky of a Summer day!

Dear blue sky of a Summer day!

Springlets, brooklets,

Greeny nooklets,

Hill and Valley, and salt sea-spray,

Comrade rovers,

Fairy lovers,—

All the length of a Summer day

All the livelong Summer day!

- Chorus of the Fairies by William Allingham

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….“All of this, so you can feel pain? All of this, because you can’t let the dead rest?

(Maybe saying this is a little hypocritical for “Moss”, of all people, but she’s never been one to let that stop her.)

“When you feel the former, I hope the pain of what you did to us tears you apart. When you feel the latter, I hope she abandons you when she realizes the entirety of what you did.”

She shrugs! What else is there to say? They lost. Curling back up in her chair, she closes her eyes. 

“For god’s sake, stop trying to justify this to us. It’d be better if you just hammed it up with the theatrics. There’s nothing more insulting than someone trying to apologize for the knife they’re sticking in your back.”

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