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unfortunately it’s my fault for it ig but eh ty moss ❤️❤️❤️

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I’m alright :) schools been a LOT for me tho 😔💔

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that sounds super cool!! i feel u about displaying album artwork it’s hard to find a place to put it!!

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does it make sense if i tell you your lips taste of honey-dew and rain, and your eyes are amber and bark? if your hair is soft as moss, and your hands as gentle as wind? does it make sense if i tell you that i’d lose myself in you like a forest, gladly and readily?

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My brain is mush!

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Kate Moss

THE FACE (March 1999)

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while i think that donna mostly writes in a more traditional style (full sentences and paragraphs), i think she occasionally slips into this sort of free-verse poetry style, which is how i’ve chosen to present this. this (very very short) fic starts below the cut.

summary:  donna said seventy-one words to josh in that hotel room. there were five she didn’t (or, couldn’t. whatever). spoilers through 7x06: the al smith dinner.

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The moss reaches. Very, very slowly. But it reaches. Its hold is soft. Rest. You will be safe.

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i almost just inhaled my popcorn at “we’re gonna find some tropical fussy”

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