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I'm sorry I respect you and your taste in men but there's no universe in which I can imagine Grumpy being anything more than a selfish and judgmental lover.

listen. im not saying grumpy is the dwarf who fucks best. im saying hes the one i would pick under threat of death

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The first thing that person said to you was "actually I don't think you're emotionally fragile, you're horrible and callous" and to them that's "trying to start a meaningful dialogue"???????

all hes ever done is berate me and call for violence against me but then go “no jk but theyre a CRAZY BITCH” but yeah me not watning my privacy constantly invaded is a cyberbullying campagin

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Lars I'm bereft, after a year of lusting over patterns I finally decided I was going to teach myself how to use a sewing machine, I went to the store in a manic wave of optimism, bought fabric and all the fixings, drew up a pattern suitable for a total beginner, pulled out my late granny's old sewing machine, and the inner gears working the thing literally crumbled to dust. Now I have a passion and a bunch of supplies and no means of using it. Should I just buy a new sewing machine? What do i do

absolutely! sewing is so cool and ive always been jealous of people who can do it, if youve got the means and passion i would definitely endorse taking the final leap and getting a *game show announcer voice* brand new sewing machiiiiiine!

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mossofthewoods replied to your post “squatchmiester replied to your post “riffrathski2 replied to your…”

i don’t know the validity of this advice but the one advice I always hear is, additionally, make sure to carry your plucked shrooms in a straw basket, as loosely woven as possible, to allow spores to fall as you collect

That last one is something I was told by a mushroom expert as well. When you pick them, shake a bit of the spore powder out and allow it to fall to the ground. Only about 0.05% or so will actually take root and grow into a new mycellium, but it’s the thought that counts. I’ve tried to get fly agarics to grow in my garden that way, but alas, no success so far ^^

As for the straw basket vs. plastic bag thing, I think it’s one of the big unsolved debates, just like “cut them off close to the ground” vs. “pull them out with a screwing motion”. There are lots of theories about how mushrooms will decompose faster when kept in a plastic bag, or how they will lose their taste. Personally, I think shrooms don’t care in the least and it doesn’t affect them at all, but I would opt for the straw basket both for the spore powder thing mentioned above, and for aesthetic reasons :-)

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I ordered this beautiful nightshade pendant from @mossofthewoodsjewelry and I was super happy to find it waiting in the mailbox for me today. I still need to figure out how to put up my hair so that I can wear the nightshade hairpins, but I’m happy to finally have a new piece to go with them.

Thank you, Emily! It’s absolutely beautiful, and I’m probably going to wear it a lot this fall.

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Mori boy and girl versions of the same outfit…i.e. I just threw a skirt over my shorts…

Another concert today! Going back to SPAC for Dead and Co. with my sister! We have lawn tickets, hence the necessity of shorts for sitting low to the ground…

Pretty much a thrifted outfit except the white undershirt, that’s from target. Oh, and the necklace, the long dangly one is from Moss of the Woods Jewelry.

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If you don't want to cut it for any reason, a low spoon option for long hair that's been working for me lately is just daily lazy buns... It takes about 2 minutes to do it and you can do it with bed head and it doesn't look terrible, and it prevents it from getting further tangled over the course of the day. These days I might go like 5 days without brushing and just daily buns.

I do put my hair up a lot, mainly into a messy clip like style. That way I have to at least brush it each day (cause if I didn’t it would be a nightmare to wash). However, I’m finding that I won’t wash it for a while because of not having the spoons to deal with it, so it’s getting a little gross for me.

I have mixed feelings about cutting it, but I’m leaning towards cutting once I have the money to. Right now money is incredibly tight/non existent. 

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