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“Can we please listen to something that’s not Queen?”

“Absolutely not. My car, my rules, and Freddie has the most wonderful voice heard on this earth, second only to yours truly,” Daeron said pompously and attempted something between a bow and a flourish, but was hindered by the need to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.

Fëanor snorted derisively. “Modest as always. But you forget Makalaurë.”

“He’s in third place, only because he’s related to you and I happen to like you.”

“Arrogant Sindarin bastard.”

Your arrogant Sindarin bastard.”

“Love of my life, bane of my existence.”

And Fëanor had to admit that there were worse things to do than speeding along the open highway in Daeron’s convertible with “Don’t Stop Me Now” blasting from the stereo.

I have no exuse for this other than being too lazy to write things that are not dialogue.

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Here’s basically Fluffy but like… a Hollow Knight moth. 

[id= three full body drawings of a semi-anthropomorphic moth drawn to somewhat resemble the style of Hollow Knight. The moth has a dark grey segmented body, orange fluff surrounding its face, big yellow eyes, and fluffy pale orange antennae. It has large dark green wings with a big irregular brown stripe with a wobbly yellow outline running through the center of each wing. Inside the brown stripes are orange and yellow eye spots. In all three drawings the moth is standing upright on its back legs and looking off to the side with one arm raised slightly in front of its chest and the other hanging down to its side, however the poses differ in how the wings are positioned. In the 1st image, its wings are raised and flared outward to show off the patterns. In the 2nd image, it’s wings are folded around its body such that it resembles a cloak, with the slightly raised arm peaking out from between them. In the 3rd image, its wings are raised again but they are also wearing a brown cloak as well. /end id]

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