shanastoryteller · 2 months ago
happy halloween, i hope you have a very spooky time! I would love something for the yue/sokka/zuko au, please c:
a continuation of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The first time a Fire Nation soldier moves against her, Yue doesn't realize what's happening until it's already over.
She's walking outside and there's the warmth of fire along her side that she barely has the time to register before she slips and falls flat on her face.
By the time she pushes herself upright, she sees several Fire Nation people restraining one of their own, a man who's shouting with wild eyes. She can't see very well because there are four Fire Nation people surrounding her, their back to her and flames outstretched.
"Apologies," Captain Jee says, helping her to her feet. "I couldn't think of what else to do."
She doesn't understand until she looks down and behind her. The snow beneath her feet is water and behind her is a crater where a fire ball had aimed at her and missed. Because Captain Jee had melted the snow beneath her feet so she would slip.
"Oh," she says quietly.
"I've sent someone for the prince," he tells her and she nods and swallows down her fear. People are looking at her, Water Tribe and Fire Nation, and she doesn't want to give either of them the satisfaction.
Zuko and her father come rushing over moments later. Yue makes a split second decision and turns towards Zuko, letting him grab her hands and pull her close. Steam is rising off his body, the water in the air evaporating around him.
"I'm fine," she says, because she is.
He raises her hand to kiss his bracelet on her wrist then says, "Captain. Watch her."
"Yes, sir," Captain Jee says promptly and the Water Tribe people are yelling and cursing but the Fire Nation people look more like they are Earth Kingdom just then, as if they are carved from stone.
Zuko walks over to the man who had tried to hurt her and he starts screaming, starts begging. "It's a misunderstanding, I didn't mean - have mercy, everyone is always talking of your mercy-"
"I, Crown Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, find you guilty of treason," he says, his voice cutting across and through everyone. She expects him to sound cold, but he sounds furious, like the air itself should be sparking with his rage. "Your sentence is death."
"Please," he starts again, blubbering.
Those who had been holding onto him let go and take quick, measured steps backwards. Surely he won't - so quickly, and in front of everyone -
He tries to run. Zuko is the son of the Fire Lord. He bends his knees into a stance that her people talk about in their nightmares and lets loose a fireball brighter and hotter and larger than the one that had been heading for her.
The man who had tried to harm her dies screaming.
"Princess," Zuko says, hand outstretched, a flame in his palm.
Zuko is kind, and loyal, and awkward.
Zuko is a Fire Nation prince and as capable of all the violence she'd been warned about.
But if she wants his warmth, then she must accept that the same fire that warms also burns.
"Zuko," she returns, and she's trembling as she crosses the distance between them and places her hand in his.
But the flame vanishes before she can touch it, so it's only his warm, calloused fingers gripping onto hers.
She is to be Fire Lady Yue.
She cannot flinch at fire.
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zukkanthis · a month ago
Tumblr media
A commission for @moth-time I’m so glad you come to me with this request- It was SO FUN to draw! <3
(And as always, click for better quality!)
[ID: A digital art piece with minimal colors of Sokka and Teo from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Sokka is kneeling by Teo’s wheelchair, cane in hand to hold him up. They’re both leaning in, about to kiss, and Teo is cradling Sokka’s face with one hand. Teo has braids in his hair and Sokka has a green ribbon around his cane. On the bottom of the cane, in Braille, reads TOPH. :End ID]
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capt-snoozles · 8 months ago
How do you feel about 🌧 Azula? :D
draw a character in the rain
Tumblr media
i'm sorry
i haven't read the comics so idk if it actually happens, but i like to think they took away azula's bending after the agni kai, at least until she healed
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rollerskatinglizard · 5 months ago
plot twist i want the director's cut of After the Storm and Once Cursed, Twice Shy. Especially the second one gimme all the juicy bits that didn't make it into the book!
You are a SNEAK!! Tempting me into reblogging that just to spring this!
Okay, so. The rough draft of After the Storm got written almost entirely in April of 2019, like 175k of it in one month. This is the kind of thing I'm pretty sure you can only do if you have three writers, all hyped up and writing like crazy. We were just coming up with ideas, okaying them and slamming them down on the page, it was the kind of glorious madness I think you only get with the first book, not its sequels. Sequels carry a whole freight of continuity that weighs down the pace (altho trying to get anything creative done during a pandemic probably isn't helping). (Also working on five stories at once slows down the pace of all of them, but That's The Process.)
Because Rich was my original character to start with, I would occasionally mention something about him or his life that my cowriters hadn’t heard before, and sometimes they decided those were good and needed to be included in the book. For instance, halfway through the first draft, it occurred to me to tell them that he’d originally had sisters, both Very Strong Redheads like him, one who couldn’t settle on a career and was always trying something new, and one who was terrifyingly smart and studying to be a lawyer. Roach and Splickedy went Huh! Okay, so what would they be doing right now? And we worked out the whole family reconciliation plotline and added the earlier scenes with Thena to the parts we’d already written, altho obviously Thena’s personality changed A Lot, since no one would call her “flighty” now.
Like After the Storm, Once Cursed, Twice Shy was a first book, and it got written in much the same “let’s just do this and see what comes out” sort of way (if rather more slowly), so most of the ideas we had originally are what’s in the book! So again, the surprise isn’t what got cut, but what came later, to wit: Red’s crest. We’d actually finished the rough draft and begun edits when we realized Red needed another fae attribute, and then Curlicue had to go through and add all the appropriate crest movements and meanings, and then we realized this meant we could have a preening scene! Very enjoyable, best edit hands down.
In case you were wondering, Roach and Splick and I are currently working on two sequels to After the Storm along with innumerable short stories and novellas. Curlicue and I are 10k into a short story that comes after Once Cursed, and we have the sequel planned.
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bleekay · 5 months ago
Hi blee! I just wanted to tell you, your posts about how to reply to sad content/content in general has made me reassess how I interact with people online and with content I reblog. I'm definitely one of those people who has a hard time deciding what tone is ok (not being a native speaker probably doesn't help) and I'm trying to be more mindful now about aggressive/negative language. I wanted to tell you because I want you to know that you're definitely reaching ppl! So, thank you for that <3
oh thank you for sharing this, it was a hard thing for me to bring up in the first place since i'm so very non confrontational and part of me wanted to just not say a word and hold everything in, but knowing that it's being taken to heart is really nice to hear 💕🌼
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unacaritafeliz · 4 months ago
imma send you TWO prompts, one expected and one unexpected for the three sentence one %) here's the expected one: Sokkateo, aerospace engineers au
Engineer SokkaTeo my beloved
"Teo, you're a fucking genius," Sokka says. "God, I could kiss you."
"Then kiss me."
"Would it be bad to fuck this spacecraft and strand [billionnaire employer] in space forever?" Sokka asks.
"I think it's morally neutral," Teo replies, seriously.
Sokka laughs and leans over the table to kiss Teo on the mouth.
Send me a ship and an AU and I'll write a three sentence fic for you!
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spectralcentroid · 21 days ago
⭐ for alb please <3
(also tell me more about suki in that verse if u wanna!)
DING DING DING CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! you have unlocked: backstory on one of the only side characters i made an actual semi-fleshed out backstory for!
ok So suki! in alb!verse is half korean (suki's mom) half white (suki's dad) and therefore has a white last name (which i have yet to decide on). suki was born and raised in ohio bc i firmly believe we need more midwest asam rep (and bc it gave me a great excuse as to why suki says sokka's life 'is going to hell in a handbasket.' also bc i like ohio for reasons mostly involving my friends and goats). suki crushes on sokka for a bit in their freshman year of college, but has moved on by the time sokka realizes he also likes suki, to ty lee (they meet in physics class). suki is on the women's swim team, and it's around sophomore year that suki starts questioning her gender.
because gender is hard and scary, and because college can be a really good distraction when you're drowning in classwork instead of focusing on yourself and your personal needs, this gets pushed to the side for a while. by the time suki graduates, though, she realizes she wants to talk about it with someone. toph is the obvious choice, since they've been out as nonbinary for as long as suki has known them, and she really *means* to tell them first, but......... there are so many chances that suki finds herself just staying quiet, or changing the subject. and eventually she thinks, well, maybe i should try telling someone else. ty lee is trans, but talking to ty lee about anything super personal makes suki feel even more embarrassed and awkward around her than usual, and she can't bring herself to say anything to her either.
then sokka rolls up to her apartment with a zuko-related crisis, just when suki is in the middle of re-organizing her closet, and hearing him talk makes her think. sokka is one of her closest friends. he's always been there for her in every conceivable way over the years. he trusts her with his crises, and...... maybe it's time she trusted him with one of hers, too. so she tells him--just kind of rambles it out, trying to downplay it--and sokka, bless him, takes it completely in stride (it helps that he's still too stressed by his own situation to fixate on hers, too). right before he leaves she makes sure to tell him that he's the only person that knows, just so he won't start telling their friend group to switch up pronouns or gendered language for her yet. she wants to do that on her own.
the coming out process is still really laborious and awkward. it starts when suki comes back to swu to watch a swim meet and support the girls on her team. one of them introduces themself with they/them pronouns, and suki's like, oh. okay. and introduces themself with she/they pronouns. it's a good start, and she texts sokka afterward (who sends her balloon and confetti and firework and sunglasses emojis), but nothing really changes in how people refer to them, which is frustrating. so the next time she has the chance, back in their hometown and surrounded by young dance students, suki says "i'm suki, they/she pronouns." the kids are a little better about it, but they still use she/her for suki--and, suki realizes, that's their own fault, since they basically gave them permission to do so. it's *then* that it clicks for them that for most people, they prefer to be referred to in gender-neutral terms and with they/them pronouns.
finally they just drop it in the groupchat with no warning, since everyone there is queer and/or trans anyway, and everyone is thankfully very chill about it. suki amends that though they'd like their primary pronouns to be they/them, within the friend group it's ok if people use they or she, but for strangers/ppl who aren't close friends they'd like to stick with they/them only. and does suki ever officially get together with ty lee? well.............. i may write that. later.
ask me for the director's cut on a story/scene/lines in alb!
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primmrot · 4 months ago
coffee, books, present and rainbow for the ask game please, no easy emoji access on this device %)
☕️: Do you do warmup sketches before drawing? (Bonus: do you have any to share?)
Okay okay let’s see…
Warmup sketches depend entirely on how I’m feeling when I get in a drawing mood. If I have a specific idea in mind I will usually just scribble a few lines, clear the page, and jump right in. If I just want to draw then I’ll take more time and do a few sketches. Usually, I’ll try to stick to sketches with a lot of curves because those are typically what I have trouble with at the start of a new drawing.
Now, today I did do some warmup sketches so I’ll share those! I had more time today so I added flat colors as well :)
(ignore the random Wendy, I’ve been watching The Owl House and King’s voice is throwing me into a Gravity Falls mood)
Tumblr media
📚: How many layers do you typically use?
A LOT 🥲. The usual amount stops at around 30 give or take. That being said, I’ve gone up to 50 in a few pieces and I’m not proud of it 😭😭
Those things take up so much space so I’ll try my best to merge a lot of them as I go. Idk how it got to this point- I used to max at 12 now look at me-
🎁: Do you prefer drawing fandom stuff or your own characters?
BOTH BOTH BOTH!!! Usually to merge the two I’ll have my fandom ocs that I can draw while still applying the things I like about the fandom. When I need a break from fandom stuff, I’ll go back to doodling my ocs from personal projects <3
Go to oc whenever I’m drawing fandom (aka atla) stuff is Yozin-
Non fandom oc go-tos are always between two characters- Eve and Bitte
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌈: Do you use more warm or cold colors?
Hmmmm…visually I like warmer colors more, but I think I use them both at the same rate. Especially with atla. I draw Sokka A LOT and that tends to be in cooler tones. When I draw the FN there’s lots of reds and oranges.
I love coming up with different color palettes (mostly for new characters) so I’m always switching between warm and cold colors. For some reason though the other always sneaks into a piece. Working on something warm? At least one thing is colored with cool tones. Working with cold colors? Clothes or skintone or something is warm.
Art Ask
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lovelyelbowleech · 5 months ago
ghost, moon, and rainbow for War Crimes? c:
Thank you for the asks! Sorry they are a bit late!
👻 What is one WIP you think you may never pick back up?
I always have the belief I will finish everything eventually… this maybe foolish idealism, but I will stick to it! Probably.
🌙  What time of day do you prefer to write? Why?
On the weekend, usually late afternoon/eve is my fav time to write. Mostly because I have had time to get any tasks done, gone for a walk and procrastinated for hours first. During the week I only really have time to do a little in the morning and some in the eve depending on how stressful and late work has been, and am often half asleep.
🌈 What inspired you to write [insert fic here]?
There was a post I was reading about how creepy Zhao was in Ep. 3 and I started thinking too much about how he was acting, and what kind of predator he was, and those thoughts grew into a monster fic. That post also mentioned what might happen if Azula found out about Zhao hurting/creeping on Zuko, and that kicked off a whole other side of things, and then suddenly I was rewriting the whole second season, somehow? I like writing about trauma and recovery, and some of the complicated issues that come with it. I also love a good revenge story. So that gave a good base to jump into those other things.
I should really try to find that post and reblog it, I don’t think I even had this tumblr then!
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goldrushzukka · a month ago
extremely random but i saw your tags on the typing w/o looking thing and it is _wild_ to me that you can touch-type on a phone screen but not on a physical keyboard xDD I'm both impressed and bewildered. My brain could never.
(Then again i grew up glued to a computer and smartphones came into my life relatively late, so- unsurprising? But yeah it didnt occur to me that ppl would be good at this on a touch screen but _not_ on a physical keyboard. Can you only do it on your phone or does it also work on someone else's - presumably different sized - phone?)
it really only works on my phone or one the same size? i spend a LOT of time on my phone so im very well practiced. it took me a while to get familiar with it bc my last phone was a lot smaller but I've had this one for a couple of years so the muscle memory is pretty strong. i CAN touch type on a physical keyboard but i tend to be slower or make a lot more mistakes than if I look at the keys
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suzukiblu · 8 months ago
@moth-time: glass of water and plain toast, or some yoghurt. That's my go-to "bleh" food :')
I probably should've gone for something like that, but alas I ate fast food instead and now my stomach is angry at me and all cramped up, hah. Today we learned a valuable lesson about properly taking care of ourselves when we are ill.
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aucatgirl · 2 months ago
19, 20, 21 :D
Re: this ask meme
OOOOGHGHGH THESE R TOUGH!! I’m such a bad decision maker!!!
19. Katara or Toph?
This is the easiest one, I definitely have to say Katara because of the simple reason that I relate to her more lol!! She’s actually the character I relate to the most on the whole show. Her set of flaws & virtues are just ones I vibe with a lot more than Toph’s
I do love Toph a LOT though, I know she would’ve been my favorite if I watched this show as a kid (dirt child solidarity)
20. Zuko or Aang?
WHY!!!! How can I choose… they come in a set, don’t separate… but Right Now Currently I think I have to hand it to Zuko simply because he’s a sadboy. Autumn 2021 has been the era of sadboy-coded characters for me. And yea Aang’s a sad boy sometimes but he’s not a sadboy y’know? He never had emo hair but Zuko absolutely did I mean just look at this mess
Tumblr media
This answer changes a lot tho. My interests and opinions fluctuate like crazy, and cus I love Zuko and Aang both so much it definitely flip-flops a lot
21. Jet or Iroh?
This is so difficult… I’m a Jet-understander and Jet-defender and Jet’s-new-adoptive-parent but I’m also simultaneously an Iroh-understander and Iroh-explainer/translator. Hhrhrhrhfhhgmmmm… I’ll say Jet. He’s a REALLY cool character in a way that’s more explicitly written in the text, while what I like about Iroh involves more how I personally read some scenes/headcanons
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dragonbagel · 3 months ago
HI I found your whumptober stuff on ao3 and I just wanna say I love it <3 I'm a sucker for whump (especially hard whump but with happy/hopeful ending or yknow a side of h/c) and it's not always easy to find, so seeing all of your prompt fills in my inbox daily has been an absolute delight. So- thank you for writing this!
thank you so much!! yeah i physically can’t handle angst without even a slightly hopeful ending so i simply don’t write it lol
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capt-snoozles · 8 months ago
Hi! A quick question for the college husbands AU - high-school backstory version: Can you give us a rundown of what age bracket people are in which school year, roughly? I'm guessing "Year 8" is probably age 12-13 since that's when Zuko gets his scar..?
Also, love the fic so far!!! this AU is incredibly cute and gives me so much serotonin you have no idea
year 7: 12/13
year 8: 13/14
year 9: 14/15
year 10: 15/16
year 11: 16/17
year 12: 17/18
theres a cut off point in the middle of the year so if youre born from july-december then you end up being in the older bracket for each year group which is why theres two ages for each (:
also im so happy to hear that!!! tysm ❤
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rollerskatinglizard · 3 months ago
:rose: :D
He’s shaking by the time he finishes getting all the tenants to a safe distance from the building demolition, and he tries to keep his voice steady when he calls up to Chuck to tell him what’s happened, but judging by the look on Chuck’s face it’s not really working.
- Everyone's-a-dom-or-sub-etc Motorcity AU, 14k so far
send me a 🌹 and i’ll post a sentence from a WIP
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terracyte · 5 months ago
🌈✨💝🔮🌅🍀 :D
wahHH thank you moth!! <3 get ready for too many words tm :V
🌈 y'know, I'm still not sure! I never really thought too much about it since I haven't had a crush in forever- but I can say pretty confidently that I'm probably bi :)
✨ I love muted pastel colors, if that counts as an aesthetic- I also really love cats and plants, which SHOULD be an aesthetic 😌
💝 sage green is the best color sorry I don't make the rules- close behind is pastel pink!
🔮 ahh I already answered this one but I'd probably also tell my dumb younger self that phone calls are not actually that bad
🌅 it used to be night time for sure, but now that I have a cat who wakes me up at 5am, maybe I can learn to be a morning person-
🍀 fall! crunchy leaves and hoodies are where it's at :3c
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unacaritafeliz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
geez Sokka, how come you get four OTP ships?
tagged by @moth-time and @firebendingfool-eh. originally by @sapphiirose with Teo added by @moth-time (thanks for looking after our boy!)
i excluded the latter two categories because it looked complicated enough as is. assume that if i haven't put a line i do not ship it at all.
i feel like most people have done this already but i am tagging @ambykinns, @literalchineseperson, @oluranurse and @babydotcom if they haven't and are interested.
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spectralcentroid · 29 days ago
strawberryyyy please :D
moth!!!!!!! your comments and edits are so appreciated, thank u for being such a wonderful beta and person!!!!! especially thank u for acknowledging the writing choices i think r funny bc my writing is 75% just shit thats funny to me so it's nice that someone else thinks so too lmao. we havent known each other v long but you're a good friend to rae and rae deserves the world, so thank u for that too!!!!!!!
send me a 🍓 for a compliment!
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primmrot · 5 months ago
📝 uwu
Tumblr media
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lovelyelbowleech · 8 months ago
I've been reading your fic War Crimes (and commenting) for a while now but I'm apparently having so many emotions about it I gotta yell at you about it on here too. It's!! so good!! And so incredibly anxiety inducing %) Like, and I mean this in the best way possible, when I get the email notif for it I have to brace and kind of- mentally prepare before I go. I love it, it has an amazing balance of whump and comfort, and today's cliffhanger is _killing me_. I am on the edge of my seat. GG <3
Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying, even with the anxiety! Please, continue to yell - I hope you continue to enjoy it! Only a few more chapters left - and then on to part two (not set on a boat!) because I like to set my self unrealistic goals >.<  
I love your icon btw, it’s mothy face has a lot of personality!
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