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Ever just get sick of feeling sorry for yourself and finally get motivated enough to start doing something about it? Well, I’m there now. After years of whining about how my life sucks and the world is against me, its finally time to DO something. Its finally time to battle down the fear that has stopped me from achieving anything, no, from even discovering anything WORTH achieving and aspiring towards.

I’ve moped about for years complaining about how I am so useless, talentless and worthless. But honestly, I am only this way because I’ve been too SCARED to commit to anything long enough to discover i might be good at it. To discover that something I could be truely passionate about. I’ve attempted many topics of skill but I let my fear of failure stop me from even crossing the starting line.

I want to be happy and I want to be good at something and I want to give something to this world. I dont want to tolerate life anymore. I want to flourish in it and love it and be remembered for something while I am here. I want to have real dreams and goals and aspire toward them.

MY LIFE MEANS SOMETHING. it HAS to. And I’m going to find it. It’s time to find my dreams and LIVE. It’s time to find what I’m passionate about, create a goal and run after it with everything I’ve got.

First things first. What am I good at? What do I truely enjoy doing?

Guess I’ll find out. ❤

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I’m good at getting what I want

Which sounds obnoxious

And it probably is a little

But mostly I think I just try really hard,

Harder than they all think I do.

Always did ace the spelling tests,

But it wasn’t like I didn’t spend hours at home being quizzed by my mom.

Perhaps it’s a bad decision

And perhaps I don’t care.

Perhaps I want to take the risk

And be stressed about money

And create my own life,

My very own,

For the first time.


Landlords fucking suck,

But I’m good at getting what I want

And I’m gonna make it.

I’m gonna make it.

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My favorite #summer2020 🌸 #oprepeatplease

Dol op filmpjes terug kijken van wedstrijden tijdens offseason #motivated
#fitfem #fitdutchies #polevaulter #GO4IT #athleticlife #femaleathlete #fitgirl #instafit #sportswear #running #Papendal #polevault #NKatletiek2020 #crossfit #running #cycling #sports #femclub #trackandfieldlife

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September 27, 2020 pt. 2

What an eventful day. I went and worked this morning, then got to go and see the place where my upcoming wedding will be held. My wonderful fiancé has picked a great spot, back dropped by old growth trees and a babbling creek. On my run today, I went for distance instead of time and it went very well. I got strong in my stride and pushed through better on mile 2. I was also beset upon by enormous skeletons! lol. I followed that with a short walk and quick yoga, which went as follows;


Corpse Pose

Half Wind Relieveing Pose

Half Wind Relieveing Pose

Wind Relieveing Pose

Easy Pose

Seated Twist Left

Seated Twist Right

Child’s Pose

Mountain Pose

Tree Pose Left

Tree Pose Right

Prayer Pose

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