thebillionairelaw · 16 hours ago
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neaura-nightsong · 2 days ago
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✨ Thinking 💭 & Acting 🎭 with Love ♥ can be Difficult 🛠, especially when we can't Control 🎮 or Predict 🔮 Anomalous or Malicious 🤬 Behaviors in Others. But it's so Important⚠, for your own Happiness ☺, & for the Betterment of our World 🌎. Love 😍 and Kindness 😘 Proliferates. ✨
–Neaura Nightsong 💕
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Trust the process
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un-----made · 17 days ago
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study challenge 06 - jan 2022
final exams for my ma degree all week
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itxrehanofficial · 5 months ago
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merelyafool · a month ago
Just in case you wanted study motivation:))
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giffingainteasy · 2 months ago
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# motivation by dane
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mayyy-official · 5 months ago
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shreyamaurya · 16 days ago
I don't know if anybody told you this but...
- You did well last year.
- This year is just another number, you're the one adding value to it
- Take things slow and pick up the pace gradually.
- There are no shortcuts to success other than resilience and belief in oneself.
- Invest the same amount of time in yourself that you do in others, and you'll notice that life isn't as difficult when you have yourself to fall back on.
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shayshaysblog · 2 months ago
Affirmation for today : I express gratitude for everything i have on my life
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thebillionairelaw · 24 days ago
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Double tap if you agree ❤️❤️.
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rheasaturn · a month ago
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Trust in the process and the journey. You will get there 😌.
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decaffeinated-musings · 7 months ago
Questions one should ask themselves !
~ Who Do You Spend Time With?
~ Is This In My Control?
~ What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?
~ What Am I Missing By Choosing To Worry or Be Afraid?
~ Am I Doing My Job?
~ What Is The Most Important Thing?
~ Does This Actually Matter?
~ Is This Who I Want To Be?
It is not us who get to demand of the world, “What is the meaning of life?”
Life is demanding that WE answer the question with the actions and decisions WE make. That WE create meaning in our choices and our beliefs.
Answering these questions can definitely help. Some are simpler than others but the answers rarely are simple and the act of asking is the most important thing.
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hellosidney-13 · 2 months ago
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Hi everyone… 👋🏻…!
“Hurry up, there is so much to do in this world” {Beethoven}
I've been in a low mood 📉 for the past two days and I cried last time… and I'm not feeling very well right now… can you help me ?
My mood changes so quickly… So ı haven't been able to post 📩 because I haven't been feeling well the last few days.
I would like to give a music recommendation 🎶 from the Kdrama I watched in 2014 (My Lovely Girl 🎬) because when I listen to it, I feel peaceful, free and independent, alone...🕊(note: I like loneliness)
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lovefavour · 2 months ago
Stop being okay with everything. You deserve to be treated right.
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blk-vinluxee · 11 months ago
“You need something to be excited about when you wake up in the morning” - Find your purpose and shine ✨
Instagram: @annemarie.akin
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mayyy-official · 5 months ago
Change something in your life🤍
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gamzeblogs · a month ago
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Sen ;
Denize karşı kitaplar , düşünceler , uzun uzun dalgınlıklar gibisin ....
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midnightripping · 6 months ago
A promise to myself
I have decided to glow up. A glow up that has been long overdue.
To become a better person by myself. To become the girl that they wish to be. The girl that others are jealous of. The one that holds so much power in her hands and doesn’t let anyone or anything step on her.
I have decided to become successful. To get exceptionally good grades, to live a healthy life and to get rid of all toxicity. No more am I going to complain about fake friends, about not having a boyfriend yet, about feeling useless and ugly and insecure about myself. It’s time to make a change and it’s time for me to be THAT GIRL.
I dream and I manifest about being successful, yet I don’t take matters in my own hands. So I’m writing this here as a promise to myself that I’m gonna change and I’m gonna show up as a new person with clear goals in my mind.
Here’s to myself: “Cheers to the person you’re gonna become! Cheers to a powerful woman!”
Here’s to becoming a better person than I was today!
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