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Today was #bigsweatysaturday. Some fool that holds up signs for a living had a sign that said “stop posting your home workouts” belittling all the fit influencers out there, that are trying to spread positivity in this very stressful time.

People post their workout online for support, encouragement, accountability and to inspire others.

I post my workouts every day because I want to inspire people. I want to help people get started on their fitness journey. I want people to feel as good and healthy as I do.

So when our CEO at #beachbody told us to do a workout today.. Any workout, any time and post it with the hashtag #bigsweatysaturday, you better believe I posted my workout!!

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Feeling good today, I got back to my apartment after 3 weeks at my parents place. I spent almost 5 hours cleaning the entire apartment top to bottom, which resulted in me currently having over 15,000 steps. These last 3 weeks I’m pretty sure I only made it over 8000 steps 3 or 4 times. After I finished cleaning, showered, and had dinner I thought I’d watch a movie & while I watched I did the workout below. I’m feeling a little better about getting back on track with exercise and eating healthy!

Home Workout

30 second plank

20 squats

20 calf raises (together)

20 calf raises (single, each leg)

20 leg raises (each side)

20 heel touches

20 glute bridges

Repeat as many times as desired, I did 3 sets.

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Me: I’m okay.

Also me: Wishing your parents could say they’re proud of you is one thing. Being able to say that about your parents, or even yourself for that matter, can be entirely other. After all, we can be proud one moment and disappointed the next. It all boils down to managing expectations over time though, doesn’t it? And doesn’t that apply to almost any other relationship you might form with other people, and the one you have to face every time you look into the mirror?

Mirror me as I wash my hands: It’s morning, and you have not slept. Big picture: CORVID-19 — the world is one big ball of stress and everybody’s feeling some of it. Your picture: You’ve got things to do today, so don’t bully yourself, or put more stress on yourself or knowingly onto others… Breathe. Relax those neck and shoulder muscles. Take one step at a time. And remember to eat. AND DRINK WATER. The hell with being proud or disappointed; we’ll get through this. That’s something to be proud of, right? Was that about 20 seconds? …And we can get back to trying to sleep properly again tonight, okay?

Me: Okay. Good talk.

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So it was a medium kind of run today.


So I went about 2.3 miles and I ran for only about 7 minutes but I went to a more hilly route again. It was also pouring rain which was okay. I didn’t go up the giant hill today because it was a little slippery.

When it gets a little more dry I’m going to try to run up the hill and see how far I get. I’m excited for it!

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