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sorry this has taken so long and I’m really sorry to hear what you’re going through. I know how tough depression can be and it’s an awful thing to face alone so I hope you’ve reached out for help xox


Originally posted by sapphireslily


  • I always say this but Leo plans ahead
  • you haven’t showered in 2 days and you’re looking a little rough from it
  • so he sets little challenges
  • “go and brush your teeth and then we’ll watch your favourite movie”
  • 15 more minutes in bed and then you have to eat something, I’ll make that breakfast you really love!”
  • he makes everything into a treat, basically. 
  • just to motivate you even a little bit
  • lets you know that you can tell him anything and he’ll try and help

Originally posted by rosesloveninjas


  • oh Raph will do anything for you
  • when he notices you haven’t showered in a while he pics yo up and puts you in a nice warm bath, washing you himself
  • because he cares that much
  • lays out fresh cloths for you every day and praise the shirt out of you when you do finally get dressed
  • makes sure you know that you can talk to him about anything that is getting you down
  • he might not be good with words but he can listen and understand

Originally posted by bluesakurablossom


  • poor boy hates to see you suffering the way you are
  • he’ll mostly just cuddle you through your time in a depressive, bedridden state but when he realises you haven’t even been getting up to wash
  • he tries to make it fun 
  • he’ll get bath bombs and rubber duckies and bathe with you so you have some company 
  • do that little bath foam beard and hair thing to make you laugh
  • and when you do laugh his heart sings a little
  • always checking in on you and your mood and asking if you feel “up to anything today?”

Originally posted by bayverseworks


  • Donnie kind of understand neglecting hygiene 
  • sometimes he’s so wrapped up in work he forgets to wash
  • but when he sees you like that it devastates him because he knows how you feel
  • gets you a nice tasting mouth was so you can just swirl it around your mouth and swallow it instead of going to the bathroom to rinse and spit
  • buys you some dry shampoo for your hair and helps you brush through it
  • wet wipes to clean yourself up a little bit
  • he doesn’t want to push you too hard in case he breaks you so just little things to clean you up a bit
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People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel… Make someone smile today do something positive it will change your frequency… hope you have a wonderful day today 🖤

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Dear God I am thankful

For Father and Mother,

For home and my dear ones,

Who love one another.

But let me remember,

You keep in your care,

Not only my people,

But those everywhere.

No matter how different,

From us they may be.

I know you must love them.

Just as you love me.

Oh! Help me, Dear Father,

To feel as you do.

And love all your children.

And pray for them too.

This is a very beautiful prayer we had in my middle and elementary school. I miss doing this every morning. But my dear God, I have never forgotten your presence and I am really thankful for all the things you have granted me with. My eyes, my nose, my ears, my lips. My parents, my friends, my lovers and supporters. The home, the country, my bed and my books. My flaws and my greatness. I appreciate everything you have given me and most of all – the soul. I know my reach is limited, but in my life I have never met a person nicer than me and I think, I am grateful for all the reasons, all the hardships you put me in to become the person I am today. I am so happy my lord for this kind person. I am so happy my lord for this beautiful person. You are the most merciful and I love you so so much.



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It’s going to be alright, dear anon!

I’m sure you’ll be able to figure things out eventually, it’s not the end of everything if you don’t have it figured out now.

The future holds many great opportunities for you, it’s not all huge responsibilities and dread. Things will get better and you will be alright. You don’t have to have a great and big plan for life, just go for what you belive will be best for yourself.

Just hang it there, anon! We believe in you 🌟

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How yall taking those aesthetic pictures? I just keep on failing at them.

Today I studied for 3 hours for this specific chapter and yet I’m so far from finishing it.

Well, theres goes as they say study at your own pace!

It was fun studying and I played Among Us with some strangers(we exchange discord ID)

Oh ya, please don’t forget to drink plain water!! Esp if u consume caffeine ( yes, tea is included)

Listening to Godspeed-Frank Ocean

Not @me crying as I’m reminded of Dani x Jamie

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