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kidestom · a day ago
Are you leveraging your ability to transform your mindset?
Mindset is the starting point of every journey you take. If you have an empowering mindset, you’ll find the energy and resources (internal and external) you need to achieve your goals and dreams. If you have a disempowering mindset, you’ll unconsciously get in your own way.
The goal then is to have an empowering mindset firmly established in your psyche and nervous system.
Changing, updating, deleting, or neutralizing limiting beliefs is a built-in ability of your nervous system. You have all the internal mechanisms you need to evolve your mindset for the better. You have the power to upgrade your beliefs, to update your psychological operating system.
How do you upgrade your psychological operating system?
The first step?
Knowing that you can. Start with the unequivocal knowledge that you can change your mindset toward more useful and more resourceful states of thinking and perceiving.
The second step?
Becoming aware of what it is you want to change or update. Add the power of your self-awareness to identify what patterns of thinking and behaving you want to change. Make note of them. Write them down.
The third step?
Take action toward your transformation. Use the power of goal-oriented neuroplasticity to change your mindset and neurology for the better. Use the power of contemplative practices, journaling, and affirmations to develop and integrate new, more empowering, and more resourceful thoughts and habits.
Kidest OM,
Kidest OM is the author of 12 books on the primacy of consciousness, the nature of reality, deliberate creation, and empowerment.
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✨Fear is temporary. Waiting for the fear to disappear before a decision is an illusion, because we'd wait forever. Fear will disappear only when we make that leap that scares us. Because after that, fear will transform in strenght and we'll be in a new reality and where once was fear now there's habit. Fear is temporary.✨
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albajournals · 18 hours ago
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Oct. 19, 21 // throwback to one of the post you loved the most ♥ hope this is helpful for ya, my friends! 
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pearlsoftawakkul · 4 months ago
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chibird · 2 months ago
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Ghostie friend is amazed at how awesome you’ve been doing! Great job! 🎉
Chibird store | Positive pin club | Webtoon
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kidestom · 14 hours ago
Do you believe that you live in a self-healing Universe?
Healing on all levels is a natural occurrence in the Universe.
Growth and healing go hand-in-hand.
Evolution and healing go together.
Nature, life heals itself as it grows, evolves, and transforms.
Let healing occurrences be a natural expectation in your belief system. Recognize that under the right conditions healing mentally, healing emotionally, healing relationally, and healing physically are and can be occurrences that take place the moment there is injury.
When the belief that healing is natural is an active filter in your mindset, you'll move toward healing and repair when you experience injury, instead of going into withdrawal and avoidance. Withdrawal and avoidance keep the wound intact in your psyche and energy field.
Condition yourself to move toward healing so you can continue to flow forward into your growth and evolution.
Kidest OM,
Kidest OM is a Spiritual Author with 12 books on the primacy of consciousness, the nature of reality, deliberate creation, and empowerment.
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lovelybluepanda · 9 days ago
How to improve your self-esteem
If you tend to:
Compare yourself to others
Call yourself loser, stupid, ugly and other similar things
Downplay your skills
Not realize your worth
Think basic human decency is something you don't deserve
Overthinking every situation
This post is especially for you.
Self-esteem isn't just "confidence". It's being aware of your skills, traits, achievements but most importantly, it's having trust in yourself so you don't question your abilities and it's the realization that you can take care of yourself so no need to worry.
Some exercises I've read and tried that help with your self-esteem:
Avoid negations in your speech, especially when you refer to yourself. Using too many not, don't won't, etc can make you think negatively. Use affirmations. "I am stunning" has a bigger impact than "I'm not ugly".
Compliment yourself daily for 1 thing. It can be about anything. You can also write them down if you have a planner.
Say affirmations like: i am confident, i am capable, i am smart etc. You don't have to believe them, you'll believe them with time but just saying it out loud or whispering them it's enough.
Acknowledge your skills and achievements. Write them down actually, so you see that you're accomplished in quite a lot of areas. Reminder: achievements doesn't have to be "i won a national competition", it can also be "i learned to cook by myself", "i read 2 pages of a book during a very busy day", "i finally brushed my teeth after a week of depression" etc.
Your clothes and your environment will influence your feelings. Think a little bit, do you have a favorite hoodie, t-shirt, shoes? They make you feel good, right? Now, when you get anything new for your self, make sure every item makes you feel like royalty. Same for your environment, you want to have a space that you love being in.
Invest in yourself. Learn new languages, read new books, pick up coding, crochet a bag, volunteer at a shelter, gave a herb garden etc. The point is, get new skills and experiences so 1) you enjoy life, 2) you get out of your comfort zone, 3) you get new skills and views.
Take yourself on a date every once in a while. It's important to spend time with yourself and relax but also ponder what you'd enjoy to experience next. Being alone seems to be scary for many people but you can discover many new sides of yourself in solitude so have a break from the world every once in a while.
Your self-esteem is important because if you have trust in yourself, nothing can shake that. No one's opinion, thoughts or actions can influence your love for you.
The mountain just doesn't bow in front of a blow of wind.
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venterry · 3 months ago
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chibird · 11 days ago
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Sometimes you need to do the hard thing in order to make life easier and happier for you in the future! It might be easier to stay on the default path now, but that might make life more difficult in the future. Working a little harder (and smarter!) now can make your life a lot simpler for the long run.
Chibird store | Positive pin club | Webtoon
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