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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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If I could design any mount… it would be a Great Serpent of Ronka Chariot. But of course not as BLASPHEMOUS as the Great Serpent pulling us…


I do like Flying 1 the best by far; but I feel that Flying 2 would be a LOT easier to animate for the air-to-ground/landing animation.

Also fear my MS paint skills.

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With being rank 15 with my cape, I been trying to complete my masks, 4/5 so far. But this happened this evening. The one Lil Glimpse of hope and Luck still in my favor.

Also people are asking what happened with the former wife? Lets karma served her well when she slipped up and fucked up giving me that fast stage exit - RUN!

So yes single again and I giving up ever finding a fun friend to RP as my in game partner to help and game with.

To get mail muncher mount, Just open all Available mail boxes with in teh Scenarios of Stormwind/org that you Require to have a Vessel to access from Chamber of the heart. I dunno If cape level makes a difference, It shouldn’t do but I honestly have no clue and as I said I am rank 15 (max) with my cape.

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Arms of Eberstein, Austria

Granted 1968

Blazon: Per quarterly gules and argent, an escutcheon or a boar statant on a mount in base sable, armed of the second, langued of the first

These arms are something of a remix of those of the Counts of Eberstein. (argent a cinquefoil gules seeded azure). The larger shield uses the main tinctures of the family’s arms, and the boar (Eber) does double duty: it is both a canting element and an adaptation of a crest the Ebersteins started using in the early sixteenth century, probably in reference to their name. The mount is intended to be another canting element - a rock, or Stein.

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