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I walk a gravel road into the wilderness. I now stand alone in a large field atop an open plateau. There is no left or right, everything is an equal distance from me with unbridled sight. To my north is a large gray mountain made of clay and sandstone with hues of red, gray, and orange all marked in symmetrical horizontal striations. Every peak and cliff face is meticulously crafted by the Master, ever changing, so that each admirer sees a new display of craftsmanship and handiwork. The whole array is adorned with a crown of juniper trees covered in winter blue fruit. To my east the mountains fade to the horizon. There’s a pillar of red rock reaching straight up 60 feet in the foreground, a monument of the maker marking this special place. I’m standing in an open field covered in winter grass. The sun is yet to rise, it’s twilight. Between me and the sunrise is a grove of juniper trees. To my south, rising out of the winter grass is a large red rock carved smooth by the windy cliffs below. The birds are giving a show of their own predawn delight. To my west is a beautiful mountain about 30 miles away, with pink cliffs, white snow disbursed amongst the juniper trees. What a display! It’s cold. Very cold. It’s quiet. Very quiet. No one is with me but my Lord. I lift my hands up and praise Him for all His magnificent creation. I praise Him in the wide open field. The moment is special. My face and toes hurt with cold.

I snapped this pic in the early morning at Kodachrome State Park, Utah.

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