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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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What a Beautiful Range of Mountains! (Black & White) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
As I stood at this overlook to Silver Star Mountain across this valley, I found myself capture many an image while soaking in the views and deliciously wonderful cold air. Composing and metering this image was pretty much finding the right balance of mountainside, peaks and clouds and then exposing it in Manual mode. For this image, I decided to try out this “Ansel Adams Look” I’d read about in Jason Odell’s book on Capture NX2. The idea is to work with the LCH editor, making some adjustments, and then use a Black point and White point before converting to black & white. I added a reverse graduated neutral density filter to complete the image.

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COVID-19 is doing many things and controlling people through their fears is one of them. It’s affecting each of us differently, so remember to respect and help one another through this tough time. It’s like looking through the camera’s viewfinder, we must see everything from multiple perspectives, not one. Don’t let the fears make us see one way, but make us see the light through all the darkness. We will rise from this!

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Into The Wild - The Cairngorm Mountains
Here is a compilation of video highlights from my hiking trips into the Cairngorm mountains from over that last few years. There have been many epic adventures in these mountains and there will be many more come. There still is so much more to do, explore and discover. #SubscribeToTheOutdoors

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