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Wasn’t actually intending for this to turn out this way, but I ended up spending way more time on it than I planned.

They are technically a ‘sona, just, you know, sometimes what starts out as a representation of yourself turns into a dark wizard because you can’t just have a character sitting there with no story behind them.

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A Card Design in 2020




My illustration is by “Playfulness in Your Life.”

Thank you for following me🥑


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Spooky Campfire Stories

Waffle, the little mouse, is celebrating his birthday today, so he wanted to invite his friends to a campfire, and that’s the perfect environment to tell spooky stories.

They are Syrrik (the big dragon), Paco (me! the panda), Waffle (the birthday boy who’s over my head), Kez (the feral fluffy dragon), and Torvid (the gryphon).

Wish Waffle a happy birthday!

Digital. Photoshop.

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