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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Jon called me to tell me to come to the shop right away so I drove down there because I thought something was wrong, but turns out it was just this little dude


living inside a headlight on a semi truck.

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Mouse! Hello. Sorry for the delay. Thank you for the ask!

Ami is a sweet character. I don’t think about her often, so this took a little while.

* Why I like them: Ami is very sweet, and her study habits crack me up. She brought study material to the beach and had to be reminded that outings with friends are for play.

* Why I don’t: I feel her character did not get as much development as I might want. I’m so neutral on her. Nothing in canon really grabbed my attention.

* Favorite episode: her intro in any canon is adorable. I love that she warmed up to Usagi (and friendship) via Luna.

* Favorite season/movie: I really liked Ami in Stars when she was going head to head with Taiki.

* Favorite line: “Go bleach your roots, creep.” Lmao. It’s the only one that came to mind.

* Favorite outfit: Her blue swing dress from some of the summer episodes.

* OTP: Taiki x Ami

* Brotp: Zoisite x Ami

* Headcanon: she paints to help sort out her feelings about her father.

* Unpopular opinion: shes boring (I know, I’m sorry, Ami just never hooked me as a character)

* A wish: for her arc in the upcoming SuperS movies to be fleshed out

* An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: her getting with Z*isite romantically.

* 5 words to best describe them: studious, loyal, analytical, calming, genuine

* My nickname for them: blue baby

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Lovely Disney Mickey Mouse Pencil/Make Up/Brush Case available for £9.00 each. Order here

Buy 4 for the price of 3 using coupon code BUY3GET1 at checkout.

Pencil/make up/brush case made of 100% cotton and fully lined with a nylon zip. The decoration on the fabric is Mickey Mouse themed. See bottom of listing for variation specific informaion. The pencil case measures 24cm x 12cm (9.5" x 4.5"). Pens are not included! Colourful Heads: Green zip, green lining, green stitching. Black/White Boxes: Lemon yellow zip, turquoise polycotton lining, red stitching. Black/white Heads: Red zip, turquoise polycotton lining, black stitching. Colourful Boxes: Blue zip, turquoise polycotton lining, yellow stitching.

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nad, @nadseas , i cried a bit too much when writing this but anyways here we are

first of all, we started talking in august. AUGUST. but for some reason my brain literally thinks that we’ve known eachother our whole lives

pls i know we were just talking about this but like i’m so thankful that i commented on the prompt list and then you messaged me cause i reaalllly couldn’t imagine not being wives w u,

you are literally the most kind, beautifulll, funny, chaotic talented person oml

and when i say talented i mean you are sO FUCKING TALENTED.

your writing is beautiful and usually always makes me cry for hours. your graphics? amazing. 10/10. yes. just yes. your overall aesthetic is literally everythinggg

you are always there for me, and make my bad days better and i couldn’t be more thankful. i loveyou with every ounce of my being and can’t wait to live our gay, cottage life in italy. with ferrets, dogs and fluffy cows.

anyways i can’t wait for even more simping, 3am screaming, being gay, crying about random shit, and planning our super cool lives,

i love you !!


when bby is growing up 😪

jk ur always gonna be bby

anyways booking a flight to go see my mouse the second i’m not broke 😔

chill okay i’m gonna go spam the shit out of you rn

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My Jellycat collection


I am autistic too, and my plushies are a major source of comfort to me but my Jellycats are especially loved. Top left to right: Andromeda, Miso, Acorn, Boudicca. Bottom: Marigold. I stim with them all in different ways but my favourite is my Bunglie cat named Miso, she is perfectly sized for hugging and the beans in her hands and tail feel lovely.


Thank you very much for submitting your collection. It makes me so happy to see other autistic people that also love Jellycats. My favorite of your collection is Bobby Stork Baby, though they all seem well-loved!

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Throwback Month⁠

Day 29: Fox and his friend, Mouse⁠

- ⁠
Another drawing that my father chose to be his tattoo but in the end, he chose the other one from my previous post who’s a Detective Rat.

I drew this because I was practicing drawing anthropomorphic characters that I wanted to develop as a story as well. Ever since college, I dream to have my own published story and children, particularly read and learn from it haha!

It is still farfetched but definitely a goal of mine.

What’s your favorite children’s book?

Throwback Month Summary:⁠

4 years ago I created my Tumblr account to practice writing in English, by then I posted blogs specifically for my 365-day drawing challenge, and once a month a summary of all that I have done. ⁠

With this, I would like to share all my previous drawings from 4 years ago. Most of them are drawn using my beloved green mechanical pencil back in 2009! ⁠⁠

- ⁠
Let’s enjoy this month and make more memories!⁠

Please do not repost my artwork/design. Ask me first. ⁠
Thank you!⁠

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