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#move on

Sawamura: I’m home

Miyuki: Welcome back.

Miyuki: I cooked your favourite dish—

Sawamura: Miyuki -senpai… looks at him, painfully

Sawamura: That’s not my favourite it was Narumiya’s - san.


Miyuki: Sorry

Sawamura: I know it hurts a lot but it doesn’t mean you won’t move on.

Miyuki: I know. I’m trying. It’s hard.

Sawamura: You have to! Even it’s hard.

Miyuki: You don’t really get it, Eijun. You don’t know what it feels!

Sawamura: I DO! You know what? Even though I’m here I feel like I’m just your junior!

Sawamura: You chose me! You said you love me but why do I feel like I’m nothing?

Sawamura: But you know what hurts a lot? When I’m here but the person you always want is not me.

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Okay I have been doing my best to ignore the sheer insanity of certain part of the fandom but I need to say this.

I am a bisexual, I was one long before Castiel ever appeared on Supernatural and I am still one and will stay one as long as I feel attraction to both men and women.

I do not ship Destiel.

I do not see it as bisexual representation.

I do not nor have I ever seen this so called queer coding in wall colors, signs, Dean talking to men, license plates, color of shirts and so on.

I am no less bi because if that. I am not bi because of a fanon pairing, I am bi because that is who I am. I am not going to be silence by those who are in the mind set that if you don’t ship Destiel you are not a real bi or part of LGTBQ community. That is not how that works, you don’t get to decide a person sexuality or tell them they are not a real member of that community because they don’t ship your pairing or agree with your mind set.

I am bi, I don’t ship Destiel and I am not going anywhere.

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