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#movie night
beebox-illustrations · 5 days ago
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Oh my god guys it’s been a week I’m so sorry
The WiFi was down for 5 days and I tell you it was so crippling 😂
But here I am back with day 3 of inktober ‚vessel‘
I can imagine movie night to be impossible with those guys-
Have a nice day and see you in a few ✨🐝🌻 (I am continuing inktober but be ready for it taking till end of this year🤦‍♀️)
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itsuki-amicitia · 3 months ago
Ditmitrescu Girl's Night ☺
Tumblr media
happy family movie night ♥️
you can follow Greyviline the original artist of this artwork on Twitter and please check it out her amazing artwork there also this is the original artwork link go there and click Like and Retweet and once again don't forget to follow her on Twitter
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transformersluna · a month ago
Tumblr media
Family Movie Night!
Sundays are movie nights, and each week a different person's chooses what they watch.
Tech likes to watch documentaries and historical dramaziations.
Omega and Wrecker both love superhero movies.
Crosshair says he likes horror movies (but if he is alone, he will 100% put on a Studio Ghibli film)
Hunter isn't really picky when it comes to movies, but if he had to choose, he likes old movies.
And Echo, War movies. They can be gruesome and violent, but there is a familiarity throughout them. The brotherhood on screen reminds him of his past life.
But they all love Star Wars.
Other Pieces
Pumpkin Carving
A Typical Morning
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liminalnucleus · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I saw this tweet and made this. Please go follow my Instagram. I make art stuff.
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buckymylove · 21 days ago
Movie Night - B.B.
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky invites the new, shy team member to family movie night.
Warnings: swearing, mentions of traumatic pasts?, awful comedy - like really bad, and a truck load of fluff.
Word count : 3,100
A/n: AHHH this is so much fluff, this is only my third fic so lemme know if you guys like it and send me an ask or private message if you have any ideas or requests for future fics! Xx
Please do not translate on steal any of my works! Reblogs and likes are welcome and much appreciated if you would like! X
"Ok movie night" Tony announced dramatically as he entered the kitchen, arms thrown in the air with a swagger in his step.
Bucky rolled his eyes at Tony's usual theatrics.
"Alright take it down a notch Gatsby, theres no paparazzi in here" Nat grumbled with a bored expression as she walked past him to put the orange juice back in the fridge. Sam snorted and Tony simply brushed past her comment waltzing over to the booze cabinet.
"Meet back here in 20 minutes with snacks and blankets, I'll handle the drinks" he said lifting up a bottle of vodka.
"All I heard was drinks" Nat shrugged grabbing a bag of skittles and heading straight over to the couch, where she not-so-graciously flopped down onto a cushion.
"I'll bring the pop tarts!" Thor boomed.
Sam made a beeline for the cabinet that they keep specifically stocked for nights like this. "SAM NO! The oreos are mine!" Clint yelled as he made a mad dash for said cabinet knocking over a barstool on the way. Bruce looked at them, then to the barstool that lay on the kitchen floor, and with a defeated sigh turned and left to join Nat on the couch.
"Hey Steve" Bucky said quietly to his best friend. "Where's y/n?"
"Uh probably in her room, why?" He replied
"Uh- well, it's just she never really joins us for any team thing, and, i don't know, maybe she feels left out.. or something, m-maybe one of us should go get her?"
He asked sheepishly, worrying that Steve would catch on to his very obvious crush that he definitely didn't have on you.
Steve smiled, "that's really sweet Buck, I mean i assumed she just wasn't really a people person but, maybe she's just shy? It's worth asking"
"Ya think? What if she just hates us, what if she feels awkward saying no"
"Buck i'm sure she doesn't hate us, she's been through a lot, you understand that better than anyone, she's probably just shy, plus she's only been here two weeks, she might feel awkward joining in on our team things, she just needs someone to let her know that she's more than welcome"
Bucky contemplates Steve's words before nodding his head and turning to head to your room.
You had come to the compound a couple weeks ago after the team rescued you from a Hydra base in Russia. The team had all been very nice to you, but you hadn't seen much of them as you weren't a fan of coming out of your room all that much. You weren't really used to normal human interaction, since you were taken by Hydra at such a young age. The team figured they'd give you a settling period, let you get used to your surroundings so you felt more comfortable before they started bombarding you, after all, when Bucky first arrived at the compound he basically didn't talk to anyone that wasn't Steve.
However, Bucky also knew how lonely that time had been, he knows now that team didn't talk to him so much because they didn't want to make him uncomfortable but he didn't know then and he always felt it would've been nice if someone had just offered. So, he figured, if you said no then that was fine but it would be nice to at least offer.
He made his way nervously to your room. He waited outside for a moment going over what he would say, then, hesitantly knocked on your door. He heard soft foot steps on the other side of the door but as soon as the door opened, everything he planned on saying went out of his head. You were wearing a cozy outfit, joggers and a t-shirt that appeared to have some sort of constellation on the front, along with a pair of fuzzy grey socks. Bucky couldn't help but think about how it would feel to snuggle up next to you in your adorable - seemingly tired - state.
You both stared wide-eyed at each other for a moment. Him not knowing what to say, and you shocked to see someone at your door.
"Uh hey" Bucky said quietly after a moment of awkward silence.
"Hi" you said, so quietly he probably would have missed it if it weren't for his super soldier hearing.
It was the first time Bucky had heard you speak, and after just one word he knew he wanted to hear more. He took a second to compose himself, deciding it was best to start explaining why he had randomly shown up at your door after never having had an actual conversation, besides what he said to you the day he carried you out of the hydra base, barely still breathing.
"I uh, I was w-wondering if you wanted to.. join us for team movie night? It's totally fine if you don't want to or if you just don't feel comfortable yet, I completely get it, I just thought I would ask in case you thought you weren't welcome or something, there's like snacks n stuff and you can bring a blanket if you- well, I mean that's if you decide to come but you don't have to.. if you.. don't want to" He trailed off at the end suddenly aware of his mindless rambling. He didn't want to scare you away before you'd even agreed to join them.
You looked at him, still in shock, although thinking it was really nice of him to go out of his way to come find you and ask if you wanted to come.
"Um y-yeah, that'd be nice, uh o-only if everyones ok with it, i d-don't wanna intrude or anything..." you mumbled, barely audible and looking everywhere but directly into his eyes.
"No no of course not, no it would be great, we'd love you to join us!" He was quick to make sure you knew you were welcome but cringed at the sound of him seeming way to enthusiastic. "Uh you can come now with me, or- or you could make your way down in like 10 minutes for when we start".
It was then that you finally let yourself meet his eye only to see the most beautiful crystal blue orbs staring back at you. You blinked a couple times trying to break out of your daze.
"Is- uh can i go with you?" You asked terrified. Bucky almost thought he saw tears in your eyes, which immediately left him feeling guilty, was he making you uncomfortable?
"Of course you can doll, uh shall we go"
You nod, shyly, and start to shuffle out of your room as Bucky turns to make his way back to the common area, checking every few seconds to make sure you're still behind him.
You hesitate once you reach the entrance of the common area and see the rest of the team, hustling around. Tony mixing up drinks, Steve trying to calm down Clint and Sam who were still fighting over a packet of oreos, Nat, Bruce and Vision carrying a casual conversation over on the couches, Thor was sat on a bean bag on the floor surrounded by blankets, a box of strawberry pop tarts in hand, already happily munching away, Wanda launching a pillow and Nat's head as she watches her try to slip into her usual spot on the smaller couch to the right of the big screen.
They clearly had a family dynamic - I mean chaotic as hell, but still family and you felt bad intruding on that, plus the fact that just being around people after so long scared you quite a bit.
Bucky sensed your hesitation, and knowing how you felt after his own experience thought it would be best to just be supportive as he eased you in.
He offered his hand to you as a symbol of reassurance rather than giving you a lecture about how everyone is very welcoming. He knew from previous experience, that those talks often didn't help. He also knew very well that Steve was just trying his best when he'd give Bucky one of 'those talks' but it's easier said than done when your walking into a long time family.
He gave you a soft smile, and you gently took his hand, surprising both him and yourself. You knew a little about Bucky's past and you guessed you just found comfort in him knowing he had a very similar experience. Bucky took it as a victory that you trusted him enough to let him lead you into the chaotic common area hand in hand.
He first brought you to the kitchen which was less crowded now that Steve had finally got Sam and Clint to compromise and just 'share the goddamn cookies'. Now only Steve and Tony stood in the kitchen.
You hid yourself slightly behind Bucky as you approached the counter.
"Oh hey kid, glad you made it" he smiled at you then continued on to the living room area, drink in hand. You felt yourself relax slightly, you were very grateful that he didn't make a huge deal out of it, and seemed very welcoming.
You softly and timidly returned his smile.
Steve brought his head out of the cabinet he was rummaging through to see Bucky and a very scared looking you, just behind him, holding his hand. He was surprised, first to see that Bucky had actually gone through with asking you and that you had agreed to come, and also at the fact that you were holding hands, but he decided to brush past that for now, clearly taking note of your discomfort.
"Hey y/n, your here for movie night I assume"
You nodded your head with a timid smile.
"That's great, well then welcome to your first of many" he said with a warm smile. "Thanks" you said quietly. He nodded with a beaming smile then wandered of to join the rest of the team.
Bucky let go of your hand as he went over to the snack cabinet. "You want anything to eat or drink?"
"Oh uh no that's ok, thanks though" you replied quietly.
Bucky just smiled while reaching up to grab a bag of popcorn, he poured some into a bowl before walking over to you, and with a comforting hand resting gently on your lower back you made your way over to the team. Bucky, once again sensing your discomfort, sat down on the large L shaped couch that took up the majority of the space, he sat in the corner of the couch since less people seemed to be crowded there and gently tapped the space next to him. You immediately followed happy to be able to sit by Bucky where you felt more comfortable. He smiled as you sat down.
The team acknowledged your presence with a simple, but pleasant chorus of "hey"'s and "glad you could make it"'s. They all seemed to pick up on your nervous demeanour and acted accordingly which you really appreciated you were not up for a whole lot of attention right now. Well all but Thor, bless him, who didn't seem to quite pick up on your fear as he boomed, "Welcome lady y/n, how pleasant that you are here for your first movie night"
If looks could kill, Thor would be six feet under, as Bucky glared literal daggers at him. He'd made progress with you and desperately didn't want to scare you off now. There were a few eye rolls and a definite face palm from Clint.
"Calm down Thor, you're gonna freak her out" Wanda reprimanded him from her place behind him on the couch, although quietly.
Of course the poor guy was just trying to be sweet so was a bit confused at the reaction he got from the rest of the team.
"Hi Thor" you said, barely above a whisper and not looking up from your hands. In all honesty the team were a little shocked but they didn't want to make you even more uncomfortable so they just moved on, although Thor was beaming.
"Ok who turn is it to pick, ive lost track" Tony says, margarita in hand, diverting the teams attention back to the matter at hand.
"Why don't we let y/n pick?" Bucky speaks up.
Theres a chorus of approvals from the rest of the team and they all turn to look at you expectantly whilst you turn to Bucky with terrified wide eyes like a deer caught in the headlights.
"Oh no no thats ok i don't really know any" you replied, barely audible as you looked down at your hands in your lap.
Bucky sensed your discomfort but he was determined to make you feel welcome and a part of the family because he knows from personal experience how hard it can be, and at least he had Steve when he came to the compound, you had no one.
"That's ok, how about I scroll through some of these and you just point to one of the pictures you like the look of?" He replied quietly.
You looked up at him and hesitantly nodded your head. "Uh ok yeah"
Nat chucked the remote over to Bucky and he started slowly scrolling, waiting for you to point one out.
You had no idea where to start, you hadn't watched a movie since you probably only 4 years old. You were overwhelmed and worried that no one would like what you picked but also very wary that they were all looking at you, waiting for you to make a decision. You pointed to the very next one that came up which happened to be a picture of a girl in a pink dress, but what caught your attention was the small dog standing next to her in a... pink sweater? Why was there a dog wearing clothes? You'd never seen that before.
Bucky stopped scrolling when he saw you pointing at the screen. He looked to where you pointed and read the title.
"Legally Blonde?"
He looked to you for confirmation.
"Uh, yeah i guess, i-if everyones ok with that we can choose som-"
"Hell no, I love this movie!" Sam yelled excitedly. "Great choice y/n" he smiled at you.
You stared at him wide eyed for a second, and once you got over the shock, sheepishly smiled back at him.
"YES! I was going to pick this next week" Wanda squealed, getting comfortable in her spot on the couch.
You turned to Bucky with a soft, grateful smile on your face, that he then returned.
Bucky started the movie, then held his bowl of popcorn out towards you. You weren't exactly hungry but he was being so good to you, and you felt bad refusing his offer.
You took a handful with a small smile and turned you attention back to the screen that had started blaring a loud, cheerful tune.
Just a few minutes later you felt your self shiver as you'd left your room forgetting a blanket and without your sweater. Bucky immediately took notice of this and was quick to find a way to make you comfortable again, not that you would ever mention you were cold, but that just gave Bucky more reason to help you. He reached over to Wanda and swiftly snatched her blanket that was loosely draped over her legs. She was about to protest but Bucky stopped her with a glare that shifted to pleading eyes when he nodded his head towards you, who was still paying full attention to the screen and hadn't noticed the blanket war behind you. Wanda still looked pretty pissed, but also understood that Bucky was just trying to be sweet to you, even if it was at the expense of her warmth, so she let it go and turned her attention back to the movie.
Bucky got to work, carefully tucking the blanket around you. You jumped for second but relaxed and gave Bucky a soft smile in thanks to what he was so kindly doing. Wanda looked over at the rustling, witnessing the very adorable scene, of Bucky with his tongue sticking out in concentration, making sure the blanket was perfectly placed around you and that you were no longer cold. She just smiled and turned back to the movie, suddenly not so mad about her blanket being viciously ripped away from her.
It was about half way through the movie when you started to feel your eyes grow heavy. You hadn't been sleeping well since arriving at the compound, understandably after what you went through with Hydra. You fought it off for a while not wanting to seem rude but one look down at Thor snoring with his mouth hanging open, half eaten pop tart in his open palm, you let your eyes stayed closed longer each time you blinked until eventually you fell into a deep sleep.
Bucky hadn't even noticed until he felt your head drop against his shoulder. It startled him at first, thinking it was you trying to get his attention, wanting to leave, but immediately relaxed as he saw the peaceful look on you face as you slept. He smiled down at you. He knew if you slept like that your neck would be agony by the time you woke up so he adjusted your position on the couch, moving his arm around you and ever so carefully and gently moved your head to rest on his chest, he manoeuvred the blanket so that it now wrapped around you both. He checked to make sure you were still asleep before turning his attention back to the movie. Only this didn't last long as he found himself staring down at you adoringly and eventually, he too felt himself slip into a dreamless sleep.
As the end credits rolled the team, or those that were still awake anyway- started to move about. Wanda gently woke up Thor whilst Nat not-so-gently woke up Clint, with a splash of water to his face. Clint woke with a start about to have a hissy fit but Nat stopped him by shoving a pillow over his face.
"SHUSH you'll wake them up" she smirked, knowing that she'd got away with her little stunt.
Clint moved the pillow from his face giving Nat a glare before turning his head to see who she was referring to.
Over in the corner of the couch you and Bucky laid, tangled together, both in a peaceful sleep.
The rest of the team looked over, there was a wonderful silence for a moment as they took in the adorable scene in front of them, only for that moment to be ruined as they here the loud unmistakeable 'click' of a phone camera. All heads turn to Steve with a mix of pissed off and disappointed expressions as they watch the mighty Captain America, get into a pathetic wrestling match with his phone as he madly scrambles to cover the noise and turn his phone off. His phone ends up dropping into a bowl of popcorn on the table in front of him, and he freezes with a sheepish look on his face.
"Oh For god sake old man, would it kill you to just be quiet and stop being all proud best friend for one fucking second!" Tony whisper shouted to an apologetic looking Steve.
"Should we wake them?" Bruce whispered.
"Nah leave them, it's sweet" Nat whispered back.
They all started to quietly leave and just as Steve turned to go, Sam came from behind him and slapped him on the shoulder. "Don't worry old man, I got the photo" Sam whispered with a smug smirk as he strolled past Steve and off to his room.
Steve took one last look at the two of you curled up together on the sofa. He was happy for you both, after everything you both went through with Hydra, he was glad you'd found each other.
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ghostpainters · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Duke Thomas: Does anyone else remember Blockbuster Video?
After a relatively easy night of patrol, Duke engages in the weekly ritual of picking up a movie at Blockbuster. Why there’s one left in Gotham, nobody knows. But Duke is smart enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth. He’s been going to this store every Friday since he was five. Eliza at the cash has known him since he was literally knee-high. She recognizes him now as the Signal, but she’ll take his secret to the grave. Tonight, it’s Return of the Jedi on VHS. Duke’s getting the movie, Tim’s buying the popcorn, and Jason’s supplying the TV. (Jason doesn’t know he’s supplying the TV yet, but that’s probably for the best.)
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wendigo-with-a-laptop · a month ago
🔪💀🎃31 Spooky (but not scary) Movies to watch before and on Halloween to get into the Autumn Spirit🎃💀🔪
(including age ratings)
Corpse Bride (2005) PG
Frankenweenie (2012) PG
Trick R Treat (2007) R
Sleepy Hollow (1999) R
Edward Scissorhands (1990) PG-13
Monster House (2006) PG
The Adams Family (1991) PG-13
The Adams Family Values (1993) PG-13
Coraline (2009) PG
Beetlejuice (1988) PG
The Haunted Mansion (2003) PG
Hocus Pocus (1993) PG
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) PG
The Little Vampire (2000) PG
Van Helsing (2004) PG-13
ParaNorman (2012) PG
Hotel Transylvania (2012) PG
The Wolfman (2010) R
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988) PG-13
Halloween Town (1998) PG
Bram Stockers Dracula (1992) R
Fun Size (2012) PG-13
Fright Night (2011) R
Ghostbusters (1984) PG
Casper (1995) PG
What We do in the Shadows (2014) R
Jennifer's Body (2009) R
Dracula Untold (2014) PG-13
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) R
13 Ghosts (2001) R
Dark Shadows (2012) PG-13
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snowzapped · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Take the night off, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Until something crawls out of the TV.
(Was it JarJar Binks?) - My gift for @starksnack for the Fall Backwards: An Avengers Assemble Flash Exchange event on ao3.
This was heavily referenced from a hilarious stock photo. :D
commission info / patreon / Buy Me a Coffee ☕
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gingerly-writing · a month ago
Prompt #2854
“Blanket: check. Snacks: check. Film: check. Grumpy nemesis tied up so they can’t escape movie night? Check.”
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yesitsmewhataboutit · 23 days ago
Movie Night
Hawks x reader
Summery: you and Keigo have a free night and decide to watch a movie
Warning ⚠️ : 18+
Tonight was a usual free night. You and Keigo decided you guys would relax and watch a movie. Neither of you knew what to watch so you decide to put a random movie on. You get the snacks ready and sit down to wait for Keigo. After a few seconds, he lays down next to you on the couch, waiting for you to pull up Netflix.
You stretched out and lay with your back against his chest, and he lays his wing on you like a blanket. You reached for the remote to tap the ‘Play Anything’ option on Netflix. The screen went black before coming up with a movie title. 365 Days. “You seen this one before?” Keigo asked, looking at it curiously. “Nope. I heard a lot of people had seen it, but I didn’t hear much about it. I think it’s good.” You say as you grab the popcorn.
It got a few seconds into the movie, and you were interested. “Wonder if it’ll be all subtitles,” Keigo says. You shrug and keep watching as the movie plays out. Around 10 minutes into the movie, things started getting SpiCiEr. You started to blush, hoping Keigo doesn’t notice. “Hey, it’s free porn.” He says, laughing. You both laugh as you playfully elbow him. “No wonder so many people liked this movie.” You say, a little sarcastic. “I think I missed something just now you should give a demonstration,” Keigo says in a flirty tone. You laugh and roll your eyes as the movie continues.
This movie was truly, something else. It had your heart rate elevated. You noticed how Keigo’s feathers started shaking slightly. You started taking small mental notes of things you wanna try with Keigo. Around an hour into the movie, the boat scene comes. You take a few deep breathes as you watch it play out. Keigo slides his arm around your waist and pulls you tighter against him. He leans his head down into your neck and starts nibbling at it while grinding his hardening cock against your back.
You bit your lip and pressed your butt into his crotch, causing him to groan into your neck. “I think I’m ready to recreate the plane scene.” You said as you started grinding back into him. You didn’t have to tell him twice before he sat up and pulled you up, positioning you between his legs on the floor. You watched as he laid his head back against the couch and started pulling down his sweatpants. Once he got them down, you leaned toward him and immediately brought his cock into your mouth.
You started by sucking hard on the tip. You moved your hand, up and down on the rest of his cock. Keigo leaned his head back on the couch and brought his hand to rest on top of your head. You removed your hand and started bringing his cock down into your throat. You felt him suck in a breath as his hand tightened in your hair. You looked up at him as you started bobbing your head and flexing your throat, taking him deeper. You watched his mouth dropped open and his wings twitched.
You feel as his hand starts forcing your head down more and his hips thrusting faster into your throat as he lets out moans. “You like~ ah, you like s-sucking my cock, don’t you? You do it so well there’s an n-no way you don’t.” He says as he starts pounding into your throat. He reaches his other hand and puts it on your head, both hands gripping either side as he lifted his hips, thrusting harder. You closed your eyes and started to moan around him, causing him to groan and do 3 more hard thrusts before cumming hard into your mouth.
Keigo held your head against him as he tried to catch his breath. You swallowed his cum, and did your best to suck his cock clean as he held you. Finally, he released his hands, letting them fall beside him to the couch. You pulled back, panting as you got up from your knees and straddled his waist. You leaned in and started kissing him as he put his hands loosely on your waist. Keigo hadn’t noticed, but you removed your pants and underwear while you were still on the floor.
Without warning, you slide down on his cock. Keigo gasped into the kiss and tightened his hands on your waist. “God, you’re so tight.” He says, already starting, to move his hips into you gently. You move and start kissing his neck, bring your hips up, and slamming back down on him. Within no time, you had your head thrown back as you started, bouncing fast on him. You brought your hand and ran it down his feathers, also slightly gripping them. Keigo jolted forward from the pleasure and started thrusting into you from below.
Feeling you start to clench around him, he started thrusting harder and harder. You brought your other hand up and pulled on his hair as you came. He gasped, and his hips stuttered, feeling you cum around him. Almost immediately after, he came inside you, tucking his head into your neck as his thrust slowed down.
He pulled out and grabbed a towel that was on the table. He cleaned you both up and laid back down on his side, with you facing him, your head tucked under his neck. Keigo grabbed a blanket that was nearby and covered you both. He kissed your forehead as your eyes started to close he pulled you tighter against him as you both fell asleep.
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camille-lachenille · 26 days ago
The Crows movie night
Once a month, the Crows meet at the Van Eck mansion for a movie night. As they can never agree on which movie to watch, everyone propose a title and Matthias or Inej, the least inclined to cheat, write the titles on a paper and put them in a bowl. Then they pick a paper and announce which movie they will watch this night.
Jesper :
- loves action movies and westerns
- pew pew, guns and action !
- his favourite movie is the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise because there are swords, fight scenes, guns, jokes and hot actors
- His favorite scene is the dice scene in Dead Man's Chest and he is the only one who figured out what happens but he never told anyone
- always comments the scenes or makes jokes, Kaz wants to murder him
- he wants to watch the movie in the every language he can think of, like Greek, Chinese Mandarin, Russian or Turkish
- loves everything shiny and colorful in the movie
Wylan :
- his favorite genre is sci-fi
- he watched a million time the Star Wars saga
- spends the whole movie tryig to figure out the special effects, how the decors were made and every crafty aspect of a movie.
- he is the kind of person who will learn by heart the whole soundtrack of every movie he likes (Kaz wanted to break his flute but Jesper threatened him)
- enjoys a good romantic subplot
- always yelling at the villain
Nina :
- spends the whole time eating sweet popcorns, waffles and candies
- she always ends up on Matthias' lap after five minutes
- talks when not eating
- alwas yelling at the characters
- falls in love with every single actor or actress
- she is fond of animated movies and her favourite ever are Howl's moving Castle and Hercules.
- occasionally laught at Matthias when he frowns or doesn't understand a joke and then kiss him
Matthias :
- he tries to ignore the fact that Nina is practically preventing him from seeing the screen because she is on his lap
- he likes old movies in black and white, especially very obscure genres like the expressionist German movies from the 1910-1930 .
- enjoys independent movies and innovative producers
- he always want to watch a movie in the original language
- watch religiously without a word but cries when someone dies on screen
- he is super embarassed when two characters are close to each other/are kissing so he stares at the ceiling
Inej :
- occasionally steals food to Nina
- loves period dramas and romantic movies but watch pretty everything
- she notices every single detail on screen and can always predict what comes next but she never tells the others
- she is a quiet watcher but she can get mad at a character if they are against her moral values or make dumb choices
- she spends a lot of time looking at her friends and trying not to laugh
Kaz :
- his favourite genre are detective movies and thrillers
- he figures out the crime and plot after a few minutes and spoils the others
- he quietly talks about special effects and tricks with Wylan
- he mocks Matthias because he cries when a character dies
- stares at Inej when he is bored and she notices him but doesn't say a word
- he wants to murder Nina and Jesper because of the noise they make
- his favourite movie ever is Inception but the end turns him insane because he never figured it out
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thebackgroundworld · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Movie Night
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demonpoxballad · 7 days ago
Airport Scenes Always Make Me Cry
Pairing - Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count - ~1300
Summary -  Movie night date with you and Steve - very cosy vibes with a pretty intense make-out sesh (eek!)
Warnings - quite sexual kissing, mention of an explicit scene from a movie, mention of Steve's crotch region.
Previous oneshot  
Hi again! I apologise for the lack of context with these oneshots - maybe one day I'll write a chapter where they meet, but I'm enjoying just doing random little scenes at the moment. Again, if anyone has suggestions or requests send them my way <3
- Liv xx
Tumblr media
Movie Night
“Hi! How are you?” Steve sounded excited and nervous to see you as he leaned over to give you a kiss on the cheek.
You scrunched your eyes up in delight before quickly reverting to a cool demeanour as he drew back to look at you. At least, you hoped it looked cool. “I’m good, how are you doing?” You stumbled across the threshold and handed him the flowers you had bought as a thank you for having you over.
It seemed like he loved the flowers, he wouldn’t stop thanking you and talking about how nice they were. “Come in, come in! I’ve just done pizza and snacks; I hope that’s okay?”
It was more than okay – the living room looked so cosy and the smell of mozzarella and basil made your stomach rumble. “Sounds perfect. Thank you so much for having me over again.” You took your snow boots and coat off and left them at the entry way.
“Seriously, it’s my pleasure,” he called from the kitchen, bustling about and putting the flowers in water. You took a moment to scream silently and hop about giddily in the hallway. “Are you a fan of the snow? It’s been pretty crazy out there today.”
You forced yourself to stand still like a normal adult. “It’s actually my favourite type of weather.”
“Yeah, I just love how everything looks, and how cold it is.” Granted, you were freezing from the walk, but Steve’s flat was so snug, and you couldn’t wait to curl up on the sofa and watch a film with him.
“I have to admit, it doesn’t bring up fond memories for me,” he said, good-humouredly. He grinned cheekily at your shocked face, leaning against the kitchen doorway with his arms folded across his chest. You felt horrible for laughing, but it seemed like he didn’t mind making fun of himself.  “Please, sit down,” he gestured to the living room.
You tentatively perched on the sofa with a blanket whilst Steve put the film on - you had both decided on ‘Love, Actually’, which suited the wintery night. He plopped down right next to you, shoulder brushing yours, even though the sofa was big enough for four. The blood rushing violently in your ears drowned out the opening of the film.
Eventually you relaxed and settled into the sofa, bringing your legs up and resting them against his, shifting the blanket to share between the two of you. That gave him the encouragement to bring his arm up and around your shoulders. You were both grinning to yourselves like teenage idiots.
The food was as good as it smelled, with gooey chocolate brownies for pudding. “Hey – you have, um…,” Steve started, pointing at your face.
Of course you would make an absolute tit of yourself. “What? Is it all over my face?” You tried to get rid of it but your hand had chocolate on it too and just seemed to make the situation worse. Steve threw his head back in laughter while you flapped around, trying to hide your face from his.  
“Hey! No, here, let me,” he insisted, ignoring your mumbling noises of protest and reaching over to hold your chin, wiping your lips gently. Whilst his gaze was concentrated on your mouth you found yourself staring at his eyes, quickly flitting back to the tv when he caught you. You felt his gaze lingering on you as you tried not to smile bashfully, glaring intently at the screen.
“Stop it.”
“What?! I’m not doing anything!.” He definitely was. His watching felt like touching, and it was all you could do not to shudder.
After a while he resumed watching the film, thumb gently comforting your collarbone.
Every now and again you would glance up to see if he was enjoying it. He always noticed and grinned down at you, giving your shoulder a squeeze. You giggled nervously at his shocked face whenever the porn actors’ scenes came on, slightly worried that he would feel too uncomfortable. But he seemed to find it funny too, even though his eyes were darting around the room, no idea where to look.
During the airport scene at the end of the film, you couldn’t help but feel a bit weepy, it always got to you. Steve surprised you when you looked over at him to see his eyes looking a bit damp and red. “What can I say? I’m a romantic,” he chuckled while wiping his eyes, and your heart fluttered with how fond you were becoming of him. You gently peppered his face with kisses, tasting the salt on his eyelids and making him giggle even more.
He sneakily turned his head to catch one of the kisses directed at his cheek, drawing you in to his sweet, hot embrace. His other hand ventured to your leg, gently caressing it as he bent over you. A squeal escaped your lips as you clung onto his shoulders to avoid toppling backwards. He took the hint and adjusted his grip, cradling your shoulder blades with his hands.
Then he started to deepen the kiss, teasing open your mouth and stroking it with his tongue. You responded eagerly, licking his bottom lip and sucking it into your mouth. A growl slipped out of his mouth, so deeply pitched you felt it in the pit of your stomach.
“C’mere,” he murmured, grabbing your waist and pulling you on top of him, your knees settling on either side of his hips. You tried not to think too much about the bulge in his jeans pressing into you. It seemed like a good sign, but you weren’t that experienced and thinking about anything contained in his pants concretely made you feel a bit panicky.
It felt good to be on top, to have more control and be able to sit back and look at Steve whenever you liked. You did that a lot in between making out, clutching his jumper into your fists and massaging the soft muscle underneath with your fingertips. You loved just staring at his face, tracing his eyebrows, feeling the flutter of lashes as he blinked. He seemed to enjoy these moments as much as you, taking the opportunity to run his hands up and down your waist and back, appreciating the way your body curved and folded. He even brushed his hands up the inseam of your jeans, which sent literal shockwaves through your body, shallow breaths gasping out of your chest.
Eventually he pulled back and reached to the collar of his jumper. “I promise I’m not getting naked,” he said breathlessly as he yanked his jumper over his head. You really wouldn’t have complained.  “I’m just – warm.” It was true, the air around the pair of you felt like it was throbbing with heat, but you knew he always ran a little toasty anyway. His shirt was all rucked up after taking his jumper off, showing a strip of skin lightly trailed with dark blonde hair. He pulled it down self-consciously – you were probably gawking – and then took a hold of your hips to pull you close again.
You spent 40 minutes there on the sofa curled over Steve, stroking him with your mouth like you needed his contact to breathe. And when you both grew tired, lips swollen and numb, he lay down with you on top, head resting on his chest.
“I should probably go home soon.”
“I don’t want you to.” His legs came up either side of your waist, playfully circling around as if to keep you from leaving.
You smiled sleepily against his t-shirt. “I don’t want to, but I should.”
“I know.” He held up your face and kissed you on the nose. “Can I see you tomorrow?”
“Yes please.”
“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow?” God, he was cute. You pressed your lips against each corner of his smile.
“Yes and yes and yes.”
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i-have-my-issues · 10 days ago
Movie Night- D.M.
Tumblr media
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609 Words
request: no
warnings: Fluff, dad!draco x mom!reader, kids, mean!boss, stupid!lucius, cocky Y/n, bad writing, not proofread
summary: Draco gets held up at work and almost misses movie night
pronouns: she/her
house: any (probably Ravenclaw or Slytherin tbh)
There was no doubt Draco loved his family. They were his everything. He loved his wife, his sons, and his daughter. He only didn't spend all that much time with them because of work. He always had meetings or was held in late for some unknown reason. He wished he could spend more time with them.
Today was supposed to me family movie night. It was Draco's turn to pick and everything, but he couldn't go. He had work, again. He hated his job and the fact that it kept him from his family, but he didn't have to Malfoy fortune to live off of after he married a muggle-born and didn't give his father the Pureblood grandchildren he wanted.
He was told by his boss to stay late after work to finish things up. He was already done, but his boss insisted. He sadly sent a message to his wife, saying he couldn't make it to movie night.
When Y/n received the message, she sighed. She wished he would just quit that job and find a better one, but Draco insisted they needed the money and the job paid well. She looked over to her three children and smiled sadly. They were picking out movies they'd want to watch since they k ow Draco would always let them choose. "When is daddy coming home?" The youngest asked. "I don't know, but he said to start the movie without him, ok darling?" Y/n replied. "No! We can't start the movie without daddy!" She whined. "We have to my dear, I'm sorry." The little girl huffed and went to tell the two boys the news. They frown and looked to their mother. "Dose he not love is enough to spend time with us?" The oldest asked. "No. He loves you more than anything in the world, all of you." She defended. He really did love them more than anything and she knew that.
The children decided on a movie and they all started watching. They chose Home Alone 2, since they had already seen the first one. About 3/4 of the way into the movie, and all three kids were knocked out. Y/n got up and started washing their dishes. She put Draco's food in the fridge and went back to the couch.
5 minutes later, Draco arrived and quietly closed the door behind him after seeing his children asleep. He looked to see Y/n looking at him. "Hi love." He said sadly. "Hi. Your food's in the fridge, you want me to heat it up?" She said with a smile. "No thanks love, I just want to finish the movie with you. What movie?" He asked. "Home Alone 2. The kids were very excited, so excited that they passed out." She laughed. Draco laughed as well, sitting down next to his wife. "I'm so sorry I didn't get home sooner."
When the movie was over, they carried each child to their bedrooms and started getting ready for bed themselves. "I quit." Draco said as he was putting his shirt on. "Oh?" Y/n said confused. "My job. I quit." Y/n smiled, "I'm glad. That boss was keeping you away too much." Draco kissed her forehead and started getting under the covers. Y/n got under too and in no time, their limbs were tangled together and they were calm.
"I love you." Draco said, drifting off. "Of course you do." Y/n smirked as Draco glared down at her. "I love you too." she said back. "Of course you do." He mocked with a smirk. She rolled her eyes and drifted off.
I hope you enjoyed this! Please request something link at top
Join my taglist!
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nohomobutactuallyyes · a month ago
I wish I could have a movie night with her. Holding her hand and sneaking kisses while cuddling up together and watching a movie. Eating popcorn out of the same bowl. Warm and cozy and together
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