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#moving on
burgundybirds · 2 years ago
don’t let the people who have hurt you ruin the things you enjoy. you used to watch that show with your ex? if you love it, keep watching it. your former friend introduced you to your favorite band? don't stop listening to their music. it might hurt at first, but eventually it’ll stop feeling like it’s their thing and start feeling like your thing again.
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sharkpositive · 4 months ago
The truth is, sometimes you will hurt people. Sometimes, you will hurt people, and then life will move on, and you won’t have any way to apologize, or make up for it. But, your past mistakes do not define who you are now. You are allowed to move on without guilt haunting you over things you might have done years ago. You are allowed to come to terms with the things you did that were wrong, to change, and to grow from those experiences; you will never be stuck in one spot if you will yourself to own up to it, pull yourself up, and start again.
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s-rendipityyy · 2 years ago
letting go of you was painful. I will never forget the way you made me laugh or the way you set my body on fire with the slightest touch. but I also have to remember how you stabbed me and kept pushing the dagger in deeper with no regrets.
you loved me once but not again (the art of letting go)
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tanya-nicole · 2 years ago
I won’t glorify or romanticize heartbreak. For me, it was a kind of death and I was forced to keep living.
~ Warsan Shire
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sunsetico · 2 years ago
there was life way before you happened and there will be life after you happen.
moving on. finally.
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phpoetry · 2 years ago
You kept saying “we’re gonna be okay”
And you’re right,
We were,
Just not together.
Because it’s come to a point
Where it’s much easier to put out our fire
Than to ignite it anymore.
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