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#moving on
amelia-yap · 24 minutes ago
A future headcanon of mine and I actually want to write a fanfic about it: (I heard you likes ANGST)
We all know Weiss carries the promises she made like gold batches. She made a promise to Ruby once that she will be the best teammate she'll ever have, and she has been doing that indeed. She has been the best teammate ever because she never questioned Ruby, never wavering even in Atlas when the both of them, compared to everyone else, had to go through the trauma that is private to them, perhaps. They may have not talked but Weiss's body language and attentiveness around Ruby SHOWS. It's what I picked up from rewatching. Anyway, fast forward to what I imagine a final battle with team RWBY and Salem. What if Ruby wagered the choices and picked self-sacrifice?
Oh yea she would.
But Weiss wouldn't let her and Weiss always seem to know Ruby the best. She doesn't usually take visible action in showing that but this time?
Weiss knows Ruby is gonna get herself killed. So in the middle of the fight, where all hope seems to be gone. She made another promise.
"I'll get you home no matter, Ruby."
Before Ruby could throw herself to die, Weiss yanked her away and instead sacrificed herself. Because despite all, she knows it was the only way, it's either she save Ruby and the world, or save Ruby. And she is a Schnee. And she carries her promises like gold batches.
"I'll get you home, Ruby. I promised."
Ruby saw Pyrrha.
She saw Penny the first time.
She never saw Weiss get to impaled that one time.
And she never saw this coming.
But she did see a flashback of that night when Weiss made her coffee for the first time in Beacon. The night she made the vow.
Weiss was smiling.
It's identical to now except,
Ruby will never see that smile ever again.
Blake and Yang saw. Oh they saw.
Weiss will never come home with them. They knew. And lord did they try so hard to stop this from happening but Weiss, was stubborn. And Weiss made it happen.
Because Weiss loved and loved and loved and lost them once and she will never lose them ever again. She won't if she loses herself. So she goes down, for the world, for Yang, for Blake, for Winter, for Whitley, for Williw, for JNOR, for Emerald, for Klein, for who mattered most according to her gold batches, for Ruby.
Weiss goes down, no body, no weapon, no traces, and 3 broken-hearted women weeping for years and years later.
Weiss got Ruby home. At the cost of her own homecoming. At the cost of her life.
Weiss doesn't come home anymore.
why must we all suffer
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sunshineysprinkles · a month ago
idk who needs to hear this today, but don't go lurking on ex friends and partners. nothing you see or read will make you feel better there. all you're doing is hurting your own feelings. leave them in the past and do your best to move on with your own life, to make what you have now happier rather than dwelling on things that used to be (:
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sharkpositive · 7 months ago
The truth is, sometimes you will hurt people. Sometimes, you will hurt people, and then life will move on, and you won’t have any way to apologize, or make up for it. But, your past mistakes do not define who you are now. You are allowed to move on without guilt haunting you over things you might have done years ago. You are allowed to come to terms with the things you did that were wrong, to change, and to grow from those experiences; you will never be stuck in one spot if you will yourself to own up to it, pull yourself up, and start again.
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leonardospoetry · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I believe that's the real challenge of moving forward and sometimes it's also the reason why we can't move on from others, because they remind us of the way that we used to be.
Letting go isn't easy, but it's necessary.
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styrke · 6 months ago
it’s okay to miss them without wanting them back in your life. it’s okay to remember and long for those good memories you made with them. it’s okay to feel sad when you re-realise that there’s a reason they’re no longer in your life. it’s okay. just because you miss them or miss moments you had with them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want or need them back in your life. you are simply reminiscing on the past and that’s normal.
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wishing-for-deathx · 5 months ago
“I don’t know if people like me ever find love. I think I’m just the kind of person who loves. I’m always the one who loves without being loved in return.”
— unrequited love is my destiny
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rawhoneybliss · 7 months ago
Be thankful for what the situation taught you, grateful for the lessons you learned, and move on with your life. That cycle has ended, and a beautiful new beginning awaits you.
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iamstrongallonmyown · 2 days ago
At the end of the day, you can either focus on what’s tearing you apart or what’s holding you together.
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disenchantedcat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
'Cause I'd never treat me this shitty / You made me hate this city / And I don't talk shit about you on the internet / Never told anyone anything bad / ‘Cause that shit's embarrassing, you were my everything / And all that you did was make me fucking sad
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eshghami · a month ago
I want one but you. no one has touched my heart the way you did. no one’s voice has travelled so far and stayed in lingering for ages.
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frommyfavoritebooks · a month ago
You were never asking for too much. 
You were simply just asking the wrong person. 
- A Gentle Reminder, Bianca Sparacino
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styrke · 20 days ago
you will come across people who won’t like you. who won’t find you funny, attractive or interesting. who won’t reciprocate your feelings or who’ll eventually lose feelings for you and end things. you’ll come across people who won’t agree with you. who aren’t interested in catching up. who have enough in the life they’re living.. without you. 
you’ll come across people who are simply not for you and that’s okay. what’s important is if they’re being respectful and decent towards you while being any of the aforementioned. are they honest? are they open and willing to communicate? are they speaking to you respectfully? do they honour your right to make your own decisions?
if yes, don’t villainise them. don’t shit talk them. don’t trash talk them. ‘cause they’re just different from you and/or not meant for you, and that’s okay. not everyone you come across are meant to stay.
if no, then honestly just turn around real quick and yeet the fuck outta there, dude!!! you got better things coming for you!!
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