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I wrote that song fic about the song sad and played the song on repeat while I was writing it so now it’s my #5 song of the year :/

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06 - From the Bottom up (2/2)

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Genre: Fake Dating AU

Relationships: Platonic Prinxiety; Romantic Moxiety

Characters: Roman Prince; Violet (Virgil) Addams; Penelope (Patton) Foster

Warnings: insecurity; crying; angst; food

Words: 3k

The drama club goes on a weekend trip. Everyone becomes a bit closer.

- - -

The stars were blurred by the tears in Violet’s eyes, pale spots of white on a black sky—she wasn’t sure when or why she started crying, but it was too late to stop now.

At least she was alone. She didn’t want to think about breaking down in front of the girls she shared a room with; her mind was going down enough spirals right now; but she was extraordinarily lucky to have found this spot, and to have found it deserted.

Penny had a room to herself—Violet had mentioned all of them sharing as they got off the bus and immediately regretted it as Penny’s smile froze up, her correction quick and tense in a way that made Violet wish she hadn’t said anything. Even though she knew perfectly well that Penny couldn’t share a room without outing herself, no matter how much she wanted to, Violet couldn’t help but be jealous of her.

Penny was trans. Did that change anything? Not really. She was just as sweet, just as beautiful and just as far out of Violet’s league as before Violet knew and she was just as hopelessly smitten. Blinking tears out of her eyes, Violet sighed. She really was a lost cause.

The door fell shut and Violet was pulled back to reality with a start—she wiped away the tears running down her face despite knowing it was no use, glancing at the source of the noise. Violet froze.


Fuck, how long had he been here? She forced a smile on her face, praying he hadn’t caught her crying, but judging by the look on his face (like a scared puppy, shyer than she had ever seen him) he had seen enough. “What’s up?” Violet asked, cursing the tremor in her voice.

Roman opened his mouth and closed it again. He hesitated. “I wanted to get some fresh air,” he said lightly. “Mind if I join you?”

Violet gestured towards the tiled floor beside her. “Be my guest.”

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“This is ridiculous,” Virgil complained through the curtain.

“Look, Roman’s really excited about this party,” Patton said, adjusting his own sleeves. “And I know the fashion is–a choice, but we’ll fit in with all the people in the Imagination!”

“I look like a pirate.”

“So do I!” Patton gushed. He’d chosen a puffy shirt with a cute skirt and a bow in his hair. “It’s so cool!”

“Well, I look like an uncool pirate.” Patton heard Virgil bump his head against the wall.

“Hey!” Patton gasped. “Don’t talk bad about yourself! I bet you look like the coolest of pirates!”

“You haven’t even seen me.”

Patton tried not to sound too excited. “Well, I can’t know until you come out and give me a peek, right?”

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Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been dead for so long. I wanted to make this for a loong time but lost motivation multiple times and nearly lost the whole damn file.

WARNING: Triggers for disablement, depression, talk of a suicide attempt, and panic attacks.

He grumbled as he was pushed along the sidewalk. He had every reason to complain, every reason to be upset, especially when a jogger moved past them. He was always told to be thankful to still be alive with his strange condition. Well, at least he could move his head and face muscles.

          “C’mon man, you said a view of the lake would make you feel better!” Remy prodded his cheek. “Where’s that smile?”

          “Dead. Long dead. Like the rest of my soul.” Virgil growled.

          “Ugh. This job’s sooo boring!” The sunglass-wearing punk complained.

          “Then forfeit your salary so the rest of me can die in peace.”

          Virgil was paralyzed from the shoulders, down. He couldn’t feel his body and needed constant assistance from those willing to put up with his acidic, pessimist attitude to help him do… pretty much everything. He couldn’t even hold his goddamn diploma when he graduated high school. Remy had to hold it for him. He had to give the coffee lover credit where credit was due. He was the one who had lasted the longest as his caretaker. Taking him on “walks” as to not make him feel helplessly alone. Thankfully, his parents did everything else, like dress him and clean him and lay him down to sleep.

          Even though he didn’t feel as alone with Remy keeping up gossipy conversations, he did feel piercing envy for anyone he saw around him. Laughing with their friends, running, swimming, riding bicycles, dancing… Not to mention the people that made fun of him, and yet he was supposed to be more positive that he wasn’t dead? Death would merciful to someone in Virgil’s position. He couldn’t even kill himself. Not to say he didn’t try. The closest he had gotten was when he had annoyed someone enough to shove him into the lake, who was unaware of his condition, while Remy was in the bathroom. Little did he know that the sassy teen was a fast pisser and was able to rescue him.

Why couldn’t he just be fucking normal? Even for a day?

“Oh hey, that man child texted you again.” Remy’s naturally condescending voice interrupted his thoughts. But he couldn’t help but smile just a little. “Puppylover99? What did he say?”

“Work is super fun today! Got to hug a lot of people! Every time I hugged someone, I thought of you, kiddo!” Remy put on a high-pitched feminine-like voice, which made Virgil laugh, no matter how much he hated it.

          “You ass!” He would’ve hit him playfully if he could.

          “Is that what you want me to say?” Remy gave a cocky smirk, opening up messages.

          “No no no!” He shook his head madly, making his caretaker laugh even harder than Virgil did.

          “So… what- oh! He sent another.” Virgil’s smile widened as a small blush made its way onto his face, even though he was trying his best to fight it. “Anyway, I was wondering when I’d be able to hug you in person! I know we both live in Purble County.”

          Virgil’s smile was gone instantly. He had never physically met with any of his online friends before… What would he think? That he… wouldn’t be able to hug him back? Tears filled his eyes, and he couldn’t even wipe them away.

          Remy quickly pulled onto an alleyway so no one would see him like this. The caretaker quickly wiped his face and massaged the base of his neck to calm him. “I’m sorry, I should’ve read it and warned you first.”

          “It’s fine, Remy…” He sniffled.

          He was just about calmed down when he saw two people cheering just outside the alley, diving into each other’s arms.

          “It’s you!”

          “I can’t believe I found you!”

          Soulmates were a natural part of life in this world. Usually in the form of blanked out tattoos on someone’s skin that gets filled in when they meet their soulmate. There are other soulmates whose signs are a bit different, however. There was a case ten years ago where two people, one blind in the right eye, and the other blind in the left that magically gained full sight upon meeting each other. They were pronounced soulmates and are still together to this day. There were other cases where individuals didn’t have tattoos or anything of the sort, and lived their whole life out without a lover, claiming it was meant to be that way. Others have multiple soulmates. The subject is so complex, Virgil had to take multiple classes on it in high school.

Virgil had been told by scientists and priests alike that he most likely wouldn’t have a soulmate based on the religious belief that cripples couldn’t contribute enough to a relationship, (welcome to Virgil’s church-hell) and the scientific data doctors collected from him on a weekly basis. Most of the population that was physically disabled in a 2018 case study found that they never found soulmates. Since Virgil was such a rare case, the doctors demanded data be collected from him every week to see if they couldn’t figure out what had caused it and if a cure couldn’t be found. His parents greatly profited from this, and so did he to an extent, but it just made him feel like a specimen instead of a living person.

And seeing two people unite in the soulmate tradition only made him break down more. It wasn’t fair… it wasn’t fair…

Remy did his best trying to distract him and take his mind away from it, wiping his tears and hugging him around his neck, where he could feel the comfort of it. After the whole meltdown finally was over, Remy suggested going to a food attraction place for lunch, and Virgil reluctantly agreed, eyes bloodshot from all his crying.

Afternoon Benedict was a place he had never gone before, but since Remy said he knew people who worked there, he didn’t feel as anxious going. Plus, some afternoon breakfast didn’t sound half bad.

He was wheeled in and saw a very friendly person up front with a pink apron on, saying “free hugs!” on it. He greeted them warmly, bright blue eyes, blondish-brown hair, milky white baby skin, with so many freckles dancing across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, his face looked like a sprinkled birthday cake. Virgil had to resist the smile that was tugging at his lips.

“Hi! Where would you like to be seated?” His voice was so sugary sweet, the emo could feel his teeth rotting.

“Anyplace with chairs that pull out. He can’t leave this one.” Remy gestured to his friend.

Internal sigh.

“Okay! Coming right up!” He dashed away and got a nice table ready before beckoning them over.

Virgil got wheeled over and situated. “Now, what can I get for you two?” His honey-dripped voice asked them.

“I guess… some scrambled eggs with toast? And apple juice with a long straw if you can manage?” Virgil kept the quiver of anxiety out of his voice well enough.

“I’ll have my usual, bud.” Remy winked at the friendly employee.

“Okay! It’ll be out soon!” He danced away to Virgil’s humor.

Now came the part he dreaded about eating out. Remy took a couple bites of his food when it arrived, then started feeding Virgil. The coffee lover had quickly learned not to tease Virgil about having to be fed like an infant, as he’d either get a bite on his finger, or he’d have to help him calm from another meltdown.

Virgil was thankful that no odd glares had been sent his way yet. Maybe Remy had set this whole thing up so he didn’t have to worry about anybody judging. No matter how tough the sunglass-wearing nerd acted, Virgil knew he had a soft side. A love for kittens, an admiration for children pop star singers, a small addiction to baby sugar sticks… he knew it was there.

As the cooks were preparing the meal, the cheerful waiter was told to take his last 10-minute break. He skipped to the back and checked his phone excitedly. He was a little saddened that MCR10150 hadn’t responded to him yet, but he kept his hopes high and ate a quick snack while listening to music.

Even if he couldn’t taste anything, the happy music made the food go down better, like a spoon full of sugar.

Virgil was just about full when the bubbly waiter came over again. “Are you two ready for the bill? Or would you like to see our dessert menu?” He looked over at Virgil, who was being fed another forkful of scrambled eggs.

“Luckyyy!” He squealed.

The emo nearly spit his food out at that, but managed to swallow it.

“Excuse me?”

“I’d kill to be in your seat! Being fed without a worry in the word! You must feel like royalty! Nonono-wait!” He suddenly bowed. “My highness.”

Virgil couldn’t help it. He bursted out laughing. Just the sheer ridiculousness and confusion-not to mention the irony- of the whole situation made him utterly crack up.

Remy sighed with relief. He knew Patton could be overbearing at times. Yesterday, when he had told the staff and usual visitors about Virgil and how to act around him when he brought him in, Patton wasn’t there, but he was glad Virgil wasn’t offended or distraught over his behavior. It was hard to predict that kid.

“Well… he doesn’t have much of a choice.” He explained after Virgil started to calm from his laughter. “He can’t feel any of his body other than his head and neck.”

“Oh! I’m so sorr-“

“No! Please don’t pity me…” Virgil growled out, interrupting the poor employee.

Patton gave a quiet whimper, his smile becoming forced. “S-so, will that be bill or dessert?”

Virgil felt bad now. Even though he hardly knew this living cartoon, seeing his bright cute face darken with sadness made him feel even more dead inside.

God dammit, he thought to himself.

“Virgil? It’s up to you.” Remy murmured. He tried to give Virgil a choice whenever he had the chance. He was indifferent to having dessert or not, but he wanted Virgil to feel like he was in control, even if it was for little things.

“What kind of dessert menu comes out of a breakfast place?”

To be continued…

 @cefsticklestoo @thestarswelcomemewithopenarms @my-anxiety-hasanxiety

@poptartsaysurloved @leedrop-angel @lavenders-loveforthings @ I’m sorry I forgot everyone else. O.o

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Summary: Virgil remembers how he was treated and realizes, for the first time, that he didn’t deserve what he went through. 

TW: Flashback, descriptions of past abuse, violence, past gaslighting, mental breakdowns, crying, swearing, threats, blood and injuries

Sympathetic Light and Dark sides


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Chase Of A Thousand Chuckles (Moxiety)

(Patton’s POV)

I happily skipped down the hallway to go see my boyfriend, Virgil. I came up to the room, hearing loud P!ATD through the closed door. I knocked quietly on the tall piece of wood. “Virge?” I called. I heard the music quiet down and some shuffling behind the door before it opened to reveal my adorable baby boy. “Hiya, Virge,” I exclaimed happily. “Hey, Pat,” he greeted, seeming more anxious than usual, “what’s up?” “I just wanted to see you,” I chirped while bouncing on my toes a little and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Oh,"he chuckled nervously while darting his eyes around, "is that all?” “Yeah. Is everything okay?” I question, “You seem more jittery than usual.” “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, Pat,” he nervously assured me. I wasn’t so sure, though. I know my Virgil, and he acts this way when he’s hiding something from me.

“Are you hiding something from me, Virgie?” I asked playfully suspiciously. He gave another nervous chuckle, “I told you everything is fine. Why do you say that?” still darting his eyes. I replied simply, “Because every time you’re hiding something, you dart your eyes while nervously chuckling.” I saw small beads of sweat coming down his forehead and knew I got him. “So, what are you hiding, Virgie?”

(Virgil’s POV)

Oh shoot, Patton’s on to me now. He can’t know about the surpise I’ve been working on for his birthday. It was hidden in a box in my closet. With Patton questioning me like this I had to keep from looking at the closet, so I started looking everywhere but there. Unfortunately, Patton knows my habits too well. “So? What are you hiding from me, Virgie?” Patton asked in a playfully suspicious way. “Nothing! Nothing. Come on, let’s go cuddle on the couch,” I said with another nervous chuckle. Dang, I really need to get that chuckle under control.

I turned Patton around to the stairs, but he managed to wriggle out of my hold. “No,” he started, “If you’re not going to tell me, then I guess I’ll have to give you something to chuckle about…” He slowly raised his hands into view, and I immediately knew what he meant. That’s when the chuckles skyrocketed. “Yohou don’t hahave to do thahat,” I tried to reason with, “we can tahalk about thihis.” “There’s nothing to talk about,” he replied almost sinisterly.

(Third Person POV)

The chase was on. Virgil’s chuckles grew, and Patton’s curiosity and determination grew with them. Virgil darted around the house like a ricocheting bullet with Patton hot on his tail. “Pahahattohohohon! Plehehehase! Let’s dicuhuhuss thihihis!” Virgil continued to chuckle. All Patton said was, “NOPE!” He lunged forward and tackled Virgil to the ground, pinning his arms over his head and sitting on his back.

“Come on, Virge,” he said mischievously, “I know you want to talk.” Virgil could feel Patton’s hands get closer to his sides. “Pahahattohohn! Pleahease dohohon’t!” Virgil begged through his chuckles. “You leave me no choice, Virgil,” that being said, Patton scribbled and scratched at Virgil’s sides, causing him to go from chuckling to full-on laughing. “WAIHAIHAIHAIT NOHOHOHOHOHO! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP PLEAHEAHEAHEAHEASE!” Virgil screamed through his laughter. Patton only shook his head, “Not until you tell me your secret, Virgypoo!”

The pet names only made the sensations worse on Virgil…until Patton started properly teasing. “How bad does it feel here?” Patton asked as he scratched between Virgil’s ribs. “STAHAHAP IHIHT! PLEAHEAHEASE!” Virgil begged. He was almost at his limit. “Then tell me what you’re hiding,” Patton commanded as he scribbled his fingers under Virgil’s stomach as best as he could. “NOHOHOHOHO!” Virgil yelled. “Why not?” Patton questioned. “BECAUHAUHAUSE IHIHT WOULD RUHUHIHIN THE SURPRIHIHISE! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP PLEAHEAHEAHEASE!” Virgil finally confessed.

“What surprise?” Patton asked stopping his attack and getting off his boyfriend. Virgil sat up to look at his lover while still calming down from his chuckles. “It’s a surprise for your birthday that I’ve been working on, and if I told you, it would’ve spoiled it,” Virgil explained. Patton gave a silent oh, then a look of excitement and wonder danced on his face. “Good thing my birthday is tomorrow,” he chirped. Virgil couldn’t agree more.

Time skip: next day; Patton’s Birthday:

“Here you go, Patton,” Virgil said excitedly nervous while handing him a box wrapped in baby blue paper with a light gray bow, “I hope you like it.” “I’m sure I’ll love it,” Patton stated giddily. He ripped the paper to shreds and removed the lid. As soon as he saw what was inside, his eyes widened as the top dropped to the floor. He picked up the teddy bear examining its details. The bear was a generic size with light brown fur and an outfit similar to Patton’s himself. Patton did nothing but hug the stuffed animal. “Do you like it?” Virgil asked nervoulsly. With small tears in his eyes and a baby sniffle, Patton gave an adorable nod before running to his boyfriend to give him a tight hug. “Thank you,” he said while almost squeezing the life out of his lover. Virgil hugged back just as tight, “Happy Birthday, Patton. I love you.”

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Analogicality - Lost Bet, Found Love (Wattpad Book)

“This is torture! Stupid immune system.” Virgil thought to himself as he laid out the outfits Remus had threw at him, Remus also texted him what hair and makeup to wear and gave him a box of socks. Remus may be a bit crazy at points, but just like his brother fashion was a passion and you never messed with it,

Monday - A purple crop top with the words “cutie pie” in black font on it, purple sweatpants with hearts made out of purple diamonds on the butt cheeks, black, purple diamond studded fishnets, and high heel purple sneakers. A full face of makeup with glittery purple eyeshadow and purple lipstick. Hair in pigtails with butterfly clips.

Tuesday - A green spaghetti strap crop top with the word “taco” written in cursive on it, a cheerleader skirt that was green that had the word “queen” bedazzled in green on the butt, and green high top sneakers. A full face of makeup with green eyeshadow, and green lipstick. Hair normal.

Wednesday - A yellow crop top with overalls that were cut into shorts with the words “pretty boy” in rainbow glitter on the butt, bright yellow mini shorts, and purple sneakers. A full face of makeup with yellow eyeshadow and red lipstick. Hair in pigtails.

Thursday - A light blue shirt with the words, “Remus is better than me.” written on it in Virgil’s hand writing, green short shorts, green socks, and green converse. A full face of makeup with light blue eyeshadow with light blue lipstick. Hair gelled back.

Friday - A red sweater that had the word, “pretty peppy princess” written in pink pearls with a puffy pink skirt and bright red 4 inch high heels. A full face of makeup with pink eyeshadow and red lipstick. Hair half up and half down.

Saturday - A dark blue oversized cropped sweater, starry pj pants, and dark blue sneakers all accompanied by fake glasses. No makeup, hair in a ponytail.

Sunday - A beautiful purple gown with stunning black heels. Full face of makeup; your choice, and hair; your choice.


Virgil groaned as his alarm went off, and rolled out of bed, today started the 7 days of hell aka Remus’s fashion week. Virgil took and shower and did his makeup before looking at the clothes. He had to admit the crop top was cute and the shoes were nice, “Maybe this won’t be so bad.” Virgil thought kinda relived he liked the outfit until he saw the pants. They couldn’t really be considered pants, they were tights with short short coverage. Virgil put on the outfit and smiled into the mirror. He walked downstairs to be met by Patton who was playing breakfast for Logan would was sat at the table, “Good morning. Virge” Logan greeted Virgil, “Good morning, Lo.” Logan smiled and looked up at Virgil, he blushed fircely, “Virgil, that is quite the outfit.” Patton spoke up, blushing as well. Virgil was a blushing and stuttering mess, he loved Patton and Logan a lot and to see the two of them blushing over him maybe his head flutter and his brain stutter, “Thanks. I lost a bet to Remus so he is in charge of my clothes this week.” Logan cleared his throat before speaking up, “I hope Sunday’s outfit is comfortable because we have that important dinner party with everyone. Virgil’s eyes wided, "I forgot about the party completely!” Patton smiled, “What is Sunday’s outfit?” Virgil hung his head low, “A dress.”

Logan and Patton felt compassion for the man, until Logan got up and leaned on the counter beside Virgil, “Who you feel more at ease if Patton and I wore dresses with you? So you would not be alone in a dress?” Virgil looked at the two, “you guys would do that for me?” Patton held Virgil’s hand, “of course, I would.” Logan fixed his glasses, “I am not a fan of dresses however I will partake in this plan to ensure that you are comfortable. I know partying and dinners have a toll on you."  Virgil smiled at the two men and hugged them both, "Thank you. It means the world to me that you guys would do that!” Patton giggled, “Would you guys like to go to the mall tommorow? I know Virgil already has a dress but Logan and I need one. It could be a fun date!”

Logan smiled, “A date?” Patton awkwardly looked at the other two, “If you want it to be a date. It doesn’t have to be.” Virgil smiled, “I love you, a lot and I know relationships are hard but I would be willing to try one with you two. If you wanted that is.” Patton and Logan hugged Virgil, “Yes!” Patton squealed, “so it’s settled tommorow is our first date. Dress shopping. And build a bear!” Logan furrowed his brow, “Build a bear?” Virgil smiled, “Build a bear, the date is on the birth certificate so it will be a reminder of our first date. For better or worse we will have a fake furry child.” Patton pulled his two more than friends into a hug and smiled at the thought of calling these two dorks his boyfriends.


Virgil grumbled as he walked out into the living room and was met by Patton, who hugged him happily, “Ready for our date?” Virgil smiled, “Yes, I am. Where is Logan?” Logan walked out into the living room and smiled when he saw his two boys, “I’m right here. Are you guys ready?” Virgil smiled, “Hold on, I just have to grab my wallet, "Oh no, you are not.” Logan hugged Virgil, then Patton spoke up, ‘You are not paying. I have it covered, both of you.“ Logan and Virgil kissed Patton’s cheek, Virgil the left and Logan the right, Patton laughed and grabbed his boys hands and then the three of them were off into the car to the mall.

Patton was the first to find a dress he liked, it was a baby blue dress with a tiny blue bow and it was perfect.

Logan and Virgil were speechless and blushing like crazy when they saw Patton int eh dress so he likes to believe it was a good choice, they paid and went to the next department store for Logan. It took a bit of searching but Logan found a dark blue dress that was decorated with stars, it was loose and had an amazing flow to it and when Patton and Virgil saw it Logan figuratively see the words "gay panic” over their blushing faces, they paid and headed to Build a bear.

Patton, Virgil, and Logan looked over all the animals and then found one they all loved a smiley monkey.

They made the bear and then went looking around for some clothes. Logan picked out a simple blue shirt, Patton smiled as he dressed the monkey in a beautiful blue tutu skirt with sequins on the hem at the bottom, then for the finishing touch Virgil added a pair of blue sneakers. They all looked at it before Logan went and grabbed a pair of glasses, Patton grabbed a fairy flower crown, and then Virgil grabbed a heart that had two loops to make the monkey hold it. They one to the computer and then they decided to name it, “Pavilo.” It was the the first two letters of their names. They paid for the new friend and went home, They cuddled on the couch with their new friend and fell asleep in each others arms. Patton was laying down across Virgil and Logan’s legs as Logan had his arm around Virgil was had his hands wrapped around Pavilo.


Wednesday was a bit of a slow day, however it was still fun. The three boys baked cookies, did puzzled, and watched a bunch of movies. During Pixels, Logan had gone to get popcorn when Patton jumped on Virgil and kissed him passionately, Virgil kissed him back and smiled into the kiss. They pulled away and sat up again, Logan walked backed from the kitchen and sat in his spot between the two others. Virgil and Patton gave each other a look before Virgil kissed Logan, who kissed back immediately. Patton giggled as Logan kissed him, the three boys looked at each other, “ I love you.” Virgil stated kissing Patton and Logan’s hands, causing the other two to blush deeply and kiss his cheeks. “I love you too.” Logan spoke and then Patton hugged his guys, “I love you guys!” Logan, “The love is mutually. Would you two like to become romantic partners?” Patton and Virgil hugged the nerd, “Yes!” The new couple smiled at each other and cuddled closer.


On Thursday nothing happened other than Virgil giggling so much his cheeks hurt from smiling. Patton and Logan were having an argument about who could make Virgil blush the most, the mention of it alone made the emo blush brighter than a strawberry. Many kisses, cuddles, giggles, smiles, and “I love you” were heard and seen.


Virgil, Logan, and Patton fell more and more in love with each other everyday. Friday was a lazy day, nothing happened other than movie night and family dinner. That night Logan and Patton slept over in Virgil’s room, they were all cuddled in bed together and fell asleep happy.


Logan was busy with getting things ready for the dinner party, along with Patton. Virgil didn’t have a set job so he just bounced back and forth wherever he was needed. Every time Virgil would pop in to see Logan he would get up from his desk chair and kiss him deeply, making sure that Virgil felt loved and heard while he was working. The last thing that Logan wanted was for Virgil to get upset, so he made sure to always remind him that he was loved and heard. Every time Virgil would see Patton he would kiss all over his face and maybe give him a hickey, Patton made sure that everyone knew Virgil was off the market and he would murder anyone who tried anything with his emo. Logan began to also give Virgil hickeys, it became a competition; who could give the best hickeys. Virgil also gave some hickeys back. By the end of the day Virgil, Patton, and, Logan’s necks were covered in hickeys. Virgil would definitely have to put on makeup before anyone saw them.


Virgil shyly peeked down the hall way to see his two boyfriends waiting at the bottom of the steps awaiting for me, Virgil stepped out and walked down the stairs. Logan and Patton were speechless as the gorgeous man walked down the stairs in the most beautiful outfit ever seen.

The silence worried Virgil, “So what do you guys think?” Patton grabbed Virgil’s hand, “You look so beautiful.” Logan grabbed Virgil’s other arm, “Yes, you look quite amazing.” Patton smiled at Logan, “You sir, look amazing as well.” Logan smirked and kissed Patton, before pecking Virgil’s cheek and walked away. Patton smiled at Virgil and kissed him before grabbing his hands and walking the two into the crowd of the party. After a very successful party the sides were all off to bed, Logan’s room was their meeting spot tonight.

“I love you so much.” Virgil stated, he rolled and kissed Logan and then turned again and kissed Patton. Patton then leaned over Virgil and kissed Logan. The couple was snuggled closer, all having a small grip on Pavilo.

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It was normal for them been hanging out in the commons when they don’t have anything better to do, although Roman was acting weird for a few minutes now. He was changing his position a few times as he was sitting on the floor, with his elbows on the coffee table. Patton was sitting on the couch hugging a plush as he keeps looking at the TV, once in a while, he would look at Roman and look confused at him. He tried asking if was everything okay, where the creativity always answered yes.

The trait he was looking through, Logan was just sitting in his armchair reading a book, although for the past 10 minutes now he was looking directly at Roman’s eyes trying to understand what was happening with him? Maybe some type of disease? Or maybe Roman was just tired and needed to sleep? A lot of thoughts were passing by his mind.

Virgil for once was going down the stairs, yawning as he just woke up, with his phone up scrolling on Tumblr’s dashboard as he stops to look at the living room. A long and exaggerated sigh as he walks to sit next to Patton. “Ro you gotta stop doing that.” That was all he said as he kept scrolling on Tumblr.

“I’m not doing anything.” Roman answered in a frustrated sigh.

“Literally NOBODY knows what you’re doing.” Was all that Virgil could answer. “Also, you even said that doesn’t work! Why are you trying?!”

“Because I can!” The creative side was pouting as he crosses his arms over his chest.

Patton was confused by that, Logan was more confused as he nows doesn’t understand what Virgil and Roman were talking about.

“Uuuuugh… Ro, it’s L! He won’t understand that even if you try to explain!” Virgil was frustrated by that because the only side who would understand gay eyes was just Roman.

Roman kept pouting as he doesn’t meet Virgil’s eyes, just staying there in silence.

“For crying out loud… Logan, Roman is flirting with you, just go make out with him.” Virgil said straight, receiving a gasp from Roman who faces was more read than his sash, going all to his neck. And a puzzled look from Logan, but it didn’t take too much time for him to understand.

“Oh. I see. I shall do it then.” With that, the Logical side got up, picking Roman’s hand and so guiding him out of the living room.

“Geeez… I barely wake up and I have a headache already.” Virgil growled as he lays on the couch. Patton smiled gently. “Well, it seems you fixed the situation… How about I get you some tea and we can watch a movie?”

“Thanks, Pop Star.”

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I have decided that everyone else’s depiction of Virgil and Patton makes me happy,and I don’t mean UWU baby soft boy Virgil I mean like canon Virgil but minus the times he acts like everyone wrongs him 24/7,and I dislike Patton for the fact he reminds me so much of myself and I know that if I met Virgil irl we’d fight


I just scrolled through an account that drew moxiety a lot and I love it because it was so cute.

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A Private Understanding

Summary: Virgil knows that despite his best efforts, it’s only a matter of time until things go back to how they were. He doesn’t understand how it could work out any other way. 

TWs: past abuse, past gaslighting

Takes place before “Getting There”


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Romoxiety and Intruloceit soulmate au where you are given a notebook to communicate with your soulmates at 16. You cannot say your name, address, place of school/work, number, etc.

TW: Mentioned cutting, not eating (not by choice), if anything else needs to be tagged please tell me

Chapter is in Patton’s POV with mentioned Prinxiety. Pat has a convo with Ro with a very slight mention of Remus

Fonts/Colors for the chapter from Google Docs: Virgil’s- Pacifico purple last dot  Roman’s- Pinyon Script red 4th dot

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little do you know that I have a fic thats already completed but ive been hesitating on posting

Red and Blue

Pairing: moxiety

Words: 1632

Warnings: period, blood, cramps, some body negativity, food mentions. This features Trans!Patton having his period, so just be aware.

AN: I’ve never written for a trans character before. That’s one of the big reasons I was nervous to post this. I had a few of my trans and non-binary friends read through it to make sure I didn’t massively screw anything up, and they said it was good, but I’m still nervous. If I did something wrong, portrayed something incorrectly, or something else, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Anon asks are on, or you could send me a DM instead. I need to stop stalling, so here you go!

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Virgil paced the living room glancing at the clock repeatedly. 3:18 am. Where in the world is Patton? Patton had a job at the office where days had a tendency to run long and late. This happened to be one of those days. Virgil knew that these days happened from time to time. They occurred more often than desired but they happened nonetheless. While Patton worked at the office, Virgil stayed at their shared apartment to maintain order in the house.

    It always satisfied Patton to walk into his home that was so neat and clean after a long day of scattered papers and disorganization. That was one of the things Patton loved about Virgil. He was always so organized. He was satisfied yet again tonight as he trudged tiredly through the front door and into the living room where his boyfriend stopped his anxious pacing. When Virgil caught sight of his lover, he instantly ran over to him and engulfed him in a tight hug. It was one of the hugs he’d give whenever his anxiety would spike over his loved ones and was given relief that they’re alright. These hugs always said, “Thank God, you’re okay!” Patton hugged back almost as tight as Virgil was squeezing him.

    “Thank God,” Virgil started, “you’re alright. I was so worried about you. What happened?!” Patton looked down somewhat ashamed even though his lateness wasn’t entirely his fault. “You know how the office runs late sometimes,” he began, “it ran later than normal for some reason. I was working as fast and hard as I could so I could get back to you on time.” Virgil sighed and nodded. “Well, why didn’t you call?” he questioned. “I would have called or at least texted had my phone not died on my way to the car.” Virgil sighed again.

    He then started looking over at different parts of Patton’s body to make sure we wasn’t hurt. He moved his head around and scanned his arms while saying, “Are you sure that you’re not hurt?” Patton assured him again, “I told you, I’m fihihihne! Stop it!” Patton let out a small giggle as Virgil lifted his shirt to check for bruises and started prodding and lightly pinching at his belly and sides. “I just want to make sure you’re okay,” he replied. Patton kept giggling as Virgil continued his poking, “Nohohohohthihihihng’s hurhurhurhurhurting! Ihihiht’s juhuhuhst tihihihihhihicklihihihihihsh! STAHAHAHAP IHIHIHT!”

    At this moment, Virgil knew what he was doing because he swirled his finger in Patton’s bellybutton. Patton couldn’t help but squeak and squirm at his boyfriend’s antics and actions. Virgil finally pulled Patton’s shirt back down and hugged him again as Patton calmed down from his giggles. They pulled away from each other, and Virgil used his index finger and thumb to get Patton to look him in the eyes. He placed his hand on his cheek and confessed, “Just be careful, okay? You mean the world to me, and I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.” Patton kissed into Virgil’s palm. “I’m sorry, love. Had my phone not died, I would’ve called. I’ll make sure to keep a portable on me,” he apologized.

    Virgil pulled him into a hug again… before throwing Patton over his shoulder. While being tossed, Patton squealed, “Wait! What are you doing?!” Virgil gave a mischievous chuckle while replying, “You shouldn’t have let me worry so much. I think you should be punsihed for that.” Patton wriggled to get out of Virgil’s grasp, but his attempts were fruitless. Virgil carried him to their shared bedroom and threw Patton down onto the bed and straddled him.

    “Maybe you’ll think twice about using your phone till the battery died.” “Virgil, please, what are you going to do?” Patton asked nervously as Virgil held his hands down over his head. Virgil slowly lifted Patton’s shirt replying, “You brought this upon yourself…” “Wait! Virgil! We can talk about this! Please!” “Too late.” With that, Virgil scittered his fingers over Patton’s belly. “NOHOHOHOHO! VIRGIHIHIHIHIHIHIL! PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHASE!” Patton screamed. He tried to pull his hands down to protect himself, but the efforts were fruitless as well.

    “VIRGIHIHIHIHIHIHL! I’M SAHAHAHAHARRYHYHYHY!” “Dang right you are,” Virgil said as he smirked wickedly. “OKAHAHY! OKAY OKAY OKAHAHAHAHY! I’LL KEEHEEP A PORTABAHAHAHALE!” Patton cried. “Good,” Virgil stated simply and got off Patton. Patton tried to sit up but was quickly pushed back down by his lover only to receive a long, tingly and tickling raspberry to the bellybutton. All he could do was scream at the tickly vibrations on his belly.

    Virgil finally let up on his bubbly boyfriend to let him breathe. Patton didn’t even have the strength to try to sit up again, so he just laid there on the bed panting. Virgil leaned over his lover and placed a slow and passionate kiss on his soft lips. “I love you, babe. Be careful for me?” Virgil asked. “Of course, honey. I love you, too.” With that, they snuggled up together and fell into a deep and peaceful rest.

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