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it is HIGH TIME for me to reread cain and see if it still makes me feel the same. this is an especially good exercise for me since i’ve learned that opinions on things can and should, in fact, change — especially if you, like me, have a tendency to over-recommend something and then have to reconcile not liking it as much or it no longer being particularly worthy of that recommendation with a new mindset. that said i don’t think “The lord did not reply to this, but he looked very hard at cain and said, That mark on your forehead has grown bigger” will ever NOT hit.

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Vimeo is a popular video streaming website, just like YouTube, in which users can watch and share various videos. You may sometimes want to save Vimeo videos or audio that you find interesting to your computer.

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Comparing to some online Vimeo downloader and converter, using a standalone program such as FonePaw Screen Recorder to save video and audio from Vimeo is safer and smoother.

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fight: the american who accused me of voting for trump to get special privileges in the concentration camps vs. the icelander who implied i’m a bad person for flying domestically during a pandemic in my country where it’s allowed

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flying out of wellington airport this morning which does make the list of top 10 things i would rather not do 😙✌️

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