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Hey, I decided to actually do something with this blog, I have struggled with confidence and the fear of judgment for so long and I hate it. So here is what I hope to do.
I want to write and draw some NSFW/ Kink related things. (Also some not idk)
If you want to see something drop an ask and hopefully I’ll get back to you
Here is what I will do
-Mpreg (including TMpreg)
-Thicc (as in thick people, gotta love them thighs)
-monster (monster fucker)
-OC’S (I prefer not to do official characters)
Here is what I might do
-weight gain
-stuffing (not to extremes)
-Furry (purely based on how complicated)
Here is what I will NOT do
- anything illegal
- non-con (consensual non-consent is ok)
-real people
Please respect that I have the right to say no to anything
Anyway, hope to see you around :)
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mpregnmore · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I crawl on top of him while he's sleeping. I sit on his pelvis and wait for him to wake up. I have some news for him and I know this will be the best way to start our day. He finally awakes.
"Good morning handsome, I was waiting for you to wake up. I got something to tell you to make your day even better" I say and he tries to sit but he can't completely.
"All my mornings are good when I'm with you. Tell me how could my day get better after you woke me up like this?" He says and places his hand on my ass.
"Well, do you remember how big I was when I gave birth to our quadruplets 3 months ago? And do you remember I told you this belly was just the remaining of my pregnant belly because I was so big?".
"Yeah, you said it would go away but it hasn't, at all... why are you talking me about that?
"The belly won't go away, I just took a pregnancy test and it's positive. We're gonna be parents again in some months". I say and he smiles huge and it makes me smile too.
"No way... I can't believe it but you're really big already. How? Why?". He says and looks really excited.
"We'll have to find out with an ultrasound, you put 4 inside me last time so maybe there're more this time. I've been suspecting I was pregnant for over a month but I just needed to confirm so. What do you say?"
He doesn't answer but he moves so I'm on my back with him on top of me. He starts to kiss me up and down and take off my underwear. Next thing I know, he's fucking me like there's no tomorrow while my belly and my big milky pecs are bouncing rhythmically with his thrusts.
I think we're on our way to having a very large family and I can't wait for it.
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spiderfingerzzzzz · 4 hours ago
Imagine Mr. Baldwin wearing a t-shirt that read "I unwilling got pregnant even though I'm male and gave birth to over 100 babies, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"
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loveforpreserumsteve · 5 hours ago
As We Grow: "ALN" Story (Pre-Serum Omega!Steve and Alpha!Bucky Domestic AU)
One Hundred and Eight:
Steve was so proud that he almost forgot that he and Bucky were meant to give their own speeches. Hands shaking, Steve sat Bitsy in his seat and held Bucky's hand on the way up to the platform. Accepting the soothing squeezes all the way down the aisle until they reached the podium.
Still holding hands, Bucky kissed Oliver's forehead and said into his ear, "I love you. You did good, squirt."
Blushing, Oliver muttered, "Thanks."
Giving Oliver's shoulder a squeeze, Bucky moved to the microphone. As Steve slung his arm around Oliver's shoulders, Bucky joked, "I don't know how I'm going to follow that."
The audience laughed at that and Bucky smoothed out his paper. Giving their guests a classic smirk as he started, "Today, mine and Stevie's son, Oliver, is a young man.
"Which I guess makes my mate right," Bucky glanced over his shoulder to wink at Steve before finishing, "I'm old. I guess I can retire now, huh? Maybe even let Oliver take my place down at the shop."
Teasing, Bucky ruffled Oliver's hair and looked over to Winnie and George, "How does that sound mom and dad?"
Steve rolled his eyes and Winnie joked, "He can take my job!"
"Well, then," Bucky chuckled and asked, "How does that sound, Ollie?"
Unamused, Oliver shook his head and hid his face. Chuckling, Bucky said, "Alright, alright. I guess I can wait a couple more years."
As the audience stopped chuckling, Bucky started again, "Over the past thirteen years, I've had the honor of, not only watching Oliver grow, but growing with him."
Pulling another tissue from his pocket, Steve sniffled. Holding Oliver closer while tears fell down his cheeks. He was probably embarrassing the boy, but Steve couldn't help it.
"Guiding him the way that my parents had guided me and my sisters. Lucky enough to view the world through new eyes and experience all the firsts with him." Bucky sniffled and Steve passed him a tissue, earning an affectionate grin in return. "First smile, first steps, first fight. And while I probably could've done without that, I can't help but be proud of Oliver. He stands for what's right. He fights for what's right."
Wiping his tears, Bucky continued, "You're probably all thinking that, of course, I think that Oliver's great, I'm his dad. And while I do think that Ollie's just about the greatest kid, I'm not the only one.
"He's the best big brother that any kid could ask for -- just ask his siblings," from their seats, the little kids cheered and while Steve wished that they weren't standing on the bench, he couldn't help but adore how they celebrated their older brother.
"But he's also a good friend who has their backs no matter what," and on cue, the young teens cheered, thankfully, while sitting. Leaning closer to the microphone, Bucky pointedly gave an example, "Even covering for them when they break a picture frame because they were playing soccer in the house even though they know better than that."
Knowing exactly who he was talking about, Steve glanced over to see Tony seemingly trying to disappear in his seat. Howard beside him, gave his son a look.
"So, it's only natural for him to be a good son." Bucky's voice cracked and he cleared his throat, "And just like his papa, he'll be a good man, too."
Steve's breath hitched as he held back a sob and hugged Oliver to himself, kissing his forehead. All the while, Bucky finished, "We love you, Oliver. And we can't wait to see how you continue to grow."
Letting go of him, Steve encouraged Oliver to hug Bucky. Not that it took much convincing either way considering Oliver was already halfway to his dad anyway. Steve smiled as he watched the pair and wiped at his face.
Then, it was his turn.
Taking his place at the podium, Steve pulled out his notecards. Still feeling the emotion thick in his throat, he took a moment to try and clear it. Bucky must've felt something through the bond because he rubbed Steve's back in soothing circles. Only then was Steve able to start.
"I just want to start by reminding Oliver that your dad and I are so proud of you," fondly smiling at the thirteen year old, "Not just today, but every day."
Facing the front, Steve redirected his attention to his messy handwriting and the tearstained notecard. "Thirteen years ago, my life changed in ways I could never imagine. You made me a father. But more than that, you opened my heart.
"Because --" voice cracking, Steve took a moment to just breathe "-- because of you, I stopped self-sabotaging myself enough to, not only accept love, but to give it too. I guess that's just the effect that you have on people.
"You're smart and funny, and so caring that anyone would be lucky to know you," Steve honestly complimented. "Not just a great teammate, but an inspiring leader. Empowering everyone around you and being the best big brother that any kid could ask for."
Oliver clenched his jaw as though he was trying to stop himself from crying, and Steve reached out to affectionately caress along his jaw. Allowing himself this sweet moment before getting back to his speech.
"I remember back when it was just you and Finn, you would go to his nursery when he would cry in the middle of the night and assure him that there were no, 'monsers,' around and that he was safe." The older members awed at the story and Steve fondly remembered, "Then, you would sit in the rocker with me as I fed him and mark over his foot or kiss his forehead. Just letting him know that you were there. That you would protect him. Just as you would protect all of your siblings."
Knowing what came next, tears already prickled at the corner of his eyes, "And when we lost Flora, you weren't even old enough to fully understand, but you suggested that we bury her with her blanky so she wouldn't get scared. So she wouldn't be alone.
"Not just with your siblings though," Steve sniffled. "You protect anyone and everyone that needs it. The way you stand up for what's right makes me so unbelievably proud." Turning so he was facing Oliver instead of the crowd, but still speaking into the microphone, "You're a good boy, Ollie. A good man. And I'm so glad that I get to be your papa."
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so let me get this straight
the angel of death, who might be in love with death herself, had sexual relations with a samsung fridge, which resulted in him having a son. said son grew up to fall in love with a salmon (or a sea nymph depending on how you look at it) and had a trans fox son, who by the way, the salmon was not the one to give birth to. this relationship between the guy and the salmon (or nymph) was looked down upon, not because it was with a salmon, but because it was with a woman. but when his ghost later had relations with a male sheep it was fine. anyways, this fox kid got married to the guy who could very well be a god, only to be cheated on with a mushroom king. the god like guy also got pregnant and didn’t know who the father was. his caretaker is a sheep pirate and is dating a felon, for the record. there’s also a duck man who was in an abusive relationship with a ram president, when said president died, he got into a polyamorous relationship with a time traveler and a demon. the demons dad is also soulmates with a diamond block and is friends with a cat who’s boyfriend is a cake. next we have one of the richest players on the server, a creeper man, who’s dating a thief/doctor. oh right and i couldn’t forget about the two teenagers who got married, one of which is an anarchist enderman hybrid with memory issues, the other being an ex president war criminal goat boy, and adopted a zombie piglin son together. AM I MISSING ANYTHING???
what the fuck
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loveforpreserumsteve · 9 hours ago
As We Grow: "ALN" Story (Pre-Serum Omega!Steve and Alpha!Bucky Domestic AU)
One Hundred and Seven:
"Mr. Barnes," Rabbi Isaiah Bradley greeted Bucky first since he entered first. As the older man smiled down at the kids, he noticed Steve and greeted, "Mr. Barnes."
"Rabbi," Steve acknowledged, his voice still rough from the emotion.
Empathetically, Rabbi Bradley smiled at Steve before greeting more people. Steve exhaled deeply and followed Bucky for their seats. Thankfully, the other Barneses were there. George crying already along with Winnie. Of course, that was how they had been at each of their grandchildren's Torah readings.
But it did make Steve feel a little better to know that he wasn't the only emotional one.
Sitting down beside Tibby, Steve accepted a tissue from her and reached out for Bucky's hand when the alpha took a seat on his other side. Instantly, tears prickled at the corners of his eyes. Especially once the congregation started. Steve couldn't focus on a damn thing. All he could think about was how any minute now, Oliver would be called up to the bimah where he would then read the portion of the Torah he had been practicing for the past year. And then Oliver would be considered a man.
Rabbi Bradley looked over to their aisle where Oliver was standing from his seat, and so was Bucky. Sniffling, Bucky removed the prayer shawl from its bag. Unfolding the lightweight wool garment, Bucky draped it over Oliver's broadening shoulders. Making sure that it hung correcting with the metallic green and silver stripes facing outward, Bucky leaned in and kissed Oliver's forehead.
Steve pressed his lips together to keep them from quivering and to keep the sob contained as he watched Oliver head for the podium. He looked so grown up in his tan suit and green tie. Handsome just like his daddy and as tall as his papa already.
Returning to his seat, Bucky sniffled again and reached out for Steve's hand. Steve's breath caught as he tried to keep his sob from escaping. All he could do was squeeze his husband's hand and feel the pride, affection, and hope through the bond. And while Steve had picked up some Hebrew over the last thirteen years, he couldn't concentrate on any of it. All he could focus on was how confident Oliver was up there on the bimah as he melodically read the Torah.
"'Veshamarte et-hamitsvah ve'et-hachukim ve'et-hamishpatim asher anochi metsavecha hayom la'asotam,'" Oliver finished. Steve only knew that he was done because the thirteen year old glanced up Rabbi Bradley.
The older man nodded at Oliver before finishing with the haftarah, himself. While Rabbi Bradley did so, Oliver noticed his friends in the crowd and waved at them. Rolling his eyes, Steve sighed and hoped their older relatives understood that Oliver was still so much a boy. Beside him, however, Bucky disguised his chuckling with a cough, because he was still so much a boy, too; even in his mid-forties.
Climbing onto Steve's lap, Bitsy buried her face in his neck and complained, "Is it over, yet?"
"Shh," Steve quieted and sniffled before rubbing her back and reassured, "Almost, honey."
"I'm hungry," Kit declared while Oliver stepped down from the bimah holding the Torah.
"We'll eat soon," Bucky promised as he stood along with everyone else.
As was tradition, Oliver carried the Torah around as people touched it. Even Bucky reached out to touch it. However, Steve was afraid that Oliver would drop the Torah since it was so large. Thankfully, Oliver didn't, and he handed it back to Rabbi Bradley with nothing happening to it.
Returning to the podium, Oliver pulled a piece of folded notebook paper from his suit jacket pocket. Keeping his gaze on the paper as he smoothed it out instead of on the audience who were sitting once more.
Clearing his throat, Oliver started, "Thank you, everyone, for coming here to join my family and myself this morning to witness me becoming a man."
Steve gripped Bucky's hand tighter and exhaled in relief when Bucky brought their hands up to kiss the back of Steve's. Steve eased and when Oliver made eye contact with him, Steve made sure to smile. Silently reassuring their son that he could do this.
"For two years, I've been practicing and preparing myself for this day. Molding myself and carving out my place in our community. A community filled with the children and children's children of those who Moses led to the promised land.
"And while Moses never got to enter the promised land, he gave advice to those who would." Fidgeting, Oliver pushed his tousled brown hair away from his face, "Leaving them with a verse that had me mulling over it ever since I read it. Essentially, he told them, 'You shall do that which is right and good in the eyes of God.'"
Sniffling, Steve kissed Bitsy's head. Steve had been there every day of Oliver's life and was always fascinated with what was going on inside his head. But this was different. Although he was only thirteen, the way Oliver carried himself up there at the podium, was so mature that he seemed older.
"My whole life, my pops has been telling me that I'm a good boy and showing me how to stand up for what's right." Oliver's freckled cheeks reddened and he smiled over at Steve and Bucky. Looking back at his speech, he continued, "So, when I read that, I couldn't help but think over all the times where I tried to do just that. To do right and to be good.
"And I think that's what it means to be a man," Oliver stood a little taller. Completely sure of himself in that moment and, damn, Steve was so proud of him. Considering the pride flowing through the bond, he knew that he wasn't the only one.
Bucky squeezed Steve's hand while Oliver finished, "Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move. It's your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye and say, 'No, you move.'"
With that, Rhodey and Tony stood to give him a standing ovation. Which, admittedly, was well deserved as Steve and Bucky stood too. And soon, everyone was standing, applauding Oliver. And Steve was so damn proud.
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fanworksmostunusual · 10 hours ago
Chubby Preggers Dean
He is carrying twins and gaining a little more weight than expected. That's ok though, Castiel loves chubby Dean. He also loves feeling the babies kick.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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1deabril · 12 hours ago
i did doodle pregnant munkustrap LOL
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wingsxcrossroads · 13 hours ago
And baby makes three
@jerkxbitchx continued from here
As Sam opened the door, Dean felt his throat tighten up and his mouth go dry. Part of him wanted to hug the other close, and then punch him for leaving. The omega was on an emotional rollarcoaster due to his hormones from the pregnancy. He didn’t know whether to kiss Sam or yell at him for walking out. Dean remembered all too well how that night had gone down, the knock down drag out fight that Sam and John had had, and the aftermath of it. When Sam left Dean was made to clean up all the pieces. He earned a few lashings and that god he wasn’t far enough along for John to do any real damage. Of course nobody knew that Dean was pregnant at that point. He often wondered if things would have gone differently if they had. 
There’s panic on Dean’s face as he stands there in the hallway. His instincts finally kicked in and he went into hunter mode. “I need your help Sammy...I know that I said I wouldn’t bother you but Dad’s missing..he’s on a hunting trip and I haven’t heard from him in a few days..and..” He felt that all too familiar feeling at the back of his throat. Dean paused trying to will himself not to puke. Perhaps it was the nerves, or the eight and a half hour car ride, or just the baby deciding to get all riled up with Dean’s emotions. He’s quiet and takes a deep breath. 
That’s when he looked up and sees the blonde coming out of the bedroom. A cute little thing that was wearing pajamas and smelled like Sam. “Oh...I didn’t know I was interrupting something...” He didn’t know if he could hold back the urge to get sick. “..I need to use your now..” The omega didn’t give Sam much of a chance to say no as he pushed by him, as he did his jacket came off showing off the growing bump. Dean ran to the bathroom and shut the door. He could be heard getting sick. 
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executionersongmp3 · 13 hours ago
also extremely funny that cas would be wifified, pregnant, and having hallucinations.  are u telling me u don’t wanna see that combo
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thehappyfeminist-22 · 13 hours ago
Okay so I read an AOS Spirk mpreg fic a couple weeks ago and the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this pic was that Spock just delivered their baby and Jim is overcome with emotion. Someone hold me.
Tumblr media
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oshii · 14 hours ago
Sunset Sangria (wherein chloe feels dan's baby kicking for the first time) - lucifer, mpreg, implied douchifer, dan&chloe friendship, fluff
so, I've been on an mpreg!Dan kick lately - here's a cute little scene I just had to write. couldn't get it out of my head. especially since a.) I love chloe and dan as friends, but b.) I also fantasize about flashbacks of them early in their marriage, mostly of pregnant Chloe and new/impending dad Dan.
There's a whole plot stashed behind all of this - basically, Lucifer and Dan both end up knocked up, together, with dan's unborn twins. Yes, it's celestial weirdness/prophecy shit. Post-Charlotte. Let me know if y'all want to hear it!
“So,” Chloe began, lolling her head to look over at him with a sly, languorous little smirk. “You and Lucifer are having a baby together, huh?”
Dan huffed a little chuckle, returning her smile with one of his own. “I think we’re both having my babies. Amenadiel calls it sharing the wealth.” he replied, glancing down at the rounded swell of his belly, a blush creeping into his tanned cheeks. “But yeah, technically, I guess we are.”
The L.A. sunset was splendiferous, as always, warm and hazy orange, illuminating the horizon with golden-toned brilliance, and together they basked in the lingering heat of the day while they shared nonalcoholic sangria on Dan’s patio, lounging in chairs on colorful mosaic tile. The stone circle firepit was empty but clean, waiting to be used for a summer cookout (at least, that’s what it’d been built for initially – now it looked like an outdoor baby shower was on the horizon). Chloe’s bare painted toes were visible at the end of her chair, peeking out from sensible capris, and she looked down at Dan’s bare feet, wondering if they didn’t appear to be slightly swollen.
“So,” she repeated, unable to keep the intrigued mirth from her voice. “How are you feeling? Any nausea? Crazy cravings? Remember when I made you go out at 3 AM to get me taco mac from that place on Olvera?”
“Yeah,” Dan agreed, grin broadening, and he chuckled. “I remember that like it was yesterday. You’d wake me up at some godawful time of night, begging me to go get taco mac’n cheese or Hawaiian bread –”
“Or both.”
“Or both, and I would, even though I had to work at six, and I’d go out and get all the stuff you wanted and by the time I got back, you’d either fallen back asleep or decided the thought of carnitas was disgusting enough to make you barf.” They shared a little laugh over the memory, and Dan lifted a hand to rub his stomach in a self-conscious, absentminded sort of way. Chloe watched him do it, and the corners of her mouth and eyes softened, little creases smoothing into warm fondness and gentle curiosity. She observed the shape of her former lover’s body, oddly protuberant, and leapt off the precipice from which she’d been teetering, holding her breath.
“Can I feel it?”
Dan lifted his gaze to meet hers, blue eyes boring into bluer ones, and his smile softened as well. “Yeah.”
Wordlessly, she allowed him to reach out and take her hand and guide it to his belly, placing her palm flat against the rounded firmness of his once-taut abdomen. It was heavy, solid, and real – a baby growing within, stretching and reshaping, molding to fit its container – and beneath her fingers Chloe could feel the same fluttering ripples of movement she once felt inside herself, when she’d carried the child she and Dan had created together in her own womb. He’d once told her that he wished he could experience this – to feel life growing inside of him – and, now, his wish had been granted, morning sickness and sweatpants and all (she wasn’t too sure about the specifics, and even less sure she wanted to know all the details, so she’d just chalked the whole situation up to celestial weirdness and congratulated him after the initial shock had worn off).
“Oh, wow, Dan,” she breathed, expression transmuting to wonder, grinning. “You’re pregnant.”
He laughed out loud, still holding his hand atop hers, readjusting his own larger fingers on top. “Yeah, think so.”
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tag-an-oc · 15 hours ago
Which of your ocs knows indept Fnaf lore and will talk about it whenever and which one is the unwilling recipient of this imformation?
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loveforpreserumsteve · 17 hours ago
As We Grow: "ALN" Story (Pre-Serum Omega!Steve and Alpha!Bucky Domestic AU)
Tumblr media
One Hundred and Six:
Tumblr media
"Papa, look!" Cori called out while Steve zipped Bitsy's pastel pink floral satin dress. When Steve didn't immediately look over at the four year old, she repeated, louder, "Papa!"
"What, baby?" Steve finally looked over at her. With a large toothy grin stretching her lips, she twirled around. Amused with how the skirt of her mint green floral satin dress puffed up. Steve couldn't help but smile and humor her, "Oh my goodness, you're so silly!"
Giggling, Cori plopped down on the floor to play with Princess Butterfly while Steve moved on to help Nevie put on her lilac purple dress shoes that matched her floral satin dress. Buckling them for her even though she whined and complained that she was a big girl and could do it herself. However, Steve was in no mood to deal with attitude and one quirk of his eyebrow had her quieting.
From the living room, Bucky called out, "Are we ready to go?"
Since Bucky was in charge of the boys, Steve looked over the girls. They had gotten their hair cut and styled, so with Steve finishing with putting Bitsy's shoes on the correct feet, he confirmed, "We're ready!"
"Alright!" Bucky clapped and instructed, "Let's go!"
"Be good, PB," Nevie instructed the orange kitten who was trying to get the shoelace the girls were holding above her little body.
Standing, Steve's heart raced and his stomach twisted into knots. The girls were on their way out of the room, but Steve paused. Needing a minute as he tried to keep it together. Of course, not that his body cooperated considering the tears started building in the rim of his eyes.
"Papa?" Bitsy questioned, pausing in the hallway and glancing back at him with those precious steel-blue eyes.
Sniffling, Steve waved her on and said, "I just need to use the potty real quick." Then, remembering that he had three four year olds, he asked, "Do you have to go potty?"
Bitsy shook her head, and Steve nodded, assuring her, "I'll be there in just a minute."
"Okay," Bitsy accepted and raced through the house for the garage with PB chasing after them.
Meanwhile, Steve's breath hitched and his chest clenched, and the tears escaped the corners of his eyes. He had been holding them in for the better part of the morning. But he couldn't help it. His baby was about to be celebrated and considered a man. And that made Steve more than just a little emotional.
Sure, Oliver was only thirteen and he had plenty of time to still be a kid. But those years were going to fly by just like the first thirteen had. And Steve was woefully unprepared for that.
Taking a tissue from his pocket, Steve wiped his face and blew his nose. As he turned to throw it away, Bucky called out, "Stevie?"
"In here," Steve croaked and mentally face-palmed because not even his voice was cooperating today.
Leaning against the doorway, Bucky shared a small, knowing smile. Extending his arm towards Steve, Bucky held his hand out invitingly. It didn't take a lot of convincing as Steve laced his fingers with his mate's and walked hand-in-hand with him as they left for the garage.
Of course, when they entered the garage, Steve snapped out of his emotional state and went into his papa mode. Especially since at least one kid was crying, three were arguing, and Kit all the while was singing the wrong lyrics to a song that wasn't even playing on the radio.
"Well," Bucky wrapped his arm around Steve's shoulders. Teasing, "You were the one who wanted kids."
Playfully, Steve rolled his eyes and elbowed his ribs. While Bucky feigned pain, Steve mocked, "Didn't hear you complainin'."
"Hey," Bucky chuckled, "Anyone who did would be a stupid, stupid man."
Shaking his head, Steve walked around to the passenger side and climbed into the van. Bucky followed suit as he climbed in behind the steering wheel. Steve turned back to look at the kids and gained their attention by clapping his hands.
"This is what we're not going to do," Steve started. Nevie sniffled and wiped her eyes while Kit handed her blanky back to herself. Nodding, Steve continued, "We're going to be on our best behavior. We're not going to poke each other, or argue, or be loud. We're going to sit and listen because today is Oliver's big day and we want to respect him."
When none of the kids argued with him, Steve nodded to himself, said, "Good," then turned around to face the front. Giving Bucky the go ahead so the brunet could pull out of the garage.
Once on the street, Bucky held his hand palm-up for Steve. Predictably, Steve laced his fingers with Bucky's. Giving his alpha's hand a comforting squeeze, knowing that Bucky needed the comforter just as much as he did. And in return, Bucky squeezed Steve's hand right back.
Sooner than Steve wanted, they were pulling into Temple B'nai Jacob. Their older family members were there already and Steve plastered a smile on his face as he waved at some of the extended family members who waved at him.
Glancing over his shoulder, he told Oliver, "I don't want to see you give any attitude, understood?"
"Understood," Oliver sighed.
As Bucky put the van in park, Steve informed, "That includes sighing. And rolling your eyes."
Smiling back at the kids, Bucky added, "And you should probably be extra nice to the older relatives since they definitely gave you some real expensive gifts."
"Really?" Oliver perked, "How do you know?"
"Call it a hunch," Bucky smirked. When he caught Steve's eye, he winked, causing Steve to playfully roll his eyes.
"Now," Steve unbuckled and reminded, "I want everyone on their best behavior."
"Yup, the absolute best," Oliver mocked, sounding way too similar to Bucky in the moment as he climbed out of the van.
And, yup, I'm gonna cry, Steve internally mused, again.
As Steve pulled a tissue from his pocket, the rest of his family climbed out of the van. The older relatives of the extended family fawned over Oliver and Steve could see that he was trying his best to be the polite boy that he -- mostly -- was.
Sniffling, Steve climbed out of the passenger seat and accepted the hugs from the older women. Getting compliments for having such good looking and well-behaved kids. Steve just thanked them, but Bucky preened while letting the girls hold onto his fingers and twirl.
Losing track of time as more extended family members congratulated Oliver and Steve and Bucky. Only once more people arrived and most of the parking lot started filling up did they decide to head inside of the synagogue. Being cautious of the cars and their guests as Steve and Bucky held their children's hands as they headed for the entrance.
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jerkxbitchx · 17 hours ago
Dean stood nervously outside of Sam's apartment for what seemed like hours. He didn't know if he should even go in or not, but he needed Sam's help. That and there were some things that needed to be explained, so Dean finally takes a deep breath and goes up to his door and knocked on it. Normally he would just break in, but he didn't want to run the risk; not with the condition he was in.
As he waits for the alpha to open the door, his hand goes underneath his leather jacket and the layers of long sleeved shirt and t-shirt to his belly. Dean could feel his pup moving inside of him. "Shhh it's alright sweetheart. We'll make this quick.." Suddenly Dean felt queasy but he was trying to keep it together.
Sam had been at Stanford for a few now he had a roomate named Jessica who was his best friend and she’d had a bad night so he’d been sleeping in bed next to her when he heard the noise on his porch. Sam being a Alpha he had excellent hearing after all. Sam had come to stanford to go to school he left his dad and Dean. Dean was his brother an Omega who Sam was stupidly in love with so he left. 
Sam hears the knock and looks out the peep hole he’s shocked to see who the hell was on his door step. His brother of all people he opens the door in a hurry and looks at him. “What the hell are you doing here?” Sam asked him his dad had told him if he left to stay gone and he thought Dean had felt the same way. 
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beatles-slash-fiction · 17 hours ago
i think we've had a birth or birth-adjacent ficlet of every boi but john and legally i think it is required. legally.
John is vaguely aware that he’s probably swearing a little too much in a hospital setting.
“I’ll cut your fucking balls off, McCartney,” John hisses between contractions as he pulls Paul in by his shirt. “I swear to God I’ll cut your balls off if you ever touch me again.”
He doesn’t mean it of course, and Paul is being terribly wonderful about the whole thing. John is on so much gas and air that he feels delirious at this point, and he just needs to shout at someone.
But Paul holds his hand and pushes his hair back from his sweaty forehead, and whispers encouragement in his ear.
It seems to go on forever.
It isn’t until John hears the baby’s cries that he stops swearing, and he takes a moment to just listen.
It’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard.
“He’s so beautiful,” Paul whispers in John’s ear. “Just like you.”
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beatles-slash-fiction · 17 hours ago
Omg the military au! 🥺🥺 I need something cute after that... How about Paul just having given birth, and in hospital with Julian, John surprises him... ❤️ Great work 💜
Paul can’t stop looking at his son.
He’s so small, so perfect. And he has John’s eyes.
Julian is Paul’s tie to John. He’s a reminder that they still have a connection; they’re still a family even though they’re apart.
Paul spends the day of Julian’s birth just cuddling him and stroking his tiny cheek, and he’s so absorbed in his son that he almost doesn’t notice the man at the door.
It’s a dream. It’s got to be.
John is here.
“Sorry I couldn’t get here in time for the birth,” John says softly, his eyes fixed on the baby. “I tried-“
“John.” Paul reaches for him with one hand. “I can’t believe you made it.”
There are tears in his eyes. He’s imagined this moment so many times.
“I’m here,” John says softly, stepping forward to wrap his arms around Paul and the baby. “I love you. I love you both so much.”
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