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#mr darcy

im naming my future cat Achilles or Darcy or Apollo or Gandalf the Grey or Persephone thank you very much

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a pretty girl who is interested in me and I should like : I can’t wait to kiss you again

me: ☹️

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“My child is completely fine”

Your child danced only with Mrs. Hurst or with Miss Bingley even though gentlemen were scarce and more than one young lady was sitting down in want of a partner

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ivy by taylor swift is just lizzie bennet and mr. darcy and i stand by that

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Girl help you have bewitched me body and soul

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I can’t be the only one who sees it


The resemblance is uncanny. Two amazing fictional characters and even greater/handsomer actors.

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So I have a half-cooked theory about Mr. Wickham being the catalyst behind Lizzy and Darcy’s relationship… that without him they wouldn’t have gotten together.

If someone has already done this, please tell me, because I’d rather read it than write it…

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“There is, I believe, in every disposition a tendency to some particular evil—a natural defect, which not even the best education can overcome.”

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Is everyone playing a particular joke on me wtf is happening

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Yall I’m gonna make out with a girl today I’m so nervous

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