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#mr mistofolees
agnesmakesart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CATS But As A 2D Feature! - Rum Tum Tugger Character Design
I love the CATS musical and I think it could have made a pretty awesome animated movie so I’m reimagining the characters as such. Rum Tum Tugger was the first one I got drawing but of course, Mistofolees stole the show. We’ll be getting back to him!
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hoziemoons · 8 months ago
I keep having this image in my head of Robin, being the theater kid she is and also thinking it’s fun to annoy Steve, plays nothing but musicals at work, specifically Cats.
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Tumblr media
new drinking game- take a shot everytime you find something in a vetmed textbook that could have been the name of a character in Cats
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them-n-ms · 4 months ago
what they did to mr mistofolees in cats (2019) is a hate crime
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tarantula-hawk-wasp · 6 months ago
*says themistocles like I’m singing mr mistofolees*
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thepalatine · 6 months ago
I skimmed cats. I have questions
-Why is mr mistofolees not a super pro magician?
-why is mistofolees all uncertain and shit?
- why isn’t rum tug tugger in love with mistofolees?
-who is the guy who plays skimbleshanks ? He’s a really good dancer.
-why are their heads like that ?
-why doesn’t skimbleshanks have a jacket? It’s a good look. Mistofolees has a little jacket and he comes off looking waay better than most of the cats. Just from a visual pov. I’m still confused as to why he’s not all confident and badass.
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eliasbouchardslut · 8 months ago
have you seen the video of the magical mr mistofolees song from Cats (2019) but alex j newalls face is edited onto mr mistofolees?
have I seen WHAT
Tumblr media
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bottomsrightsactivist · 10 months ago
My biggest complaint with the Cats movie is still that Mr. Mistofolees is bad at his job for no reason. Also not enough homoeroticism. Much too straight of a film.
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batdyke · 12 months ago
yo me too, I had buried those memories. Do you have any pets?🌻
i do! i have a whole herd of pets actually. we have four dogs and two cats. bear (sometimes referred to as Dog Sothoth) is a blind shih tzu/dachshund mix, bella is an italian greyhound, and we're pretty sure mojo is part yorkie. my dog is buttercup and she's an australian shepherd!
and then there's tiger lily, who's an orange tabby, but we always call her The Girl or The Cat. and finally Mr Mistofolees, a little grey stray cat we found wandering around outside, who is only ever referred to as The Boy or The Criminal because he's super mischevious
random fact: when midsommar came out i saw it in theaters twice and the second time i saw it something went wrong and so in one of the goriest scenes in the movie, instead of having the actual audio, the audio for an ad for the live action lion king played. so everyone in the theater just had to sit there while one of the characters discovered a body to the song The Circle of Life
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spockoandjimjim · a year ago
Hey hazel fuck you
Old duteronomy is pan
Munkstrap is gay and trans
The rum tum tugger is bi and with mr mistofolees (who is gay)
Victoria is a lesbian but only just figuring it out
Jennyanydots is j chilling she has no time for this and she’s trans
The great rumpus cat transcends sexuality or gender
Skimbleshanks is gay and he’s got a lover in Scotland and that’s why he’s very eager for the night train to depart
The chorus cats are a lesbian polycule
Grizabella is a stone femme and trans
Macavity is bi
Gus is gay but he’s single and hasn’t dated in a while and is okay with that
Mungojerrie and Rumpleteezer are both bi and non-binary
Bustopher Jones is a class traitor gay
If you expect me to do the ensemble cats I will commit crimes
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anachronic-cobra · a year ago
The gravest sin Cats (2019) committed was not making Mr. Mistofolees gay and in love with Rum Tum Tugger like he clearly was in the stage production
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tarantula-hawk-wasp · a year ago
One man magical show by Julia Ecklar has the same energy and story as the 2019 movie version of magical mr mistofolees
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cutesiewooren · a year ago
say, mush was a business guy of sorts and blink was a YouTube person. the two lived in a ting apartment together with their two cats named mr mistofolees, and rum tum tugger ( nicknamed misto and tugger ) and say mush has to leave for a year for a business type thing that business people do bc i clearly know, and blink basically has to stay home and so basically long-distance blush?
Have we just accepted Blush were theatre kids? I’m down lmao. yo long-distance Blush bout to break my heart and I’m here for it. Set times for skype calls and those corny “Good morning beautiful” texts and the “Goodnight my love, I hope you sleep well” and just omg. Blink sending Mush constant photos of the cats and like,,,,, when that year is up, dragging Racetrack to the airport to hold the boombox whilst Blink’s awaiting in a suit (yo proposal at the air port cos “I couldn’t wait any longer”).... please take this idea away from me before I actually write it out
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domanon · a year ago
I finally saw the film Cats today. It was not as awful as I was expecting from reviews but I really don't like what they did to Mr Mistofolees for one
Also way too little gay. 
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notallbloodmages · a year ago
Mr. Mistofolees is the best Cat
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magicgoose123 · a year ago
sitting high in my parents living room listening to magical mr mistofolees and the most adorable girl scouts come to my door so i toddle over and open the door in my flannel nightgown and buy a box of toffee tastics a box of do si dos and a box of girl scout smores
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kazi-the-wonder-boo · a year ago
Also I'm honestly surprised that people are making Catsonas. I watched the original 1998 version religiously. I had my own Cat OC who was in love with Mr. Mistofolees. Misto himself turned out to be a cat descended from a familiar that Merlin summoned. I don't even remember my OC. Just that Misto got his powers from Merlin.
What the fuck me.
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cardboardwhale · a year ago
I saw Cats. It was amazing. And I feel like everyone is doing reactions so I'm obligated too as well, but I'll try to leave out the thing others have been posting.
So I only got to see the fixed version, but it was still the best thing I've witnessed on a large screen.
- The opening scene where our horny narrator crawls straight st the camera? Horrific. My compliments to the chef.
- When they tear Victoria out of the bag I dont think their hands ever actually touched the bag, or at least the rips were way too big for the actions they did
- I could not hear like any if the lyrics throughout the movie with the exception of the robber cats???
- Mr. Horny Narrator never got a name, but hes the one I wanted a song about. His actor went just so hard for this film
- Everyone is complaining about a lack of definition for "jellicle" I wanna know exactly what the FUCK a Gumby cat is??? Is Jenny Any Dot the only one? Is James Corden a Gumby cat????
- Mr. Horny did not like Jenny Any Dot and he wanted you to know it
- James Corden was indistinguishable from himself and I was terrified when he took of his jacket and vest but left on his shoes
- Judy Densch looked like she stumbled into the wrong set when they introduced her cat, just scared and confused
- Said "oh no, dont do that" when all the cats started rubbing themselves all over her
-this film feels like its begging you to heckle it, and it was so hard not to
- Watching Jennifer Hudson crawl away from the hissing cast on all fours was not something I expected to see. She looked like a human woman just slowly crawling away. No other cats did this the entire film.
- My brain shut off when Ian McKellen squatted down an meowed
- He was so excited to be in this film, honestly a 10/10 score from me
- HIS CATS NAME WAS ASPARAGUS. The beginning song mentioned that cats will state off for hours/days/years to discover their true name. And Ian McKellen sat down for however long TO NAME HIMSELF. ASPARAGUS. THATS HIS TRUE NAME.
- Shimbleshanks. He just burst through in an iconic outfit, just a topless look. An outfit aspiration. Overalls, a hat, and top shoes. My new fashion icon. Throwing the door open with the absolute gayest energy I've felt in cinema in a loooong time and I was there for it
- Listen, I have to mention naked Idris Elba. It was so shocking. There were children in my theater. Idris why
- Watching Mr. Mistofolees or whatever try to use his magic powers felt like Peter Pan telling me if I clapped loud enough Tink would come back to life. And at this point my brain was shattered enough I wanted to lead the theater in singing his catchy af theme song.
- The mice in Mistofolees' hat. One of them fell on the ground and the rest of the mice (VOICED BY CHILDREN) screamed "RUUUN!" That was the final nail in my last brain cell's coffin.
- He did a magic trick and I thought they said they fixed the hands, but his fur just melded right into human skin colored hands and I have never felt more afraid
- I thought Rebel Wilson would only unzip her skin once, which is a thought I never wanted to have, and I was WRONG
- When they made the Jellicle Choice and Victoira started prancing around and dancing in front of everyone even though she was not the choice I almost cried out "THIS ISNT ABOUT YOU. SIT DOWN"
- The last song Judy Densch looked directly at me and started a Catholic mass. I couldn't break eye contact and the horny narrator cat just kept getting hornier throughout the entire song
- The entire audience broke when the last scene of the movie was the Jellicle Choice just still flying off to the sun, just.....just still going....
Overall, this I give it a jellicle 10/10
Please see Cats.
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