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thebossofcute · a month ago
Every Mr. Weston, Ranked and Rated
Tumblr media
“Mr. Weston was a native of Highbury, and born of a respectable family, which for the last two or three generations had been rising into gentility and property. He had received a good education, but on succeeding early in life to a small independence, had become indisposed for any of the more homely pursuits in which his brothers were engaged; and had satisfied an active cheerful mind and social temper by entering into the militia of his country, then embodied.
“Captain Weston was a general favourite; and when the chances of his military life had introduced him to Miss Churchill, of a great Yorkshire family, and Miss Churchill fell in love with him, nobody was surprised except her brother and his wife, who had never seen him, and who were full of pride and importance, which the connection would offend….
“It was an unsuitable connection, and did not produce much happiness. Mrs. Weston ought to have found more in it, for she had a husband whose warm heart and sweet temper made him think everything due to her in return for the great goodness of being in love with him; but though she had one sort of spirit, she had not the best…They lived beyond their income… she did not cease to love her husband, but she wanted at once to be the wife of Captain Weston, and Miss Churchill of Enscombe.
“Captain Weston, who had been considered, especially by the Churchills, as making such an amazing match, was proved to have much the worst for the bargain; for when his wife died after a three years’ marriage, he was rather a poorer man than at first, and with a child to maintain…
“A complete change of life became desirable. He quitted the militia and engaged in trade. Having brothers already established in a good way in London, which afforded him a favourable opening. It was a concern which brought him just employment enough. He had still a small house in Highbury, where most of his leisure days were spent; and between useful occupation and the pleasures of society, the next eighteen or twenty years of his life passed cheerfully away. He had, by that time, realized and easy competence—enough to secure the purchase of a little estate adjoining Highbury, which he had always longed for—enough to marry a woman as portionless even as Miss Taylor, and to live according to the wishes of his own family and social disposition.” –Emma, Chapter 2
I’ve included such a large portion of quotation on Mr. Weston because there are details here that no adaptation has ever managed squeeze in, particularly his history in the military. It’s a shame because the entirety of Chapter 2 is devoted to exploring Mr. Weston’s history and relationship to the denizens of Highbury; that the purchase of Randalls and his marriage to Miss Taylor are long cherished aspirations that he’s only recently been able to realize.
Number 5: 1972
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: Raymond Adamson
Age at time of filming: 52
There are cases in these lists where it’s hard to rank because all of the interpretations are great, and there are cases where it’s just too easy to slap someone in the bottom spot. This is the latter.
I suppose all-in-all, this is an acceptable version of Mr. Weston, but it’s definitely the worst. My only real problem with it is the writing and direction. I’m a little baffled as to why they decided to write Mr. Weston quite so… rustic. Quite apart from the way he talks, there’s his general behavior on Box Hill (sleeping splayed out on the grass, laughing outright when Emma makes fun of Miss Bates), it’s all sort of verges on uncouth.
Rating: 2/5 Spare umbrellas
Number 4: 1996/97 (ITV)
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: James Hazeldine
Age at time of filming: 49
In this ranking list, number four is the “meh” spot and I’m afraid 1997 finds itself in this place on this particular round because that’s exactly how I feel about this interpretation of Mr. Weston. James Hazeldine does a fine job. He plays a perfectly acceptable Mr. Weston, who’s written in a perfectly acceptable manner.
And I’m afraid that’s this version’s greatest failing. I struggle to remember him at all. He’s just sort of there. My heart never pangs for him when Frank disappoints him. I never really consider what his life might have been like before the events of Emma, or that he even had a life before. He’s just Samantha Bond’s husband; not so much a character as he is a presence.
Rating: 3/5 Spare umbrellas
Number 3: 1996 (Miramax)
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: James Cosmo
Age at time of filming: 49
On the flipside of 1996, no one can accuse James Cosmo of not being memorable. As with Mrs. Weston, the top 3 Mr. Westons find themselves jockeying for the lead positions and this interpretation finds itself in the number three spot only because Robert Bathurst and Rupert Graves also exist in this role.
Mr. Weston, also like his wife, is a tough character to mess up (although the 1972 version proved that it was indeed possible). He’s been through some shit, but he’s got a happy disposition and he’s always moving forward through life, seldom looking back at anything (the one exception is his son.) Perhaps it’s because this interpretation embodies that so well, that my not thinking about Mr. Weston’s backstory doesn’t bother me so much with this version.
Mr. Weston is the soul of cheer and indiscriminate generosity and you don’t get much cheerier than 1996’s Mr. Weston.
Rating: 4/5 Spare umbrellas
Number 2: 2009
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: Robert Bathurst
Age at time of filming: 52
OMG, OMG GUYS ARE YOU SURPRISED? 2009 isn’t in the number 1 spot! WOW! You know I’m surprised myself, but we’ll talk more about that in the next section. Even though Robert Bathurst didn’t land the number one spot after all, it was a very close run thing, and the difference between number one and number two here is within a hair’s breadth.
This is a Mr. Weston who I can easily imagine as a young, well-liked, affable Captain in the local militia, (even though it’s never mentioned in this adaptation, which otherwise does a very good job of setting up all of the character’s stories by flashing back a bit to before the events of the main plot.) Here, at least, you get to see a bit of the real, hard life choices Mr. Weston had to make; the undercurrent of regret that sending Frank away meant he could hardly have a relationship with his son, and how the necessity of that separation pains him in his later life. His purchase of Randalls is the first step of his plan to have a happy and complete life after twenty-odd years of hard work (marrying Miss Taylor is the second).
My heart does pang for 2009’s Mr. Weston (as it’s clearly supposed to.) Where 1997 didn’t bother to stir me, and 1996 didn’t let me be stirred because it glossed over the ramifications of Mr. Weston’s choices as it glossed over everything else. 2009’s Mr. Weston is just as cheery and full as generous, but he’s also a bit worried about his son. He’s hurt when said son disappoints him, and it’s a deeply human treatment of what is really a very complex character.
Rating: 5/5 Spare umbrellas
Number 1: 2020
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: Rupert Graves
Age at time of filming: 56
With as glowing and full of praise as I am for Emma2009’s sensitivity, its emotion, its space and willingness to explore the depth of its characters, you very well might wonder why I didn’t put its interpretation of Mr. Weston in the top spot. Well I did, actually. But then I gave it a good, long think and realized that Robert Bathurst was no longer the Mr. Weston I imagined in my head when I read the book.
That’s right it is, now, in fact, Rupert Graves. Congratulations 2020! You did it! With one character, at least, you displaced 2009 in my mental cast of Emma. Rupert Graves does just as spiffing a job as Mr. Weston as Robert Bathurst does and with a lot less room to move around.
But in spite of the lack of time, I still feel that the subtext of concern is almost, if not equally well explored in the little screentime Mr. Weston is granted by the format. Rupert Graves is also easy to imagine as the Captain-turned-Tradesman and he’s delightful too. He’s so full of generosity, shouting over the din about how he’s sure they can house everyone at Randalls for the night during the Christmas Snow incident (I’m sure you could, too, Mr. Weston, your house is HUGE—but that’s for a different ranking list.) For once I’m giving a top spot, not primarily on the script’s treatment of the character but on the strength of the actor’s performance, because for me, walking away from my initial viewing, 2020’s Mr. Weston was just that impactful.
Rating: 5/5 Spare umbrellas
If you liked this, check out my rankings of Emma Woodhouse and Mrs. Weston
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consider: all of casper high knows danny's secret. not immediately, of course; it takes time, a series of small revelations that make up the big picture.
wes is the first, of course, and the loudest, because his true revelation will be not that danny is phantom but that danny is good and worthy of protection. them valerie puts it together after danielle opens her eyes to the possibility of halfas. dash figures it out once he stops being a jerk and pays more attention to fenton, sees all the things he admires in phantom in the boy he used to beat up. lancer sees danny walk into class with a bruise right where phantom had been hit ten minutes earlier and can't believe it took him this long to notice. paulina sees phantom talking to sam and tucker and puts two and two together. kwan can never put his finger on what, exactly, leads him to the truth, but he gets there all the same.
nothing changes, much. wes still tells people that danny is phantom, but everyone already knows and he knows that they all know. it's for show at this point, a chance to see how ridiculous he can make the truth sound. then, lancer starts keeping a cot in the back of his classroom and no one comments when danny passes out on it in the middle of class. dash sticks money in danny's locker. it feels weird, to pay danny, but he doesn't know what else to do to make up for everything. paulina makes the prom space themed, with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of the gym and a papier-mâché rocket in the corner. kwan sometimes helps danny when he's wounded (he asked his mother for first aid training, just in case). valerie sometimes sees a ghost in the middle of the night and texts danny to stay in because she's got this, he can sleep (it takes a few tries before he listens to her).
no one ever says it aloud, but everyone knows what they're doing
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queenofhearts7378 · a month ago
Constellations Ch. 3
Prev. Chapter - First
[2500 words guys. 2500 words of just getting him to school. Also the only one about to be more miserable than Wes. I wonder what new rumors and conspiracy theories will spring up from this new information :^) ]
"Man, when was the last time we walked to school together?” Tucker asked as he came jogging across his lawn. Danny gave him a grin.
Draco shot him a look, "You don't usually walk to school?"
"Did you want to take the school bus?"
Draco winced, recalling the one and only time he had ridden the Night Bus. If muggle buses were even half as bad as that….well, he could appreciate Danny forcing him to walk instead.
“Wait!” Tucker skidded to a stop, “Is that your long lost wizard twin?"
Said long lost wizard twin made a distressed noise as he grabbed Danny's shoulder, "You told him about magic?!" He hissed.
"Uh, yeah?" He said, looking completely unconcerned about breaking one of the most important wizarding laws ever. “I tell my friends everything - stop making that face at me!"
Draco didn't let up his sneer, "Did it ever occur to you what would happen if my parents found out?!"
"That's why I never mentioned it."
Draco made another distressed noise, "You are the reason my hair is going white. Mother and Father are never to find out about this."
"Well duh?"
Tucker kept a few steps back, eyes narrowed dangerously. "You aren't about to explode my tech are you? I heard what Danny went through."
Draco rolled his eyes. "Are all muggles this concerned about their 'techology'? What use does it even provide?"
"Oh no." Danny muttered.
Tucker gaped at Draco, "What use-"
He was suddenly in Draco's personal bubble, and Draco had to swallow down the urge to shove his wand in his throat. As it was, he couldn't stop the hiss coming from between his teeth.
“I will show you the true wonders of technology you poor depraved soul.” Tucker whispered.
“Danny make him stop.”
His absolute traitor of a twin brother just laughed at them and raced ahead. Tucker gave him a maniacal grin and pulled no less than four different electronics. “I will teach you everything I know!”
“Danny!” Draco screeched as he raced after him. “Don’t leave me with him!”
"I will have you using a cell phone by the end of the week! You can't hide from me!"
The three of them raced down the street till they came to Sam's house, who gave them an unimpressed look when they stumbled to stop.
"This is what it takes to get you to go jogging?"
Danny gave her a big grin while Tucker wheezed next to him. Draco took a moment to catch his breath and examine Danny’s other friend.
Sam just looked over him, an unimpressed look on her face, before asking Danny “You’re actually going to take him to school?”
“Uh yeah?”
Sam grinned darkly, "You are about to throw a rich snob into a small town public school for the first time in his life. There is no way in hell I am going to miss this."
Danny looked like he was having second thoughts and Draco elbowed him. He was already out in public in muggle clothing and his hair a disaster, no reason to turn back now.
"Your name means almost nothing here." Sam stated. "The Fentons are the town joke, and Danny resides at the bottom of the teen social ladder. The kind of special treatment you're used to in magic land, you won't get here."
Draco grit his teeth, "I am already aware of that, thank you."
She looked at him for a few moments, "Not yet you aren't."
She linked arms with Tucker and pulled him towards the school, effectively ending the debate Draco was about to start with her. Danny sighed, "Yeah, yeah I should have expected this. C'mon, I gotta talk to Lancer and Ishiyama about you shadowing me for the rest of the week."
“What exactly am I supposed to do at a muggle school?” Draco asked.
Danny just shrugged, “Same as us I guess. A lot of nothing. Though I guess it’s one way to learn about non magical people in a safe environment.”
“You threatened to throw me in a dumpster.”
“I told you someone else would throw you in the dumpster. It’s not so bad actually.”
Draco made a disgusted noise.
"Oh look, we're at school!" Danny scrunched his nose, "Ugh, never thought I'd sound so thrilled about that. Anyways, we need to stop at the principal's office and see if it's okay for you to shadow me for the rest of the year. It's only like, for two weeks and we're not doing any actual work so it should be fine. But we still have to get permission."
As Danny talked, he dragged Draco towards a brick building that seemed to have various holes in the wall. Draco wrinkled his nose, expecting something run down and mediocre as it was a muggle public school. But the holes did not endear him to the structural integrity of the building.
There were a bunch of students already loitering outside the school, and heads and whispers followed the pair as Danny pulled him up the stairs and through the doors.
Draco was rather used to the attention that came from being a Malfoy, both good and bad. But this attention seemed so much more….unsettling in the wake of his brother. Maybe it was the cruel smirk on a girl's face as she leaned to whisper in the ear of her blonde friend. Or the way a couple of broad shouldered boys elbowed each other and snickered.
They wouldn't be doing this if they knew he was a Malfoy.
'But you're not a Malfoy right now, are you?' Said an annoying voice in his head that sounded vaguely like Manson.
He told the annoying voice to stuff it.
"Hi Principal Ishiyama!" Danny grinned as he poked his head in the door.
The principal sighed wearily, already reaching for a pen, "Detention again Mr. Fenton? School hasn't even started for today, this might be a record."
Draco shot him a look and Danny flushed, "Uh, no. Not this time. I actually had a question."
She raised an eyebrow, "A nice change of pace. Very well, what's on your mind?"
Danny walked into the office with Draco following him. Looking around, Draco noticed that the office had none of Dumbledore's odd extravagance of his own office. There were filing cabinets and bookshelves filled with binders and books. She had a few muggle objects on her desk along with sentimental photos. There were two comfortable looking chairs in front of her desk and a plant in the windowsill. It was all very...normal.
He was expecting something more rundown and poor. Especially considering how the outside looked.
"Who is this?"
"This is my twin brother, Draco."
Principal Ishiyama blanched, "There are more of you?"
"I cannot believe I am going to get kicked out and I haven't even been allowed in yet." Draco muttered.
Danny stepped on his foot. "From my bio family. We recently found each other last summer and we've been getting to know each other. I was wondering if it would be okay for him to shadow me for the rest of the year? He kinda came earlier than we were expecting and he usually goes to boarding school in Scotland and I didn't want to leave him at home all day cause….you know."
Principal Ishiyama winced, "Yes I'm well aware. I suppose it would be fine. Your parents know where he is?"
"I called them before leaving. You can double check-"
"No no no, that's fine!" Principal Ishiyama interrupted. "I just need him to sign some safety waivers, and make sure you show him all the proper protocols. Does he have health insurance?"
"What is 'insurance'?"
"Yes!" Danny said loudly, stepping on Draco’s foot again. "Don't worry about being sued, we're taking care of him."
Draco shot him an incredulous look as the principal pulled some papers out of her folder and handed them over.
"Normally I'd have the parents sign it in person, but I suppose you can bring it back tomorrow. No need to call them in right now, I heard they're working."
Danny grinned, "Yeah, somewhere by the docks. But I mean it wouldn't take long for them to get here with Dad driving-"
"We don't need more property damage at the moment, Mr. Fenton. Just get the papers back to me in the morning." She waved them out of the office. "And do try to keep up this streak of arriving on time."
"I'll do my best Principal Ishiyama." Danny said as he dragged Draco back out of the office.
"I have questions." Draco stated.
"I might have answers."
"What is insurance? And why would I need it for my health? And safety protocols?"
Danny stared at him. "Dude, I told you about the ghosts. I spent all year writing to you about different attacks. You should be aware of the ghosts by now."
"I didn't think you were serious about that. Ghosts aren't dangerous."
"Oh Ancients my brother is a dingus." Danny groaned into his hands. "Look, you won't believe me until you see for yourself-"
"But ghosts-"
"SO! Just….whenever the ghost alarm goes off do whatever everyone else is doing. Actually, never mind, I'll have Sam watch you."
"I don't need to be watched-"
"Are you being purposefully antagonistic right now?"
"Ooooh, Danny’s using big words now." Sam drawled, "Everything all set up?"
Tucker threw his arm over Draco’s shoulders, ignoring the way he was trying to squirm away, "Okay so this is a cell phone."
Danny held up the papers, "Just got to sign some waivers. We're gonna be twin peas in a pod for the rest of school."
"Oh joy. Now there's two Fentons for Dash to bully."
"I feel bad for anyone who tries to bully Drake."
Draco glared at Tucker. "Remove your arm before I remove it for you."
Tucker hastily pulled his arm back, "And this is a PDA, her name is Marie the 3rd. And this-"
Sam smirked, "I'll be sure to record all future interactions. Come on, we gotta get to homeroom."
Draco walked next to Danny, looking thoroughly annoyed with Tucker's impromptu technology lesson.
Mr. Lancer raised an eyebrow when he saw the tag-a-long to Danny’s usual trio. "Mr. Fenton?"
"This is my brother Draco, he's shadowing me for the rest of school."
"The Crucible!" He exclaimed, dropping his pen, "There's more of you?"
Sam cackled next to him.
Draco sighed wearily. "Are all your professors going to have the same reaction? I'm beginning to regret this."
"Ah, my apologies Mr. Fenton, and….Mr. Fenton."
"It's Malfoy, actually. I'm not a Fenton."
"Mom and Dad say otherwise."
Mr. Lancer looked distressed, "Please take your seats, both of you."
Danny grinned and pulled Draco, who was getting rather annoyed with being dragged everywhere, to some desks in the back of the room.
Draco made a face as he sat down, not enjoying the cheap plastic….everything the classroom seemed to be made of. He was used to the sturdy, solid wood desks from Hogwarts. Or the ornate, carefully crafted desks from home with protective runes etched in decorative patterns to keep the desk from breaking.
Draco's face twisted in a grimace, "Are these desks….sweating?" The entire thing squeaked as he shifted to put his hands in his lap.
Sam snorted, "Pretty much. Hot and humid weather, mixed with cheap (recycled mind you)* wood and sketchy air conditioners equals sweating desks. You get used to it."
"Merlin, help me."
While Draco sat there pitying himself and the idea of sitting at sweating desks for the next two weeks, the rest of the class slowly trickled in, causing the noise level to rise as everyone around started whispering about the new kid sitting with Fenton.
Paulina discreetly checked out the new kid sitting behind her in her compact mirror. "This is a horrible time for a new student to join school. I don't have any time to win him over with my amazing personality and leave him trailing after me in the vain hope of catching my attention."
She reapplied her lip gloss before snapping the mirror shut.
Star hummed in agreement, "Yeah, but do you really want him to? I mean he's cute but he looks pretty friendly with Freaky Fenton."
"Yeah, but Manson looks like she's taking pleasure in his suffering in lieu of knocking his lights out. Anyone that could get under her skin is good in my books."
"Doesn't she usually look like that though?"
Kwan leaned across the aisle, "Hey, does anyone else think new guy and Fenton look kinda alike?"
"Kwan what fuck." Dash scoffed, "They look nothing alike! Fentonoski looks as geeky as normal and new guy looks like a prep school reject."
The tardy bell rang. Which, didn't really matter to the students as they were all in there and didn't affect the noise level at all. Mr. Lancer standing up to call roll did shut them up for the moment though. Partly because he tended to give extra homework to students messing around during class, but mostly because they wanted to know who the new guy was sitting and chatting next to Danny Fenton of all people.
Whispers started back up again, and Mr. Lancer sighed, but continued on. They weren't hindering roll call and sometimes it was just easier to let them get it out of their systems before class actually started.
"Here." Wes growled, eyes on the new kid sitting next to Fenton.
"Please face the front instead of staring at your classmates two rows behind you Mr. Weston."
Snickers erupted around the classroom and Danny winked at a flushed Wes, who saw it just before he turned, leaving Wes fuming in his seat. He didn't know who the new guy was sitting next to Fenton, but it was clearly Fenton once again trying to make his life miserable. He just had to figure out how.
Mr. Lancer sighed. "As you may have noticed, we have a new face here with us. Mr. Draco Malfoy will be shadowing Mr. Fenton for the remainder of the school year."
"Okay, but why?" Mikey asked.
"Draco is Danny’s long lost twin brother from England he met last summer." Sam drawled.
There was a snapping noise and heads whipped around to see Wes clutching a broken pen and looking like he was about to cry in frustration. "There is another one of you?" He said in horror. Blue ink dripped from the broken pen in his hand.
Mr. Lancer pinched the bridge of his nose, "Mr. Weston please go to the bathroom and clean yourself up."
Wes stiffly got out of his desk and ghosted (heh) out of the classroom, still clutching the broken pen in a death grip.
Draco closed his eyes, already completely done with muggle school. "If that continues to be the reaction to me being your brother, I think I will take my chances with your parents."
Star turned in her seat to give him a pitying look, "Oh you really haven't been in Amity that long, have you?"
*(Virco school desk chairs, which I had through most of school, do in fact seem to sweat when the weather gets all wonky. And they are made from recycled, fortified wood. Look up a picture and tell me if you had these same desks, I wanna see who else experienced sweating desks in public school :P. Tag list below the cut.)
Also Draco is wearing a white button up and black slacks because he is still a snob and refuses to wear casual cloths.
Tag list, as requested in the notes: @ladylynse (okay you didn't ask to get tagged but this all started because of you and your anons so....)
@burningprincesssuit @raisa3ibex @random-shit-writing @home-of-renn @who-needs-braincells @connisk
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50shades-of-bughead · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wooh!! This is probably the hardest commission I've done so far.
Requested by @raymondebidochonlifechoices !! They said they were inspired by my SoS sexuality cards - which, for me, was so touching it made emotional - and wanted me to make playing cards on Jughead, Betty, Donna, Bret, and Mr Chipping!!
Long story short: I made these, although not without having some complications😅😅
My drawings come out depending on what I feel or what my mind is into, and since last week, it's been focused on romance and comedy when I wanted angst and horror, so that did not help with the process, I had to go back and forth different sketches and canvases (Even listening to songs of The Score didn't help me get in the mood)😩😩 But even so, I tried, and those cards above are the result!!
I wanted to add more details in there but it wasn't working, so I just left some out. Can you spot the ones I did put in👀👀?? How many??
Also, thank you Mel?? for this awesome as fuck request that helped me with my blood study!! Working on them was such a blast!!
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scarlette-foxx · 6 months ago
Danny Phantom side characters week! From @lexxosaurus. This has been such a cool week~
Sunday- Mr. Lancer, "Reflection"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Monday- Sam, "Happiness"
Tumblr media
Tuesday- Wes, "Denial"
Tumblr media
Wednesday- Clockwork, "Origin"
Tumblr media
Thursday- Jazz, "Hospital"
Tumblr media
Friday- Aunt Alicia, "Family"
Tumblr media
Saturday- Valerie, "Hero"
Tumblr media
I've consumed so much dp this week and I may be going slightly crazy >_<'
Still glad I managed to participate in every single day. Now time to get ready for invisobang probably :T
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askthejaneaustenheroes · 26 days ago
George Knightley: *kind to Jane Fairfax because he is understanding/suspects of her feelings for Frank Churchill and knows how it is being in love with someone that doesn't Get It*
Mrs Weston: *half-seriously* you know, they would make a good couple.
Emma Woodhouse: *horrified* What! How could you say that! Just think of the poor children! Think how much seeing her uncle married could upset little Emma!
Mrs Weston: *hiding a little smile* clearly, since it does upset big Emma.
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fureliselost · 6 months ago
I keep seeing stuff and this stuff keeps giving me ideas, so.... Here it is, IG.
Based off this post. by @ladylynse​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thebossofcute · a month ago
Every Mrs. Weston Ranked and Rated
Tumblr media
“[Emma’s] mother had died too long ago for her to have more than an indistinct remembrance of her caresses, and her place had been supplied by an excellent woman as governess, who had fallen little short of a mother in affection.
“Sixteen years had Miss Taylor been in Mr. Woodhouse’s family, less as a governess than a friend, very fond of both daughters, but particularly of Emma. Between them it was more the intimacy of sisters. Even before Miss Taylor had ceased to hold the nominal office of governess, the mildness of her temper had hardly allowed her to impose any restraint; and the shadow of authority being now long passed away, they had been living together as friend and friend very mutually attached, and Emma doing just what she liked; highly esteeming Miss Taylor’s judgement, but directed chiefly by her own.” –Emma, Chapter 1
Number 5: 1996 (Miramax)
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: Greta Scacchi
Age at time of filming: 32
Every one of the actresses who’ve played Mrs. Weston have done an excellent job, and, really she’s a hard character to mess up, so she’s usually also written very well; which makes this exercise frustratingly difficult.
Douglas McGrath’s 1996 interpretation, portrayed by Greta Scacchi, finds herself in the bottom spot, largely because (again, 1996 being a soft-take), while this version does a great job of showing what close friends Emma and Miss Taylor were, it really fails to convey her failings as a governess in any meaningful way… or any way whatsoever. In fact it sort of basks in Emma and Mrs. Weston’s friendship, with them playfully tag-teaming a game of “Let’s Tease Mr. Knightley”. Not only that, but given how childishly Emma is written in this version, you get to see how this Anne Taylor might have handled her as a child, and to be honest she’s a little too good of a guide. You can’t quite believe that “her mildness of temper” ever prevented her from “imposing restraint” in Emma. It kind of negates half of the point of her in regards to how she informed (or failed to) Emma’s character.
Rating: 3/5 Inadvisable Wedding Cakes
Number 4: 1972
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: Ellen Dryden
Age at time of filming: 34
There’s not a whole lot that’s good about the BBC’s 1972 mini-series of Emma, but Ellen Dryden as Mrs. Weston is one of them. While her performance falls in line with the generally on-cue style acting of the adaptation as a whole, she’s such a likeable presence that I was very willing to forgive it. She was a pleasant surprise; a Helga Hufflepuff-like figure with a cheery smile (and some really fab dresses), she even gets a few digs in at Frank, much like Mrs. Weston of the book. (really disappointed they left out the silversmith quip though.)
The only problem (aside from the on-cue acting) is, much like 1996, Denis Constanduros’s screenplay fails to adequately convey her short-comings as an authority figure, which are so important to understanding Emma’s character arc. She finds herself sitting just above Greta Scacchi, perhaps because she stood out so much and exceeded my expectations.
Rating: 3/5 Inadvisable Wedding Cakes
Number 3: 1996/97 (ITV)
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: Samantha Bond
Age at time of filming: 30
We’re entering into the big leagues now, with Samantha Bond, the youngest Mrs. Weston on record. Here is a Mrs. Weston who looks just perfect gabbing with Emma. While, like with 4 and 5, this adaptation runs a little soft on Mrs. Weston in text, Samantha Bond’s youth and performance both make her bond with Emma make a lot of sense, while also helping the viewer understand how having a best friend for an authority figure got Emma where she is.
That and Samantha Bond is just great, and we love her.
Rating: 4/5 Inadvisable Wedding Cakes
Number 2: 2020
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: Gemma Whelan
Age at time of filming: 38
What can I say? Gemma Whelan was maybe a shade older than I’d expect for Mrs. Weston but she’s just so damn delightful. The Westons are some of the few characters that, in my opinion, the 2020 version gets absolutely bang on. Not only is Gemma Whelan a treasure in the role, but the screenplay does right by the character. The opening scene doesn’t just show you the bond between Emma and Miss Taylor, it’s a touching, lovingly shot scene that makes you feel it too.
Really the only drawback to this interpretation is that there’s so little time in the two hours allotted to let her stretch her legs.
Rating: 4 ½ /5 Inadvisable Wedding Cakes
Number 1: 2009
Tumblr media
Portrayed by: Johdi May
Age at time of filming: 34
Once again surprising no one (I do hope this doesn’t become a running joke in this series, but I’m not optimistic), my number one interpretation of Mrs. Weston is 2009, portrayed by Johdi May. Once again, y’all know I love Johdi May, but no, that is not the only reason 2009 sits at the top of this list.
In fact, the biggest reason she’s my number one is to do with the writing. This is the only case in which the adaptation has the time and insight to show all of the aspects of Mrs. Weston’s character that make her an instrumental part of Emma’s story. I’ve already gushed about this in my review of this adaptation, but I just love how well-rounded this interpretation is. Not only do they not gloss over Mrs. Weston’s short-comings, they actual show you, in the first episode exactly what her dynamic with Emma was like when she was supposed to be an authority figure (and how she let Emma’s failings slide.)
Rating: 5/5 Inadvisable Wedding Cakes
If you liked this, check out my rankings of Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Weston
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echoghost1 · 4 months ago
Spirit Versus Spunk
Word Count: 880
For: @amar-art
Summary: Mr. Lancer isn't sure how he's supposed to be reacting to what he's seeing, but seeing as he's the adult here, he better make up his mind.
You can read it on AO3 or down below the cut!
The two boys just glared at each other as they held their ground on the blacktop.
Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be all that impressive. Of course, right now it was anything but normal. It was abnormal in every possible way.
The first was who was involved in the staring match.
Wesley Weston, who while excitable, wasn’t usually involved in any conflicts, as he was able to get his teen aggression out via his involvement in sports. He did quite well on the basketball team, at least from what Mr. Lancer had seen in the few games he had been able to attend this year.
His opponent of wills was Daniel Fenton. Danny wasn’t exactly popular among the students or most of the faculty either, what with his tardies, and his ill-timed naps in the middle of his lessons, but he wasn’t a very confrontational boy either. If he wasn’t busy being ignored, he was getting picked on. He usually wasn’t the instigator, but he did have a nasty habit of letting his mouth get him in trouble by provoking the bigger and easily angered.
Neither boy usually had any reason to talk to each other in most situations, but today was different. Apparently.
Mr. Lancer just sipped his tea from his thermos and wondered if he needed to get involved or if he should just leave the boys be.
The second oddity was that they appeared to be having a disagreement about a ghost?
There was a green blob-like ghost, about the size of a small watermelon, being held protectively in the arms of the young Fenton.
That made three strange things.
Lancer had been pretty sure that Daniel was afraid of ghosts. Seeing as he always managed to slip away and hide whenever one showed up.
“The damn thing ate my basketball!”
Lancer was equally impressed with the small ghost for being able to fit such a large ball inside itself, as he was confused as to why it would want to do so in the first place.
Also, he really should reprimand the boy for swearing on school property.
But that meant getting involved.
Lancer just took another sip of his drink instead.
“Make it give it back! I know you can do it!” Wesley yelled as he pointed an accusatory finger at said blob.
Danny turned slightly at the waist as if he was trying to get the ghost more protection from Wes’s verbal assault. Which given how scrawny and how much shorter he was it wasn’t much of a protective stance as it was a pathetic one, “Can not! There’s nothing I can do about your stupid ball! It’s up to Winston whether he gives it back or not. I’m not going to force him.”
“Bullshit! Just reach in and pull it out before it melts, you jerk!”
Danny gasped, “With my bare hands? Just because my parents run around with ectoplasmic-proof gloves doesn't mean I carry a pair on me all the time!”
Wes sputtered in annoyance, “What?! Just turn into Phantom!”
“I don’t know why you keep insisting that I’m a ghost. I’m clearly alive.” Danny turned the blob, Winston, in his arms to face him and looked into his large bulbous eyes, “Isn’t that right, buddy?”
Winston chirped, or purred maybe, in agreement. Whatever noise it made it made all the remaining hairs on Lancer’s body stand on end.
Wes looked equally unnerved by the noise, but Danny actually looked amused. Or endeared? Like how a pet owner looks at their pet when it makes a cute noise.
Was Danny keeping that thing as a pet? Given the name maybe he was? Should he tell the boy’s parents about this? They surely wouldn’t like that one bit. Then again, maybe he should just leave well enough alone.
Wes said aloud exactly what Mr. Lancer had been guilty of thinking, “You are so weird.”
There was a crash on just the other side of the building and Lancer glanced back into the doorway to make sure it wasn’t getting any closer.
He supposed that made this, four odd things.
The boys were arguing over a seemingly harmless ghost in the middle of a ghost attack evacuation.
Lancer took another drink of his tea. This had to be one of the first times he had actually been able to keep an eye on Danny during one of these situations.
He could just make out the distinctive jet engines of the Red Huntress’s hover-sled over the din of ecto-gunfire.
Mr. Lancer did a quick headcount of his class and found that Valerie Gray was missing today. Well if it wasn’t one it was the other, it seemed.
One of these days he’d like to keep the whole class together for one whole period. Was that too much to ask?
The boys were starting to amass too much attention and a crowd was forming. Lancer set down his thermos on the cement stoop and walked towards the semi-circle of students, ready to break up the fight before it escalated any further.
You would think that living in this town would make them more avoidant to violence, but maybe it had just desensitized them instead.
At least video games couldn’t be blamed. Lancer always hated that.
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onaredwheelbarrow · a year ago
Miss Bates: Frank Churchill is a nice young man
Mr. Weston: I love my son and wish he would visit more
Jane: Mr. Churchill seems like an amiable gentleman
Emma: Frank is hot
Mr. Knightley:
Tumblr media
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janeaustentextposts · a year ago
Why is it so embarassing for Jane Fairfax to become a governess when everyone respects Mrs Weston although she had been a governess herself? Is it because Jane came from a family that used to be wealthy and respectable?
It’s because Mrs. Weston is the exception, and not the rule, when it comes to governesses. It’s not that her character or origins are any higher or lower than Jane Fairfax’s, but rather how she has been treated by the people around her (in particular her employer,) which has made the difference; and the contrast of Jane’s situation with hers really underscores that.
As Miss Taylor, Mrs. Weston had the charge of two young girls who had lost their mother, and I cannot see the widowed Mr. Woodhouse being a tyrant. In effect, Miss Taylor was the mature ranking genteel woman in the household, a stand-in maternal figure to Isabella and especially Emma, and thus beloved, respected, and treated very much almost as if she were thoroughly one of the family. And as we know, where Emma/the Woodhouses lead, Highbury society will follow, and so Mrs. Weston would always have likewise been admired and respected in their small social circle for many years by the time she becomes Mrs. Weston and settles as a gentlewoman in her own right.
It’s not so much that it’s humiliating for Jane Fairfax to be going to be a governess (though it IS a step down from being a companion with the Campbells, who seem to have treated her as a friend, much as the Woodhouses view Mrs. Weston,) but the terror of what’s waiting for her as a governess to a strange family. The chances are very high that her career would be difficult and feel degrading, as the position of governesses were generally neither quite servant nor family. Jane was facing a very real prospect of isolation and possibly maltreatment by strangers she is obliged to live with and work for in order to survive with the barest respectability. We can assume that any family Mrs. Elton has in view for Jane to go to is going to be much like Mrs. Elton herself, and any shows of friendliness would be just that--shows. The majority of governesses did not benefit by their dependence upon the families they worked for, and unless a family made the long-term efforts the Woodhouses did to make them feel valued and welcomed, it was generally a grim and grey sort of existence.
The arcs of Jane Fairfax and Miss Taylor-Mrs. Weston serve to reinforce the points made in the novel about the responsibilities leaders in society have--whether that society be large or small. As Mr. Knightley does and Emma learns, their truly considerate acts of kindness will be what brings connection and contentment to the lives of those with fewer advantages in the world, and frames this kindness as not only a nice thing to do, but a part of their duty to bless others as they have been blessed.
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gravesdiggers · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rupert Graves as Mr Weston in EMMA. (2020)
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askthejaneaustenheroes · 21 days ago
Frank Churchill: I have heard Mr Perry is getting a new carriage?
Mrs Weston: this is weird, I did not heard of it!
Frank Churchill: *shrugs* oh well, maybe I have dreamed it.
Miss Bates: really? Oh, this is the funniest thing, you see, bla bla bla bla bla bla Mr Perry said something about it bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla during a visit bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla sworn to secrecy bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! Jane was there, she can confirm what I said! Even then, it is amazing how you could dream of such a thing!
Frank Churchill, trying to catch Jane's eye: *nervously* yes, really amazing, ah ah-
George Knightley: *gears turning*
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katlime · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like when I did my Zelda videos, I decided to draw the plot of Jane Austen's book Emma in my shitty and silly doodles for Austen Month on my YouTube channel, Lime-and-Dragon. Enjoy! Here's the video that I used them in:
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fureliselost · 3 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Danny Phantom, Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Danny Fenton & Vlad Masters, Danny Fenton & Sam Manson, Danny Fenton & Tucker Foley, Danny Fenton & Mr. Lancer, Danny Fenton & Wesley Weston Characters: Danny Fenton, Mr. Lancer (Danny Phantom), Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Wesley Weston, Vlad Masters, Dionysus (Percy Jackson) Additional Tags: Hurt Danny, Sick Danny, Danny Fenton Needs A Hug, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Percy Jackson Fusion, Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson), Son of Hades! Danny, no beta we die like negligent enbys, Tucker Foley has feelings, danny and tucker being besties, Danny Fenton Is So Done Series: Part 3 of DP PJO AU Summary:
"Stop complaining, Fenton." Wes scolded. "Hey, I died. I get complaining rights!" Wes rolled his eyes, "I don't care about your complaining rights. I'm here to make sure you don't die, and, if you do die, I'm here to make sure you're actually dead. Which I kinda wish you'd stayed." "I knew I could count on you to continue hating me despite everything, Wes." He said in a mockingly fond tone. "Ever since you threatened my life the first time I saw you!"
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