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#ms marvel
avengersacademyarchive · 19 hours ago
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Mission: It's Just A Game 1, part 2
Ms. Marvel: What were you doing in there? Loki: Sowing the seeds of dissent. Ms. Marvel: At least you're honest. Loki: I like you, Kamala. Let me show you some of the games I play...
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ftonews · 21 hours ago
Marvel's Avengers Expansion: Black Panther - War for Wakanda Cinematic Trailer
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heinousactszx · a day ago
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Kamala using her powers to extra-dramatically flop her arms is great
Marvel Team-Up (2019) #4
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ageofchidi · 3 days ago
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Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel - Ms. Marvel #8
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xcaroldanversx · 3 days ago
Marvel & religion
Okay so I was discussing this with a friend and this is by no means a definitive list just the biggest characters (in my opinion) of these few faiths, but I’d love to hear any input you guys have.
Ms. Marvel
Red Dagger
Monet St. Croix
The Thing
Moon Knight
Gert Yorkes
Omega Sentinel
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Scarlet Witch/ Quicksilver (maybe Jewish, never explored)
Punisher (used to be Christian, now atheist)
Hulkling (went to an Episcopal school, though I doubt he’s particularly a big follower)
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paragonrobits · 4 days ago
Young Cyclops/Scott Summers: So what's bothering you?
Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan: You can tell?
Cyclops: Reading people is a valuable learned skill when you work with telepaths. They're inscrutable. So?
Ms Marvel: So. I'm an Inhuman, and you're a mutant.
Ms Marvel: And everyone says that we're supposed to be at each other's throats, but that feels crazy.
Cyclops: I like you. You like me?
Ms Marvel: I do.
Cyclops: Then we're good.
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psicopathya · 4 days ago
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Shunya Yamashita
Carol Susan Jane Danvers - Ms. Marvel [Ms. Marvel]
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indiemacuseruk · 4 days ago
Jameela Jamil casted in upcoming She-Hulk series
#JameelaJamil casted in upcoming #SheHulk series #Marvel #MCU #DisneyPlus
The upcoming Disney Plus series She-Hulk has cast Jameela Jamil in a major role. The series centers on lawyer Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), cousin of Bruce Banner, who inherits his Hulk powers after she receives a blood transfusion from him. (more…)
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paragonrobits · 5 days ago
“There’s a lot of heroes who didn’t do Doc Banner the favor of going to his funeral.”
Amadeus says this quiet and soft. It’s not an accusation, though Kamala thinks it has the shape of one, maybe. He wasn’t there either - it was too hot, too painful, and in the end, he didn’t think he ought to have been there.
But it hurts, thinking of Doc Banner as a hero that the entire world hated. He’d told her, once, that countless aliens around the galaxy thought Hulk of as a hero; just that. Not a monster, but his adventures took him their way, he saved them, and he was gone again. The color green meant courage to the people around the universe.
It was just that on his homeworld, he died an outcast, betrayed by people who said they were his friends, and his funeral had been crashed by people ranting about how he deserved to go to hell.
“I was there, you know?” She replies. “When he... when Doctor Banner...”
Kamala stops.
Amadeus knows: when the arrow when through his head.
The world didn’t mourn Doctor Banner’s death. The world didn’t care. It went on, or actively cheered his murder.
Kamala didn’t know him; not well, not at all. But he was a hero to her anyway, and she thought that there should have been... something, some kind of respect, some tiny amount of pity for a man she knew damn well had been broken so hard by his life that becoming a monster had been less painful than suffering as he was.
“I guess I... didn’t think I should have been there,” she said. “I never even talked to him. I didn’t think I should have been there.”
“I think he would have liked you; would like you.”
Kamala makes a soft noise.
Sometimes she wonders; what would life have been like, if she’d met Banner first, if he had tried to teach her something about being a hero.
Could she have helped him? Saved him from himself, or the horror that was his life? A hero, she thinks, ought to save everyone they can, especially the ones that nobody else thinks deserves any help at all.
Intellectually, she knows that there probably wouldn’t be anything she could have done.
But emotionally? She was a hero. Someone died when she was there.
She supposes the guilt is a good sign. Heroes shouldn’t feel... neutral when someone dies.
It bothers her that even the other heroes didn’t seem to care that much when Doctor Banner died.
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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21
Written by Saladin Ahmed Art by Carmen Carnero and David Curiel Letterer
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enby-axels · 6 days ago
Have you ever read x-men comics? i think you'd like magneto a lot! Also I really like your blog
i've watched some of the movies, if that counts, and i do like magneto. he's one of my favorite marvel characters.
as for marvel comics, i've read some issues of scarlet witch, young avengers, and ms marvel (kamala khan version), but that's it. i've actually been meaning to read more, especially the x-men comics. thanks for reminding me!
and im glad you like my blog 😊
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chadfarsight · 6 days ago
Kamala Khan goes to a Pride Parade.
That would be a fun one-shot.
Actually a Champions pride issue would be nice as a breather issue.
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itsharikrishna · 7 days ago
Ms. Marvel Series
Ms. Marvel series: After Shang-Chi, the second Asian superhero from Marvel Studios (Marvel Cinematic Universe) will be Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a Muslim teenager of Pakistani origin who is a huge superhero fan — she even writes fan fiction -who ends up gaining powers of her own.” a commitment to what Ms. Marvel fans have wanted for ages. At the same time, Bisha K. Ali was revealed as the…
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