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kkumria month ago
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MSBY halloween + sakuatsu 馃巸
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kiyoo-omi4 months ago
Tumblr media
when atsumu catches the camera on him
all works belong to @kiyoo-omi do not repost without permission
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lausterdomyamong7 months ago
Sakusa, Atsumu, Hinata, Bokuto
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Tumblr media
I have these boys on my mind for a while now. Sigh, i love kitty kiyoomi so much
I'm sorry but i think i should tag u, i love your works so much, u r amazing 馃ズ @dilfhub
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mikiyarin9 months ago
Haikyuu Illustration - 鈥淧romise銉2鈥 馃彇
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Tumblr media
This is the translation for the latest illustration!! Hope you enjoy~鈾
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mrskurono2 months ago
i saw a fic a while ago where sakusa asks reader to take his virginity because the rest of the team talked about how amazing she is and i wish i could find it again </3
i just want my own MSBY harem of pussy whipped inexperienced boys who will fall at my feet, is that too much to ask :/
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Tumblr media
tags: fem!Reader, headcanons, corruption kink(s), handjob mention, titjob mention, vaginal sex, virgin!Haikyuu men, debauchery in generally
Tumblr media
virgin!Hinata who humps your thigh the first time you're making out like his life depends on it. Man's thighs moving on their own. Cock smashed between his stomach and your thigh. Drool running down his chin bc he can't believe just how good this feels. Swallowed up in it with all the lewdest moans until exactly what you'd think would happen. He cums all over himself. Groaning into your mouth like a whore bc he can't stop it. But quickly trying to recover his cool ready to have sex even if it means overstimming himself for the first time out of many more to come.
virgin!Sakusa who had been staring at you for longer than he meant to. Ratting himself out more than once when he stared at your chest. Man's mask keeps it hidden when he licks his lips but doesn't hide the blatant stare he gives you. As awkward as he is hungry for you. The second you proposition him for something like a tit job he denies it. That is until the thoughts are plaguing him. Leaving even practice difficult. Until he has to bend and come crawling back to you. Just to have him blow his load all over your chest the second you even tap his swollen cock on your nipple as a tease.
virgin!Atsumu who pesters you like a puppy because he loves you and wants you to have it. Wants, no, needs you to take his v-card. When he's thrusting against your cunt because you told him he needs practice first. Telling him he has to make it more than five strokes before blowing his load or what else is there to do. He thinks his stamina is through the roof until loosing his v-card just ends up with him grinding against your pussy and cumming almost instantly. Lucky for you though another persistent overstimmer who'll push inside you and just use the excuse his cum is lube to give you his v-card
virgin!Meian who mad it three years into the big league before holding down a steady girlfriend. One that he couldn't keep his hands off of. But never went the next step because he was worried about looking bad. Big guy, kinda famous, still holding onto his v-card. Didn't wanna take the chance until you were edging him and slurping up and down his cock. No time to even know he was cumming when he came all over himself. Making it pretty cute that the big scary pro volleyball player came that quickly but you made it clear once wasn't gonna be the only time.
virgin!Inunaki who jerked off to the thought of you day in and day out. Even got himself a pocket pussy trying to make sure his stamina was up to snuff when the blessed time would come. He made it through the teasing, the handjob and the making out. But the second you told him to sink his cock into you like a good boy, he lost it. Creaming half in and half out. Cum everywhere as he groaned and cursed himself for coming undone at simple dirty talk.
virgin!Barnes who had a cock that matched his size. Big boy and even bigger cock that he'd shied away from doing too much in his younger years. Was all fun to say you were packing until no one wanted to have sex with you. So when you came along declaring his v-card was his. There was a slight chance you were joking. Quickly to find out you weren't when the man was fisting the sheets under him. Drowning in pleasure while you used him like a toy and let his cum seep into every inch of you. Claiming you were gonna make up for lost time for him.
Tumblr media
virgin!Kageyama who barely even jerks off. In the shower, maybe. His first time wasn't even something he thought about until he was balls deep in you. Drowning in pleasure to the point he forgot to move at all. Bliss taking him to the next level when you grind on him. Not so much using him but encouraging him to follow your lead. He forgot his v-card was a thing because the second he sunk balls deep in you the setter found something he might enjoy doing more than volleyball.
virgin!Kourai who gloated that he could last during a blowjob. Your mouth was no match for him. Which was true, he could last a little longer than you'd expect. But what he couldn't last through was the dirty things you whispered in his ear. Jerking him off like a horny pubescent while he sat in the Schweiden's locker room. Cumming undone completely when you pumped his cock with both hands and said nothing but dirty lewd things you planned to do to him.
virgin!Ushijima who let you take the lead. In everything. Listening to how you told him to finger you. How to eat you out. How to get you to cum as many times as you wanted. So when you told him he was going to learn how to fuck you properly, he had no qualms. Holding off best he could not to cum when you pushed back on him. Praising him for being a good boy and how quickly he picked up on fucking you exactly how you wanted.
virgin!Fukuro who kept his goatee because you liked it when he ate you out. Not once had he gotten closer to you though. Until you told him that was going to change. Purposely letting him get you closer to cumming than ever. Just to tell him to fuck you. Another big man who fumbled but found it utterly worth it as you played with yourself and came around him in the seconds he slipped inside you. Asking him if he liked the way it felt. And when he kept nodding lost for words and a mild fool just from feeling your orgasm. You knew he was a pussy drunk fool in the making.
virgin!Tatsuto who avoided questions about his v-card. Made jokes and swept it under the rug. There was nothing to sweep under the rug though when you suffocated him in your cunt and leaned down to swallow up the middle blockers cock. Nothing short of a mess from your lips around his cock and your cunt in his face. No amount of desperate lapping at your soaked slit could prepare him for the second you straddled him and sunk down on his cock. Letting him get a front row seat to loosing his own v-card
virgin!Heiwajima who was a powerhouse like any libero. His finger game and tongue game was on point. But he was always hesitant to get further. Until you flipped the tables on him. Worshipping every inch of him until he was begging for you to help his poor aching cock. Making sure to touch every inch of him until it was the begging that allowed you to play with him. Using every inch of your body to watch him writhe and moan under you in pleasure. Loosing it on your tits first but the way his cock stood at attention watching you lick his cum up meant there was more places he could be leaving his seed than just your chest.
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eatmyson7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more fanart for fight night! read it here:聽
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mantareidraws3 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy haikyuu day!! 8.19 馃彁馃挍馃挍
Manifesting sakuatsu in an msby black jackals artwork 馃げ鉁ㄢ湪 Blush blush boy #1 was iwa, and now introducing my #2!! These dorks are adorable y'all.
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oomisluvr4 months ago
the 5 love languages, featuring sakusa kiyoomi
synopsis: a collection of five drabbles showcasing the five love languages with a very soft, very playful, (and mildly horny) sakusa kiyoomi.
part of my domestic!sakusa series
Tumblr media
quality time (see: talking shit together)
"鈥攁nd he had the nerve to tell me that my serves would be easy to return! as if i didn't get more service aces than him in our last game! and then," he scoffs," atsumu tried to tell me that i had鈥"
you peak your head from behind the curtain, "pass me my razor?"
without missing a beat, he stands from his seat on the toilet lid, reaching over the sink to grab your razor and gently placing it in your outstretched hand, "this one, right?"
he doesn't know why he asked, he knows everything about you; of course he got it right. you nod in confirmation, leaning forward to give him a quick peck to show your gratitude, with sakusa eagerly closing that gap.
you smile warmly at him, your head disappearing behind the curtain once again, "continue."
"right鈥" sakusa scoffs for a second time he remembers his train of thought, "鈥攁tsumu tried to tell me that my spiking was off when he's literally the setter!"
your head pokes out from behind the shower curtain in surprise, brows pulled together in displeasure, "that's such bullshit鈥攈e's the setter, so he has to adjust to you!"
"that's what i told him!" you shake your head, popping behind the shower curtain to finish up your routine and turn the water off, "see, babe? you get it."
you get me, he thinks to add.
upon hearing the silence from the shower head, he prepares your towel, waiting for you at one end of the tub.
god, he can never get used to the sight of your naked body, and he has to physically turn his head away to prevent himself from blushing. using the towel, he engulfs your body in the fabric, helping you step out onto the dry floor.
"he talks all that game about being the best, but can't follow through. embarrassing. couldn't be you, baby." he hums at the praise, leaning down to peck your lips out of instinct.
he follows you to the bedroom, spinning around when you drop your towel to get dressed, so you don't call him a perv for peaking. he continues on about his day, sharing every detail he can recall without missing a beat.
he doesn't, however, tell you that tonight would be the sixth time he turned down drinks with the guys under the guise of being tired.
he'd been too flustered to admit to his teammates that he just wanted to spend time with you, even if that meant doing nothing at all. you, his best friend. you, the love of his life. you, who gets him.
as he watches you moisturize your face, he decides that these quiet moments with you are worth more than he could ever deserve, that these moments are what make his life so colorful.
the thought of spending the rest his evenings with you weighs heavy on his heart. perhaps, even the rest of his life.
he smiles when you call atsumu a bitch.
come tomorrow morning, he'll have to pay a visit to the jewelry shop.
Tumblr media
physical touch (see: lying to keep you in bed with him)
sunlight bleeds through the dark curtains, illuminating your cozy bedroom with a soft, honey sheen.
including you.
you'd call him a pervert if you caught him, staring at you so shamelessly. sprawled on his bare chest, the rhymic rising and falling of your lungs makes his heart speed up, the outline of your figure under the duvet making makes something stir within him.
he wants to stay here with you forever, but he'll settle for just another hour or two.
as if connected by some psychic path, you stir awake, drowsy pupils finding his, "what time is it?" your groggy voice calls out.
he brushes a thumb over your cheek, "it's early," he lies, holding you tighter, "we can stay a bit longer."
the sleepy smile that adorns your face fills kiyoomi with adoration.
yeah, you can stay a bit longer.
Tumblr media
words of affirmation (see: shameless flirting)
despite the privacy of the vip section, chaos and discord swirls about the two of you.
the pressure of your body on his thigh delivers a comforting warmth that sakusa finds solace in. a bulky arm wraps around your center for grounding, the weight of your plush figure drowning out any distractions this grimy club may offer. rum tequila and peach ciroc make his veins heavy with desire, your presence no longer being an anchor to him, but a temptation.
husky, calloused hands travel over the exposed flesh of your thigh, greedily feeling up whatever parts of you he can reach, sneakily inching your skimpy dress higher and higher, your legs tucked between his.
"my pretty girl," he rasps into the shell of your ear, soft lips lightly brushing over your skin, "have i told you just how divine you are?"
"a few times," you lie, tracing a manicured finger along the sharpness of his jawline. he's told you more times than you can count, your beauty apparently becoming an anesthetic to him, but you figure you can string him along for a little while longer, "remind me anyways?"
eyes dropping into an lustful gaze, he grins at your flirting, palms still rubbing smooth circles in the meat of your thigh, "my precious baby," he murmurs, "your body is a wonderland to me, but i love the shape of your mind best. god, you鈥檙e the only woman for me, the only thing i need in this life is you,鈥 you feel something twitch against your leg as kiyoomi鈥檚 voice drops an octave lower, 鈥測ou drive me absolutely crazy, angel, but i鈥檓 my best self with you by my side.鈥
humming in appreciation at his words, you plant a fat kiss on his rosy cheeks, 鈥渋f i didn鈥檛 know any better鈥" your sultry voice sounds like a symphony to him, "鈥攊鈥檇 think you鈥檙e trying to seduce me, ki.鈥
鈥渕m, i guess you don鈥檛 know better, then鈥斺 his steady fingers touch a spot between your legs that has your breath catching in your throat. you feel him smirk against your skin, 鈥溾攂ecause that鈥檚 exactly what i鈥檓 trying to do.鈥
pulling his face from the shelter of your neck, you look him in his eyes, admiring the flashes of light spiraling across his dark irises. his pupils flicker between your lips and your eyes, a lazy grin plastered on his chiseled fearless.
taking the initiative to pursue for something further, sakusa closes the gap between you, plush lips slotting against yours.
鈥渒iyoomi,鈥 you mumble, and sakusa almost groans at the sound of his name falling from your lips, 鈥渢ake me home. now.鈥
鈥渁nything for you, my love.鈥 he breathes.
Tumblr media
gifts (see: buying you pads... gone wrong)
"boom!" he slams down the reusable grocery store bag on the kitchen island, a smug grin on his face, "i'm the best boyfriend in the world, i know, i know."
you narrow your eyes at him, eyeballing the bag suspiciously. you dig through the tote to see what he brought you, before halting your movements completely, your face falling into an unimpressed, neutral state, "what other bitches are you buying pads for?"
a pause.
he blinks, once, twice, "w-what?" he sputters, not expecting that reaction.
"so you aren't denying it?" you raise an eyebrow.
"n-no!" he rushes closer to you, taking you into his arms and peppering kisses on the top of your head, "there's no other women; it's just you, baby." there's a brief moment of silence on your part as sakusa tries his best to reassure you.
"how did you get everything right, then?" you question, fighting back a smile. grabbing you by your shoulders, he pulls you away from him to analyze your facial expression.
"i鈥" pride simmers in his chest, "鈥攊 did my research."
"and who told you, huh? your other girlfriend?"
"no!" he laughs now that he knows you're not actually mad at him, his lips settling in a playful smile, "my other girlfriend uses tampons, actually, so i couldn't come to her for this."
jaw dropping, you slap his bicep, "oh really? tell her i said she can have you." spinning on your heels, you turn to leave the kitchen, but a pair of strong arms hold you still.
"i'm just joking! babe鈥" he holds you tightly as your hands push his head away, your back pressed against his front, "鈥攊'm just kidding!"
you stop pushing against him, sighing, "i'm not in the mood for jokes, ki. my uterus fucking hurts."
"my poor baby," he coos, swaying the both of you, peppering the sides of your face in kisses once again, "this wouldn't be happening if you just let me hit it raw."
another silence.
"bye, kiyoomi." your face finally breaks out in a smile at his vulgarity, "you're so full of shit. fuck off."
"there she is," he beams, still rocking the two of you, "there's my pretty girl."
rolling your eyes, you respond, "release me so i can go lay down."
"i will鈥" he mumbles against the skin of your neck, "鈥攂ut first," he reaches into his back pocket to whip out a chocolate bar, dangling it in front of your face, "you wanna know what my other girlfriend told me?"
"what, ki?" you play into his little game, entertaining his shenanigans, "what did she tell you?"
"that chocolate helps absorb the blood." god, he sounds so pleased with himself. dumbass.
"she must be stupid, then鈥" you snatch the chocolate out of his hand, elbowing him in the ribs to release his hold on you. it doesn't hurt, obviously, but it catches him by surprise, causing him to stumble back, "鈥攂ecause it's the magnesium in the chocolate that helps with cramps."
with that, you take your leave, setting your sights on the soft piece of heaven you call a bed.
unsurprisingly, you don't get very far. kiyoomi scoops you up into his arms, carrying you the rest of the way.
"i can make your period go away for a whole nine months, you know. just give me the word, babe."
Tumblr media
acts of service (see: painting your toes)
"give me the damn thing."
"i'm a grown woman, you know. i think i can paint my own toes, thank you very much."
you're all bark and no bite, kiyoomi knows, because you hand him the miniature brush with little hesitation. he dips the brush into the glass bottle of polish, dabbing it on the sides before grabbing your foot and yanking it so close to his face, his nose almost brushes against your toes.
"you and your foot kink," you prod, clearly trying to annoy him. sakusa rolls his eyes, tired of your teasing.
"ok spit kink," he smirks, now starting with your pinky toe.
"stop," you whine, covering your face with your hands, "i was caught up in the moment!"
sakusa gives you a pointed look.
you huff, "we're never having sex again. don't talk to me."
"that's no way to treat the person doing your nails."
"your customer service is terrible. i'm not giving you a tip, you know."
"yeah, because you鈥檒l be too busy taking my tip." he chuckles at his own dirty joke, sturdy hands still painting neat coats of gel.
"kiyoomi!" you gasp.
Tumblr media
do the fics match each love language? no. have i added the domestic sakusa series to my masterlist? definitely not. am i posting this anyways? hell yea lmao
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fonmythenmetz4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hinata thinks it鈥檚 some secret Best Servers thing
Alternatively: Hinata鈥檚 first time doing yoga (upward facing dog)
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annypuff8 months ago
Tumblr media
thanks wonho
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