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#msm 2017

Here’s an AU I came up with last night! This is word for word copy and pasted from what I said in the msm server lmao

OK SO i just had this idea and I really wanted to talk about it lmao

so imagine if Ock prepared more while in the living brain, what if, in an alternate universe, he manages to make a code that would trap and censor peter into the living brains base code. So, instead of Peter being able to hop from place to place, he is stuck in the living brain, just waiting.

While he’s stuck, Max modell does the virus check, and doesn’t detect anything (because peter is now a part of the base code)! Ock(as peter), quits Horizon, and does all of his shenanigans. Now, theres an opening at Horizon, and in canon Alistor Smithe got the spot, but in this AU Harry gets the spot.

He gets the spot for 2 reasons,

1. Harry still has to go to school??? idk why in canon he just doesnt but thats just not how life works??

2. Harry proposes the idea of using the Living Brain as a main computer (Hes just like??? You built this amazing computer and you guys just ***dont*** use it), like Tony Stark’s JARVIS and stuff, and Max Modell gives him the spot and lets him work on the Living Brain

Harry, after adjusting the code of the living brain and setting up the computers and hologram tech, etc finally starts to do beta testing. Peter, still being in the LB, gets pulled out as the hologram. Harry, slightly horrified that the LB decided to use his ex-best friend to present itself (because ock is still being an ass in peters body) but he doesn’t question it

Peter was extremely out of it, but he did what Harry was testing (basic commands he would have to run like searching the internet, etc) and once Peter figured out what was going on, he tried to tell Harry. but Ock, preparing for this type of thing while he was in the LB, had made it so Peter could say *anything* about his body being stolen, it would just censor him.

Of course Peter starts to freak out when he realises that he cant tell Harry anything, so he starts to over react and mess up the projection (peak the glitches in the drawing, i want to make the glitches more intense later tho)

So harry restarts the projection program. Peter, realizing that he can’t do anything as of right now, just acts as if he is just a computer until he figures out a plan .


(Here’s some of my first sketches 😳)

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Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s something? Idk it’s from a breakup fic

It’s more like six paragraphs but who cares


“Hey,” Harry speaks, taking his jacket off and draping it over the back of the chair, “You wanted to talk?”

Peter waits in silence for a moment as Harry sits down. “Yeah.”

“What about?” Harry asks, taking a sip of his drink.

Peter knows that Harry probably just came from a meeting, he knows that Harry probably was busy until Peter called. Harry has a company to run.

Harry always makes time for Peter, though. And this very fact makes his next statement so very, very hard.

“I think we should break up.”

Harry’s eyes widen. “This has to be a joke.”

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Every time I see your Otto art I go ape shit because you're like the only Otto and Maria artist and your art just makes me so happy and hfksjdjs ily

Aisjshsj thank you (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) 💗

I noticed a criminal lack of Otto and Anna Maria content in the MSM fandom, and I have dedicated my life to fixing that.

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I thought it would be fun to post all three ‘stages’ of this drawing! I stayed up till like two doing it lmao

My spidersona is in the rafters 😳 his name is Cam and he is just a little boy

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with lineart as well, so that’s why I’ve been switching between lineart styles recently aha!

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