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I guess blacking out and pushing the last few people in my life away will give me a reason to get sober.

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I will never understand why science and concepts like “brain sex” are so important in arguing for trans rights. Science doesn’t explain everything, plenty of things we understand now would’ve been completely impossible to figure out a few decades or a century ago. People don’t need proof of their existence to deserve respect, if anything you should have to disprove their validity without a doubt to justify being disrespectful, and that’s still questionable. Its not about science, its about human rights. We don’t need science and statistics to prove that trans people “have the brains of the gender they identify as” or whatever, we have science and statistics to prove that transition makes people happier. We have proof that being supported reduces suicide risk significantly. We have proof that trans people can be happy through transition and acceptance, that’s all the argument there really needs to be imo. If you refuse to respect trans people until there’s some undeniable scientific proof, or just generally disrespect them on purpose, you aren’t on the side of science. You’re on the side of hate, the side of trans people suffering, the side of high suicide rates and medical gatekeeping and ruining lives. You’re putting your own comfort and convenience before someone else’s life and happiness. Its not about science, its about respect.

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any other trans people on hrt get a massive mood boost after taking their dose?

cause ive been depressed as shit for a couple days but as soon as i took my shot today i felt like 10x better

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shoutout to everyone questioning their gender

you can do it bro, i know it seems like the most confusing important thing in the world, but it takes time. it’s okay if you don’t know yet, and are still experimenting or researching. it’s okay if you’ve already come out, and are questioning again. it’s okay if you change your name and it’s okay if you don’t. it’s okay to change it multiple times or ask other people to help you test as well. i know it seems scary, but just think of the day you’ll have everything figured out. i know it sounds cliché but this is your journey, and i know it’s hard now but you can do this. :)))

ily, and you’re still valid no matter what. <3

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An interesting and unexpected part of transitioning is the process of adjusting the nouns I use in my inner monologue.

For instance, just this morning, an item fell out of the kitchen cupboard and I jokingly thought to myself, “Can’t a guy catch a break?!”…And then I corrected myself to “Can’t a girl catch a break?!”.

I think the reason this is taking so long (versus say, adapting to my new name and pronouns) is because there isn’t any one thing that needs changing - rather, I have a large library of gendered idioms, each and every one in need of updating.

On the bright side, I don’t get quite so upset about it nowadays; so I would call this a plus!

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Me: I think I’ll go to bed early today

Gender, creeping up behind me with a baseball bat: oh no u don’t

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I was recently asked by another user on here to fill out a survey about being transgender to help out their partner who is getting his doctorate. It’s a dissertation about cisgender privilege. So, if any of yall are not cis and over the age of 18, I encourage yall to take a second to fill out the survey. It’s pretty short 

Here’s the survey

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Trans help chat

Since this is a recovery based blog I decided I’ll advertise this on here for any trans people that need help or are looking for other people like them.


  1. No nsfw blogs the chat is filled with minors
  2. Keep trans discourse out of it I and many other people in the chat are very opinionated on it and I’m sure you might be too but this is a safe space meant for solidarity so if you are looking for a debate I’d suggest speaking to a blog meant for that
  3. Trigger warnings and tone indicators are encouraged but they are not mandatory
  4. If there is an issue with one of the members of the chat take it up with me, state your case, and we’ll go from there
  5. If there is someone that you suspect is transphobic, a troll blog, or a predator please tell me and they will be removed
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Imagine if we talked about cis people the way a lot of them talk about trans people.

“Karen identifies as a woman”.

“Peter prefers he/him pronouns”.

“I’m totally okay with people being cis, but why flaunt it around?”

“They say that they’re a woman”.

I know that some people don’t realize how hurtful this kind of language is because it’s been ingrained into our conversations about trans people, so a handy tip is to just picture someone saying it about you. If you’re cis and someone describing you says that you identify as [your gender], your first reaction would probably be, “I don’t identify as [your gender], I am [your gender]!”. Trans people feel the same way. 

I also know that there are others who are perfectly aware of the harm that this type of language causes and are doing it intentionally to hurt trans people. To those folks, I remind you that there is always a path out of hatred and bigotry, and that it is never too late to change. 

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appreciation for all trans folks who don’t transition, whether they’re unable to or just don’t want to. ily and you’re extremely valid. anyone tries to tell you otherwise i’ll stomp on them. i hope you’re doing amazing today and you’re awesome. i know it can be hard but you got this! *offers hug* may i add you look really cool today bro/friend <3

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Where’s Monica?!…At Big Lots…and they had Nirvana baby pjs…and I thought…hmmmmm…Nirvana baby pjs?… 

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