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uncanny-tranny · 23 hours ago
Transfeminine and transneutral people not tucking is not sexual. Point blank.
Transmasculine and transneutral people not binding is not sexual.
Transfeminine and transneutral people using breast forms is not sexual.
Transmasculine and transneutral people packing is not sexual.
Trans people adjusting their bodies is not inherently sexual. While sexuality is not harmful, it is harmful to ascribe intent in order to have an excuse to demonize people. Not everything is done with ulterior motives. Sometimes, people want to live comfortably.
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abbycatsuk · 6 hours ago
Baby Face 💖🐾
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aunhappycamper · a day ago
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Tumblr media
It’s been a while my tumble friends :D say hi
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uncanny-tranny · 21 hours ago
Not all nonbinary people use they/them pronouns.
Not all nonbinary people are transmasc or transfemme.
Not all nonbinary people see their gender as a third gender.
Not all nonbinary people want to transition medically or physically.
Not all nonbinary people feel the need to label their gender with a specific label.
Not all nonbinary people want to be considered trans.
Not all nonbinary people look androgynous, or masculine, or feminine.
Listen to nonbinary people. Really listen to us. Examine how you view nonbinary people. Do you see us as a monolith? Do you make assumptions about us that might not be true? Do you respect us when we don't align with stereotypes?
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arealraccoon · 2 days ago
my psychologist told me once that when a person insults or hurts you intentionally, USUALLY, as in most of the time, it says more about them than it ever did you. so when i see these TEHMs and TERFs attacking trans people and running entire campaigns of hate and bigotry online towards those they’ve literally never seen or met in their entire lives, i can’t help but wonder... they’re probably suffering and hurting a lot because of their own identity issues. which makes a lot of sense. however...
the thing is, and let me make this VERY clear, i have no sympathy and will not empathize with those who have been hurt that then choose to hurt others knowing fully well how much that pain hurts. keep in mind that people choose to abuse others. any tension or abuse of their own that they have experienced may help explain their abusive behavior, but it never excuses it.
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becoming-madison · 2 days ago
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Getaway weekend to the mountains.
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yaboboboi · 2 days ago
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sweet as strawberries
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uncanny-tranny · a day ago
To the trans teen reading this: I know it's hard. I know that sometimes, it's hard to be hopeful for the future. I know that it's hard to picture yourself older, happier, in the position where you're content with your body or your presentation. It's hard to say for sure what the future holds, but I want you to know there is always the chance that you will get there. Happiness is always a possibility.
When I first started to come out to myself, I felt a lot of despair over the thought of my future. I thought I could never make it. I want to tell my younger self just how wrong he was. Because he did make it. And it was hard. It felt impossible sometimes. But that didn't mean my future was gone as a trans person.
I'm telling you this because there is hope. There is always the chance that you'll wake up and little by little, you'll be able to close your eyes and feel happiness. Bliss. I know this because that is how I'm feeling, bit by bit. You can be trans and happy, my friend, you are not trapped. You are so incredibly dear. You are so incredibly loved. You are a gift, and peace is possible. Please, hold out for yourself. Please reach out. Please be kind to yourself. Please take care of yourself. Please know: I love you with all my heart. Your future is bright - it is blindingly bright.
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