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souptual-remade · a year ago
rb bait but take my which crime would you commit while you “be gay do crimes” quiz and lmk what you got
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argentum-papilio · 3 months ago
Hua Cheng: Can you help me with my wedding?
Xie Lian: Oh… you’re getting married?
Hua Cheng *smiling*: Hell yeah I am
Xie Lian [swallowing the jealousy]: that’s… nice. What do you need me to do?
Hua Cheng: be my husband.
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luvcre-remade · 7 months ago
the world if mcyt wasn’t trending every other day
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ikcj · 10 months ago
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aluardes · a month ago
Essa noite eu chorei tanto que;
me faltaram lágrimas,
me faltou o ar,
faltou você.
- José Neto
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uravyi · 6 months ago
reading MDZS: omg, this guy’s been mourning his beloved for 11 years, that’s so sad and romantic, 10/10
reading TGCF: this guy’s been stalking a god for 800 years? simp. 100/10
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anyhao-archived · 5 months ago
so i did it... answer a couple questions & i’ll give you an underrated boy group that deserved better
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ikcj · 5 months ago
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babe wake up it’s time for your twice yearly fanart
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aluardes · a month ago
Quem é que nos salva quando somos vítimas de nós mesmos?
José Neto
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i-dont-even-wtf · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I finished the novel!!!! Hualian is so good ghhgnvk my heart......i sob
anyways have some soft art i made of them :>
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