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Thank you!!!! I’m so glad you dig him and how it’s all going down!!!!

I feel like I’ve gotten reeeeeal far away from canon Ivar so I’m not sure what the new season will inspire. But when this guy’s got his hooks in me he doesn’t always let go easily… We shall see.

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The Last Book


Open the cover it’s the final one you’ll ever open. Feel the crisp clean pages between your finger tips as you ruffle the pages through.

See the many words left to read, yet know that it’s the last book you’ll ever read the recorded knowledge of. All the books of the world have been exposed to you. Your mind now full of every written text known to man. You are a living text, a tome to the testimony of thoughts and inspiration both great and small.

Open has your mind ways been to the complex as well as the simple. You began your trek years ago as a child. Now as an elder in life, you have come to the last bit of knowledge there is left. What could this last work be about, could it be an epic story of love and loss or a tragic story of comedy taken wrong. So many possible outcomes your eyes look over the starting words again and again.

Yet, something is different this time you seek not to dive right in. You hesitate to read each chapter quickly making a normal mad dash to the books end. For this is not a work of horror, fiction or fantasy. This book the last book is the story of you, will you be able to re-read your own body of work. Will you dare to hold off on your last such read…?

image:  News | Emily Buehler

Let me know what you think lovelies and pass the thought along 📖.

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Rose from the Sea


Searching thieves looking at a map for the ultimate treasure. Following closely the one’s who know the truth of it’s secrets. Look in the night a wish granted a beam of light, a sky portal shows the way along the silent waves of the chilled water and night air.

By dawn the sun rises above the cloudless skyline. Greed in the eyes as they scan the area. Threats of loss of life if lies we’re told only to trap them in the land of the lost. Soon the Sea begins to churn, a vortex of swirling whirlpools begin to form in the nearby distance. Something is rising from the depths of the sea. Eyes go wide as mouths hang open a city of gold rests on the back of a giant sea beast.

A massive animal of legend holds the key as to why this world it carries is never in the same place twice. Once inside, seek to find the treasure only the greediest of hearts can desire. A golden hand that turns all it touches to gold as well. Death still the penalty for misconduct as a crooked thief leads another to possible doom. Hope lost then found in the eyes of another seeking to save an honest man’s life leaving greed to deal with the fate of another.

In Time greed touches the golden hand, a mistake that is costly. Greed takes the threat of death away, leaving behind life renewed. Together those of better will leave behind the beast with its floating world beneath the waves. The tire treasure has been found, it was there all the time. Once again a legend lost to time. A great beast carrying a world of wonder. Best to leave some myths just as such, choose life for greed gets you nowhere but a grave beneath the waves…

image:  Avatar bending legend of korra lok lion turtle he-was-numb

Let me know what you think my fellow travelers and pass the thought along 🌊.

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thank you for all the lovely messages of support re: the tragedy with our friend. we won’t be publishing/publicly answering the asks but please know we received and read them, and cherish them sincerely. 

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Snow won’t Stop Falling


Its cold, just so cold. I can’t venture out anymore the house is surrounded, lost, burred deep within.

Tried to did my way up many times before now but the snow just keeps falling. I feel as if I’m lost in space, taken by limbo carried away by insanity.

Supplies are nonexistent, food is memory. There is no warmth left to be felt, I don’t know how my body and mind is even still functioning.

All I can say now it this must be my will fighting against the inevitable, hopeing against all odds that either I survive or at Lear if the world continues to go on; someone may find my remains and want to know what happened.

I never thought this is how the world would end. Always being taught stories of fire and ash, nothing like the slow fluffy crystals of frozen angle tears meant to wash clean the slate of existence.

I guess it’s not so bad, as I close my eyes I remember my youth. Playing out in the snow for hours building forts, snow balls and snowman friends. Seems like now’s a good time to give into those memories. They keep calling me anyway…

image: Blue Moon Full Moon Surreal Fantasy Fairytale Blue Moon

Let me know what you think and pass the thought along my Lovelies ❄.

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Your Window…


Outside your Window what can you see? A world ever in transition never meant to stand still. Witness the cycles of ever lasting life in motion; time has never stopped before and it won’t now. Despite our will to keep things the same, our limits of what we think we control is nothing. Not caring for change doesn’t keep change from happening. Every moment we too are in flux either physically, mentally or otherwise. Much like our world we change in appearance, tone and beat. Never the same from one second to the next no matter how much we claim, how much we fight to be.

Outside your Window what can you feel? Are your senses heightened as they should be to what’s happening around you? Numb is what more and more of us are becoming as we lose the sense of ourselves, of our purpose. We are lost thus the world we govern is lost as well. Trying to maintain a balance set forth so very long ago. We feel there is something wrong with ourselves thanks to the world letting us know. Gone are days of simple life. Inherited the existence set forth by continuing mistakes that we just don’t seem to learn from. This cycle of affect will continue now and forever.

What do you see outside your Window, a world built on cycles; these cycles will never end…

image: Window Sketch Royalty Free Vector Image

Let me know dear ones what you think and pass the thought along 🌊🔥💨🌱.

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It’s that time of year my friends to “Keep Christmas/Holiday’s in your Heart”.

Take part in this month’s Patreon theme and receive a special message for yourself or those you care for just in time for Christmas or another holiday that reminds us all what this time of year is all about.

Go to today and leave me a message to receive your gift 🎁.

Let’s do what we can to keep our spirits up and spread cheer all month long my friends. Much Holiday Love to you all ❄.

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