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Ah, thank you for informing me of this. Just a minor indiscretion, all things considered. As you are now seventeen, you no longer have the trace on you, thank Merlin. He threatened you, so I am assuming there is no large loss, not even to the muggles. You did everyone a favor, most likely. 

Still, I will keep this between us. 

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Hey, this is my first fic, so let me know if you like it or something that can help me get better.

Summary: You’ve been in love with Draco since your sophomore year, but you never had the guts to say it. When you finally dare say it, it’s too late.

Warnings: A little sad and sweet. :)

words: 656

Time period: Seventh-year Draco (Voldemort never existed)

You’ve been in love with Draco since Professor Snape put them both in pairs to make a potion in the second year, but he always kept it for you and avoided any kind of contact with him, as he was a muggle-born who was selected in Slytherin, so you didn’t like most people in your home.
You walked down the aisles on your way to your common room after an afternoon of study in the library. When you got to the dungeons you muttered the password and the stone wall slid in allowing you in. You meet Blaise, your only friend, sitting in one of the dark leather armchairs while I was reading a book. You sat next to him.
Blaise was the only person who knew about your crush on Draco, as he was your only friend. He was always kind to you, he never judged you on your blood status, despite being raised with the belief of “Pure blood is superior to others,” he defended you from your housemates when they mocked you for being born of Muggles. He never cared about being a traitor to the blood for being with you, always saying he loved you like one less sister, and he did not care about the taunts of his peers.
“Hey” you murmured.
“Oh, hello T/N, how was your day?” he said with a smile.
“The usual, you know, I was in the library all afternoon avoiding meeting Draco and Pansy.” Whispering the last with a sad smile on your face.
“Do you want a chocolate frog?” He said to change the subject of the conversation.
“Sure, thank you, Blaise.” He gives you the chocolate frog. You hug and bite your lip to prevent a soother from escaping from your mouth.  It did not work.
“What’s going on small?” Blaise murmured as he caressed your back delicately.
“Draco, that happens. I’ve been in love with him for five years, today before I went to the library I came close to confessing my feelings to him, I looked for him all over the castle and found him, but he wasn’t alone. He was kissing Pansy in the middle of the halls"Blaise opens his eyes like plates and moves his head indicating that someone entered the common room. However, you do not realize this and keep talking.
"She’s perfect for him, she’s beautiful, she’s pure blood, her family is wealthy, and she has a very nice body thanks to quidditch,” you said as tears slipped down your cheeks. “Instead I… I’m not even half as pretty as she is, my family is not wealthy, and I’m born of Muggles. I can only offer you my love, which I doubt he wills.”
“You’re wrong about that Y/L/N, ” said a voice behind you.
“Malfoy…” whispered as you turned around.
“The only and original one, ” he said with an arrogant smile on his face. “Let me tell you I thought you were smarter Y/N. If you hadn’t been busy trying to run away from me, you’d have realized that I’m also in love with you, you’d run away from me, and I thought the only way to get your attention would be to bother you,” he murmured as he crouched down his head.
“Then you and Pansy don’t…”
“No, of course not, Pansy was helping me get your attention,” the blonde said as he embodied a shy smile on his face.
“Merlin, I was so stupid, I was about to ask to be transferred to another school” you let out a little laugh.
“Then … do you want to go to Hogsmade with me this weekend?” he asked with a smile on his face.
“Of course, Draco ” you answered in a calm tone, trying to keep him from noticing how excited you were.
“LIVE LOVE!” cried Blaise as he joined them in a group embrace.
“Shut up Blaise ” said Draco as he laughed.

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muggle parents trying to keep their kid from walking on the ceiling

muggle parents rushing out of the store when their toddler throws a tantrum and starts levitating the pastry aisle

muggle parents reminding their kid on their way to school to not tell the other kids they can do things

muggle parents trying to find their kid in a store and having to pull them away from them giggling at the dancing stuffed animals

muggle parents having fights with their kid about no magic at the dinner table

muggle parents having to then reason with their kid that they dont hate their kid and do understand

muggle parents going through shattered glasses like that.

muggle parents closing curtains.

muggle parents getting frustrated.

muggle parents trying.

muggle parents receiving a letter in the mail for a special school

muggle parents talking it through to each other, praying no one has found out

muggle parents eventually telling their kid that they got a letter, and if they wanna go, they can

muggle parents really skeptical of the 9 ¾ business, but they find their way through

muggle parents giving their kid their first phone just so they can call and text them all the time

muggle parents crying at the train station when they let their child leave their home at 11 and wondering if theyre making the right choice

muggle parents making the right choice

muggle parents getting A LOT of texts from the train saying how other kids are doing magic like her

muggle parents getting a text saying they were sorted into a house that wasn’t gryffindor and how it was so unfair

muggle parents saying they can do magic therefore it could never matter what house they get

muggle parents watching their kid go from shy and angry and sad to happy and confident and excited

muggle parents being their for their kid every step of the way

muggle parents knowing their kid is gonna be okay

muggle parents

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When alteration finds by momatu (55k)

Summary: After the war, Harry left most of the Wizarding world behind and built a new life for himself in the Channel Islands. He opened a bakery and is happy with his life. Draco is a fiction author who writes under a penname, and he’s currently suffering from writer’s block. His agent suggests he try writing in a new environment and rents a cottage in the Channel Islands for him. 

kwaud’s comments:

Seeing as this fic is set other than England, I am already hooked and the whole getting to know each other without the heaviness of their past is just a refreshing change. In this fic, Harry and Draco have no reservations whatsoever when it comes to getting each other (I mean they do but you’ll understand what I’m saying when you read it) it’s like he’s just Harry end not the Chosen One and he’s just Draco and not the Draco Malfoy Death Eater. I also love that Harry is a baker and this whole holiday set thing just makes you want to have your own summer love, you know what I mean? It’s a wonderful read if you’re looking for something right smack in the middle of fluffy and angsty. 

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After the war, I hope someone set up a help service for the children of deatheaters, where they are taught muggle studies and take trips to Buckingham Palace and the Science Museum. I hope they got a chance to unlearn their racist upbringings and raise their own children to be more tolerant. I hope Professor McGonagall could pick up on indoctrination better than Dumbledick.
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I have a little head canon in the works, does anyone have any ideas for me? I’m just trying to think of what other muggle things wizards would learn about first hand lmao 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

so far I have

  • Draco experiencing the tube
  • Draco learning about what a roadman is lol
  • you trying to take photos of him
  • him eating a churro for the first time
  • you trying to explain films and records to him
  • Camden market

I’m also very tempted to have him see Boris Johnson lmao, just so he can question it, oh! or Lord Buckethead 😂

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His Witch Mate - Chapter 1.


<  Karmina  >

I wince as the cold air blew through my hair and I reach up and pulled my hair into a ponytail as tears leak from my eyes.

I still could remember my parent’s anger and disgust in their voice as they realize I wasn’t like them.

< FlashBack: A Few Hours Earlier >

Ariana grande the way blasted threw my hair as I jump on my bed and sat down as the song ended.

I took my earphones out of my ear and wipe the sweat from my eyes and look up started as my parents came into my room and my brother Aeron look on in disgust.

“ what are you doing girl?” Mom hissed pulling my ear and pulling me close. I yelp and tried pulling away but my father grips my arm in a painful grip and squeezes hard leaving me to very.

“ I haven’t done anything mother, I just wanted to listen to music and why are you putting your hands on me pig!” I yelled and let out a yelp as my mother cast a spell at me.

I screamed as the tears ran down my face, it felt like my inside was burning in and out.

“ you are to leave immediately and don’t come back, girl! Your muggle disease isn’t allowed here ” mom sneered disgust at me.

I nodded and sat up hurrying to pack all my things and left my ’ home ’ immediately never looking back.

I took one last look at my ’ family ’ and snarled at them.

Fuck you all! I had yelled in their face as they look on in shock at my words.

<  Flashback Over  >

I held on tighter to my cape and pulled it tighter against my sides as I struggled to walk through the snow.

Why was it snowing? And where was I? I couldn’t see a damn thing. I do happen to glance up and saw the sign and it read forks.

Home of forks.

Forks? What the hell whats forks? And why was the town filled with humans!?. I guess this is where I will stop to rest for a few days and I will continue my journey after a week.

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Time Skip /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I could hear everyone whispering as I found the house I wanted and decided this was the place I will be at for a year until I get better.

But the thing is this is America and this place wasn’t the United Kingdom and I was terrified.

Just then I look into the man’s head who was giving me the house and his thoughts were very disturbing.

He knew I was young and still wanted to get with me. I close the door in his face and took a deep breath.

Tomorrow will be the day I go to the school called forks high and boy was I terrified.

I got under my covers and close my abs fell asleep instantly.

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Time Skip ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The next day I woke up to a good breakfast. At least that was a good start. Then spent 20 minutes on my hair making it curly and wavy. Then after all that was done, I found some clothes and walk out the door.

I ran to school forget getting a car, I’ll get one when I feel like getting one. Once I step on the ground of the school people look on at me and the vampires look at me. Yes, I knew about vampires they just were different here that’s all.

I adjust my back and held my magic back more to feel and look more human if I didn’t people would be even more suspicious of me.

Some females made comments, some men made comments but I just stood my ground and walk faster.

Once I got to the office I compelled the principal who’s name I forget to make sure I was enrolled in the school.

Was that was done and I had a name here I smiled and walk out the double doors.

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Time skip///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I sat my tray down at my table and start eating my food I gasp as someone slammed their tray down on my table and I glance up in shock at the person.

Alice Cullen.

She was Cullen’s ’ baby ’ sister and she was spoiled just the way she wanted to be. She had this smile on her face as we’ve been friends for years. Already I wanted to hide and never come out but I force a smile on my face as she opens her mouth and all gibberish came out.

I played with my hair as she introduced herself and her family. Just then her boyfriend jasper have come over to, wasn’t he her brother? Wasn’t the point of adopting? That’s weird family I thought.

“ hello sugar, nice to meet you, I do hope you like your stay since you been here, my darling ain’t bothering you isn’t she?” Jasper replied smiling at me. I giggled softly he came across to me the gentlemen I could tell he lived at least 200 or years or maybe less.

He has a southern drawl and he talks like he was trained and obedient. I like that about him but it also looked like he could lose control already. Like he was suffering or hearing voices in his head.

How strange, maybe I should keep my eyes on him and make sure he didn’t try anything funny.

“ no babe, actually I like Alice very much and I think Alice and I will be the very best of friends"  I replied shocking myself at how I sounded so mature and way beyond my years.

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Author: olivieblake

Rating: M

Genre: humor, fluff, multichap, smut, muggle-AU

Summary: The Death Eaters are an outlaw motorcycle club run by Tom Riddle, a notoriously ruthless leader who works the brotherhood into high stakes criminal activity after the death of their previous president. Draco Malfoy is heir to the throne, but his life abruptly changes when fate lands him in the hands of a young doctor. Dramione, muggle AU. COMPLETE.


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This year Hermione invited Ron over to experience muggle Thanksgiving and it went a little something like this

Ron:Hermione what’s a yam, can I eat it?

Hermione:Ron why don’t you help us make stuffing for the turkey?

Ron:Wait that goes in there?!

Hermione:Want to pull on the wishbone with me?

Ron: What’s a wishbone?


At the dinner table

Ron: *Is amazed at all the food that is displayed before him*

Once everyone is done eating

Ron: Wait there’s desert too?!

Ron: *Demands he have his tummy rubbed like a dog after hes finished with everything.*

Hermione:You’re so cute,Happy Thanksgiving Ronald.

Ron:Best holiday ever! Happy Thanksgiving Hermione *kisses her*

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  • Petunia teaches Severus and Evan how to write poetry
  • The all have dates at local book stores, Evan can’t help but buy every book they want
  • Petunia has to keep both Evan and Severus from getting arrested
  • Severus has to talk Petunia into sneaking out of the house at night
  • Evan has attempted to murder Vernon more than once….Vernon has a restraining order against him (it does nothing)
  • Mr & Mrs. Evans aren’t all that thrilled about having Petunia date two boys at the same time
  • Lily, for the sake of her sister, does her best to be supportive
  • They all listen to classical music whenever they visit Petunia
  • They once went to the beach and both Evan & Severus have threatened several guys for eyeing Petunia
  • Petunia has also given out death glares to every girl that walks by
  • Both Severus and Evan almost drowned because they decided to attack eachother, Petunia simply sat on her beach towel enjoying her book
  • Evan & Severus write letters to Petunia everyday when they go back to Hogwarts
  • They have matching necklaces
  • Lily has threatened both Severus & Evan
  • It was the first time Evan felt fear, and Severus simply smiled
  • Petunia is basically a social going out with two greaser boys
  • Severus and Evan had ditched the remainder of the school year after winter break
  • Petunia scolded them for it but she did enjoying having them all to herself
  • They have picnics at the nearby park
  • Petunia is the one to drive them everywhere cause Evan gets road rage and Severus gets tempted to race people. Plus She refuses to have them apparate her anywhere
  • They argue from time to time but Severus always manages to defuse them
  • Petunia helps teach them how to cook
  • Evan has had to pay to repair their kitchen 10 times after that he and Severus finally turned off age and repaired the kitchen with magic
  • They are banned from the kitchen
  • Evan & Severus managed to convince Petunia’s parents to let her spend a few night at Rosier Manor
  • Petunia was amazed and didn’t want to leave
  • They spend their time in the garden
  • Petunia was brought to tears after Evan & Severus showed her a special part of the garden where they had planted petunias of all colors
  • Evan & Severus do their best to keep her safe during her visit
  • Eventually, yet stubbornly, they had to take Petunia back home
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