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kumamaskart · 22 hours ago
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Snooj redraw
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sashi-ya · a day ago
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Monkey D. Luffy ~ Ep. 1028~ Wano Kuni Arc [part2]
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yellowyola · 17 hours ago
Idk if it's an AU or something, I just wanted to draw cute stuff with these idiots 'cause I love them so much
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nerdreamer · a day ago
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rishere222 · a day ago
How would One Piece Characters Confess their Love for you
Tumblr media
—☆ Fluff
—☆ Fem and Masc Y/N, HC
—☆ warning: mention of depression & anxiety
Tumblr media
The biggest tsundere
Her love language is asking you for help
Would deny it at first
Most likely confessed because of a near death experience
"This may be the end so I'm saying this once so you better listen. I like you okay. Now think of a plan to get us out of this."
Blushes real hard
Punches you for making her feel butterflies in her stomach
Extremely generous and flirty towards you
Doesn't know what liking someone is
Nami and Robin will tell him that he has feelings for you, because he wasn't really self aware
Very affectionate
Never really liked someone before so he was nervous about confessing
More likely he accidentally told you that he likes you
"So what? I like you and that's just how it is. Can you blame me? You're very cool."
Will feel proud once he confesses
Loves to cling to you and asks you to play with him
Very emotionally aware and vocal
Found out you're suffering from anxiety be cause of a traumatic past so he's very gentle towards you
He would cook for you (ofc)
Likes listening to you, he wants you to see him as a safe place
He was surprisingly very serious when he confessed to you because he doesn't want you to think that he's joking
"I like you Y/N, I've adored you for quite some time now. No pressure though, I want you to heal from your struggles and I want to help you too. I'll always be here for you okay, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm just here."
He's your biggest supporter, literally sees you as a goddess/god.
Would ask Chopper to make medicine for you when you're experiencing an intense panic attack
You and Robin shares the same interest, reading books.
You suffer from depression and reading is your coping mechanism
Robin was shy at first, she doesn't want to pressure you
Her love language is recommending you a book she really likes
Robin understands your struggles and tries her best to always be there for you
Her way of confessing was giving you a book that highlighted the following words:
"Hello, I've liked you for quite some time now. You are an amazing and beautiful person. I only wish nothing but the best for you and for our future adventures" -Robin
She was in denial and tried to be very respectful
Very shy and bashful after she confessed
Loves to remind you to drink your anti-depressants
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zosanslady · 4 months ago
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Their outfits looks so freaking awesome!!!
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ace-no-isha · 2 months ago
luffy IS selfish. i need to correct myself. he does everything simply because he wants to and he doesn’t care how big of a mess he makes to get his way. but his way is always freedom and kindness and food for the hungry and water in parched lands and happiness for everyone around him. his selfishness is so inherently selfless that it feels wrong to call him selfish but he is undeniably selfish. it just so happens that he’s kind, too.
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fangirl-lilith · 28 days ago
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A new course 🧭
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glooumnastas · a month ago
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Sometimes I’m just…
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dontknowplshelp · 2 months ago
One Piece Characters realizing they’re in love
-> with Perona, Luffy, Doflamingo & Law
part 2
Tumblr media
didn’t think he could fall in love
but the more time he spends with you, the more greedy he gets
you make him feel at ease
loves your presence
he wants you to be by his side all the time
still acts like you’re annoying
thought he could spent his lifetime without being donated to someone, but you proved him wrong
bbyboy had no clue
at first he saw you as a very special friend that he wanted to make smile
but after some time he realized (nah i’m lying, literally everyone except him realized) that he would do anything to make you smile
you both have a really deep bond & he would never forgive anyone who makes you cry
he wants to be the one that makes you the happiest
also didn’t think he could ever fall in love
he never took human relationships serious
but your smile and your reached out hand couldn’t leave his mind
you reminded him of his beautiful mother
suddenly he didn’t care about others as much as he did for you
he wants to be the only one you show that smile to and would do anything necessarily for it
for her, u r the cutest thing she’s ever seen
wants your attention 24/7
is sooo clingy i swear
you’re also like the only person she’s never used her negative hollow against
wants to put her cutest act around you but u make her feel like she could just be herself
starts crying-
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yournameiswhat · 4 months ago
Silly 👦
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kappa-sama · 6 months ago
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sashi-ya · a day ago
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Monkey D. Luffy ~ Ep. 1028~ Wano Kuni Arc [part1]
I cry with every little step you take towards becoming a God, my sweet Luffy. I'm like a proud mamma
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lu-zo-san · a month ago
🏴‍☠️ Monster Trio 🏴‍☠️
When you kick someone's ass for talking shit about them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: When you kick someone's ass for talking shit about them...
Pairings: Monster Trio x Reader
Word Count: 440 words
Warnings: Nothing much just Fluff, a bit fighting.
Op Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~ First of all he won't even care of someone talks shit about him even if it happens in front of him.
~ So when someone did he would laugh it off but you couldn't being a short tempered person you just threw the nearest object at them making everyone gasp.
~ Even Luffy...
~ And that's how you ended up giving that person a really bad injury.
~ " Should have thought a thousand times before talking shit about My Caption bitch "
~ " (Yyyyy/nnnnnnn) you didn't have toooo " Luffy whines more when you pull his cheeks
~ " But I don't like it I mean how can they talk shit about this wonderful sunshine I mean Caption " You huffed and continued walking back to your ship
~ 'Hehehe (Y/n) worries about meee~~<3'
Tumblr media
~ Unless someone is ready to throw their hands on him he would not he give them a look
~ But do get upset when someone talk shit about his swords
~ So before he could so what his swords can do you stood up and kicked their butt
~ Zoro would smirks and be proud how you would defend him and would blush too.
~ Zoro would definitely get turned on too and will comment
~ "You need a reward for being a good girl come on"
~ And literally draga you away either by hand you pull you on his shoulders.
Tumblr media
~As for Sanji I think he would also be like zoro ignore until it's girls or you or cooking.
~So for him you got up and slammed their face on bar table.
~ Which really made hot and made him give heart eyes and his weird swirling.
~ He will definitely have more nosebleed and pass out.
~[you had to ask Chopper for help]
~ You looked at passed out Sanji and said "Even tho you are a pervert cook, you are my pervert cook and I wouldn't let anyone talk shit about you unless it's me" "And me" "Shut up Zoro I am trying to be romantic" "tch"
~ Sanji hears everything and smiles internally the love he felt made his heart swell.
~ And happily accept his genuine love for you.
~He later kicks Zoro's ass for ruining the mood.
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luffywillbethepirateking · 9 months ago
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There's something pleasing about the Straw Hats using guns.
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imasimpforshanks · 10 months ago
how they react when you randomly ask “do you love me”
Tumblr media
ft. luffy, zoro, sanji, law, shanks, ace, sabo
a/n: HELLO IM BACK!!! well, more or less! sorry for not posting for a long time! I’ve been crazy crazy busy!! I have missed posting though so yeah!!!!$ I hope you enjoy this little fluff<3333 lots of love x
Tumblr media
luffy doesn’t respond verbally. instead, he tackles you to the ground, smothering you in kisses. it’s only when you’re gasping for breath through laughs does he stop and then, with his smile as bright as the sun, says “i think that answers your question!”
the question causes zoro to hesitate. not because he doesn’t love you. no. in fact it’s the opposite - he loves you so much. you asking him if he loves you only made him that much more certain, which is why when you repeat the question to bring his attention back, zoro answers immediately, “of course i do, dumbass.”
in all honesty, you expected sanji to go on some long over the the top extremely dramatic rant about how much he loves you. but that’s not what happened in the slightest. without looking up from what he was cooking, without even missing a beat he says “i love you with every fiber of me being.” his response is so immediate, so quick and so certain, because loving you is second nature to him.
law lets out a sigh. not because he’s annoyed at the question - he’s just a bit confused. “seriously?” he asks. when you only nod in response he leans forward to place his hand on the top of your head before saying “i love you.” and when your face lights up at his words he says it again, this time to himself, “yeah, i really do love you.”
“hell yeah i do, baby” shanks responds. you smile at him before noticing his smirk and you realize he’s not done just yet. “you may be a pain in the ass, but you’re MY pain in the ass” he finished. he can’t help the hearty chuckle that escapes when you roll your eyes and playfully hit his chest saying, “if anyone’s a pain in the ass here, it’s you.”
ace reaches for your hand and twirls you around before pulling you into his chest and responding with a smile “more than life itself.” he feels his heart swell with even more love when you tease him playfully, “wow i never knew you could be so cheesy.”
sabo smiles at you fondly while taking your hand in his own. “i sure do. there’s not a day that goes by where i don’t think about how much i love you.” you give his hand a squeeze and he returns the action before bringing your hand up to his lips and placing a soft kiss on the back of it.
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koyomiyomi6 · 2 months ago
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Monster trio!
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