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orda-ixii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday to my dear muse, the hungriest and laziest fictional boy Murasakibara Atsushi kun ! (。・ω・。)ノ♡
Love every minute I spend creating stuff about him and his very dear senpai, looking forward to go on with them for as long as I am inspired.
Thanks to them, I got out of a freaking massive art block and mental breakdown.
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homahiso · 5 months ago
A3! gay hcs day 9
muku sakisaka is princegender, pansexual, and uses prince/he/kit pronouns!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s still day 9 somewhere (variation of the princegender flag made by me lol)
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doctorshakyhands · 3 years ago
Person : How mukkun are you?
Me : I add sugar to my protein shake. 😐
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orda-ixii · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Probably last MuraHimu post for 2020  
Already got enough stuff I'd like to doodle to go on with them until late 2021.
I’m trying different styles everytime cause I ain’t happy with my current sketching/lining and I hope it’ll improve nicely enough to get to the Himuro I’m dreaming of !!
2021 will be an interesting journey art wise, and I plan to get through it stronger, keeping those precious boys by my side o/
(Will probably go back to some MakoHaru/PharMercy/Tomoyo x Sakura as well cause I miss them so much  ╥﹏╥ )
Wish you the happiest ending for 2020 !
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talktothesun · 9 months ago
how often do i write fics? not often at all. but here’s a cute little piece that i wrote after finishing kuroko no basuke.
aida riko didn’t know why she was in akita when her father asked her to meet him there. “go to a coffee shop! i’ll be done in an hour!”
now, her father was thirty minutes late, and riko was ready to leave the shop when a young girl, just about her age, tripped next to her table and dropped all her textbooks.
riko immediately went to help the girl who was on her knees.
“i’m so sorry for disturbing you!” the girl apologized as she got up from the ground and nodded.
riko shook her hands. “it’s fine! here,” she said, as she sat down at her table, “have a seat. you look like you should rest your arms. you have a lot.”
the girl smiled and took the empty seat in front of riko. she put her books on the side of the table. “thank you. i’m sado kiyomi.”
“aida riko.” riko glanced at the books and gasped. “you’re in advanced calculus? are you a second year?”
kiyomi shook her head. “i’m a first year!”
within twenty minutes, riko and kiyomi traded tricks of how to study for exams, as exams were looming on many students throughout the country. riko learned that kiyomi was in many advanced classes for her age. she apparently excelled in all her first-year classes, so they allowed her to take some second-year classes to prevent her from burning out too early.
“i was supposed to meet someone here, but i think he got sidetracked again,” kiyomi said, hiding a smile behind her coffee cup.
“a classmate?” riko asked.
kiyomi shook her head, putting her cup down. “my sweetheart! mukkun usually walks with me after my clubs, but today my meetings got cancelled. so, i wanted to wait for him to finish his obligations.”
riko clapped her hands in excitement. she didn’t know much about the girl, but she seemed so kind. riko couldn’t help but be happy that she’s happy. “how did you meet?”
kiyomi grinned widely. “i was grabbing a snack right before class, but the vending machine got stuck! i was waiting for a couple minutes, trying to press several buttons, but it wasn’t working, and i had to get to class. i was just about to give up when mukkun came up behind me and shook to machine. i never met him before, but he was kind enough to a stranger to help. but instead of one snack, two fell!” kiyomi paused her story as her smile became smaller, but fonder. “i handed him the extra snack as a thank you. after that, i started to notice him.”
the other girl squealed lightly as kiyomi laughed at her reaction. “that is so sweet! did he approach you?”
“funnily enough, i had a project to shadow a teacher for a couple weeks, and i chose our school’s pe teacher. she was so kind to me and allowed me to shadow her for my project. she coaches mukkun’s team, so i got to see him a lot more outside of school. he would walk me home after his practice and after my club meetings.”
riko sighed. “that’s so sweet. how do you find such a kind guy?”
kiyomi shrugged. “he found me.” she leaned across the table and touched riko’s hand. “i’m sure your sweetheart, junpei, will say something soon!”
the other girl groaned, thinking about the dense captain. “maybe if he looked up from the hoop, then he would notice me!”
kiyomi laughed loudly, making riko smile.
then, as if the sun had set, their table dimmed and a dark shadow loomed over them. riko looked up and gasped.
of course, she should’ve known. she was in akita, in the town where yosen high school was located. yosen high school, which resided one of the generation of miracles. a miracle, who was looming over their table.
but before riko could say anything, something that she wasn’t expecting happened.
“mukkun!” kiyomi exclaimed, jumping from her seat and into the arms of the center.
murasakibara atsushi was one of the tallest people riko ever knew, standing at an impressive height of 6′10. her stats noted that he’s physically ready for a match, and her eyes looked at his body, which adorned in yosen’s tracksuit.
this was the player that intimidated all her players to the point of taking the first quarter with no points from seirin. this was the player that was deemed incapable of entering the zone, only to enter the blessed place where players could only dream.
this was also the player who bent his knees to catch the 5′2 girl in his arms, picking her up and lightly shaking her as she laughed above his shoulder with her arms around his neck. the center has a small smile on his face before he set her down and turned to riko.
their height difference was almost laughable, kiyomi didn’t even reach his shoulders, and she had to tilt her head an uncomfortable way to see his face. but riko couldn’t tell if she cared, because kiyomi sported the brightest smile in the snowy terrain.
“omi-chin, why are you talking to seirin’s coach?” murasakibara asked the girl attached to his side.
kiyomi looked at riko and back at murasakibara then back to riko. “seirin?” she glanced at riko’s bag, which held seirin’s emblem on the front and grinned. “oh, that makes sense! mukkun talked about you before and your great strategies!”
riko heard what kiyomi said, but she didn’t respond. instead, she was staring at kiyomi’s winter outfit, adorned in pants and books with a plains sweater and a long winter coat that had yosen’s emblem on the side. she facepalmed and shook her head. “i can’t believe i didn’t notice! of course you go to yosen!”
murasakibara stood quietly behind kiyomi during their interaction, but he finally sighed. “can we go now? i wanna go to the sweets shop. the old guy promised to give me a discount today.”
kiyomi nodded and grabbed her books from the side of the table. murasakibara grabbed the large stack with his one arm and held out his free hand. but before kiyomi could grab it, she went over to riko’s side and hugged the coach.
“riko-chan, please give me your number! i would love to be friends with you,” kiyomi asked as she separated from the embrace. riko could have said no, but when she looked at the girl’s eyes, she faltered.
instead of saying anything, riko simply handed her phone to the girl and kiyomi gave riko her cell phone.
“thank you, riko-chan!” kiyomi bid the coach farewell before grabbing murasakibara’s hand. “i’ll see if coach araki will allow a practice match! i wanna see tokyo, huh, mukkun?”
murasakibara only hummed in agreement but let out an “oof!” when kiyomi sliced his stomach.
“will you show me tokyo, mukkun?” kiyomi raised her eyebrow at the tall enter. when he finally nodded, kiyomi grinned at riko. “then i’ll ask coach! i’ll see you soon, riko-chan!”
at those words, murasakibara happily tugged kiyomi’s hand as they walked out the shop. their conversation lingered in the air.
“i’m sorry for leaving you on your own, omi-chin.”
“mukkun, it’s okay!” kiyomi hugged murasakibara’s arm in response, and the boy took his arm and wrapped it around her shoulders, keeping their hands interlocked. “do you know what snacks you’ll get?”
“you choose, omi-chin. but get me some for tomorrow too.”
“okay! oh, here you go! i found this in my bag and was saving it for you.”
“let’s share. oh, let’s get muro-chin some gummies. he was complaining during practice today.”
riko smiled at the retreating couple, thinking that the boy found someone who complimented him so well. she hoped she got to see kiyomi soon.
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sayegha · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The lighting is a bit off but whatevs.
I drew Mukkun and Ki-chan :3
Lol yeah you can see the half of Aomine and Kuroko that i drew lol
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Tumblr media
My longest haired son's mini-novel has arrived! Also the DanSen Wars manga and more JLPT study books... I know I keep saying I'll translate stuff but there's just so much I don't know where to start~!
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orda-ixii · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some redraws from the original manga panels - drawn earlier this year. Still experimenting stuff to get a design I'm comfortable with regarding Atsushi kun.
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