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silentglory22 · 2 hours ago
help girl im writing another fic
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myswanqueenficlist · 6 hours ago
Whenever Emma is in trouble, Regina is there to rescue her. Whether it's from magical monsters, men, or something as simple and unlikely to kill her as a minor, somewhat irritating allergy; Regina is there. Always. Honestly, it's starting to freak Emma out.
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grishaverseficlibrary · 8 hours ago
& i'll press you to the pages of my heart by pugnation165
Alina and Mal rescue each other. By saying they're dating.
Everything is totally fine.
"i'm calling you my boyfriend now, please rescue me from this conversation"
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the-emo-asgardian · 14 hours ago
Ever Since We Met
Chapter 15
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: After making a bet with Odin, Loki finally has a chance to prove he is worthy of being heir to the throne. Under mysterious circumstances, you find yourself stranded on Asgard, left with no option but to team up with Loki and help him win the crown. Now posing as visiting royalty, you must be careful of rumors in court that say you’re not who you claim, all while battling your growing feelings for the raven haired king. But some things are easier said than done because secrets, you’ll soon learn, can be deadly. Chapter Summary: You prepare for your evening in the gardens with Loki. Even if you still don’t know how he feels, your content to just be with him. Chapter Warnings: fluff, and a wee bit of angst A/N: This is it, one of my top 3 favorite chapters. Also you may want to check out this if you want to know some of the symbolism I’m sneaking in. Hope you enjoy! :)
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Tumblr media
After puzzling for a full minute over whether or not Loki had asked you on a date and reaching no conclusion, you finished the walk back to your room. It was all very confusing. He hadn’t said it was a date. But it’s not like he said it wasn’t a date either. Did supposedly evil alien kings even date? You couldn’t exactly ask him outright, though. Maybe you’d just try to play it cool and go with the flow.
What about that kiss, though? That was new, him kissing your cheek. There wasn’t anything inherently romantic about that, right? Like maybe it was an Asgardian form endearment. There were cultures on Midgard that had aspects like that. Asta and Sidra would probably know, but you were a little hesitant to ask. After all, you’d have to give away a bit about your time with Loki, and you liked those moments to live undisturbed in your mind. You’d tuck them away like something precious and pull them back out when you needed a little pick-me-up.
Speaking of your friends, they were walking into your room mere seconds after you got back yourself. You’d given them a key, by now trusting them more than enough to grant them permission to access your quarters at any time. And, if you really needed to hide from the world again, they didn’t have the key to your bedroom, so you could lock yourself in there.
“Good afternoon,” Sidra greeted, brandishing a pack of cards. “Today is the day you win for certain.”
“Thanks, but can I get a rain check?” you asked, trying to keep your bubbling excitement under control. “Loki asked me to join him for a walk in the gardens, and I want to look my best.”
“Absolutely,” Asta clapped. “How exciting. Come sister, let us draw the bath.”
As they headed to the bathroom, you were left standing with Ro, who had slunk in behind them, yet to make a sound. They looked a bit sad, and you were furious, thinking someone may have done something to upset them. Protectively, you set your hands on their shoulders, and they finally looked up from the ground to you.
“You ok?” you calmly asked. Ro just shrugged. “Did something happen? You can talk to me if you need to.”
“It’s just... I stopped by and you weren’t here. There was something I wanted to tell you,” they mumbled, dropping their gaze again.
“I’m so sorry I wasn’t here, Ro,” you said. “I am now though, and I’m all ears.”
They shuffled their feet. “I decided that, if you would let me, I want to go to Midgard with you.”
Your heart, already soaring from thoughts of an evening with Loki, now nearly burst with joy. Of course you’d planning on asking Ro, asking all your friends, to join you. Had hoped they’d agree. But there was something about hearing Rowan ask to come without you even having to invite them that made you so happy. Your sibling instincts took over, and you crushed them in a hug.
“Ro, I would love to have you come with me,” you told them. “And if you’re alright with it, we can ask the others too. We’ll be like a little family; it’ll be perfect.”
They hesitated a moment before hugging you back. When you pulled back from each other, there was a sad sort of question behind their eyes. You gave them a quizzical look, and they sighed before speaking.
“What if Loki doesn’t come?” Ro asked. “Would you stay if he asked you to? I don’t want to get attached if I’m just going to lose you.”
Your heart came crashing down from its high, fracturing in your chest. It was a good question; would you? It was obviously no secret how much you cared for him, but could you leave behind your old life and stay here forever? It was a silly question because you were sure he’d never ask you to do that, wouldn’t wish you to. And though you did want to, you wouldn’t ask that of him either, to leave Asgard and go home with you. It made you realize that, whatever he meant for tonight to be, you’d probably have to let him go in the end.
“I don’t know,” you honestly replied. “But I’ll always be there for you, I promise.”
Before they could reply, Asta and Sidra were walking back out into the room, quickly whisking you away to get in the tub. The water was warm and inviting, covering your body and tempting you to stay forever. To forget your troubles and soak until all tension was gone. Alas, you couldn’t. Not unless you wanted to miss your night with Loki.
Curiosity made you cave and tell Asta and Sidra about how Loki had invited you, hoping they might have some bright ideas as to whether or not this was a date. Though, you did withhold some of your favorite details. Sadly, they weren’t able to figure it out any more than you could, so Loki’s true intentions were still a mystery. Maybe, if you were lucky, he’d confess his feelings with a kiss that night.
Still confused, you finished getting ready. Your maids chose your most beautiful outfit, one in a shade of green, and helped you decide on accessories. They also dabbed some perfumed oil at the base of your throat, behind your ears, and the inside of your wrists. It made you flustered, thinking of Loki’s lips in those spots.  
All aflutter, you said goodbye after they finished up, giving Rowan an extra long hug before you let them leave. Your friends all wished you luck as they walked out the door. Once alone in your room, you paced nervously. With only a few minutes left before Loki was set to arrive, you decided you had to make yourself as alluring as possible. Running to your bedroom to grab a book (Loki had ended up lending you a few others), you dramatically draped yourself across the chaise in your drawing room, adjusting your garments just so, knowing you’d be the first thing he saw after opening the door.
Just as you finished positioning yourself, there was a tapping sound at your door, Loki seeking your permission to enter. You did your best to ease your heart, beating in unparalleled anticipation.
“It’s open,” you called. You opened the book, eyes moving over the words, though you weren’t really absorbing any of them. “Come in.”
“Good evening, my little mortal,” he said as he walked through the doorway. “Are you rea-”
You watched as he cut out mid-sentence, stopping in his tracks, mouth hanging open slightly. All too quickly, that look of jaw-dropping astonishment turned into a smirk. You tried to see yourself through his eyes, how this must have looked; just a measly mortal desperately crying for attention. The realization made you sit up, closing your book and casting your eyes down toward your lap.
“It’s too much, isn’t it?” you worried aloud.
“No, my mortal, it is not,” he said, rushing to you. He genuflected before you and took your hands in his. “You look beautiful. Like a god. Or, well, as much as a mortal can,” he added in a mumble, averting his gaze and trying to calm the flush in his cheeks.
You knew he didn’t really mean that last part, that he was just afraid of being too vulnerable, too close. You pulled one of your hands from his and used it to lift his chin so he’d look at you. His eyes were enchanting you, begging you to get lost in their depths.
“Absolutely gorgeous,” he whispered, too scared of disturbing the stillness of the moment by being any louder than that.
“Thank you,” you breathed, matching the softness of his tone. “May I ask why the smirk then?”
“Must I say?”
“No, you don’t have to. But please do?”
“Well,” he chuckled in a way more nervous than you were accustomed to. “Because I have you all to myself.”
Your heart skipped a beat, wondering if any of this jealousy had something to do with Fandral. It still didn’t mean anything other than he enjoyed your company, though. Honestly, you weren’t sure what to say, so you said nothing at all.
For the first time, you cupped his cheek instead of the other way around. He immediately leaned into your touch, his hand coming to cover your own. Together, you stood, so many unsaid confessions filling the air, though you couldn’t sort through which were yours and which were his.
“Shall we?” he asked, letting go.
You observed him, still imagining the feel of his soft skin beneath your palm. “We shall.”
Without being caught, you were able to sneak into the gardens. In the fading light of day, you’d been strolling through the countless fragrant, beautiful plants. Loki explained to you what they were called and where they were from. You were very excited when you reached a section of carnations in all different colors and were able to identify them. Loki smiled and went to grab one for you. His hand hovered over a pink one for a moment, then a light red before deciding on the deepest shade of red, cutting the stem with his magic. He tucked the flower behind your ear, skin brushing yours when he pulled his hand back.
You continued walking side by side, sometimes chatting, sometimes just enjoying each other’s company. Soon, the sun set, and you were left under the light of the stars and two moons, something that you still hadn’t quite gotten used to though you’d known since you first arrived. At some point along the way, Loki told you to close your eyes. You followed his instructions, and he took your hand, leading you down the cobblestone path. Bringing you to a stop, he stood behind you, running his hands slowly up and down your arms. In your ear he whispered for you to open your eyes.
You gasped a little when you saw the picnic he’d laid out under a tree eerily similar to a cherry blossom one, petals falling around the blanket. There were some candles, too, enough to illuminate the immediate area with their soft light, presumably so you could see as you ate whatever he may have packed in the basket.
“Do you like it?” he asked, a hint of nervousness in his voice.
“Loki, it’s perfect. I love it,” you smiled.
“Yes, well,” he blushed almost as deeply as the flower he’d gifted you, “I did have you skip dinner.”
Dining in the light of the moon, you forgot all your woes. Loki had brought some new fruits for you to try, holding them to your lips as you took a bite. He wiped the juices away before they could dribble down your chin and stain your clothes. The way he stared at your lips as you licked them the rest of the way clean set your pulse racing.
Once finished with the meal, the two of you laid down on the blanket, so close that your arms were pressed together. You considered reaching for his hand, but didn’t want to make things weird. So, you contented yourself to just lay as close as you were. Using his seiðr, Loki extinguished the candles so you could better stargaze. Looking at the sky, you saw a shooting star streak past.
“Make a wish,” you said under your breath, but Loki heard anyway.
“Why would we do that?” he puzzled.
“Oh. It’s a thing on Midgard that when you see a shooting star, you make a wish,” you explained. “I’m sorry, it’s probably dumb.”
“Quite the opposite, I think it’s rather adorable. Let us do it.”
You watched as he closed his eyes to make his wish. You tried to think of something too, knew you should be wishing to get back home soon. But couldn’t this be home? Wasn’t it kind of already? Not Asgard so much as Loki. He felt like home. You shivered at the realization, finding the answer to Rowan’s question from earlier; even if he didn’t ask you to stay, you didn’t think you could leave him. By the time he opened his eyes, you still had no clue what to ask the universe for.
“So,” he said, looking at the sky once more, “what did you wish for, my mortal?”
“I can’t tell you,” you covered up the fact you couldn’t think of anything. “Then it won’t come true.”
“Ah, I see. You mortals and your superstitions. Well, will you tell me if it does come true?” Loki inquired, finally turning to look at you.
“As long as you do the same.”
“It seems we have another deal then, my little mortal,” he charmingly grinned.
“So we do,” you chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder.
There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes, just enjoying the quiet night. Though it was nice, you wanted to talk to him too. Only problem was you were fairly certain that if you opened your mouth, you were going to blurt out how you truly felt about him.
“You know, this is probably quite scandalous, all things considered. Us, two proper royals, stealing away to spend an evening together,” he joked. “And completely unchaperoned too!”
“Oh no!” you played along. “Whatever will I do if my father, king of Þrjóskurheim, finds out?”
“Why, I might be challenged to a duel! I would have to accept to protect my honor,” he continued to overdramatically act, sending you into a fit of giggles. “No, he must never find out. I cannot bear to think what would happen.”
“We would be torn away forever,” you fake lamented, but Loki’s face dropped a bit, his resplendent smile giving way to a frown.
“Yes, I suppose we will,” he mused, his joking tone suddenly turning into something much more serious. “We really should be getting back to the palace now, though. It truly would not do for someone to find us out here. The rumors would be atrocious.”
“Oh. Yeah. Right.”
He helped you into a standing position, hands lingering for just a minute at your waist as he steadied you. You were standing so close that you knew all you had to was lean forward a little, and you’d be kissing. But you took a step back before you could pursue that train of thought, give in to your desire. You really ought to do something to get the notion out of your brain.
As you walked back toward the palace, though the shooting star was long gone, you finally made your wish. All you wanted was for Loki to be happy. And if you were going to be one hundred percent, completely, and totally honest, you knew there was another part to that wish. You wanted him to be happy with you.
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malinafics · 15 hours ago
He's Back by NiKoLals_AtTiTuDe
Alina and Mal are leading their fairytale ending, or so they thought until Genya and David arrive on their doorstep one night to tell them Nikolai, Zoya, and a monk named Yuri have gone missing.
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guardianofrivendell · 15 hours ago
Guarding Your Heart - Chapter 5
Tumblr media
Modern!Fíli AU written by @laurfilijames​ and @guardianofrivendell​
Summary: Bodyguard AU: Lucy gets dragged into her father’s past against her will and is possibly in danger. Fíli gets assigned to her as her bodyguard. He doesn’t want to be there, she doesn’t want him to be there either. But then things get serious and in turns out Lucy is indeed in danger.
Warnings: this chapter has a NSFW warning! No actual smut, just a very vivid dream. We placed the NSFW part between rows of the 💦 emoji. So if you see this and you don’t want to read the NSFW part you can look for the second row of 💦 and continue reading. Besides that warning, there’s some implied stuff but nothing major, mention of one erection (Fíli is a healthy guy after all), panic attacks, astraphobia (fear of thunderstorms), we have a lot of FEELS people so buckle up and oh yes, how could we forget... Half naked sweaty Fíli makes his comeback :) 
A/N: Chapter 5, a whopping 8.7k of fluffy goodness, our longest chapter so far! We just kept writing and writing, soft Fíli and Lucy are such a delight to write so who can blame us. To be honest, we finished this chapter about an hour ago so it was very close to our deadline this time around!  We’re almost done with this series, can you believe it? 
Laurfilijames masterlist Guardianofrivendell masterlist
Tumblr media
Lucy woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly rested. 
She stretched and stared at the unfamiliar wooden ceiling above her until her eyes could focus again. The sound of birds singing outside and the smell of burnt wood and moth balls helping her remember where she was. 
Hearing steady, slow breathing beside her, she turned her head to see Fíli sleeping next to her. His features were relaxed, there was no sign of worry or stress on his face and Lucy couldn’t help letting her eyes linger for a while. 
Small lines decorated the corners of his eyes even in his sleep, hinting at years of stress and too much sun. His blond eyelashes rested peacefully on his face and danced every so often as he slept and Lucy wondered what a man like him dreamt of. His stubble was quickly growing into more of a beard at this point and she noticed him scratching it often, but it still wasn’t long enough to disguise the two indentations on either side of his face. Lucy found herself wanting to poke her finger in them when he smiled at her, rare as it was, but she didn’t dare to. 
Even Fíli’s lips looked inviting, like they would feel slightly rough but gentle, just how he made her name sound whenever it passed through them. Luce. She was tempted to wake him then just to hear him say it. To think she hated the nickname at first, because it made her feel belittled but somehow that had changed and hearing him say her name like that now brought her reassurance even in the most frightening moments. 
She recalled how terrified she was yesterday, afraid the cartel had followed them somehow and would burst through the cabin door at any moment. The only thing that calmed her down had been Fíli. She never expected him to actually come and lay down next to her. 
Her cheeks flushed when she remembered how she buried her face in his chest, as if it was the most normal thing to do. He wasn’t her boyfriend, he was her bodyguard. 
But he had made her feel safe. Safe enough to fall asleep in minutes. 
And now he was sleeping comfortably next to her. She knew he must have been awake most of the night. But Fíli was also still human and she didn’t blame him at all for falling asleep on the job. 
Lucy needed to get up and use the bathroom, her bladder feeling as it was about to burst, but she knew Fíli would wake up the minute she left the bed. The guy didn’t miss much. Which was a good thing of course, but right now she wanted him to catch up on sleep. 
So she remained in her spot a little longer in the queen-sized bed that somehow felt small with Fíli in it beside her. All the curtains were drawn but they let enough light through for Lucy to take in her surroundings.
The cabin was small enough for her to see everything that occupied it from the bed. There were no separate rooms except for the small bathroom and she guessed from the hatch in the ceiling that there was another floor, probably an attic of some sort. 
Besides the bed they were sleeping in, the cabin contained a modest kitchen, a brown leather couch, a sturdy looking table with four chairs, a cozy fireplace and lots of shelves and decorative pillows everywhere. No television and probably no wifi either, but it felt homey, warm and inviting. Safe. 
She began to imagine what young Fíli might have looked like in various places throughout the room and how many memories he must have made here with his family. Him and his brother chasing each other around the table before one of them ended up in tears and sat pouting in front of the fireplace. His mother baking cookies, swatting away tiny hands while the delicious treats were cooling down on the table. Lucy could almost smell the scent of homemade pastries and smiled to herself. Fíli must be excited to be here. 
Although the place was remote, there was thankfully electricity and running water, unless those sockets and kitchen faucet were just for show. It surprised her to see there was even an indoor toilet and shower, and Lucy thought how that trailer they were supposed to have been in probably wouldn’t have had such luxuries. 
She’d be happy if she never laid eyes on a trailer like that again, knowing the sight of something similar would only bring up horrifying memories of almost being shot. 
Her lip trembled at the thought and she tucked her shaking hands around her waist to stop them from vibrating. Lucy closed her eyes to try and erase the images of a dark figure emerging from the trees, his gun pointed directly at them, but as soon as she did the sharp sound of gunshots filled her head and made her want to scream. Her eyes whipped open and she took a panting breath as she stared up at the wood-paneled ceiling, trying to calm herself. 
Unknowingly, she started to slow her breaths to match the steady pattern of Fíli’s and focused her attention on his reassuring rhythm. He kind of sounded like the ocean, air coming into and leaving his lungs in waves, instantly bringing her a sense of calm. She exhaled through her lips and closed her eyes, unravelling her arms from the restraining grip she held on herself to rest at her sides. Her right hand brushed against Fíli’s when it landed and she immediately felt his heat transfer to her chilled fingers. She was now deliberately following his even tempo as a way to bring her out of her panic, and she thanked him for being her saviour even in his sleep. 
Once she was completely calmed down, her bladder started acting up again, begging her to get up. Since moving around in the bed didn’t seem to wake Fíli, Lucy decided to try her luck and carefully snuck out of it. 
After she paid the bathroom a visit - again, she couldn’t be happier there was an actual toilet here - she walked over to the small kitchen area and began to quietly open the cupboards. 
Cups, plates, all kinds of kitchenware, but no- Yes! She had to bite back an excited squeal when she opened the last cupboard to reveal the stock of dry foods, and had to stop herself from waking up Fíli to tell him the good news. There was food after all! 
Lucy started to unload the small cupboard to see if they had what she was looking for. Spices, a bag of rice, pasta, and … ah! Coffee. He would need it more than she did, but she felt it was a small gesture of appreciation for giving her the comfort she needed yesterday. 
She did everything as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake him up prematurely. He must be exhausted. But then it came time to grind the coffee beans and Lucy stood staring at the grinder that would no doubt be ridiculously loud. 
She glanced over her shoulder to check if he was still sleeping, only to see his chest rising and falling heavily.  She bit down on the nail of her thumb, torn between wanting to surprise him but not wanting to wake him up. Checking every cupboard again to see if there was a mortar or something she could use to crush the beans herself, she came up empty handed. But then she saw him move a little and he threw his arm over his eyes. He was waking up... 
The kettle was about to click off, which would also make a noise and probably wake him up anyway, so she went for it and started the grinder, bracing herself with a cringe on her face. 
Just as she had expected, Fíli shot up in bed with a panicked expression, his eyes immediately searching the room when he found Lucy missing from the bed. He relaxed visibly when he spotted her standing in the kitchen area and he rubbed his hands over his eyes once he discovered the source of the unexpected noise. He swung his legs over the bed but didn’t get up yet, needing a moment to collect himself. 
“Sorry,” Lucy apologized coyly once the beans were pummeled into powder, watching him take deep breaths to bring his heart rate down to normal. 
“It’s fine. Sorry I fell asleep,” he said groggily. 
“You need your sleep too, Fíli,” she reminded him. 
“I’m fine.” 
They really liked lying to each other to avoid talking about how they actually felt, she thought. 
“Well, I figured you’d be awake soon anyway so I made coffee. You look like you need it. And I mean that in the nicest way possible,” she added with a grin. 
“Thanks, Luce,” he said, standing and making his way over to retrieve the steaming mug she held out to him. 
His blue eyes stared at her over the rim of the mug as he took a long sip, his gaze making her feel aware of their proximity and causing her to look to the side and clear her throat. 
“Oh, that’s right,” she said, getting excited all of a sudden. “I found us food!” 
“You did?” Fíli asked, holding the mug close to his lips, ready to take another sip. 
Lucy nodded enthusiastically and waved at the cupboard she left open for him to see.  
He placed his cup on top of the counter and watched her take out all the food to put on display for him. 
“See? We have enough food for the next couple of days. It’s not ideal of course, I mean, who wants to eat rice with a side of canned pears, but it’s definitely better than what we brought from the petrol station!”
He stared at the bags of dry food and the few cans that were stacked neatly on top of each other, and when he saw how happy Lucy was about all this he couldn’t contain his laughter any longer.
“I’m sorry, I’m acting silly right?” she said apologetically. “I was not looking forward to eating rationed portions of chocolate bars and beef jerky for the next few days, maybe I got a little too excited.” She started putting everything back into the cupboard to hide her embarrassment from him. Fíli had taken his mug again and right before he took another drink, he said, “Don’t worry about it, I think it’s adorable.”
They both froze as soon as the words left his mouth. Fíli because he didn’t mean to say it out loud, and Lucy because she couldn’t believe what he just said to her. 
“Did you sleep well?” Fíli asked, trying to change the subject as he searched her eyes for any sign that he made her uncomfortable in some way. 
“I did,” she confirmed. All thanks to you. “Are you hungry?”
Fíli raised his eyebrows in a ‘what do you think’ sort of way and Lucy laughed. Of course he would be. 
“There’s no breakfast food in the pantry aside from tea and coffee, so it looks like we’re stuck with these,” she said, holding up a package of the oatmeal raisin cookies. 
“Great,” he remarked sarcastically, taking the package from her hands and tearing it open with his teeth. He took one out and regarded it hesitantly before placing it in his mouth and taking a bite, sighing heavily as he choked it down. “I doubt even our mouse would eat these.” 
Lucy laughed again and took one for herself while Fíli refilled his coffee with his cookie hanging out of his mouth. 
“At least I make good coffee,” she said pointedly and Fíli nodded in agreement. 
“You certainly do, Luce.”
He took another sip from his mug and wiped the remnants from his lips when he finished. “Hey, I was thinking that today you could join me in my workout.”
Lucy nearly spit out her coffee. “I’m sorry, what?” she asked bewildered. 
“I’d like to teach you some skills. Self-defence. Just in case…” 
He didn’t want to think about not being around to help her if something happened, but at this point anything was possible and he couldn’t go on knowing she couldn’t protect herself at all if it came down to it. 
“You’re not going to make me like, kick you in the groin or anything, are you?” 
“Um, no,” he chuckled. “There’s more to self defence than that!” 
She shrugged her shoulders, “Well, I don’t know! That’s what I was taught, go for the eyes, throat or groin!” 
Fíli laughed again and shook his head. “Go get changed and we’ll start with the basics: how to punch someone.” 
Lucy stalked away to the bathroom to change out of her night clothes, which at this point was only her underwear and a t-shirt because Fíli packed so poorly. “Am I actually going to get to punch you?” she yelled from the bathroom.
“As much as I know you’d love to, no. Sorry.” 
She came out once she’d washed up and brushed her teeth, and was wearing more appropriate attire to workout in, only to see Fíli holding a pillow up in front of him. “This is what you’ll be punching.” 
“Ahh. Damn,” she feigned disappointment and Fíli rolled his eyes as he walked over to the bathroom.  
“Hope you left me some warm water?” he teased.
After he came to the conclusion that no, Lucy didn’t leave him enough warm water, he limited himself to brushing his teeth and changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt. He’d shower after their training.
Time for her first lesson. 
“So the first thing you need to keep in mind is your stance,” he explained, showing her how to use her weight to put power into her hit. 
Their session continued for almost an hour, surprisingly with no misses to her target of the pillow, and Fíli was impressed. She was too, and after completing her latest sequence of punches and knee jabs, she jumped up and down in celebration of doing so well. She was quickly reminded of her unhealed ankle when all her weight came on her left foot and buckled to the floor in pain. 
Fíli swore and crouched down to check her injury, hoping they hadn’t just made it worse with their training. 
“This was exactly the reason why we started with punches,” he grumbled. Her ankle was still on the mend, but the dark bruising had almost completely faded by now. 
“It’s okay, it’s fine,” Lucy assured him as he started probing it with his hands. “I forgot about it, that’s all.”
The way his fingers gently assessed her bruised skin had her thinking back to how careful he had been with her when she first sprained it and how much more concerned he seemed about her now. 
The sensation of his fingertips moving on her sent a shiver down her spine, and it wasn’t because she was in pain. Somehow she’d forgotten all about her ankle at that point.
“Are you sure?” he asked, his brows furrowed with beads of sweat collecting in the lines as he looked up at her, and Lucy fought the urge to wipe them away.  
She nodded and started to push herself to stand up, but Fíli was quicker, grabbing her hands and pulling her up with him. The movement brought them face to face, and dangerously close to each other. He still had a grip on her hands and his eyes flickered back and forth from her lips to her eyes and Lucy swallowed hard. 
He looked like he was considering— no! She pushed the thought away and broke eye contact with him, which prompted him to clear his throat and take a step back from her. 
“Here, let’s get you into bed and I’ll get a cold cloth for it,” he advised, holding her waist and acting as her crutch to help her cross the few steps over to the bed. 
Once her ankle was wrapped up and elevated, Lucy opened the regency novel she had started reading a few days ago, and Fíli announced he was going to take a shower. But the words on the page couldn’t keep her focus when he removed his sweat-soaked shirt. He seriously couldn’t have waited before he was in the privacy of the bathroom?
“Fíli?” she called to him and he turned around, his eyebrows rising up his forehead in question. “Could you get me a glass of water, please?” she asked innocently. 
“Yeah, of course.”
She admired his sweaty form shamelessly as he fulfilled her request. If she was going to be condemned to this bed the rest of the day, she may as well be entertained. 
Fíli stood beneath the showerhead, hoping that the water would help wash away his unprofessionalism. He still couldn’t believe he had slept beside her last night. She was scared and in that moment he allowed his emotions to direct his actions and he wasn’t going to falter like that again. Not to mention he nearly planted his mouth against hers after their training. He was furious with himself. This was work! Business, not pleasure. 
Already their dynamic had changed a lot, and he worried they were heading in a direction he couldn’t easily recover from. He was getting too caught up in the more loving and soft side of Lucy, and he almost wished she would go back to the Lucy who wanted him gone. This Lucy, his Lucy, was becoming a weakness. He needed to take a step back and not find himself feeling so familiar with her. He thought of all the things his Uncle Thorin would say if he found out and decided at that moment that nothing else would happen that could question his integrity. He was starting to carelessly toy with the line between right and wrong and it made him wonder why he kept testing his self-control.
The rest of the day was uneventful compared to their morning. Lucy’s mood was growing stale with being stuck in bed again because of her stupid ankle, and she noticed Fíli was distancing himself from her since the heated moment they shared earlier. Neither of them were at fault, they simply had let themselves get carried away, so maybe it wasn’t such a terrible idea to put some distance between them. Lucy knew she wouldn’t have stopped him if he had touched her lips with his.  
Every time she’d tried to leave the bed, Fíli gave her a pointed look and told her to rest. She tried to explain to him that her ankle was fine to walk on but he was having none of it.
So that’s where Lucy stayed during ‘dinner’ and the remainder of the evening to her own frustrations, stuck with reading books.
Lucy turned the page of the novel she was reading and yawned. After reading a few more lines, she yawned again. 
She was getting tired, likely because their training was the first workout she had in weeks, so she decided to turn in early. She rose from the bed and without even looking at her, Fíli sternly told her not to. 
“I am simply going to the bathroom to change and get ready for bed,” she defended herself.
“Oh. Okay.” 
He was about to offer to help her but she was already limping her way across the room and he decided to cut her some slack. 
After washing her face and cleaning her teeth, Lucy returned to the bed. Fíli noticed how she chose to lay against the wall instead of in the middle of the mattress. Was she leaving room for him?
Her eyes met his and they beckoned him, trying to persuade him silently. 
He shook his head and she almost looked offended. 
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Luce.”
His voice came out gravelly and thick with restraint and he could tell she noticed. Then she rolled over to face away from him and Fíli sprawled out on the couch for what he imagined would be a sleepless night. 
Lucy lay in bed awake after a restless sleep. It was still early, dawn not yet breaking on the horizon, but she couldn’t sleep anymore. She listened to Fíli’s light snoring coming from the couch and she wished she was hearing it beside her. Although things had been awkward between them yesterday, she had wanted him in the bed with her. For some reason it felt right. She felt safest when she was tucked up beside him, able to feel his warmth radiate onto her. 
Thinking about how much had changed since this all started several weeks ago made her shake her head in disbelief to herself. All the times she wished him away and out of her life and even how rude she had been to him. And now…
She couldn’t imagine what her life would be like after all of this was over. She hoped it would be happy, safe. And that he would be too. She felt a tightness in her chest at the thought of never seeing or speaking to him again and how she would actually miss the idiot. 
There was no way they would keep in contact after this, it wouldn’t be professional on his part, plus why would he bother? She was his assignment and he would be moving on to the next task without a second thought about her. Lucy wiped away a tear before it could trail down her cheek, the reality of what he meant to her setting in.. 
All those months with Chad had never made her feel like this. Now that she looked back on their relationship, Chad never treated her the way Fíli did. Fíli was caring and attentive, and he wasn’t even her boyfriend. The only things Chad really cared about were late nights at exclusive clubs, dinner at the most expensive restaurants and her being at his beck and call whenever he so desired. She didn’t understand why she was okay with that at the time.
But now Chad was out of the picture and Fíli… Well, he wasn’t exactly in the picture, but she enjoyed their time together nonetheless.  
Later that morning they engaged in a second training session much to Fíli’s hesitation. He didn’t want her to push too hard and delay her ankle healing any more, but she was insistent on learning more defense skills. 
He decided to show her how to get out of a hold from an attacker, knowing these demonstrations would prevent her from hopping about accidentally on her ankle. 
He was currently standing behind Lucy, his arms wrapped around her, trapping hers against her body. With a few swift movements of her arms and upper body, Lucy successfully broke the tight hold he had on her and freed herself, just like Fíli had taught her moments ago.
“Good, that was good, Luce,” he praised her, “do it again.”
She positioned herself to face away from him once more and Fíli closed himself around her again. She paused for a moment, feeling his dog tags on her bare upper back that were warm from his body heat. His arms carded around her waist and she absentmindedly grazed her hands over his forearms, enjoying the feel of them against her before gripping them tight and maneuvering to flip him onto his back for what had to be the tenth time that day. 
“You’re enjoying this far too much,” Fíli pointed out from the ground, making Lucy nod enthusiastically. 
“We should probably stop before I actually hurt you,” she winked at him and walked over to the kitchen to get them water. 
After refilling her glass, she went over to stand in front of the larger patio windows next to the fireplace, moving the curtain a little to let the sunlight in to warm her skin. She did a double take when she saw what was right outside the cabin. The window she was standing in front of led to a small wooden dock with lounge chairs and a magnificent view of a deep blue lake. 
“There’s a lake?” she said excitedly. “Why didn’t you tell me?” This was her second day in the cabin, how could she have missed it? To be fair, they did arrive in the dark and she was in no state to notice their surroundings at the time, plus Fíli insisted on keeping the curtains drawn during the day. 
But that didn’t matter now, there was a lake and she could swim- dammit, she didn’t bring a bathing suit and there was no way she was going in naked. Didn’t matter, paddling with her feet would be enough for now.
She went to the bathroom to grab a towel and made a beeline for the patio doors, but Fíli blocked her path. He hated to disappoint her again, but after everything they had dealt with already, he wasn’t taking any risks. 
Lucy rolled her eyes at him and sighed. “Seriously? You can't even give me that?”
“Same rules apply here, Luce, doors open - well, door in this case,” he said, grinning when he nodded his head towards the bathroom door, “and no one leaves the cabin.”
“There isn’t a soul nearby, we are literally in the middle of nowhere,” she protested.
“In the middle of a forest, with lots of places to hide. For us, yes, but also for the people who want to harm you. I know you’re desperate to get out, but I need you to be safe. Inside.”
“Then what can we do?” Lucy sighed dramatically, dropping her arm that held the towel so it dragged on the floor. She knew by now it was no use to argue about this with him and he had a point, really, he did, but she was also bored out of her mind. She needed to do something.
Fíli looked around the cabin before his eyes landed on one of the shelves.
“We could play a game?”
“You want to play a game?”
“Honestly? No. But if that means keeping you entertained and in a good mood then I’m happy to.”
Lucy pursed her lips as if trying to figure out if he was stringing her along or not, and decided to walk over to the shelf adorned with classic board games before he could change his mind. 
“Just remember when you get miserable because I keep winning, that this was all your idea!” she smirked over her shoulder before turning back to the shelf to go over her options. 
After some minor debates, Fíli chose Connect 4 after his first suggestion of Monopoly was shot down by Lucy. They played in silence for a while, both surprisingly good at the game and they had to start over a few times when the holder was full without one of them getting four in a row. 
“You must be excited to be back here,” Lucy said to break the silence. 
She was extremely competitive and she intended to use that to her advantage, thinking she could maybe get him to talk. Plus, if he was distracted enough he might make a mistake and leave her the victory. 
But Fíli only hummed in response, too focused on their game. 
“How long has it been since you were here?”
“A while.”
“You seemed emotional when we arrived, so I guess it has been a few years huh?”
He hummed again, obviously not planning on answering her questions. “Your turn.”
“Well, glad we had that conversation,” she sighed, letting her head rest on her hand.
They finished the game in silence, Fíli eventually won the first round - which Lucy was a bit salty about if she was honest. But while they were playing, she got the impression that he wanted to confide in her. He opened his mouth a few times and inhaled deeply, but then thought better of it, clearly struggling with the decision if he should tell her. She decided to give him the time he needed, she would listen if he was ready. 
“I haven’t been here ever since my father died,” Fíli suddenly confessed when Lucy was sorting the disks, setting everything up for a new game. 
“I’m sorry,” Lucy said, now feeling guilty about prying. “I didn’t mean-”
“‘s okay, he died a long time ago. I was fourteen.”
Fíli’s whole demeanor changed, the sadness evident in his eyes. 
“It can’t be easy for you,” she admitted, “to be here after all those years, I mean.”
“I’m fine.”
Lucy tapped the table a few times with her disk before she let it drop in the holder, effectively blocking Fíli’s row of three. When he was trying to figure out where to put his disk, she took the opportunity to really look at him. In a matter of seconds, he seemed to have aged a few years. The lines on his forehead and around his mouth seemed deeper, a frown on his face that he tried to play off as concentration, but Lucy knew better. This was the expression of a man who was still grieving. And if the mere mention of his father got such a reaction out of him, Fíli was probably struggling with a lot of suppressed emotions.
“Fíli, you know what I study right?”
He remembered reading it in her file, thinking it was an odd choice for a girl with her background. Now he knew her better and she was a lot smarter than he gave her credit for at first. 
“That’s one of my degrees, yes. But I am, well, was, working toward a specialization in PTSD.”
Fíli’s head perked up at that, suddenly realizing what she was hinting at. 
“Let’s play another game,” he said while standing up, shoving everything in the box with one swipe of his arm.
His reaction didn’t surprise her. “Fíli, you’ve done so much for me. Please, let me help you for a change.”
He noticed the sincerity in her eyes, she really did want to help him. But Fíli wasn’t ready, and right now, he had a feeling he would never be. 
“You sure you don’t want to play Monopoly?” he asked, avoiding the subject altogether.
Lucy sighed. He still had a long way to go.
A few days had passed and they started to fall back into a daily routine, just like they did in her condo. To be fair, they couldn’t do much else besides train, play games and talk since Fíli wouldn’t let her leave the cabin, no matter how many times she asked. Or begged.
The lake looked so inviting, what she wouldn’t give to sit on the dock and let her feet dangle in the water with the sun warming her skin. But Fíli was merciless and she needed to stay in the stuffy cabin.  
In order to keep herself busy, Lucy decided to start a little project of her own. She was determined to help Fíli come to terms with losing his father and properly grieve him. He didn’t want to talk about it, he made that clear before, but Lucy had her ways. 
After some time she had learned a lot about the cabin itself, how they used to come here with the whole family, but now his uncle Thorin and his partner Bilbo were the only ones who returned on a regular basis. How they all used to sleep in bunk beds under the roof or outside on the deck if the weather was okay. He told her about the activities they did and Lucy enjoyed seeing Fíli’s face light up when he talked about his youth. Until he seemed to remember that those days were behind him and his face would fall. Whenever that happened, he shifted into ‘bodyguard Fíli’, as Lucy called him, and he would check all the windows again, or sit down at the table to clean his gun even though he already cleaned it two days before. She knew better than to push him when he was in that state. Small steps. 
One particular night however, it was not Fíli who had to deal with suppressed fears. 
Lucy was already asleep in the bed, having turned in a little earlier than usual but Fíli was still lying awake on the couch. He was getting worried about Dwalin, Kíli said he would try to send him with supplies but it had been six days now and still no word or sign from him. If they didn’t replenish their food soon, they really were going to have a problem. 
They could go to a store - even though the closest one was almost an hour away - but only as a last resort and even then he would probably choose to stay at the cabin anyways. If it was up to him, they wouldn’t leave this place until the trial was over or heaven forbid, if they needed to relocate again. 
His head snapped up when a bright light lit up the inside of the cabin for a second, followed by a rumbling thunder. A thunderstorm! 
He got up from the couch and slowly walked towards the window overlooking the lake, sliding the curtains aside a little. Leaning against the window frame, he watched the storm come closer. Fíli loved thunderstorms, finding them almost soothing in a way. When he was younger, he would watch them with his dad and Kíli, counting the seconds between the lightning and thunder. Sometimes lightning struck down on the lake or on a tree nearby, and they would go and look for the tree in the morning, never failing to be in awe of nature’s true force.
The storm was getting closer and Fíli caught himself counting down the seconds between lightning and thunder as if he was still a boy. Ten seconds, seven seconds… One, two, three,...
The thunder cracked loudly and Lucy jolted upright, her hands clasped over her ears and her eyes closed tight. 
“Luce?” Fíli called before he made his way over to her. She was still sitting up, forehead resting on her knees which she had tucked against her chest, fingers in her ears. 
“Luce? It’s okay,” he said, sitting down next to her, his hand hovering over her back. He wanted to comfort her but wasn’t sure if she would let him. Did she have a bad dream? 
Another thunderclap sounded and Lucy flinched, whimpering softly while she tried to make herself even smaller. The thunder probably reminded her of the gunshots, Fíli realised all of a sudden. The sound of her being in pain - even if it wasn’t physical pain - made Fíli’s resolve crumble and he started rubbing her back, forgetting his previous hesitation.
“Shhh, you’re alright, they’re not here,” he said softly, “It’s just the thunder, no gunshots.”  
Lucy stayed where she was, all curled up and Fíli threw his arm around her, tucking her into his side. After a few seconds he heard her mutter something incoherent.
“What did you say?”
She lifted her head a little to glare at him. “It doesn’t sound like gunshots at all.” 
He chuckled at that and rubbed her upper arm in a soothing motion. 
Another flash lit up the cabin, almost immediately followed by a loud rumble, and Lucy cringed, putting her hands back over her ears. The storm was directly above the cabin and shook the whole structure with every boom of thunder. Fíli watched her carefully before he finally caught on. 
“Luce, are you afraid of thunderstorms?”
She nodded, and Fíli smiled at her even though she couldn’t see it. 
“Well, then this just won’t do,” he muttered. 
He laid himself down on his back and pulled Lucy with him, adjusting the pillows so she could rest her head on his chest. He wrapped one arm protectively around her, while his other arm grabbed the blanket and covered them with it.
“I thought it wasn’t a good idea to sleep in the bed with me?” she asked, her eyes still closed and ears covered. 
“Shhh, try and go to sleep,” Fíli shushed her, ignoring her comment. He knew he said that and he meant it, but he couldn’t leave her like this. He was her bodyguard, it was his duty to protect her. Even if it was from a thunderstorm. There was this tiny voice in his head, sounding suspiciously like his Uncle Thorin, that kept telling him he could protect her just as well from the couch, but he chose to ignore it. 
With every following thunderclap, she buried her face a little deeper in his chest and Fíli tightened his hold on her every time, whispering comforting words to try and distract her.
“It’s alright, the storm is almost over… I’ve got you.”
When the storm could only be heard in the distance, Lucy started to relax again and her breathing eventually evened out. 
Fíli thought she was already sleeping but then she squeezed his side and whispered, “Thank you.”
He wrapped his other arm around her and let his chin rest on top of her head.
“You’ll always be safe with me,” he promised.  
💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 💦💦 💦💦 💦💦
Fíli was in the midst of one of the most restful sleeps he’s had in a while, the storm and Lucy bringing him to an ultimate state of comfort. So much so, he was even dreaming. 
His breathing was short and ragged, and each contact felt as if electricity was surging through him. Her hands were soft against his chest, his stomach, splaying out on his flushed and desperate skin in a tantalizing rhythm. 
Her full lips followed the path that her hands had set, and he watched the slight pout of them part each time they seared against his flesh, leaving wet impressions in their wake. 
He groaned in anticipation as she ventured lower on his body, and another rush of blood went straight to his already throbbing cock when she smiled at his response to her attention. 
“Fíli…” her voice was soft in warning as he reached out to reciprocate any form of touch he could, but all he could reach was her hand that was tracing a line across his abdomen.
Blonde hair tickled across his arms and belly as it followed along her movements before she finally ended his misery. Looking up at him, her green eyes aflame with desire, she wrapped her lips around his swollen tip making his head fall back onto the pillow in rapture.
💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 💦💦 💦💦 💦💦
“Fíli?” Lucy asked for a second time, having felt him stirring uncomfortably in his sleep, his breathing laboured and abrupt.
He startled awake, sitting up quickly and swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, running his hands multiple times over his face and through his hair, trying to catch his breath. 
“Are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?” Lucy asked concerned, reaching out to place her hand on his back. 
He flinched at her touch and she recoiled immediately.
“Sorry,” he answered in a rough voice, “don’t worry about it, I’m fine,”
Had he been dreaming about his past, she wondered? Was being in the cabin bringing up too many memories for him? She couldn’t quite place his emotions right now. He seemed frustrated, agitated.
Fíli sat at the edge of the bed, unable to believe the dream he just had. It felt so real. And so good. And here she was thinking he was having a bad dream. Little did she know… It wasn’t bad at all. 
He ran his hands over his facial hair again in an act to compose himself, the hardness between his legs refusing to go away. He cursed himself multiple times in his head, thinking how he was slowly adopting the thoughts and habits of his brother. 
He was struggling to recover from his dream, images of her still flooding his mind and creating a temptation in him he didn’t know if he could resist. 
But then he heard a vehicle moving up the driveway, making him jump off the bed and cross to the window, moving the curtains ever so slightly to see who it was.
Fíli immediately recognized the red pickup truck and sighed in relief. It was Dwalin. 
“Who’s here?” Lucy asked with a worried tone from the bed.
“Supplies,” he said shortly. Lucy got out of bed and moved to look out the window beside him, her hand accidentally touching his when she reached for the curtain. Fíli huffed and walked away from her, not looking at her when he spoke. “It’s Dwalin, a friend of the family, I’m sending him in here to stay with you while I go do a sweep of the area to make sure no one followed him here.”
“Can’t he go and do that?” she asked with wide eyes. Lucy took a good look at the newcomer, the man was huge! All muscles and tattoos and she didn’t exactly feel comfortable being left alone with this stranger.  
“No, Lucy. I’m going, I won’t be long. Dwalin doesn’t bite, you’ll be fine.”
Lucy, not Luce. Fíli had used her full name… He was obviously mad at her, and she couldn’t figure out what she’d done wrong. He still wouldn’t meet her eyes when he quickly put on his boots and a sweater and was acting as cold to her as he did during those first days, a drastic change from how he was during their training sessions or when he held her during the storm yesterday.
“Okay,” she said quietly. She was having a difficult time handling all of this back and forth between them. It was exhausting. 
Fíli opened the door for Dwalin who had his hands full with bags of food for them and greeted his friend with a curt nod before he tucked his gun behind the waistband of his pants. So, his sour mood wasn’t only directed at her after all. 
“Lucy, Dwalin. Dwalin, Lucy,” he introduced them with a wave of his hand. “I’ll be back in 30 minutes.” 
He rushed out the door, leaving the both of them looking awkwardly at each other. 
She smiled at the man who looked even more intimidating up close, his tall form creating a large presence in the small room. 
“Can I help you unpack anything?” she offered, needing to break the silence. 
“Aye, lass, I’d appreciate that, thank you.” 
The Scottish man ended up being one of the sweetest people Lucy had ever met. Their conversation flowed easily as they worked to put away most of the groceries and supplies, making her appreciate his kind demeanor after the way Fíli was treating her this morning. 
When they were done, Lucy made them both a cup of tea while they waited for Fíli to return.
“Don’t mind me asking, but he seemed bothered by something,” Dwalin pointed out, “did something happen between you two? I know he’s not much of a talker but, I’ve known the lad his whole life and he seemed off.”
“I honestly don’t know,” Lucy started. “He was fine last night, there was a thunderstorm and he did his best to comfort me, but then this morning he woke up like that. Maybe being here is too hard for him, it might bring up too many memories of his dad.” 
“He told you about his dad?” Dwalin asked, surprised. 
“Yeah, he did.” 
Dwalin’s eyebrows flew up on his forehead and Lucy looked at him questioningly. 
“Fíli never talks about his father to anyone, not a word since he died. He took it very hard, poor lad, he never gave himself time to grieve if you ask me. He’s so different from his brother in that way.” Dwalin took a sip from his cup of tea and watched her carefully. “The fact that he told you about all this… you must mean a lot to him.”
Fíli couldn’t have gotten out of there fast enough, he thought while making his way through the trees surrounding the cabin. Thank god for Dwalin and his impeccable timing. 
He felt awful for treating Lucy the way he had, it wasn’t her fault his mind was creating fantasies about her. 
It had been a while since he had any sort of release, and the stress of the last few weeks had him feeling more pent up and frustrated than ever. But it still wasn’t an excuse to think about her in that way. He couldn’t. 
It was probably because he’d been around her for so long now. 
Yes, that’s all it was, just a subconscious reaction to their proximity. Nothing else. It was forbidden. He knew she was off-limits.
Those thoughts alone sent another rush of arousal through him and he clenched his teeth hard as he tried his best to think of something else, anything else.
He resisted the urge to yell out in frustration, because even now when he was away from her, she was all he could think about. Knowing he couldn’t have her made his mind wander even more and he seriously considered letting Dwalin deliver a message to Thorin to have someone come and replace him. 
Utilizing the full half hour to try and clear his head and do an actual sweep of the area, Fíli eventually made his way back to the cabin. 
Laughter filled his ears when he stepped through the door and he managed to give Lucy a weak smile when she looked at him, but her giggles ceased, her face giving away just how uncomfortable he had made her feel. He would be sure to apologize to her for how he acted once Dwalin was gone, but right now Fíli just wanted something to eat. 
He began searching through the bags they hadn’t unpacked yet, most of them filled with items that didn’t need to be refrigerated and toiletries they hadn’t brought with them in their rush to leave her condo. 
Fíli reached for a bag of apples and pulled one out, rubbing it clean on the front of his shirt and placing the rest of them on the counter. He didn’t think he’d ever been happier to have the opportunity to eat an apple as a snack and it surprised him. But what lay beneath the bag of apples was what surprised him even more. 
Without reading the handwritten note adorning the front of the value-pack of condoms, Fíli knew this was his brother’s idea. He was going to kill Kíli and he would make sure it was a slow and painful death.
He sighed heavily and carefully reached for the box without taking it out of the bag so Lucy wouldn’t see. 
Wrap it up, bro. Hope you don’t run out. 
Fíli dropped them back in the bag and crinkled it up in a minor fit of rage and annoyance and tossed it into one of the lower cabinets, his irritation radiating through the cabin. 
“What’s wrong?” Lucy asked from the chair beside the fireplace. 
Dwalin had the nerve to chuckle, knowing exactly what Fíli had discovered. He already had a good laugh about it when Kíli added them to the stock of necessities, claiming Fíli wouldn’t know he needed them, but he would thank him later. Dwalin kept his opinions to himself, but now he started to see what Kíli had meant by that.
“Well, I best let you two carry on and get out of here, I’ve got a long drive home,” Dwalin announced and stood from the couch. 
“Oh, do you have to leave already?” Lucy asked, enjoying being able to have a conversation with someone else for a change. And maybe she was also not looking forward to being left alone again with Mr. Mood Swings. 
Dwalin walked over to Lucy, smiling warmly at her and reached down to clasp his large hands around hers. 
“It was lovely to meet you, Lucy. I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances, I can assure you you’re in the best hands. But I have a feeling you already know that,” he added only for her to hear. 
Fíli watched the exchange from where he stood leaning against the kitchen counter, taking a bite out of his apple. He was thankful that Dwalin had made Lucy feel so comfortable and ‘normal’, even if it was for 45 minutes. 
“Thanks, mate, appreciate it,” Fíli said, patting his friend on the shoulder as he walked with him out the door. 
Lucy observed from the window as the two men spoke to each other outside for a couple of minutes, and she thought how it wasn’t fair that they could have fresh air soak into their lungs and she was still stuck inside. They made a few exchanges with each other and Fíli even laughed a couple of times, so he obviously was just upset with her for some reason.
Dwalin got in his truck and left, leaving Fíli looking at the cabin almost as though he was hesitant to come back in. What had she done that made him turn cold towards her again?
He strode through the door and headed straight to the kitchen, taking items out to make them a proper lunch. 
Lucy sighed as she debated what to do, remembering all the times in her apartment where she would have simply walked away and ignored him for the rest of the day. She didn’t feel like doing something so childish now, not wanting to be on bad terms with Fíli again. 
“What’s for lunch?” she asked from the couch, ‘testing the waters’ before making any further attempt at a conversation.  
“Salad and chicken,” he mumbled with his back turned toward her. 
She sighed again, of course he wouldn’t make this easy for her. 
“Can I help?” she asked with a small voice and stood from the couch. 
He glanced over his shoulder at her before returning to chop a pepper. “Yeah, sure.” 
Lucy reached across him to grab another knife and cutting board and started dicing a cucumber into small pieces.
Neither of them spoke, but Lucy’s mind was reeling. She would be the first to admit that she wasn’t good at apologies. Just as she was about to say sorry for something she didn’t know she did, Fíli’s voice interrupted her. 
“Luce, I’m sorry,” he began. “I acted like a jerk this morning.” 
“I can’t argue with that,” she dared to agree. “I’d like to apologize too, but if I’m honest I don’t know what I did to upset you.”
“You didn’t do anything wrong,” he explained, placing his knife down and turning to look at her. “There’s nothing to apologize for. I had a strange dream and it was wrong of me to take that out on you.” 
His eyes were full of warmth and sincerity, giving Lucy a hard time finding words to respond with, so she just nodded and went back to her task. 
They were both fairly quiet as they ate, and even though Lucy was curious about his dream, she decided not to press him further. He had said sorry, and meant it, and that was more than good enough for her.  
After lunch she sat on the couch looking out the window through a small opening between the curtains, staring at the lake with her legs tucked up under her, dreaming once again of sitting out there and enjoying the calm serenity while Fíli put away the clean dishes she had washed. 
She could hear him opening and closing cupboards and sifting through their supplies and she wondered what he was looking for. 
“You can’t possibly be hungry again!”
“I‘m not, just in the mood for something sweet.”
Lucy nodded and looked out the window again, thinking how good some gelato would be right now, when Fíli’s next question caught her attention. 
“We don’t have any more of those oatmeal cookies, do we?” 
Her head whipped around and her mouth dropped open in shock. 
“I knew you liked them!” she accused him excitedly, her laughter filling the room. 
Fíli shrugged and joined her infectious laughter, the sound of her happiness making his heart flip. Only this time he refused to feel guilty about it.
Tumblr media
Guardianofrivendell permanent taglist:@roosliefje​ @kata1803​ @entishramblings​ @artsywaterlily​ @sleepy-daydream-in-a-rose​ @marvelschriss​ @kumqu4t​ @dark-angel-is-back​ @the-fandoms-georgie​ @lathalea​ @xxbyimm​ @sokkasdarling​ @katethewriter​ @aredhel-of-gondolin​ @starry-cookies​ @elvish-sky​ @moony-artnstuff​ @kirenia15​ @hey-its-nonny​ @moarfandomtrash​ @beenovel​ @cassiabaggins​ @shethereadinghobbit​ @justfollowtheroad​ @laurfilijames​ @anjhope1​ @fizzyxcustard​
Laurfilijames permanent taglist: @guardianofrivendell​ @midearthwritings​ @cassiabaggins​ @lilith15000​ @trishthedishofreis​ @linasofia​
Guarding Your Heart taglist: @enchantzz​ @the-poldarkian​ @magravenwrites​ @thespiritoflife​ @wishingtobeinadifferentuniverse​
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marzipanandminutiae · 18 hours ago
Love it when a character delivers a fascinating concept for a oneshot to you on a silver platter first thing in the morning
(namely, “I am going to love you for the rest of my life, consecrate your memory, and tell your niece you were a better person than you’ve ever been. Because I know you would absolutely hate that, and fuck you, you don’t get to drag me down with you.”)
(“Also I have unresolved, conflicted Gay Feelings but I’m repressing that HARD.”)
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bajillianwrites · a day ago
Love Me More (Than You Possibly Can)
Rating: General Audiences Fandom: SK8 the Infinity Relationship: Adam/Langa (one-sided) Chapters: 3/?
Adam gains control over Langa, while Reki answers the texts he missed.
Adam started at a casual speed so he could continue to talk to his snow angel. There was no need to rush. He had a plan, of course, but he wanted to further drive it into Langa’s head that he didn’t need Reki. All the red-head was doing was intruding on a destiny that didn’t involve him.
“He was the one who told me you loved gifts, by the way. And how could I resist? I would do anything to shower you in love!” he said, glancing back at Langa. He could’ve sworn his darling was glowing like an angel, wings spreading and flowing in the wind. Oh, he was absolutely gorgeous! How lucky Adam felt to be in his presence!
[complete work on ao3]
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to be seen by larry_hystereks
alina has spent her life knowing what it's like to be hunted for being Grisha. she uses her powers to hide herself, hide other Grisha, and forms the Invisible Army. her main focus is to free the Grisha until she meets him;
the Darkling, commander of the Second Army, summoner of the shadows. alina comes into his life with a light he's never know, but also with a darkness he's all too familiar with.
or: my take on if alina knew she was Grisha her whole life and if her and the Darkling were truly equals.
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Hello ELF! I'm not looking for a lost fic, but do you know any rivaere fic that takes place in japan?
Try these~
Small World by Dreamy_Heichou
(Rated M, 4,883 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren found Armin, he found Mikasa, but will he ever find Levi? The world they live in is so much bigger than the one he used to know in his past life, which makes him worried about finding the man. He doesn’t have to look very far however, as one day they come across each other in the middle of the big metropolis that is Tokyo, Japan. Maybe the world isn’t as big as Eren thought it was.
Part 6 of Reincarnation AU prompts
Classmates (Doukyuusei) by Morganic_4653
(Rated T, 14,895 words, multichapter, complete)
A boy met a boy. They were in flush of youth.
They were in love that felt like a dream,
like a sparkling soda pop.
If you have read the manga or watched the movie its basically just like it but the characters are switched.
To you, a lifetime from now. by PKSamurai
(Rated M, 10,020 words, oneshot, complete)
In modern day Tokyo, life isn't always easy for Eren, especially when he's the only one who remembers their past.
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tananoyaarchive · a day ago
green is my favorite color
Title: green is my favorite color Author: gypsy_demos Rated: Mature Word Count: 18761
Hinata never thought he would fall in love during camp...and he definitely never thought he would fall in love with some one like Ushijima Wakatoshi...
Despite Hinata's hyperactivity, he loved the stillness and stability Ushijima provided...and though he would never admit it, he craved the near inexhaustible energy that he thought would only have belonged to his best friend Tendou...
As the two grow closer during training camp...Ushijima learns a dark secret Hinata has been desperately been trying to hide from his team
0 notes
Can’t find this fic where Levi is a famous professional soccer player and Eren is a photographer who has hemophilia and has a huge fan crush on Levi. I cannot for the life of me remember the title
Hi @in-love-with-the-poisons-of-life!
Here’s your fic~
Freedom of the Press by kylar
(Rated E, 181,500 words, multichapter, complete)
Eren is just an ordinary college student, wondering how long he can put off his art projects and if it's possible to live off of only ramen and mac 'n cheese. Oh, and if his medical alert bracelet is really necessary, because honestly, it shouldn't be. His part time jobs as a barista and a photographer for a major newspaper help pay the bills, but when he gets assigned the task of photographing the upcoming professional soccer match, he can't believe his luck. He has been given permission to legally stalk his idol, center forward for the Scouts, Levi Ackerman!
Levi Ackerman is a famous soccer player, and the object of millions of girls' and guys' wet dreams. For Levi, the life of a celebrity is nothing to complain about. He can walk into any bar and leave with his choice of men to take home. And with a sexual appetite that can rival that of a porn star, this is a benefit of stardom he takes full advantage of. The only problem is, it's hard to keep secrets when constantly under a spotlight. What the world doesn't know is that he's gay, and he's determined to keep it that way. Levi struggles to keep his deep, dark secret out of the public knowledge, but a certain green-eyed brat is making that exceptionally difficult.
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tomionefinds · a day ago
Any complete fics where she comes back to the future and helps the Order fight Voldie? Even better if there is some focus on the reactions of the Order. Thanks! 🖤🖤🖤
Hey Anon,
I know this happens in a few other fics, but these are the first ones that came to mind. -JD
Carpe Diem by Bertie Bott
M | Complete | 118k
The future is explained through the past and everything happens for a reason. Hermione becomes an active part of the history she studies so diligently in class. A dream come true, right? Nothing is as it seems...
Tied for Last by Speechwriter
M | Complete | 244k
Hermione is killed by Voldemort, and is now dead. Well, sort of. Turns out that death is a little more complex than she knew. Ignores epilogue and last 50ish pages of DH.
Masters of Manipulation by NerysDax
E/Ma | Complete | 161k
A true manipulator will control the universe, but who will achieve the wanted mastership? Hermione suddenly finds herself opposing Tom Riddle in a quest for knowledge banned by the Founders of Hogwarts. Can she stop the heir before he becomes invincible? **This has a 2nd part Masters of Manipulation: Part Two that is not complete but one needs to read a little into it to get answers to the ending of part 1.
Veal & Venison {Tomione || 1940s/1990s} by Patagonian
NR | Complete | 277k
In the language of literature, there exists a seemingly-concrete, antonymous relationship between good and evil, light and dark, hero and monster. And yet, we often disregard the transition from one to another, in which the 'bad guy' becomes 'good.' Perhaps it was the cruel mistreatment of Tom Marvolo Riddle as a child, or maybe it was the bloodline of Slytherin's heir himself that made the boy into the 'monster' who cannot be named. Or, perhaps it was simply because he did not know that his heart would beat in such a frenzy, that his cheeks would redden like a crimson rose, and that his normally-calm facade would melt under the simple gaze of the time-travelling heroine. If I were to bet, I'd say it's the latter. But it matters not why Voldemort could not love, for this is not a story about Voldemort. This is the story of Tom Marvolo Riddle, and how he came into direct conflict and company with the 'brightest witch of her age' ... fifty-years ahead. This is the story of love's recognition, in which the force does not suddenly develop between two people, but a poignant emotion, different for each individual, is uniquely described to be 'love.' Maybe Tom Riddle never loved, much like that of Voldemort. However, as one chooses to stubbornly believe, love existed for Tom Marvolo Riddle as long as he chose to believe that he loved Hermione Jean Granger.
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Blood of the Covenant by Solemnly_Swear
It comes slowly, one visit at a time. She’s living her life as someone new, not the Sun Summoner or Sankta Alina or even Alina Starkov anymore— rather, just an unremarkable woman with white hair and a fake name running an orphanage. She hasn’t spoken with Nikolai in a year, a year in which they’ve both changed, but they ease back into friendship and end up finding love and a family along the way.
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eggpires · a day ago
i definitely think i’m gonna try and start doing fic recs of fics that i think deserve some love!! this is especially since out of my almost 4k bookmarks over 800 of them are dream smp fics and so many of them are just like. so good and so underappreciated
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myswanqueenficlist · 2 days ago
Things are looking up for Emma Swan, security guard and one half of Storybrooke Mall’s newest power couple. Her girlfriend is as gorgeous as she is terrifying, she’s just been promoted to junior assistant patrol sergeant, and the leaks in her apartment have… mostly stopped.
But Christmas is looming, bringing old anxieties with it. Finding the perfect gift for Regina is even harder than Emma feared—what do you buy the woman who has half a shopping center under her thumb? She’s running out of options, out of time, and she’s pretty sure she’s being stalked by Santa…
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takaraphoenix · 2 days ago
Upcoming fanfiction news, for those curious! Because another one of my multiple chapter fics is coming to an end. And I know what’s going to take its place.
I’ve wanted to write what happens after season 7 since - well, not since I first saw the show finale, because that was quite before I was familiar with the concept of fanfiction - but it definitely has been years now. I always wanted to give Spuffy the happy ending they deserve.
But then there were the comics. And season 8 is so bad, I dropped them after it. And while I am all for canon divergence and ignoring canons, there is a difference between deliberately opting to ignore a canon you don’t like and being unaware of the canon. So I’ve been telling myself, for years now, that one day I’ll pick the comics back up and finish reading them.
Well. We’ve reached the point where I finished reading them. And I’m glad. For one, because s10 and s11 are essentially love-letters to Spuffy, and for another because there were many canons in there that I would love to include.
Now that I have the knowledge of what to keep because it sparks joy and what to burn to the ground, I want to give the post-show continuity my own spin.
Not in a way that requires reading the comics. In a way that includes all the things I love and forms a coherent story of its own. And in a way that massively changes enough to make having to read them very unnecessary.
No Twilight nonsense. No Warren grossness. No dead Giles, what the fuck. Definitely no Xander/Dawn. More Robin. More Faith. More Scoobie downtime and bonding time. Earlier Spuffy. The return of Tara Maclay because damn it all this is my canon, I will get my lesbian witches back together. More Spike and Dawn scenes, I love their relationship, it’s a shame it came a bit short in the comics. Also bisexual Buffy, because screw you, comics. More Spuffy. There was a lot of good, beautiful Spuffy in s10 and s11, but I want more.
Just gonna pack that thing full of everything I love about this series. Gonna make that my love letter to BtVS.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 2 days ago
Hey elf, weird ask but are there any top!Levi consensual / non con somnophilia fics you can recommend? It’s alrighty if you won’t answer this ask but if you would, would totally appreciate it. ;) Thanks!
Try these~
Lights Out by Fluffyboots
(Rated E, 17,039 words, multichapter, complete, dubcon elements)
There was a noticeable shift in the room; a change from their comfortable small talk to something tense and unknown. Drunk or not, Eren quickly realised that Levi was, in fact, being quite serious.
“Captain,” Eren said with some hesitation. “How often do you watch me sleep?”
Levi stared at him, dead silent. He only seemed to realise now that he’d been talking out loud.
Levi has a secret, and one night, he's not so good at keeping it.
Don't Stop by secretlywritessmut
(Rated E, 1,386 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren was rocked back and forth, something solid pressing into him from behind...
Early In The Morning by ShirosMissingBicep
(Rated E, 1,835 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren has a certain kink that he would love to have Levi induldge.
Part 5 of Ereri One-Shots
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