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delenaxjacey · 27 days ago
period multicouples | the lakes
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naturalcolor · a month ago
× take me down | multicouples [+Tina]
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captnswilson · a month ago
Thank you everyone for participating! ❤❤❤
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cingisblog · a month ago
Hi guys im really excited to be in this plataforma sharing with you some of my videos, i hope that you like it and enjoy it
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camelottree638 · 2 months ago
EoA Ship Appreciation Week - Day 6 Dancing - Multicouples
Elena, Naomi, Gabe and Mateo cannot sleep after a night of dancing while Antonia and Luisa try to get Elena to bed to be fit for her queenly duties the next morning.
Naomi’s “things I’ve never done before” is Esteban teaching her to dance. She learns how much she loves dancing and is overjoyed when Gabe asks her to dance at her Quinceañera.
Chloe’s “things I’ve never done before” is the new three-way relationship with her fiancé Alonso and his girlfriend Valentina.
And Carla falls for Marcel when she meets him at the Coronation. His land dancing is not perfect, yet, so it fits Carla’s more modern and carefree style. :D
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