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Ty I’m doing ok!! Stressed rn bc school & misc. fandom events, but besides that I’m fine. & dw, you’re never a bother!! Asks are usually fun for me too lol <33

Wwx… losing the juniors… again? I feel like this has happened before lol but let’s do it!

So, the juniors are all at the Cloud Recesses, bc bc. Wwx is sorta watching over them, but also is planning to

Jingyi & a Ling get into a little argument, as they do, so that night JL hightails it to Meishan. To cool off, bc everyone needs healthy coping mechanisms. So the others wake up and “oH nO tHe yOunG miStrEss iS gOne!!!!!!” !o!

Which means wwx has already lost a junior, and soon they’ll all have poofed.

Oyzz suggests they go to lotus pier, bc that seems smart, and jingyi & him basically run out the door

Sizhui takes a moment to breath and question his life decisions before

So wwx wakes up, goes to see how his son is doing, and finds four empty beds. Which means. Oh no.

They’ve either been kidnapped or ran away (probably a mixture of both tbh)

So now wwx is freaking out (cue title drop, lwj help me) and they search all the main sect areas and some of the side sects and they can’t find the ducklings ;-;

Eventually they find them sipping tea w/ the very scary Meishan sect leader, which, fun!

Idk, honestly wwx needs to put a tracker on all of them

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so 1 of my friends was a 1 direction blog and she had everything running good. i use to sit next to her at school and when she was on her comp i would look. omg now she became a multifandom disaster. its sad cuz her blog was quality but now shes apart of like 1,000,000 fandoms and im sitting on my couch on my computer laughing hysterically. the worst part is her 1 direction blog was quality for that fandom but she ruined it. omg im pissing myself laughing.

she will die a multifandom disaster, she will.

ik i said quality 2 times but it emphasizes my point:3

(i was going to put this on my main blog, but it just reached post limit ;/)

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