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#multiple animator project

I feel like animators should perhaps start changing the name of group projects. For those unawares, for a long time such big group projects of many animators would be called Multiple Animators Project, which as you all can see has an unfortunate acronym that’d be used. 

For those who don’t see why the acronym is unfortunate, let me explain. For some time now, pedophiles have started to call themselves Minor Attracted Person, which has the same acronym that they use for their social media accounts.

So in order to avoid being mistaken for a pedo when uploading one of these projects on youtube or tumblr or twitter or whatever, perhaps the name should be changed. I recommend Multiple Animator Collaboration or MAC. Or if not wanting to be mistaken for Mac Computers: Several Animators Project or SAP

Just a thought.

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The MAP is officially up! So basically, I am asking for artists and animators to join me in making a PMV style music video for the song curses with entirely fr characters.

Now since tumblr is dumb it reset the info and I’m way too tired to get it right now (it’s starting to get late leave me alone) so if you are interested in entering could you find a previous reblog that has the correct information instead of this or it cuts off with a … (seriously why did it do that for no reason???)

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