Person I know: Hi! What's up? How are you?
Me, who had 5 TV series (all with different genres), 3 novels and 2 podcasts going on simultaneously, while also repeating the same 8 songs at least three times a day, and eating nothing but pasta for the entirety of last week alone, just to avoid a single thought from occurring: NevEr BeTteR
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transgoddessbloom · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This beautiful and somewhat mysterious object is out in the store today. We did not know what to make of it at first, but it was then identified as a knitting sheath! 
It is most likely from the 19th Century and would have allowed the user to keep knitting whilst looking after their children and doing the chores, talk about multi tasking! The long end would have been tucked into the top of their skirt, with the spikes holding the knitting in place. This one is quite special as it has all been carved from one piece of wood, including all of those chain links! Many knitting sheaths were made as love tokens and with all of it’s heart motifs, this one seems like a good candidate in that respect! 
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as-i-watch · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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hoofpeet · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Welsh girls
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hyenasheep · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This is probably one of my favorite moments of Aether i filmed my latest ritual. Like look at him, just look at him, no thoughts just monkey
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skye-nsfw · 8 months ago
discreetly fingering my sub under a blanket while we snuggle and watch a movie w/ our friends, desperately trying not to whimper and give us away to receive her reward
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bastardcomics · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey PC gamers, can you do THIS??
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yunusaziz · 4 months ago
#SelfDevelopment 3 : Multitasking
Tumblr media
Istilah "multi-tasking" pertama kali ditemukan dari industri teknik komputer, mengacu pada kemampuan mikroprosesor untuk memproses beberapa tugas secara bersamaan. 
Sejak 1990-an, psikolog eksperimental telah memulai eksperimen tentang sifat dan batas multitasking manusia. Telah terbukti multitasking tidak bisa diterapkan seperti waktu terkonsentrasi. 
John Medina, seorang ahli dalam biologi molekular, dalam bukunya Brain Rules, mengatakan bahwa otak manusia itu bekerja secara sekuensial (berurutan), dan tidak akan pernah bisa dipaksa bekerja secara paralel (bersamaan).
Hal tersebut berarti bahwa otak tidak dapat sepenuhnya fokus saat melakukan banyak tugas, orang membutuhkan waktu lebih lama untuk menyelesaikan tugas dan cenderung melakukan kesalahan. Hal tersebut dikarenakan sebagian besar otak dipaksa untuk memulai kembali dan memfokuskan kembali pada pekerjaan lain.
Mungkin ada yang membantah dengan dalih, "Buktinya aku bisa-bisa aja tuh ngerjain banyak tugas dalam satu waktu."
Jawaban peneliti :
Ketika seseorang mencoba untuk menangani lebih dari satu tugas, mungkin tampak seperti mereka dapat berfokus pada dua, tiga atau empat hal sekaligus, tetapi pada kenyataannya, otak hanya mengalihkan fokus dengan sangat cepat. Bukan mengerjakannya secara sekaligus.
Apakah Multitasking Tidak Baik?
Secara umum, penelitian-penelitian ini telah mengungkapkan bahwa orang-orang menunjukkan gangguan yang parah bahkan ketika tugas-tugas yang sangat sederhana dilakukan pada saat yang sama, jika kedua tugas tersebut memerlukan tindakan memilih dan menghasilkan
Multitasking dapat mengurangi kemampuan seseorang untuk fokus, meningkatkan perasaan stres, dan memperburuk impulsif. Hal tersebut juga dapat memperburuk kinerja seseorang di tempat kerja atau sekolah, yang dapat menyebabkan perasaan negatif dan kecemasan lebih lanjut.
Ada statement yang mengatakan bahwa "Multi-tasking is a myth." Ternyata sekitar 14 abad yang lalu teori ini juga telah diajarkan kepada umat manusia, terabadikan dengan jelas dan gamblang dalam Al-Qur'an, dan beruntunglah bagi mereka yang mengimani.
فَإِذَا فَرَغْتَ فَانْصَبْ
"Maka apabila kamu telah selesai (dari sesuatu urusan), kerjakanlah dengan sungguh-sungguh (urusan) yang lain)."
(Q.S. Al-Insyirah : 7)
Manusia itu memiliki kemampuan yang terbatas dan parsial, sedangkan kewajiban kita lebih banyak dari waktu yang kita punya. Oleh karenanya, kita diajarkan untuk bisa menyusun skala prioritas dalam hidup kita.
Mana yang harus didahulukan, mana yang dapat ditunda sejenak.
Di Bulan Ramadhan ini banyak sekali hal yang ingin dilakukan, tilawah, sedekah, dan beragam amal ukhrawy tapi dilain sisi urusan duniawi juga tidak mau ditinggal, maka menjadi konsekuensi logis menyusun jadwal. Misal jam 5-6 full tilawah, hp dijauhkan dsb. Jam ini ngapain, jam sekian ngapain dst.
Semangat Ramadhan ke 4, adik-adik TPA🥳
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neon-junkie · a year ago
Summary: Tech's job is to repair the ship. Your job is to test his focus by riding his cock.
Pairing: Tech x Reader
Reader Description: Reader is gender-neutral. This fic does not include any descriptions of their appearance.
Word count: 4.1k
Tags: Established relationship, Oral (giving), Smut, Cuming inside, Praise kink, sub!Tech, dom!Reader, Making out, Fluff.
Notes: Happy Tech Tuesdays!! I just had to write something for this specific shot in last weeks episode teehee
Tumblr media
Being stranded on an unknown planet is one thing, but being stranded on an unknown planet with a broken down ship? Now, that's entirely another thing - a thing that the Bad Batch has been unfortunate enough to come across. Luck, nor hope, has ever been on their side, nothing ever goes to plan, but today's plan is simple: You and Tech are to stay on the ship and work on repairs, whilst everybody else heads out and searches for food, supplies, the will to live, and so on. And that's exactly where you are right now. Tech is currently suited up, helmet on, laying down on his back, working on the underside of the ships control panel. Most of your jobs are complete, and Tech urged you to have a break like the caring sweetheart that he is. You two have kept your relationship hidden from just about everybody, including the Batch, as you fear that it might cause a rift within the group. Although, you're almost certain they know. You've seen the glances Hunter and Crosshair make to each other when you and Tech are nattering away, and you've overheard Omega ask Wrecker and Echo multiple times if they're certain that you two aren't actually an item. The Batch knows, but the Batch doesn't officially know, and you both plan on keeping it that way. Alone time is a rarity. You'll be lucky to receive a kiss whenever you bring Tech a cup of caf whilst he's alone in the cockpit, or feel his hand in yours whenever you two are buddied up during a mission. You're both touch starved an unimaginable amount, and now that you two have some privacy, you want to make the most of it. Only, Tech being Tech, he needs to work. Tech wants to spend this time with you, just as much as you want to spend it with him, but the Marauder is in dire need of repairs, and only Tech has the ability to fix this ship. So, whilst on your break, you make Tech another cup of caf and bring it over, informing him of your presence as you settle down beside him. He thanks you, but his eyes remain glued to the underside of the cockpits control panel. Dare you say it - he looks inviting. Yes, he's busy working on the ship, and that's exactly why you're fighting the urge to hop on his lap right now. There's something enticing about Tech when he's literally buried in his work. Your mind has blanked out almost every single time he's attempted to explain something to you; you never understand what he's actually on about, but you always ask him to further explain, as the glisten in his eyes always makes you smile. But this? This is something else. You've seen Tech work on the ship so many times, but never in this position. He's lying on his back, hands and eyes fixated on the wires dangling above him, but the way his legs are casually spread is just so... oh. "Tech?" you question as you place a hand on his thigh, gently kneading at the fabric wrapped around him. "I know," Tech sighs. You're about to question what he apparently knows, but his sorrowful eyes meet yours, and he continues with "I want to spend this quiet time with you too." "Awhh," you sigh, giving Tech's thigh another squeeze. "I was actually going to tell you that your caf is there, and to be careful not to knock it over," you laugh, pointing to the cup beside him. Tech rolls his eyes, but from the way they're squinting, you know he's smiling beneath his helmet. He turns his attention back to his work, and you express your agreement with his comment. "But I also wish I was spending this time with you," you reply, and purr your words at the end, hoping that Tech knows what you're implying. "Stars," Tech sighs. "It's been some time, hasn't it?" "Tell me the specifics, Tech," you smile, and Tech's eyes happily meet yours. He's often silenced by his vods for 'blabbering' on about 'unimportant' details, but to you, his ability to remember so much makes your heart flutter. "Eighteen days, to be precise," Tech states as he continues working. "It's been eighteen days since we've had some time alone together, and four days since we've kissed." "I held your hand yesterday," you say with a laugh. "Yes, and I'm almost certain that Hunter saw that," Tech sighs. He stretches his hand out and makes a small grabbing motion, and you fill his palm with one of his tools. Tech shifts up onto his elbows as he looks at the tool that you've handed him, and he can't help but laugh. "I was motioning for you to place your hand in mine," he says as he places the tool down, and shuffles his way from underneath the control panel, sitting on the floor beside you. You laugh along with him, one hand still on his thigh, the other settling in his gloved palm. Tech gives you a comforting squeeze as he flicks his helmets' visor up, revealing his wide eyes, protected by his goggles. He speaks so much through his eyes alone, and you know him to a point where you two can speak without words, and right now, Tech's asking for more. Your hand slips from Tech's grasp so you can remove his helmet. His helmet remains in your grasp as you shuffle closer, and with a smug expression, you ask "do you want to change our four day count back to zero?" Tech nods his head as he softly laughs at your flirtatious remark. He shifts his goggles from his eyes, resting them on his forehead so they won't get in the way as he leans in and kisses you. Tech's kisses are always so soft and gentle, affectionate with a sprinkle of needy. One of his hands finds the back of your neck, simply holding you there as he makes up for all the lost time. Shuffling even closer to Tech, you debate asking a specific question, fearing rejection; you know that Tech wants the same, but he's busy with work, and work is always his top priority. You understand, and you understand that you two would have a lot of explaining to do if the rest of the Batch returned to find an unfixed ship, so you always allow him to prioritize his work. But Tech's kisses grow hungry, deeper and sloppier, and the whimper that he makes when you pull away confirms that he's just as eager as you are. "Do you want to reset our eighteen day count also?" you softly question against his lips, and your tone of voice makes him shudder. "I want to," he sighs, and gives you another kiss before continuing. "But I have work to do, although I estimate that it won't take me long to complete. Then, I'm all yours." "And what if the others return before then?" you pout. "They set off two hours ago. It's highly unlikely that they'd return in such a short time," Tech states. Smart, as always, but the Batch are unpredictable, and you worry that today might be one of those days. You ponder your thoughts, lazily kissing Tech as you weigh out your options. All of your work is done, and Tech doesn't have long to go, but you need him right now. He has the ability to work in an array of situations - under pressure, stressed, overwhelmed, and so on - but what about aroused? Yes, you've teased him on the odd occasion when he's been working, but that's as far as you've gone. Is it time to take things further? "Tech?" you sigh as you pull away. "Mhm?" Tech responds, half-lidded eyes meeting yours. "You still have work to do, but I don't. So, maybe I could start us off whilst you continue working?" you suggest, batting your lashes as you speak, even though you know Tech will say yes. To your surprise, Tech thinks about it, and quickly points out a negative to your idea. "I'm sure you're aware on how distracting your presence is, and... engaging with me sexually will distract me tenfold," Tech objects, moving his hands as he talks. "I've seen you work whilst distracted before. I won't be any different," you shrug. "I understand what you're referring to, but your presence can't be compared to the heat of the battlefield. They are two completely different types of distractions." "What I'm saying is..." you begin, and straddle Tech's lap as you talk, placing his helmet down on the floor beside him. One hand gently cups Tech's chin, tilting it to the side, leaving his neck open for you to begin kissing along. "You're a good worker, Tech, and you've worked through just about everything. So, you'll be fine with my presence, I'm certain of it." You can physically feel Tech shuddering in your grasp, turning into putty whilst you kiss along his neck, speaking against his skin. He lets out a groan when you nip at a sensitive spot behind his ear, and his hands find your hips, squeezing and kneading them. "What do you think?" you question, and wait patiently for Tech's answer. Tech stays silent for a while, minus his quiet mewls and moans. He's putting a lot of thought into this, possibly too much, but he eventually comes to a decision. "Alright," he gently nods. "You're welcome to engage with me whilst I work, but if you are too distracting, and I am unable to work with you around, then I will ask you to stop." "Of course, love," you reply as your kisses move up to his cheek. "I only want what's best for you." "You're what's best for me," Tech sharply exhales, and from the way his eyes turn wide, you know he wasn't meant to let that slip. "I mean... Uh, I shall return to my work, and you're welcome to... do whatever you'd like to do." Tech fumbles for his goggles, pulling them down from his forehead. You sneak in another kiss before his helmet is placed on, and just as Tech's about to lie down, he points something out. "I'd suggest that you shut and lock the door." You scramble up from his lap, shutting the cockpits' door, just to be safe. As you're about to lock it, Tech informs you of a different code to use, and explains why when you turn around and raise your brow at him. "It's a private code that I installed recently, just to be safe." "Safe from what?" you question. "Well, after the inhibitor chip situation, I wanted to install a code that only I know, so if something were to go wrong, say the Empire takes control of us and reinstalls the chip, then sends said person down to attack us, then we'd be safe from them in the ship." You're left speechless as Tech explains his bizarre, paranoid scenario. He notices your bewildered expression, and adds "hypothetically speaking, of course." As if that somehow makes things any better. "You and your paranoia, Tech," you sigh as you punch in the new code. "If it weren't for my paranoia, then we wouldn't now have this safely locked door, preventing the others from walking in on us, if they are to return early," Tech points out, motioning with his hands as he talks, before lying down and shuffling under the cockpits control panel. You roll your eyes whilst smiling, your heart fluttering over yet another reason why you've fallen for Tech. He goes back to work, leaving you to your mischief. Just like before, Tech has his legs partially spread, feet firmly on the floor with his knees slightly raised. As you settle beside him, your hand comes to rest on his thigh, fingers fiddling with the straps of his utility belt. You unhook the straps from his thighs, moving them up to his waist, giving you access to his codpiece. You know far too well how to remove his armour, and you find the hook that unlatches his codpiece, removing it entirely in one swift motion. Tech's already semi-hard, his cock straining against the tight fabric of his blacks. You palm over his erection, eyes peeking up to watch his reaction, and there is none, minus a soft sight. It's clear that he's attempting to focus on his work, and you're torn between wanting to be a massive distraction, and wanting to let him get on with his work. Sadly, repairing the ship is important, but you're certain that you can test his focus another time. For now, you're happy with slowly and lazily getting both of you off, waiting for Tech to finish so both of you can quicken the pace. Shuffling down onto your front, you free his cock from beneath his blacks, pumping it loosely whilst you find a comfortable position. Tech lets out another sigh when you swipe your tongue over the tip of his cock, swirling it around a few times, and then sinking down onto his length. You know by now exactly what makes Tech stir, and like the minx that you are, you go for those specific areas. Tech lets out a groan as you glide your tongue down the underside of his shaft, your hand lightly squeezing his tip. You spend a while between his thighs, earning weak moans, muffled through his helmet. One of his legs begins to lightly bounce, something his body subconsciously does when he's in deep though, and as of recent, something he also does when he's attempting to focus whilst distracted. With one hand around Tech's cock, you manage to slip your pants off, kicking off your boots in the process. You find the perfect balance between satisfying your partner, and preparing yourself, and although the position is slightly uncomfortable, the sound that Tech makes when he notices you prepping yourself makes it worth your while. "Copaani gaan?" you overhear Tech speak in his mother tongue. His eyes lock onto yours as he raises his head slightly, propping himself up on elbows, and Tech watches as you tilt your head in confusion. "Need a hand?" he repeats, and you mumble an 'oh' at his translation. "Shouldn't you be working on the ship?" you question. As Tech starts speaking, you slip his cock back into your mouth, completely malfunctioning his brain. "It's- I... the work- uh..." Tech stutters, and groans as he blurts out "mesh'la." A gloved hand rests on the back of your head as Tech lies back down, eyes scrunching shut, moaning softly for you. "So beautiful," he mumbles, and lets out a choked sob when the tip of his cock hits the back of your throat. "What were you saying about the ship?" you innocently ask as you pull off his cock. "It's almost fixed," Tech groans, followed by a heavy sigh. "Finish your work, Tech," you order, and your tone of voice makes Tech shudder. "Elek, cyar'ika," Tech whimpers. "Anything for you." The hand on the back of your head is removed, and Tech turns as much focus as he can to his work. You decide that you're prepped enough, as is Tech, and begin shuffling into position, straddling Tech's lap. His eyes flick away for a moment, watching through his slowly steaming-up goggles as you sink down onto his length, letting out a soft sigh once you're fully seated. Despite not being able to see Tech's face, you know he's struggling to hold himself together, especially from the noise he makes when you begin slowly rising and falling on his cock, taking your time with every thrust. "Your work, Tech," you comment as you lock eyes. "Y-yes, right..." Tech's words trail off as he attempts to finish up, moving wires and tightening bolts, putting together the final parts of the ships control panel. You keep your pace slow and steady, not wanting to move Tech's body too much as he works, plus the sensation of slowly fucking yourself on your partners cock is oh-so-satisfying. And from the sounds that Tech is attempting not to make, you know that he's feeling the same way. You two spend some time like that, Tech finalizing the ship as you slowly get each other off, tensing your muscles every so often to tighten your grip on Tech's cock. Wanting to see how Tech will react, you catch him by surprise by slamming down on his cock; Tech lets out a choked moan, the air from his lungs being pushed out, and he almost drops the bolt tightener that he's holding. He perks his head up, groans at the sight of you, and then lets it fall back again. His hands pause mid-air, uncertain if he should attempt to work, or enjoy a brief break. "Tech?" you purr, and his eyes lock onto yours through the tint of his goggles. "Carry on working, love, you're almost finished." "Cyar'ika, you're making this unbelievably difficult," Tech whimpers. Tech isn't always one for praise, unless you're reminding him of how intelligent he is, but maybe he'll accept a few compliments whilst he's literally beneath you? "You're such a good worker, Tech, you can continue with a minor distraction," you praise. Tech's eyes momentarily flick away, as if to question if he really can work in these conditions. You know he's accepted your compliment the second his hands move up, returning to the control panel. "See?" you smile. "Pretend I'm not here. Pretend I'm not riding your cock right now," you tease, and your smile grows when Tech lets out a deep sigh. "I'll get you for this," he threatens in his own, soft, Tech-like way. "I can't wait," you purr, and pick up the pace, positioning your hands on his armoured chest to give your body extra support. Your eyes fall shut just as Tech returns to his work, putting your focus into riding him. Your pace isn't perfect, but it's enough to get you off, and from the sounds you're hearing from your partner, it's enough to get him off too. You're so engulfed in pleasure that you almost don't hear Tech suddenly states "I'm done." For some reason, you instantly assume he's done with you, motioning for you to stop. "Huh?!" you yelp as your eyes snap open. "I'm done with my work," Tech states, unaware of your confusion, and you let out a heavy sigh of relief. He lightly taps your thigh, signalling for you to raise your hips, and with the tip of his cock barely inside you, both of you shuffle so that Tech is no longer pinned beneath the control panel. You slam back down onto his cock just as he props himself up on his elbows, almost collapsing down again from the sensation. Tech curses under his breath, and with shaky arms, he manages to reach up and remove his helmet, placing it down beside him. His cheeks are redder than ever, almost as bright as when you two shared your first kiss, and from the light layer of sweat over his face, you assume that he'll be needing a shower later, and no doubt, you'll join him. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" you cheekily smile, and Tech has the audacity to roll his eyes at you. "You're unbelievable," Tech groans as he shifts his legs, placing his feet firmly on the floor, hips slightly raised - the perfect position to begin thrusting up into you. Tech meets your hips halfway, finding the perfect rhythm within no time. He's no longer holding back, moaning and groaning freely, and treating you to the occasional whimper. Tech's hands are snugly sitting around your hips, and his eyes are struggling to stay open, eventually scrunching shut, his mouth remaining parted as he puts all of his focus into fucking you. Your hands grip onto his chest once more, thick plastoid armour pressed against your palms, steadying your weight whilst both of you chase your orgasms. You know Tech is close when he begins stuttering, his mind becoming hazy, but Tech manages to whimper "I'm close." "Inside," you quietly state, and all Tech manages to do is nod. You beat him to it, tightening around his length as your orgasm hits. The sensation of you squeezing his cock has Tech sputtering, mewling beneath you whilst he pulls you down onto his hips and holds you there, his cock twitching heavily as he fills you up. You rock your hips back and forth gently, just enough to milk him, and Tech's grip on your hips tightens as he begins panting; his eyes slowly open, pupils blown, gawking at the sight of you. "T-too much," Tech eventually stutters, so you ease up, coming to a halt. Both of you spend a moment to gather yourselves and catch your breaths. Tech's hands move from your hips so he can prop his goggles up on his forehead, wiping his face with his palms, attempting to snap himself out of his post-orgasm haze. "Good?" you simply question, smiling when Tech nods in agreement. "Yes," he sighs, "so good. I think you'll agree that we both needed that," Tech comments as he pulls his goggles back on, and props himself up on his elbows, looking up at you, still sat on his lap with his cock slowly softening inside you. Tech takes a hold of your hips again, keeping you firmly on his lap as he sits upright. His soft eyes remain glued to yours, and a sweet smile appears on his lips when you playfully rub your nose against his. Tech wraps his hands around your waist, holding you in his lap, enjoying the sensation of your bodies being pressed together. Neither of you speak, but you don't need words to express the connection that you're feeling right now. You cup his jawline, holding his head steady whilst you enjoy some slow, sensual kisses. The taste of sweat is light on Tech's lips, but it's not enough for you to pull you away from him; if anything, you're enticed by how he tastes, parting your lips slightly so your tongue can glide across his. An unknowing amount of time passes as you two remain tied together, catching up on those lost moments; the nights where you can't be in each other's arms, the kisses you've missed due to lack of privacy, the gentle touches that are always kept private. As you move apart, you motion for Tech to tilt his head to the side, revealing your favourite place to kiss. Your hands slide over his shoulders, fiddling with the ends of his short hair, and you plant kiss after kiss on his faint scar, hidden beneath his short, buzzed hair. Tech smiles as you kiss over that area, and once you're done, he presses his forehead against yours. Finally, one of you speaks up. "Would you like to join me in the refresher?" Tech offers. "Of course," you smile, and place a kiss on his nose before shuffling off his lap. Once both of you are dressed, and Tech has tidied his equipment away, you go to make your way through the ship. As you open the locked cockpit door, you're both met with an extremely grumpy looking Hunter. He's sat with his arms crossed, tired eyes, and the only thing he asks is "are you two finally done?" "T-the ship is repaired, if that is what you're asking," Tech replies, struggling to maintain eye contact. "C'mon, you know I'm not on about that," he sighs. "You're lucky that the others wanted to stay outside and enjoy the sun!" Both of you stand there awkwardly, gawking around the ship, looking at everything but Hunter. He lets out a long, defeated sigh before saying "both of you, go and clean up, please. And leave the cockpit door open, it stinks in there." With that, Hunter rises from his chair, and makes his way off the Marauder, leaving the ships' door open to let fresh air flow through the ship. At the same time, Tech and you lock eyes, sharing an awkward expression. To your surprise, Tech states "that went rather well." "You're joking, right?" "It's been a long time coming," he shrugs. "Anyway, are you still joining me in the refresher?" You let out a laugh, but shake your head in agreement. "Lead the way!"
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i-mmaginando · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Quando ti prepari e ti sei dimenticata di fare stretch-ing.
Il multitask-ing fa tanto figo.. saranno le "-ing"!
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ryokuu · 5 months ago
My everyday problem whenever i want to play something but i don't have enough time to do all of them.
Tumblr media
I had to do delete some otome games since i don't play them anymore like i used to because i need space to play genshin to be fair i only still play cuz of ayato and how much money i wasted in the game-
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wrrinkl · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Wei Ying is sick: Lan Zhan’s POV
患病了 - huàn bìng le - fallen ill
可憐 - kě lián - pitiful  害羞 - hài xiū - shy
無聊 - wú líao - bored 
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themedicalstate · a year ago
Multitasking has been found to increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol as well as the fight-or-flight hormone adrenaline, which can overstimulate your brain and cause mental fog or scrambled thinking. Multitasking creates a dopamine-addiction feedback loop, effectively rewarding the brain for losing focus and for constantly searching for external stimulation. To make matters worse, the prefrontal cortex has a novelty bias, meaning that its attention can be easily hijacked by something new—the proverbial shiny objects.
Daniel J. Levitin, The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
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sleepnoises · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
i went to the corner store in the middle of cooking dinner to get a replacement eggplant & looked an absolute gremlin on my walk back & wanted to commemorate it
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flustersluts · a year ago
ok but why is the idea of fucking someone sitting on ur lap while doing work or reading so hot like,,, sorry babe :// ive gotta get this essay done :// u can come over and use me to fuck yourself dumb while i write it tho duh
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secretsandancientdreams · 12 days ago
Improving my focus
Tumblr media
Do you know that feeling of working on something you are so invested in that you lose track of time? I haven't had it in a while. A lot of the time, I start reading or working on something, and my brain scatters so quickly. I start to read one sentence and I get a random idea to do something else, by the time I go back to the article I've started 100 different small tasks and finished none. And it feels a little bit like this…
Tumblr media
So... I've decided to start trying to improve my focus. I've done it before and really this is just a reminder to myself of how I did it.
Here's my plan:
Use my prime focus time for strenuous tasks - I can focus more easily from 30 mins after I wake up until lunch time. After that it becomes very difficult for me to retain focus. I'm aiming to block this time for learning, reading, writing and strategy planning. In the afternoon I can do emails, meetings and other tasks that require less brain power.
Read more - when I was consistently reading for at least 30 mins everyday I noticed that my focus on other aspects of life had also improved. I could work on tasks for longer periods of time and even do these at later times in the day. I required less coffee to focus and would even read for longer periods of time without interruptions. This makes me want to bring this back. Starting with just 15 mins a day.
Tumblr media
Do not multitask - I've fallen into this trap one too many times. I know how bad it is to multitask yet I do it. I currently work in social media management. My day is a stream of constant interruptions. From social notifications, stakeholder questions, calendar pop-ups and small task reminders. I need to be better at managing my time and only do one task at a time.
Time limits - I'm hugely guilty of 'dismissing' my daily app time-limits. But these are so important to me to have a good night sleep, free from anxiety that will lead to a more productive day.
Tumblr media
Timers - something that worked for me in the past was to set a 15 min timer for a reading session or a learning session. 15 minutes is not a huge amount of time but during that time I don't allow my self to drift from the task at hand. Slowly I ended up dropping the timers and was able to do this without them.
No phones allowed - my personal phone is a huge distraction. I get notifications from social, messages from friends and family, wanting to endlessly scroll on Tumblr, but they get me nowhere and only help to reduce my focusing abilities.
Tumblr media
Fighting the desire to drift - This is a big one. When I'm doing big tasks I constantly feel like doing a billion other things, but I know how important it is to fight that feeling and push through to finish the task at hand.
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