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multiplemindsinhere · 3 hours ago
Picked up the spider daughter, the spider mother and left Mira to be a demon in Demon Slayer verse
I also gave the daughter and mother names. They’re not canon but they deserved to have names... Aight so they’re available to rp with, I’ll probably just link the wikis and add pages for the AUs when I’m done writing them.
Mira on the other hand needs a whole damn page written for her. Great.
Mira’s Demon Slayer Verse has been written and linked to the page!! Have fun! I hope others like her.
(Also I’m new to the verse, I am only like 20ish episodes in so please be gentle I’m learning!)
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It is Mazokinis birthday today. Please wish them a happy birthday. Mazokinis will be receiving a free trip to the 3009 portal. :^)
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Family Life
Wes is hiding in his closet, so here’s some backstory for Alex.  Alex has been living in my head for years, bouncing around other people’s stories, and I’m excited for her to have her own story now. CW: verbal abuse, brief mention of bbu domestics, joking about murder (not sure if that’s a thing, but better safe than sorry). As always, please let me know if you want or need anything tagged.
FOLLOWING scandal , heart break , and tragedy, everyone’s favorite local business man reveals his story in his new book Stepping Stones, an Autobiography. In it, Mallory dives into his childhood, first love, and becoming the business extraordinaire that he is today.
In an exclusive interview, Mallory explained why he is releasing Stepping Stones now.
“This book is really important to me,” he says.  “With all the rumors and lies being spread these days, I just thought ‘the truth must come out’.  And it was necessary that it came from me.  This is my story and I don’t apologize for any of it.”
Stepping Stones is scheduled to release everywhere this Friday.
“Are you going to read it?” Julian asked from where he was sprawled across his bed.
“What? Dad’s book?” Alex scoffed. She leaned precariously on the back legs of Julian’s desk chair. “Probably not.”
Julian snorted and rolled over. “ I know why I’m not, but why aren’t you?”
“Are you kidding me? I don’t want to know. The cover said ‘scandal’ and ‘first love’ and then I quit reading.”
“But Alex! That’s your origin story!” Julian smirked at her.
Alex smirked back. “Okay. But don’t forget, Jules. Your origin story is only a few sentences away from mine.” She cleared her throat, settled her chair firmly on the ground, and adopted a newscaster persona.
“You heard it here first, folks! Only days after being spotted several times at motel X with this mystery woman,” Alex gestured to an invisible person to her left, “Mr. Mallory announced his engagement to actress Irene Rocher, who later revealed she was pregnant.” Alex feigned surprise and gave Julian a pointed look. “That was you, by the way.”
“Yeah, I know. Thanks.”
“You’re very welcome.”
“You forgot about Ada.”
“Oh, you mean Irene’s other kid that father dearest took in while ignoring the consequences of his ‘first love’?”
“Yeah, her.”
“Hm. I don’t recall anything about that.  And speak of the devil.”
“Hi Ada.” Julian sat up to greet his older sister. Ada leaned her hip against one side of the doorway and placed her hand on the other side, effectively blocking the entrance to the room. 
“Hello, Julian. What are you up to?”
Julian glanced over at Alex who had propped her legs up on his desk, arms crossed tightly across her chest.
“Alex and I were talking about dad’s book.”
“Oh! Have you read it yet? He gave me a copy of it a few days ago. I thought it was magnificent. It’s a real accomplishment.”
“Yes, a real accomplishment.” Alex rolled her eyes.
Ada continued as if Alex hadn’t spoken. “You can borrow my copy, Julian, if you want.”
Julian made a noncommittal sound and nodded.
“Great!” Ada smiled at Julian. She spared a glance for Alex who had become wildly entertained by a stain on the ceiling.
“You know, you could try a little harder,” Ada said, smile falling into a scowl.
“Excuse me?” Alex dropped her gaze to meet Ada’s eye.
“You make me look bad.” Ada continued.
“In front of who? Jules?”
“Sit up straight - “ Alex slouched further, “and you could dress nicer. Try to look less like a slob when we meet people.”
“What people?!”
“I’m just saying. It wouldn’t hurt you.”
Julian raised his hand. “Can I - “
“Shut up, Jules,” Alex interrupted, now in a thoroughly bad mood.
“No, go on Julian,” Ada said. “I’m sure whatever you have to say will be very insightful.”
“Kiss ass.” Alex muttered under her breath.
“What was that?”
“Nothing important.” Alex plastered on a glowing smile.
Ignoring the tension, Julian tried again. “I wouldn’t say insightful, but I think - “
This time, he was interrupted by a commotion coming from the first floor of the house.
Alex and Julian shot to their feet.
Ada didn’t move. “It’s probably just the staff again,” she said, disdain creeping into her voice. “I don’t know why dad paid so much for them. They’re always in trouble.”
“We should see if they need help,” Alex said. She attempted to leave the room.
Ada still did not move from the doorway.
Alex huffed and tried to shove her way past, to no avail.
“Ada, please move,” Julian stepped in.
“Well, that’s all you had to say.” Ada slowly peeled herself off the doorframe. “I don’t know why you two are so worried. They might not be smart, but they’ll figure it out eventually. It’s their job.”
Alex pushed by and stormed away. Julian looked at Ada with dismay and followed Alex.
“Can I kill her yet?” Alex asked when they were out of earshot.
Julian chuckled. “Not today. Maybe tomorrow.”
“I’ll do my best. But if I have to sit through another family dinner… I make no guarantees.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
Alex gave Julian a playful shove, and they made their way to the scene of commotion - also known as Alex’s favorite spot in the house - the kitchen.
tags: @grizzlie70 @ashintheairlikesnow 
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star-dragon-art · 12 hours ago
your art is truly beautiful
thank you so much!
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roleplaygateway · 12 hours ago
barney_fife, writing in Hadriatica, a part of The Multiverse:
The Highways had been dangerous since the takeover, with warring bands of armed warlords fighting to carve their own slice out of each city block, Nethe was a complete warzone since the fall of the embassy, and that had Tyrus concerned as he clenched the steering wheel of the two and a half ton cargo truck that was told to "Find a taxi." "We're fighting a three-front insurgency, Cowen." Tyrus commented while shifting lanes to avoid a broken down sports car that was riddled with bullet holes. "It doesn't matter, Tyrus, they want us to follow that Taxi, it's our only lead, and I hope Azem, and Tito didn't just lead us into an ambush, these OPA bastards are crafty, and they're not bumbling buffoons like the Imperials." Cowen remarked, as the truck shuddered slightly, it's oversized wheels catching a pothole. Cowen shrugged, and checked the slide on his Vega .42, a dated semiautomatic pistol chambered in the old Kobol caliber, while Tyrus checked his old M33 Betelgeuse. "These weapons are older than dirt, Cowen." Tyrus remarked, while Ante peered into the window through the cab. "But they are easy, disruptors have no punch, these old guns carved a path for our people, Tyrus." He commented, checking the magazine on his own MP-3 Sirius SMG, chambered in 9.5x22mm Sagittarian. “Two hundred, prick! Where the fuck are the marines?” Tyrus heard the captain in the now stopped taxi shout in front of him as he brought the battered cargo truck to a stop at the checkpoint. Tyrus quickly opened the door, taking care to keep his hands away from his weapon as he called out to greet them. "No Marines, but I've got twenty men eager to get some Libertas." He called out, a common callsign for Molecay rebels that they used to identify each other. "And it's a long walk to the embassy." He shouted, while Azem jumped out from the back of the truck, his thick Tauron accent mottling his words. "Got enough guns for small army, good stuff, not that lite brite shit." Azem remarked. "Administrator Kalfas said we could link up with some like minded individuals, I'm Squad Leader Tyrus, third Independance Brigade, of the Free Molukai People!" Tyrus called out. "I'm looking for Castaway!"
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roleplaygateway · 13 hours ago
barney_fife, writing in Lakonia Minor, a part of The Multiverse:
Nagala listened quietly, and intently to the briefing, making special care to digest the information presented, while cross referencing talking points with her own personal data device, EVE listening, and collating the information as it was being disseminated. This world, Hadriatica was home to a great many diaspora, and refugees, under normal circumstances, the Empire would pay them no heed, unpersoning them, and considering them traitors to the Empire. "These terrorists need to be put to the sword before they can terrorize our home worlds. Normally this wouldn't concern us, but the threat here is obvious." Nagala mentioned to her XO, while he nodded and began to take notes. "I've forwarded your query to the Ministry, Admiral." Iusif replied. "Your deployment requests have also been approved." He added. "Very good, Ad Victoriam, Iusif." Nagala replied, as she turned to leave the briefing, figuring that everything would be forwarded to her in due time. For now, she was to draw up invasion plans, and get EVE to coordinate with the Exogarden for the liberation of Hadriatica from this organization. Quietly, Nagala moved to slip away from the gathering of military personnel so she could return to the Bum Rush, she was slightly annoyed, and didn't think the Hastati cruiser would amount to much, but some positive PR was just what the Empire needed in this day, and age.
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sofiapaleta404 · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Se supone que debo decir algo interesante, pero mejor no.
[Made with google translate]
I'm supposed to say something interesting, but better not.
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nothingbizzare · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I wanted from a lot of time to draw her !!^^
HEHE !!!
The muffet from the @omero-megane 's Au !!!^^
Was a lot of practice especially with the old dear my technic when I don't have a pen of lining the drawing with water-colors !!!Heh in rest I am pretty proud of the drawing !!^^
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you-said-yes · 17 hours ago
Colin 🤝 Pietro
Got shot like a chump for no reason at all.
Why can't we have nice things? Him being alive and not being a mind controlled rando named Bohner without purpose? I thought my expectations weren't that high 😂
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femboyhorror · 17 hours ago
Welcome, one and all, to the Multiverse Chatroom!
We're a friendly, casual roleplay server where you don't have to fill out any character sheets. Just join in as your favorite character and have fun. We welcome characters from any universe, whether it be Gravity Falls, Fallout, Mario or what have you. (Including AUs!)
Tumblr media
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bambicambi · 19 hours ago
Marinette: *stretches* hey, so you asked me the other day why I make my suit red and black most of the time.
Dick: yeah.
Marinette: *claps her hands* want to finally know why?
Dick: yes.
Marinette: its because blood doesn't show on red and black all that much.
Dick: *stares at her* what.
Marinette: I bleed a lot. Get shot a lot. The usual.
Dick: *eye twitches* you get hurt so much that you just made your suit red and black.
Marinette: *winks* Deadpool and I have that and a lot of other things in common.
Dick: *bristles* Deadpool is real?
Marinette: *laughs* no..? *mutters* at least not in this universe.
Dick: WHAT.
Marinette: *shushes him* shhhshshsh! It's fine.
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dummysofthemultiverse · 19 hours ago
Why was Dream crying in that other post? And why does Blue look lifeless?? A-are they ok????
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So Dream is sad and Blue needs a therapist lets see whos next :D
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muses-of-the-multiverse · 20 hours ago
The doctor flinches when she sees Reyna, but quickly regains her composure. “Go through that door over there.” She points to a door in the back of the waiting room. “Set them down on the beds in there.” The doctor walks to a different door, opens it, and shouts,“I need assistance!” The guard from earlier stops the 2 kids from following Reyna so they don’t get in the way. The doctor and a nurse join Reyna. She put a hand on the patients’ heads. “They’re burning up. Need to cool them off somehow.”
Reyna nods, and heads through the door, and sets the Hylians down on the beds back there. When she hears the two are burning up, she cups her hands together, and breathes her ice breath, making some ice cubes from it. She takes a couple of towels, and wraps them around the ice cubes, tying them up. “Here, this should help.” She says to the doctor and nurse.
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askmaxparker · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Monday selfie!
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