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egc2002 · 2 days ago
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Here to read in AO3, or click on the link down there
Summary: We all know the possible variables of the story between Peter and Wanda, two people who lost their twins and got the alternate version of them thanks to the multiverse. However, we forget about those two who died, who will tell their story?
Or: Wendy and Pietro did not die at all, and they are in a place where they do not know how to escape from.
(English is not my first languaje, sorry if I have a mistake)
Chapter 1: Wendy's death
No matter what time, universe, reality or situation it is, the Maximoff twins will always be together, or at least from the beginning.
They are souls that were made to be together. Just as there is no shadow without light, there is no one without the other and the separation does not last long, the two need each other to help each other and will be there, side by side, until the end of their days. However, there are two realities that saw the end of that bond much earlier than normal.
We already know one. Pietro Maximoff, a young Sokovian who had just discovered his super-speed powers, was killed during the battle against Ultron, where he sacrificed his life to save a hero and a child. Thus becoming a sad hero forgotten by many, except for the person he had left behind, and the only one who cared about his death not because he had saved someone, but because his death meant losing everything she had left; his sister, Wanda Maximoff.
But, what about that dead twin that nobody talks about? The one whose name is taboo, the one who sometimes seems to be forgotten among all the pain and pain that her leaving her family caused. Of the one that almost nobody knows anything about.
Of course there are those who know about her, and those themselves are the ones who try not to say her name knowing the great train of emotions that it would bring.
And who knows best about her is who was with her forever, from birth to death, her twin Peter Maximoff.
Wendy, who is what they called her normally even though that was not her real name, was in her room looking at the ceiling as if it could give her the answers to the enigmas of life, however she was lost in thought. Clinging to her bed, and with every intention of crying but not being able to do it for fear that something bad would happen, she just tried to calm down and think about what had happened on the news.
Another attack of hatred towards mutants, this time children.
It had beben three months since her brother had helped these men remove a 'dude' called Erik, who they later discovered was their father, from the Pentagon and since that man had tried to declare war to humans.
Wendy always knew that she was not the same as the rest, after all being a foreigner in the United States during the Cold War was not the best thing that could happen, and then discovering that she had powers was the confirmation that her life would be very different from all the children in the neighborhood. But now, with the fear that humans had of people like her, her mother's fear of letting her out did too.
Although there was a fear that she might wreak havoc wherever she went (which had already happened, thats why the constant change of address and her mother's insistence on keeping her emotions under control), Mrs. Maximoff feared for what her daughter could come to suffer because of the hatred and fear that people would have towards her. She had a similar first-hand experience with the father of her children and it had not been pleasant at all to see him killing everyone in front of her.
Wendy was very aware that it was not her fault, or her mother's, or her brother's (maybe a little bit, but she wouldn't think about it), because there were things that she knew very well she couldn't control. But now the little things that gave her the satisfaction of feeling like she had a normal life, like going to school, hanging out with her friends, or walking in the park would no longer be allowed, had hit her so hard emotionally that she was forced herself to do not talk to anyone in her home, for fear of exploding, creating chaos and attracting attention.
Because right now she shouldn't attract attention, she should hide
But her own mind and emotions did not make it easy for her. That's why she clung to the edge of her bed in an attempt to hold on to reality and not end up hurting herself.
By the time she felt like she couldn't go on like this, she heard someone knock on the door.
"Come in" she said.
Peter slowly opened the door, cautiously not to disturb his sister, and by the time he saw that she did indeed want him to enter, he used his speed to get to her instantly.
"I brought you twinkies" he said offering her a package, which he had to open himself when he saw that she did not have the strength to do so.
While eating one, she looked up at the ceiling again.
"How are you?" Asked her twin.
"How do you think?" She replied with her mouth full.
Peter looked out the window of his sister's room and replied, "It's raining."
Wendy, scared, sat on the bed to take a better look and see that, clearly, through the window of her room could see a forest and a torrential rain, that should not be there since they were in the suburbs, not in the middle of nowhere. Until that moment she realized that the walls of her room were gray and not pink, and there were somewhat different things. 
"Oh no" she said worried.
"Don't worry, mom is at work, you can't see anything from the outside" Peter replied, reassuring her, which worked because his twin relaxed. "You haven't eaten well these days" changed the subject.
"I wasn't very hungry," Wendy confessed, snatching the other pack of twinkies that Peter had brought. 
"Well, it looks like you're already hungry" said Peter.
"I love twinkies, you know it, I can't resist" Wendy replied.
"That's why I brought them" Peter said with some pride.
Wendy smiled and followed with a third package.
"Hey, there's a fast food restaurant that opened two weeks ago, and it looks pretty good" Wendy paused at the suggestion that she knew it would come later, so Peter continued "Are you going with me for some burgers?"
Wendy swallowed the last twinkie, she knew he was telling her that not only because of the food, because they had eaten hamburgers last week, and he could easily go by himself, but rather because that would distract her a bit from what was going on in her head.
"Mom said I can't go out" she said with a certain sadness in her voice "and neither can you."
"Oh come on sis!, I'm super fast, if something bad happens I'll get us out of there, and we'll order the burgers to go, please say yes." 
"No," she said with false firmness.
Peter looked at her in the way he knew perfectly well that he would get the truth out of her, and since Wendy had always been very bad at making decisions and not being very firm on them, she gave up easily.
"Oh okay, but just for a little while! I don't want Mom to find out and punish us."
By the time she finished saying that, they were already out of the restaurant, Wendy felt the sudden flash of light in her eyes. It was three o'clock in the afternoon and it was summer, the weather was warm and people were going in and out of the new fast food restaurant, passing the twins by the door, ignoring them as if they did not exist.
"You would have given me time to change," Wendy complained.
"You look good"
"Peter, I've been locked up at home for three months, how am I going to look good?" She said adjusting her clothes so as not to seem like she had gotten out of bed, when that was just what had happened.
Peter wore usual clothes plus a hat, to cover his hair and thus avoid strange looks from people, because of the mutant situation and that things.
When they entered, Peter went to the line to order the burgers and Wendy went to find a table to sit and wait. Faced with her new reality, she sat nervously at a table in the corner, with every intention of going unnoticed. She had always been very paranoid about anything told to her that it was dangerous, so what she would have done naturally before, she was now with every intention of hiding from all human eyes in that establishment.
She turned to look everywhere, and when she realized they didn't really notice her, she relaxed and waited for her twin to arrive with her.
He remembered the times they had gone to places like this, for their birthdays, to celebrate some achievement, or just because. Places like this brought back beautiful memories that she could never forget and would treasure with all her heart.
"Do you want fries?" She heard Peter in her mind.
Something that they had always had even before their mutations were evident, they believed that was normal to read minds between twins, great was their surprise when they found out that it was not normal with another pair of twins who attended the same elementary school as them.
"Yes" she replied.
And she kept remembering happy moments that came to mind while she was there, at the same time trying to treasure this new memory as a consolation of one of the few outings she would have until further notice. She looked at the families and groups of friends who were at the tables, smelled the yummy scent that was in the place, as well as the noise of the laughter of those around her.
"Hey, they don't have that grape soda that you like so much here" she heard in her head "if you want I'll buy you one in the cafeteria down the street."
"Okay" she answered "but without powers, I don't want them to realize that suddenly you are no longer at the door" she said this since there were many people who had started to arrive, and they were lining up outside the establishment.
"Fineeee”Peter replied, then walked out the front door and headed for the cafeteria.
She continued with her work of storing memories and observing the place, so she did not realize that one of her former classmates, Diana, had arrived at the establishment.
"Wendy? Hi!" She said surprising her, taking a seat at her table.
"Hello!" She said really happy to see a face that she hadn't seen in a long time, "how are you?"
"Oh girl, you had me worried, I didn't know what had happened to you"
"I changed schools" she lied, "now I'm at Campbell high school"
"Ah, geez, I have friends there, I asked about you because I assumed that maybe you had changed schools and maybe you were there, and no one knew how to locate you" she said quite confidently "but hey, maybe it was my fault that I didn't know how to describe you ".
Wendy began to feel a bit uncomfortable, she remembered why she had not been very close friends with Diana: because she was quite gossipy. As this ex-partner spoke, she looked out of the restaurant's giant window to see if Peter was already here, but not yet.
As Diana spoke and implied that she didn't think she was being honest about her not studying at the same high school anymore, Wendy looked out the window again and what she saw made her stop paying attention to what the girl was saying.
A group of armed youths were heading to the same fast food establishment. She had seen them on the news, calling themselves "purifiers" and committing acts of hatred towards mutants in order to kill them and, according to them, take care of the human race. She felt a chill run down her spine when she saw that they all had their eyes on her.
Everything happened very fast.
Somehow or other they had tied the strings together, the inexplicable explosions and changes of address of her family were not coincidence, and the fact that she stopped studying just as the mutant problems had started was not a matter of chance. They weren't for clueless, they were coming for her and all she could think was that it was good that Peter wasn't there.
Sure she knew he could get them out of there, but as we already know, Wendy was very paranoid about danger (although she could get distracted from it at times, but that's not the point) and she preferred that her brother was desperate because of the slowness of things while buying a grape soda, to be there. Besides, they only wanted her, Peter always escaped from the police so they had no records of him, maybe that's why they hadn't asked for her twin.
They created an uproar in the establishment saying that they were there to eliminate her, they let people escape and surrounded her, clearly they could not do anything to her even if they wanted to, and since it had already been discovered that she was a mutant, she had no qualms about what she would do.
She let everything she had accumulated inside her come out, three months of anguish, despair and uncertainty came out in the form of waves and red lights that began to surround the place. It would have been a success if it weren't for the fact that they tried to kill her even when all of that was happening, which further increased the anguish she felt within herself to the point where her own thoughts and emotions were so strong that her powers went out of control to the point where she didn't think could resist
"Wendy!" She heard inside her head "Wendy, let me in!" Peter begged.
That served nothing more than to worsen her mood and consequently, her powers increased in destruction. She was in the middle of a tornado of red clouds with the young purifiers and the scene couldn't be more familiar and terrifying to her. She tried to calm down to avoid major disasters and so this was only a scare for the boys, however she could not do it, there was a pain inside her heart that spread throughout her body and began to eat her alive.
Her hands burned and slowly seemed to fade away, and although that must have been enough to make her weak, ironically increased the chaos around her. The purifiers suffered the same consequences even faster, dying shattered by the force of Wendy's power.
Even more frightened by what her eyes had seen, she began to have a panic attack. She couldn't breathe, her heart was racing very fast, and that swoon in her hands spread rapidly throughout her body, breaking her into pieces that were not yet separated. She accepted her impending fate, to die. And strangely, the idea didn't seem so bad.
"Wendy, please" she heard once more in her mind.
And even in the midst of the pain she felt, she did not think of her, she thought of Peter, and the pain her departure would cause him. She couldn't leave, she couldn't leave it, but she knew she had no choice because sooner or later she would end up doing something much worse than what was happening right now. So she did the only thing she could think of. 
"Peter, don't blame yourself for this, please" she replied weakly to her twin.
By the time the clouds faded, Peter and the other people who had managed to escape the establishment saw the terrifying scenery filled with chaos, destruction, and a shattered body in the midst of it all.
Again, Peter had been late.
If the experience of dying was traumatic, what followed was worse, at least for someone as outgoing as Wendy.
Wendy, unlike her twin, believed that there must be something after death, that everything ended when someone died did not make sense to her, so when she opened her eyes and realized that she was elsewhere, she felt a kind of relief knowing that she had been right.
She realized that she did not feel any more pain in her body, nor did she feel tired, nor was she cold or hot, but that pressure in her chest had not been removed. The only thing she was sure of was that there was a floor, a floor as white as everything around it, thus looking like a gigantic and infinite room (if it was a room).
She was alone, which was terrifying given that she hated being alone, or at least knowing that she was alone. She enjoyed being alone but she didn't enjoy knowing that there were no people near her, got it?
At first she tried to take it easy, then she felt like she was going crazy. Being in basically 'nothing' and in one place at the same time was unnerving and terrifying. And maybe, if she hadn't discovered that her powers worked there, she would have gone completely mad.
First she discovered that she was able to create a bed, then recreate her entire room, and in the end she recreated her entire house. As the feeling of hunger did not exist in that place, she did not have the need to make herself eat, but she still tried to do it, to feel a little alive. She stopped when she learned that she did not feel any satisfaction from eating, since the food had neither taste or smell. The only thing she was willing to drink was water, because it was the same as when she was alive.
She discovered that she could not create anything living, no trees, no plants, no animals, no people. She knew that maybe creating people to live in that place was almost like playing God, but she tried once and failed. When she was alive she had been able to create some little butterflies inside her room, and sometimes spiders to scare Peter off.
So she settled for creating plastic plants.
Another thing was aware of but didn't think much about to avoid going crazy is that time didn't exist there. Or at least she didn't know how to measure it. If she thought about it, she could easily tell that it had been between a week or ten years since she had arrived there.
She knew that she was no longer the girl who had come there because her body looked different, but her mentality remained the same, it is as if years had passed for her body, but only a few days for her mind. And despite that, thanks to the fact that she had no contact with anyone, she felt that she had been locked there for centuries. So it was a kind of paradox that she was trying to ignore.  
Her emotions could be free there, for there would be no one to harm and if she broke something, there would be no punishment for her. So she blasted everything she created and rebuilt it, making it seem like nothing had happened.
The memories of her twin that sometimes came to her head made her out of control very often, and although she missed her mother and her little sister, she could not bear much to know that she was no longer with Peter. After all, they had been together their entire lives, and that they were now apart made her feel guilty, bad, and sad. With an emptiness that was getting bigger every time when she had no one to comfort her by her side.
Same emptiness that she also tried to ignore so as not to go crazy.
One day she discovered that she had visitors, but she was not happy at all, and it is that you could not cheer up when your guests were giant monsters wanting to eat you.
The first one was small, and Wendy was able to finish it with ease, but each time one arrived, which did not happen very often, it was bigger and bigger than the last one. She had been hurt many times, but there were no problems because her wounds healed quickly. But the fact that she ended up hurt made her think that she maybe, just maybe, she wasn't quite dead.
But her pessimistic heart did not let her create a hope strong enough to try to get out of that place, maybe they were just monsters created by her imagination because she was already going crazy, and her mind agreed that.
Little by little the house she had created stopped looking like the one she had when she was still alive. The longer she was there, the more modifications she made to it, changed the walls, added pools, or created more rooms with the excuse that it looked good , but unconsciously he had done it in the hope that one day someone would get there.
It was a day (or night) that she decided to create a gigantic television. She hadn't even tried a regular-size one, because she thought it wouldn't work, she guessed there would be no television signal to… wherever she was.
She had at least tried to reproduce memories or movies on TV that she had already seen, and even managed to change the endings she had hated. She did so so that every time she saw a movie, it was more and more different from the original. She replicated the same with the radio, thus creating new versions of songs and programs.
Once used to it, she poured herself a glass of water, found a blanket, changed her clothes into pajamas and created the softest chair she could imagine, she was ready to forget her reality.
She was playing the movies and shows, suddenly she realized that she really did not have enough imagination to be able to create something that she had not already seen.
"It seems there is nothing good on television" she said to herself, her voice a bit scratchy. How long has it been since she spoke?
She was just finishing saying that, when the television began to change channels very quickly.
Wendy stood still, trying to understand what was going on. Television began to take on a scarlet color on the screen, and to change shape to old versions and some that seemed futuristic. Tried to stop the flaw with her powers, by the time it seemed to end it all, she calmed down.
She felt relief, something she hadn't felt for a long time. 
Television showed a happy family program, and the title 'Wandavision' appeared on the screen, showing a couple and their twin children. Wendy was surprised, seeing what they looked like, mutants on the show, because she couldn't remember ever seeing them, or that they were part of any movie or series.
A feeling that something unexpected would happen sooner or later settled in her heart, but her thoughts told her that it was impossible, that the unexpected would happen if she allowed it. She tried to calm herself as she watched the children search for their lost dog. And as she did so, her brain was telling her that what happened a few moments ago had happened because of her desire to see something new, and that there was no further explanation for it.
As the chapter progressed, Wendy began to feel a strange special connection with what was happening on the screen, deep inside she knew that her dreams in life were very simple, just like the protagonist. She supposed it was an attempt by her power to reassure her and give her a taste of what her life might have been if she hadn't died, because the girl's name was Wanda Maximoff.
And her real name is Wanda Maximoff.
There was nothing like her, because Wendy had brown hair and natural curls, unlike Wanda who was red-haired and with clearly fake curls. Her skin, although it was light, was not as bright as that of the girl on television, and other differences that she did not look for in order to pay attention to what was happening in the program.
The feeling that something unexpected was going to happen did not wait when she saw the fight between Wanda and Vision, as if something was not right, or that a surprise was coming.
It was that the doorbell rang and Wanda opened the door that she understood her hunch.
Her brother, her twin, her Peter was at the door, smiling like he always did and hugging Wanda. She did not know how to react. She guessed that this was all about a 'what if ...?' Of her life, but now she felt that maybe her life had been stolen from her. And she could not understand how her brother, with whom she had shared her whole life, could not recognize that Wanda was not Wendy, or how he was so calm accepting that this false version of her was the real one.
Her mind told her that she should calm down, that everything had an explanation, but her stubborn heart, the one that had cursed her to be dead, made so much noise that she would not let her listen to her rational part to calm down.
That same heart that was furious with Peter, was the same that tried with all its might to call her brother, to which her mind and her powers agreed. When she was about to explode again, her own house bell rang. 
She stood still trying to analyze what had just happened, she was aware that she had been locked up there for years and that there was no way for someone to knock on the door, because it was impossible, many people died every second and with the time she had been there it was enough so that there were billions of people in that place.
Feeling like her heart was stuck in her throat, she walked slowly towards the door with her hands glowing slightly red.
"Is the house empty?" Someone wondered, in the same way that Peter would mentally speak to Wendy, and felt her heart beat faster and faster.
This time, wasting no time, she ran to the door and opened it, only to find a tall, blond, blue-eyed young man with sports clothes looking at her the way she did.
She knew it was clearly not Peter, that was obvious, but his presence was similar. There is no other way to explain it other than that, although she did not feel exactly the same as with her brother, the connection of twins was evident between them, so before he could say anything, she said: 
"Pietro" he corrected.
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briganaut · 2 days ago
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Here’s commission work done for Seviroth- a Nylea-aligned Aarakocra Arcane Trickster Rogue from the plane of Theros named Ouras. Comments & constructive critiques are greatly appreciated! Please credit me if you link/reblog my work. -Briganaut, 1st published October 2021
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Inktobertale - Challenge 2021 #16 “Cocktail”
My first attempt at drawing a cold drink^^. Each color a different feeling. When I look at it, I get mixed feelings of "Legend of Zelda - Four Swords" (anyone else read the manga?) and "Inside Out" XD.
Ink!Sans by: @comyet
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whispering-about-loki · 3 months ago
Henceforth, all AUs will be properly referred to as Multiversal Canon
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tami-jc · a month ago
Me peacefully coming home, checking my phone and finding that the Spiderman No Way Home trailer has been leaked:
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Tumblr media
Texts From Superheroes
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