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failuresandfaults · 6 minutes ago
Everybody I’ve ever loved I love with everything inside me and I don’t know what I did to deserve what I’m going through and I just feel so sad sometimes
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bllvkbird · 45 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
back on my bullshit with this picrew... you take a beefy dunmer and pretty werewolf bosmer and bam you have a bosmer who everyone confuses as a dunmer until they see that she doesn’t have ashen skin or red eyes...
faryn // athuviel // ithrenil
also absolutely hilarious that athuviel is just so elegant and beautiful, then oh no she’s actually a werewolf behemoth who has been around for thousands of years...
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bllvkbird · an hour ago
lmao the name i have decided for big beefy mans (going by naming conventions for dunmer) is actually a “feminine” name irl and i’m like oops that can’t stop me
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embersofemily · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
perfect little Camellia 🌸✨
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noblehcart · 4 hours ago
Put a ✦ in my inbox for a fact about the mun
i avoided tiktok like the plague im addicted.
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glazechef · 4 hours ago
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changguscomet · 5 hours ago
whenever I tell people I want to teach in asia they’re like “what about europe though” and I’m like …. I have literally no interest in europe and they’re like “what about france?” like ….. still no interest…. and then they list like 4 different countries in europe and I’m like ??? I know what europe is and I just told you I don’t care for any of it 🤡🤡🤡 if you’re that concerned go teach there yourself smh
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annballofyarn · 6 hours ago
You know The Man who would be king ???? Dean wanting to believe in Cas so bad... Yep that's me rn.... Jackles how dare you.... I would give anything for you and this is what I get in return ???? Oh man I want to DIE.
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imma-potatoo · 6 hours ago
Me: mum! I want to make this thing!
Mum: okay?
Me: you make things like it all the time, so help please?
Mum: find a pattern
Me: okay!!
Me: *finds pattern* will this one work?
Mum: idk will it?
Me: I- uh... I think so? What now?
Mum: will it work?
Me: I think so???
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horseanon--simpforall · 6 hours ago
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hermitreports · 6 hours ago
2021.06.24 | 21
Okay, I wasn't gonna comment on it, but there have been sirens almost once an hour all day today and I'm getting a bit concerned? A group of them drove by the house around noon, and there's just been sirens and sirens going all day. Like, I can hear the Fire Department whenever they have to starts their sirens, but not all of them a Fire Department sirens. They tend to use their horns if the fire trucks are coming out of the garage, but some of these are just wails. Coming back from visiting Dad's Place today, there was an ambulance coming through town that was labeled for a couple towns over the direction they were coming from. Just an hour ago, there was this like five minutes where what sounded like a semi truck honked to get someone's attention and then more sirens popped out. It's really unnerving. I feel so insulated up here in my room in the back of the house on top of the hill. It's safe and warm but I can hear the sirens and I feel like a child hiding under their blankets but I don't want to come out because sirens mean bad things are happening and if they've been happening all day, I'd honestly rather just play Hermit. Stay safe. Stay away. It's fine. Whatever's out there can't get to the Hermit if she stays so far removed from it.
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