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// Drawing with cold hands is difficult … But trying ti draw with gloves is even worse.

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This blog is on permanent hiatus

What does this mean?

  • I won’t queue posts
  • I won’t be PMing anymore
  • Essentially this blog will have no activity

I’m sorry, but I’m doing this for my own reasons.

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so,, this a new indie blog! it’s been a while since i’ve rped on tumblr so go easy on me! i am currently working on my pages as we speak! soon everything will be up and running so i’ll make a post when that happens but i’m super excited !

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(i have this sinking feeling that ppl dont like the way i draw mister burns. i dont get very many notes on my art for him..)

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Update: Inkopolis New Year Award Ceremony

So I am a little worried for this year’s New Year Event that I do every time we get close.

Last year wasn’t satisfying to me, and there were some bumps. I had to fill in a lot of candidates by myself since there weren’t any application. Then again, this event is never organized to begin with.

I have two options. Cancel this event this year OR revise rules and process and keep going.

If I do continue this event, I want people to help spread the word about this event across Tumblr’s Splatoon community.

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Wow, I haven’t been on this blog in uh.. A while. I doubt I will be for a while still either, but we’ll see. I’ve been soured on a lot of tumblr because of it removing ‘readmores’ on asks. :( I don’t know if that’s been fixed yet.

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Cloud’s secondary will be changing soon - heads up! 

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Positivity Meme!

Send in a symbol to let the mun know how you feel about them!

💙 - I love your muses!

🖤 - Your OCs are valid and important!

I should mention that the only reason I didn’t send ones like these and more is because I only wanted to pick one. You and what you’ve made are amazing and for some reason I feel generally more positive whenever I see you on my dash.

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