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deadangelos 4 months ago
Nico, do you know any demigods that have Autism or are on the Autistic Spectrum?
Tumblr media
Nico: Honestly like half of camp is autistic. It鈥檚 pretty common for demigods.
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emmet-appreciation 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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donuts4evry1 29 days ago
Just talking about the jellyfish dating sim with @plasmagruntcalvin and he suggested using an irukanji jellyfish in there
which is funny because there鈥檚 one called the Malo filipina- found in the Philippines.
any I was thinking about making it the otaku stereotype,
anyway wouldn鈥檛 it be hilarious if I recreated anghel in the game
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nulltune 3 months ago
Tumblr media
it's so funny whenever i simp on main bc sometimes i just imagine me using hakuno as my earthly vessel or sth so she's the one saying my cringefail words. and bearing the brunt of my cringe GDJFHS
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sonicstorybook 10 months ago
Sonic and the Black Knight And Arthurian Legends: Brief Explanation of聽鈥楥anon鈥
Hello there! I鈥檓 Rook! I run this blog, an archive dedicated to collecting all the wonderful Sonic Storybook-inspired works! All the great art, writing, headcanons, gifs, etc.! The majority of which is Sonic and the Black Knight (SatBK)!
I have noticed there is a some confusion in the SatBK fandom about what is or what isn鈥檛 鈥榗anon鈥 to the Arthurian myths and legends. SatBK was what got me into reading Arthuriana/King Arthur texts, so I wanted to throw my two cents based off of what I鈥檝e read and studied.
TLDR; Arthuriana is a lot like the Sonic franchise- there are many different authors using the same characters to tell different adventures. In the same way Archie!Sonic and SonicX!Sonic and Boom!Sonic are all canon, emphasizing certain characteristics and relationships more than others, so too does Arthuriana change the relationships and personality of each knight to fit the story being told.
You鈥檒l find a more thorough breakdown under the cut! C:
聽1. What is Arthuriana?聽
聽It鈥檚 exactly what it sounds like: everything related to King Arthur and his Knights!
聽鈥淭hat sounds like a lot!鈥 You are probably thinking, and it is! And this includes everything from medieval Welsh texts (Culwch and Olwen) to medieval Dutch texts (Roman van Walewein) to medieval French texts (Perceval, or the Story of the Grail) to early Renaissance English texts (Le Morte d'Arthur)聽to Victorian poems (Alfred Lord Tennyson鈥檚 Idylls of the King) to modern movies (Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail) to even more modern tv shows (BBC鈥檚 Merlin) and everything in between! All of this is Arthuriana!
聽2. What are the 鈥榗anon鈥 tales?聽
Short answer: Technically, there are no聽鈥榗anon鈥 tales because they鈥檙e all canon!聽
If we鈥檙e talking about like 鈥榦riginal鈥 medieval texts, there are a lot of different texts by different authors from different time periods and different countries! And as expected of a massive body of work like this, a lot of it is contradictory and/or super different from each other.聽
A lot like the Sonic franchise, actually! For example, Archie-Comics!Sonic, Sonic-Adventure-Era!Sonic, and Classic!Sonic are all Sonics, right? You can recognize them all as the same character (blue hero hedgehog) and they have similar core traits (very fast, fights bad guys, some attitude) that tie them together. But they all have different personalities, they face different enemies and struggles, and have different relationships with other characters that impact them in different ways. Some of them have friends who don鈥檛 exist in other media, like Sticks and Sally, who change the dynamic and show different sides of them.聽
Arthuriana is the same! The Sir Gawain that appears in the poem 鈥淪ir Gawain and the Green Knight鈥 is different from the Sir Gawain we see in Sir Thomas Mallory鈥檚 鈥淟e Morte D鈥橝rtur鈥! And these Gawains are different from the Sir Gawain we get in Chretrien de Troyes鈥 鈥淧erceval, or the Knight of the Grail.鈥 They are all Sir Gawain at their core, but they show him at different points in time, having different adventures, and emphasizing some character traits more than others. But it鈥檚 all Gawain, and they鈥檙e all valid!
Naturally, some of these stories change the dynamics up a little or a lot, which is how you can get a lot of different situations and relationships. Percival and Lamorak can be related in one text, and complete strangers in another! Percival is the Grail Knight in one text, and Galahad is the Grail Knight in another! Which of them is the 鈥榯rue鈥 or 鈥榬ight鈥? What鈥檚 canon? Whatever works in that particular universe! Whichever one you like best!聽
That being said, there are some recurring elements, events, and themes associated with certain characters that you see a lot. For example, a lot of times Lancelot is known as the knight of the lake, Gawain is related to King Arthur and/or politically powerful, Percival is connected to the Grail, etc. But these elements can be emphasized, de-emphasized, ignored, or not mentioned at all depending on the author鈥檚 interest and what story they want to tell. Some knights may not even exist in certain media, or only be mentioned in passing!
Ultimately, it鈥檚 different for everyone what kinds of characterizations, adventures, relationships, and versions of events they enjoy the most.聽
鈥淏ut Rook,鈥 I hear you ask,聽鈥 What about 鈥楲e Morte D鈥橝rtur? Isn鈥檛 that as 鈥榗anon鈥 as it gets?鈥
Well! I would argue it is certainly the most popular and well-known text! It鈥檚 the text upon which an overwhelming amount of modern Arthuriana is based upon! And it鈥檚 the text I started with (Shoutout to my man Keith Baines for making a very accessible and fun translation!) so I have a soft spot for it! So, while I would recommend reading it, I don鈥檛 want to call it 鈥榗anon,鈥 because he drew on a lot of other Arthuriana sources to create his own narrative.聽
Variety is the spice of life! Don鈥檛 constrain yourself to only one telling of events as聽鈥榗anon鈥.
3. What is Arthuriana to SatBK?
Look, I love SatBK a lot, but it鈥檚 pretty barebones in terms of what it actually takes from Arthuriana.聽
Off the top of my head, the names and titles of the characters, the Lancelot and Gawain feud causing the end of Camelot, Percival the Grail Knight, Caliburn being the sword in the stone and kingmaker, the lady of the lake giving King Arthur the sword and scabbard, Excalibur being a different (Kinda) and more powerful sword altogether, and the Excalibur scabbard protecting the wielder from death and bleeding too much. That鈥檚... that鈥檚 pretty much it.聽
There are a lot of happy coincidences that I think make the characters fit their Arthurian counterparts really well, but I don鈥檛 think any of it was really planned that way. And unfortunately, we don鈥檛 really know much about the relationships between the Arthurian counterparts.聽
Is SatBK drawing upon the Vulgate tradition to make Sir Lancelot the Lady of Lake鈥檚 ward/son? Is SatBK drawing on L鈥橫orte to make Sir Lamorak and Sir Percival siblings, and Sir Galahad Lancelot鈥檚 son? Is SatBK drawing on Chretien de Troye鈥檚 Perceval to make Sir Percival the Grail Knight? Who knows!
In the end, SatBK is it鈥檚 own contained universe, and takes a lot of liberties to tell the story it wants to tell. It picks and chooses from a lot of different 鈥榗anons鈥 to create its own universe.聽
So, as fans, we should feel free to do the same!聽
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licentious-sanguinity 8 days ago
((Some important screenshots of Succu Pent鈥檚 character that I feel are very much important. I know it probably doesn鈥檛 seem like much to most but I like blabbing about how I write my characters to my friends and I felt this part about his character especially could use some highlighting:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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asktheheirofslytherin 6 months ago
[OOC: I just want to let you people know I am receiving ads for worm composting supplies now because of all the googling I am doing re: worm behavior and anatomy.]
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misteria247 2 months ago
New manga Jigen fact:
Apparently he hates nature lmfao.
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ferineelegance 8 days ago
Tumblr media
((Drawn for this meme
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sm64mario a year ago
Bi rights, Mario?
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susiezfuckdestjamz 11 months ago
Hey, Susie! You got any favorite bands?
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FRANK 鈥 "Trust me, you don't want any of that pansy, sappy shit Susie listens to. I'm THE definitive music source in this realm."
SUSIE 鈥 Susie's fists are clenched to the point her knuckles turn white. Underneath that mask, she's holding in the tears.
((as an apology for taking like months for this please accept my humblest apologies in the form of the initial thumbnail sketches for this ask, underneath the cut
Tumblr media
sidenote: Susie likes loud aggressive music :^)
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vialacteus a month ago
finally... i am done.
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donuts4evry1 2 months ago
I haven鈥檛 had my art tablet on my desk since the last time I鈥檝e uploaded digital art and hm. hm. hm
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milkii-galaxii 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*monkey circle meme inserted in background*
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endl3ss-blu3 4 months ago
3 and 4!
||3: Who are your longest rp friends?
@goodoldstrength @machinesandman @tres-fidelis @m3chanical-rhythm and a few more
Made friends with these goobers in a completely different fandom and we've just been following each other from one to another ever since, i love these guys! They brighten up my day so much!!
||4: Favourite thing about roleplaying?
The story telling, the lore building, getting to create and enjoy something with someone else on a level like this is incredible! I like just to create and then sharing it and building with others, man thats a feeling i cant describe
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licentious-sanguinity a month ago
((By the way, Succu Pent鈥檚 tits are meant to be like, big. Real big. The man is 8 feet tall, he鈥檚 twice the size of a full grown man, and he likes to have big proportions because he finds them to be hot and is a size queen, both with his own size and the sizes of others, those tits are real huge. If I had to put a size to what those tits would look like on a regular human woman, it would be something like this. (NSFW image attached) They look completely normal, if not a bit on the larger side, on him because they鈥檙e proportional to him, but if a regular woman had them? They鈥檇 be fucking massive.
Do with this info as you please. ;)
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theredvaporeon 4 months ago
Happy trans day of visibility everyone!
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