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Idk if any of yall are interested in TMA fic, but I figure if I’m going to post the link to this anywhere, it ought to be here– this blog already deals with some pretty heavy stuff in my writing, so this is unlikely to be anything new– but reader discretion is advised for the content warnings!

Silver Bells and Cockleshells– t; Jonmartin; cw for ED discussion

The birds are too loud. That’s Jon’s first critique of the garden that Hopworth left behind– beyond the obvious, of course, the twisting, tortured creations that groan with the sickly breeze. But the birds were supposed to be nice, and instead their music just grates, jarring as ice-water on a summer day. The sound of it sits askew just below his collarbone, and he wishes they would stop.

They do.

Somehow he likes that even less.

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((As I have answered in the previous ask, those who were in the “mafia game” (or first image) were his friends.))

((No, Fugo will not be the only mythical being.))

((Fugo’s species is based off of many concepts that have been integrated by both Zana and I, so technically yes, but also no.))

((Regarding weaknesses and strengths, we made a scale for every monster we have in this au and it measures from 1-20.))

((I won’t reveal where Fugo is on that scale, however.))

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guess what? im almost tempted to come back to tumblr with how much shit happens on twitter… but haha ive been gone for OVER 5 YEARS BY NOW…. is it even worth it? are there still peeps that remember me?… will there be people who wanna see my art?

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((I really hope I’m doin’ a good job at rping with y’all so far. I feel so outta touch. XD))

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Hello! Thank you for liking my fanfic of such a great fic like C’est la vie. Unfourtantly I am not comfortable creating another spin-off of the fic. I feel like doing so would be overstepping, as well as I feel like it isn’t right for me to do so.  

Sorry about that

It sounds like a great idea though! Maybe you can ask someone else to write for you or even give it a try yourself? It may be fun!

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I’m not dead HJASHKJAS 
But I do have some fusion asks that I haven’t made/posted…so I will be doing those <3
Actually the story redesign is going quite well, but it still needs a few tweaks ;; <3 
I’ll be doing asks on my sideblogs from now on though! I think I’m a bit out of the episodes I’ve been having so I can try my hand at this again….But school is and will my number one priority compared to my blogs </3

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Yes I promise I will but I have a list of requests I need to finish first and I’m posting all the new parts on A03 now to keep it organized a bit better. I am not sure when the next chapter will be ready but they are in the works

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Idk why I’ve been anxious lately. But it’s effecting my rping lately and I hate it

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The new Assassin’s Creed def has its issues right now. but overall I’m having a lot of fun with it. For some reason, Syndicate is still my all time favorite (which I feel like is an unpopular opinion maybe?), but Valhalla and Odyssey are also up there in my top 3. So basically any Assassin’s Creed main game that let’s you play as a female. *fakes shock*

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((i don’t even remember the context of this old ask))

((i think i mentioned that buccellati always has some strawberries in his fridge))

((adding on to this, buccellati also is a huge lover of peanut butter))

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Comforting others is hardly my specialty, but… If it would help, yes. You can have the one today as agreed upon.

[I’m sorry to hear that your dad is sick, and I hope he’s better soon! I know you didn’t ask for advice, but I’ve thought of something to do this year where everyone does a Secret Santa and mails gifts to each other, opening them up on video chat. Maybe see if anyone in your family is interested, and it can give you something new to look forward to!]

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((Hi I’m not dead I’ve just been procrastinating lol

Also it’s finals week so yeaghdhs :]]

Anyways back to your regularly scheduled bullshittery

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|| I have two confessions to make. 

1. I am a hardcore Zelda nerd and I have breathed the franchise (or Zelda chain; cause it has so many links! XD ) since I first played Link’s Awakening on my old brick game boy and Skyward Sword is my favorite. However I love every single one of them (and I have played every single one of them (except the ones on the NES)) for their own reasons because Zelda is Zelda and I’m an fanatic.  ( I don’t get into a lot of things but when I do it owns me, and Zelda is one of those things)  

2. I try not to make a lot of OOC posts out of fear of what people will think of me. I don’t talk about my problems or what’s going on in my life because I know it annoys a lot of people to deal with things that aren’t Roleplay so i keep that shit to myself. I’m really shy and nervous about sharing things and normally when I do I’ve been setting on it for months and it overflows and I just need to put it somewhere. Personally, I don’t mind OOC posts and I do try to “clean up my blog” because I know that they do bother a lot of people.  I dunno, I wish people were more accepting of OOC. 

Edit:: I actually have an outdated - needs to be fixed - side blog connected to my main for Link @courageincarnate​ <3 

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Okay, so…I need an artist. Someone who is comfortable drawing both dragons and large cats such as lions. Anyone know anyone?

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