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No Hard Feelings

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Pairing/s: (Red) Sniper “Mundy” x (Blu) [Name]

A/N: Guess who enjoyed watching Meet The Team, Team Fortress 2 vids in YouTube and is now in another rabbit hole? This sad excuse of a human being, me!

Guess who has been searching for TF2 x Male Reader insert books but found none? This sad of a human being who is utterly disappointed with the internet, me!

Guess who had taken it in their own hands to make TF2 x (Top) Male Reader Inserts because they want ‘em but no one is delivering 'em? This sad excuse of a human being who is very disappointed with the TF2 fandom, me!

Fuuincyki mayi luickfueth :D


IMAGINE being in the battlefield and your objectives was to locate the enemy Sniper. You found the merc in one of the many towers of the location you guys were in and tried to go for the kill, unfortunately the merc seemed to sense you (probably from being afraid of the enemy Spy stabbing him in the back) and he turned around and pushed you on the wall and was trying to grab his machete. Slightly panicking a bit from dropping your own knife to stab him and not wanting to die, you grabbed the Sniper’s shirt and did absolutely something that stunned him for a bit to have you grab the handgun from your holster to shoot him. You bloody kissed the merc and he was so confused and stood frozen, only coming back to his senses when he just respawned back to his base.


A tired sigh left the [Hair color] haired man’s lips as he cocked the gun in his hand, checking then about the bullets on it then putting it in his holster. The man then took the balisong (butterfly knife) that was on his belt and flipped it, he then began to twirl it mindlessly in his hand as he looked around. He saw the other mercs of the Blu team was either preparing for the battle or was also just like him, chilling and waiting for the timer to start to count down to signal the battle would begin. Closing his eyes, he still continued to twirl the knife in his hand as he began to get lost in his thoughts.

It was honestly quite boring, the thrill he had first felt when he had joined the organization was now slowly dissipating because of the tedious and also that it was always the same thing happening. Repeating the battles everyday with no consequences, such as death to him anymore. The battlefield lost its joy to the [Hair color] haired man as he tiredly sighed. The [Hair color] haired merc opened his eyes again and to his amazement, he saw a certain Aussie walking to his direction.

The [Hair color] haired man raised a brow when the sniper of his team had approached him. He knew that Mundy, or Sniper rather, was an antisocial one. Trying to avoid talking and avoiding his teammates as much as possible, so it was quite suprised and amused the [Hair color] haired merc wanted to know what the Australian needed. When the sniper was close enough, the [Hair color] haired man began, “Need something love?” The merc had said as the sniper merely shook his head.

“Not really mate,” Sniper had said as he momentarily looked at the balisong that the [Hair color] haired man still continued to twirl in his hand then back to the man again. “Just need ta remind ya about your objectives, Soldier asked me too,” the Aussie had said as the [Hair color] haired merc nodded as he paused on twirling his knife. “Oh, alright,” he had said as he look at the Australian.

“Take out the Red’s Sniper and assist then on the battlefield,” the [Hair color] haired man had stated as he saw the Australian who nodded. “Aight, you don’t seemed to be needed reminding… I uhh… am off now… see ya Agent,” the Aussie said as he turned around and left the [Hair color] haired merc alone who began to mindless twirl his knife again.

Agent, that was the [Hair color] haired merc’s class was. Like the Spy, he specialized in infiltration and gathering data, the only difference is that he doesn’t cloak nor copy any of the other mercs faces but rather, he hypnotizes his enemies to have them as an ally for about twenty-two minutes in the battle then erasing their memories of ever betraying their team, he was also the one who makes the strategies of his team which he took pride as it seemed to work, as long as none of the other mercs try to be an idiot that is.

The Agent was taken out from his thoughts when he heared the the alarms ringing in the Blu team’s base, signaling that the battle would be on for about five minutes or so, making the [Hair color] haired man straighten his form, stopping on twirling his knife and had flipped it back to its harmless mode then putting it back in his belt. He then straightened his uniform as a sigh left his lips. 'Show time.’ The merc had thought as he began to walk towards the other mercs who were gathering near the exit of their base with their weapons on their hands, ready for battle.


The [Hair color] merc silently crept along the ruins halls of the building he was in as he gripped the knife in his hand tightly. He was on high alert just in case an enemy Spy or Scout finding him as he tried to find his target. He knew the Red Sniper was on top of the very building he was in as he had tracked where the merc was, one of the many perks for also being an Agent, he was a very good tracker. The [Hair color] haired man shook his head when he heard the quiet sounds of footsteps on top of him, signaling someone was above him. 'Dumbass.’ The merc had though as he quickened his pace to get up the stairs to get the merc from behind to finish his objects and get to his own team.

As the Agent had crept quietly with his heart calm and steadily beating, he found the room where the enemy Sniper is as he had heard the Aussie softly curse. He twirled the knife on his hand a couple of times as he tiptoed inside the room where the Australian merc is, a smirk on his lips as he saw the sniper was facing behind him, too busy looking at the scope of his sniper rifle.

Getting near the Red Sniper, he raised his knife and was about to stabbed the Australian when the said merc had turned around, dropping his sniper as he placed hurriedly grabbed with both of his hands on the [Hair color] haired Agent’s throat, pushing the Agent to the wall to be easier to strangle him. “Not today mate,” Sniper had sneered as the [Hair color] haired man internally cursed in his mind as he tried to claw the Australian’s grip on his damn neck. He saw his knife layed on the ground as he had accidentally dropped it when the sniper had surprised him.

“S… shit,” the [Hair color] haired man cursed as he struggled against the Red Sniper’s grip on his throat. The Red Sniper had tightened his grip on the Agent’s throat. “You have been a pain in da ass, like that backstabbing Spy, mate,” Sniper had said as he neared the [Hair color] haired Agent’s to take a good look at the merc who was seethingly glaring at him. “No hard feelings, aight?” He continued as he gave a grin then quickly looked away to look around as he found his machete. Still having his grip on the [Hair color] haired merc’s throat tight to not have the man speak, slightly remembering what his team Agent had warned about the mind control when the Agent would speak.

The [Hair color] haired Agent had saw in the corner of his vision that the Aussie was trying to grab his weapon, ready to finish him off and his once calm heart accelerated. Oh God, he will not die just by getting strangled and have a damn machete slicing his head off.

Oh hell no.

Without any thought nor hesitation, the [Hair color] haired man had raised his hands and grabbed the sniper’s collar of his red shirt, his surprising actions made the Red Sniper turn and try to strangle his again when the said merc had been pulled closer to the Agent. What happened next made the Aussie stunned.

Sniper was confused, shock and obviously embarrassed. He wasn’t one for social interactions nor physical contact, so when the [Hair color] haired Agent had smashed his lips on the Australian’s, Sniper was definitely stunned. The Aussie didn’t knew what to do other than stand frozen as his grip on the other merc’s throat loosen as they continued to have their lips locked. The Agent had used the sniper’s stunned state to move a bit as one of his hands had left the sniper’s red shirt and had sneakily grabbed his gun from his holster. He then pushed the Australian sniper, breaking the kiss as he then raised the gun on the still frozen Sniper with a rather smug smirk displayed on his lips.

“Sorry about that love,” the [Hair color] haired man had apologize despite his tone never even showing any inch of remorse, but rather amusement as he cocked his gun. “But you see, I don’t want to die yet,” he said as he grinned at the Sniper who didn’t respond. The agent was amused about that. “No hard feelings, aight?” The [Hair color] haired had said mockingly like the Red Sniper had said to him awhile ago as he pulled the trigger.

After the loud bang, it didn’t take long for the stunned Sniper to fall to the floor with a loud thud, a bullet wound on his forehead as the Agent had looked at the corpse that slowly dispersed as he then put his gun back on his holster. 'Now that’s done… need to assist the idiots.’ The Agent had thought as he had knelt down and picked up the balisong and flipped it back and put it in his belt. He began to walk to the door to get out of the building,only to pause for a few minutes to look at the room again as his lips twitched into a small smile. 'Idiot…’ He had thought as his mind momentarily went back to that stunned Red Sniper’s face as he walked away.


Sniper stood frozen in the spot as he felt the quick pain on his head but then disappeared immediately. Before he knew it, he felt anew. The Aussie blinked a couple of times as he looked around where he was,only to realize he was back in the Red team’s base and the Sniper should’ve been angry pissed about it, but the Aussie was just confused. That Blu Agent. That [Hair color] haired man had… had kissed him?

Remembering back to what had happened a few minutes ago had made the Australian felt his cheeks burned from embarrassment as he then remembered, he died…

“Ah, bugger,” he had softly cursed as he immediately jogged somewhere around the room to get his extra sniper rifle, machete and other weapons he needed as he was going back to the battlefield. He hopes he would see that [Hair color] haired merc again as the Red Sniper was going to get his revenge on that Blu Agent…

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Snipers dad: would you care for an Anzac biscuit?

Sniper: no.

Snipers dad: don’t you support the Anzacs?

Sniper: I do support them, I just don’t like the taste of them.

Snipers dad: I guess you don’t like the taste of FREEDOM either?!

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So I came up with this idea and my sister was thinking about the lemonade discourse. So we specify he is selling still lemonade. (May be we should call it solo, but we don’t really know what it is.)

Mr. Mundy is assigned to BLU in this AU.

I know I should actually convert worth of scrap in to Thai Baht, then converted it in to worth of lemonade, but I got no time and so, I tell my sister to price it whether she like.

The reaction shot is also a rough height reference for RED team. (Heavy> Demoman> Medic> (Fem) Soldier> (Fem) Sniper> Pyro> (Fem) Engineer> (Fem) Scout) Spy is in there somewhere, but he is invisible.

Also, in Thailand, lemonade is NOT Sprite.

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[ @charliecrew || from here ]

The physicist sighs and then snorts at the others response. He had him there. 

“It does look…slightly more edible, I will agree.” A hand is placed ever so softly on the Irishman’s. “The effort here is appreciated, but…maybe it would benefit us to order a pizza?” A soft smile tugs at his lips as he speaks, glancing toward Mundy with a genuine appreciation for the attempt. He just… would not be eating this. He’s not even certain the other knows what he’s cooking at this point.

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