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munku-collar7 hours ago
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u ever just raid the wiki gallery
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mungoteazer smut incoming. if any of u fools want the url to my nsft blog now is the time 馃槍
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pulledfrom0rbit2 days ago
Was it Mungojerrie or Rumpleteazer
Tumblr media
Or could you have sworn it might have been both?
A playful Teazer offering her paw to you while she passes goods she's lifted from you to her partner in crime
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munku-collar3 days ago
Demeter, grooming Mungo鈥檚 fur: So how did you and Rumpleteazer meet? When did she know she liked you?
Mungojerrie, laying in her lap: Well, I fell face first into her jumping off of a brick wall, an鈥 we tumbled down the street, and then we introduced ourselves. She said聽鈥淚鈥檓 Rumpleteazer,鈥 and I said聽鈥淭ease her? I barely know her!鈥 and that鈥檚 how she fell in love with me.
Demeter, shaking her head: It was that easy, huh?
Mungojerrie: Well first she watched me shake the fleas out of me tail and give her a lil鈥 bow.
Demeter [fondly]: The very picture of charm.
Mungojerrie, beaming: One of my many talents!
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i-overanalyze-musicals3 days ago
Cats Ships Restaurant AU
i was watching bob's burgers so now here we are
Demestrap: Bakery They own a small bakery. It's very peaceful and quiet inside, which is a good environment for Demeter's anxiety and Munkustrap's stress. They don't have many customers, but the people who go there absolutely love it. Their customers often read there while enjoying the baked goods.
MungoTeazer: Food truck I feel like this matches their chaotic vibe. The food they serve is also chaotic- messy, cheap, & tastes great. The truck is a little worn down, but it works just fine. And they can drive wherever they want to serve food.
Tuggoffelees: Cafe They primarily serve coffee and tea, but they also serve sandwiches and things. It's also a safe space for LGBTQ+ people, with a little rainbow flag in the window to signal this. It's a very polished, clean place, but also has a homey, comforting vibe. It's very popular with students and lgbtq+ people. And they have free wifi.
These are the only ones I immediately came up with ideas for, but I want to figure out some more, its fun.
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0zzysaurus3 days ago
lord im so happy Mungoteazer is gettin' popular <3 well, not POPULAR per se, but more SEEN if that makes sense. I love this stupid ass ship, I might write some fun headcanons about them later when I've done some actual work
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i-overanalyze-musicals3 days ago
cats prompts nsfw....again.....why does my brain do this
.....why can i only come up with nsfw prompts 馃ゲ
they're just.... easier to write? like i dont have to come up with a plot or anything
tuggoffelees, mungoteazer, alonzostrap, tumblepounce, or bombacass
prompt: audio message
i tried to pick couples i genuinely feel would do this
(the majority of my complaining is for dramatic effect, i enjoy writing these, and i hope they're a good bridge while i convince my brain to come up with some pg plots)
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i-overanalyze-musicals4 days ago
Cats Prompts (nsfw-ish)
I know I said I wasn't gonna write anymore prompts today, but my productivity is random at best. I was tackled by an idea for something I wasn't going to work on, so here ya go.
This one's only slightly nsfw (prompt-wise. if you choose to write for it, you can adjust the level however much you wish lol)
I tried to do a lot of different pairings, including ones I don't really understand, so I hope they came out alright! I just wanted to futz around with some dynamics.
Now let's explore what happens when various pairings get caught boinking:
Tuggoffelees: they're boinking in a semi-public place because yep. they probably get caught by Munk. Tugger probably says hi, and they continue with their activities. However, Tugger gets a stern talking to from Munk later on.
Demestrap: Munkustrap has never, ever been caught boinking someone. he is MORTIFIED. Demeter is slightly amused by this
Alonzostrap: Idk what happens with Munk for this pairing but Alonzo is still the smug lil slinky bastard he always is
Cassalurina/Bombacass: Mostly unbothered, they just relocate and continue their activities elsewhere
Alonzoteazer/Rumplonzo: Smug bastard + cheeky bastard. run off giggling to continue elsewhere
Platoria: They're both very embarrassed, Victoria less so though. She laughs it off quicker, Plato is mortified for quite a while after.
Coricojerrie: They don't get caught. Jerrie is spontaneous, but Coricopat really, really doesn't like boinking anywhere he can get caught. Jerrie is 100% fine with this, however.
Demelurina: Demeter panics a bit, Bomba is calm and just moves them to someplace else.
Munkujerrie: They've gotten close to getting caught multiple times, but never quite really get caught. Pretty much just because Munkustrap is good at not getting caught. The close calls are funny though, because no one can quite accuse them.
Munkoffelees: They get caught a couple of times, which flusters Munkustrap. Mistoffelees, however, is unaffected.
Victeazer: They occasionally get caught, and when they do they just happily shake it off, probably running off, holding hands and giggling.
Mungoteazer: Just like with stealing, they find it amusing getting caught. I kinda just imagine its sort of a "Aw, shit Jerrie, gotta run!" then they're off lol.
Tumblepounce: Full on deer-in-the-headlights. Stopping, staring, and some sheepish laughing before they scram and continue somewhere else.
Casslonzo: Two smug bastards. Either slink off or continue right where they left off.
Tuggerlurina: Happily continue exactly where they left off. Not a care in the world. They're smug as hell. Engrages Munkustrap.
And there we go! I did my best lol, hope you like!
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mystical-jellicle-cats16 days ago
So I was thinking about the Dick Van Dyke Show and then about Mungoteazer so naturally I had to find poses from the show to associate with them. Here is what I found
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cats-but-incorrect27 days ago
I just got blasted by a Burst of Inspiration,, and love for one of my favorite pseudo-rarepairs,,,
For anyone who doesn't know, Mungoteazer is my shit (I DON'T headcannon them as siblings) and I have a problem. This is a post that nobody asked for but I'm making anyway. Without further ado, have some CUTE/STUPID HIGH-SCHOOL AU MUNGOTEAZER IDEAS
Skateboarding Delinquent Children,,
100% graffiti abandoned places together
Get sent to the office for playing the penis game
(For anyone who didn't have a childhood, the penis game is where you take turns saying 'penis' but you have to say it increasingly louder each time until one of you gets caught)
Jerrie always wins the penis game
Teazer steals Jerrie's hoodies and t-shirts
Sneak out at night to hang out
Skimbledad is p r o t e c t i v e of teazer but mamaanydots thinks they're sweet together
Teazer can do a kickflip
Jerrie broke his foot
Lowkey super protective of each other,, can get jealous pretty easy
Hardly ever seen without each other,, school cryptids in that sense.
Do absolutely 0 homework. Jerrie somehow gets okay grades, Teazer just fumbles her way through. Neither of their handwriting is legible, though. It's so bad.
During gym, if they're on the same team for something, they're unstoppable. If they're on separate teams, they will stop at NOTHING to get each other out first.
Both in band. Teazer plays percussion and Jerrie plays the trombone. It does not go well.
Both in art class too, but they spend 3/4ths of the time just smacking paint on each other instead of working
Can probably be found in 7/11 at 3am drinking slushies on the floor
Teazer gets a red one and Jerrie gets a blue one, at school Victoria asks why their tongues are purple
They drank each other's slushies you unholy fucks, not on my good christian minecraft server
They totally dress up in some kind of dumb matching costumes on halloween
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demons-incorrect-alwa month ago
Mungojerrie: Please, Rumpleteazer鈥 After everything we went through together. You can鈥檛 do this.
Rumpleteazer: I鈥檓 sorry, Mungojerrie.
Mungojerrie: I鈥檓 begging you. Don鈥檛 do it.
Rumpleteazer: It has to be done鈥
*Rumpleteazer places a draw-4 card*
Rumpleteazer: Uno.
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statisticalcatsa month ago
Jerrie and Teazer鈥檚 lightly kinky adventures continue! They鈥檙e switchers, but Teazer doesn鈥檛 go for the spanks, she has something else in mind~ Sound ON
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fandom-trash-goblina month ago
RumpelTeazer: I was alone once, Remember?
MungoJerrie: No, I don鈥檛 remember.
MungoJerrie: I wasn鈥檛 there.
MungoJerrie: You were alone.
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skimblyshanksa month ago
current standing on any kind of Shiki verse hcs:
Jelly and Skimble are the parents of Macavity, Rumpleteazer, and Sillabub
Skimble and Tugger are raising Sillabub
Teazer and Jerrie are mates; might be Jemima鈥檚 parents?
Jerrie and demeter are siblings
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