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Adventure Time AU MuraHimu ~

I don’t know why it took so long to come  up with that idea… Atsushi’s just perfect as an inhabitant of the Candy Kingdom o__o

For Murochin it was trickier since Marceline/Marshall Lee’ designs are pretty awesome but their personalities don’t really fit Murochin’s.

Anyway, he really looks good like that, plus he can now float around which is soooo convenient to get to Atsushi’s level.

I’ll probably be obsessed with them as AT folks for a while…                        Can’t wait to draw more of them in this AU…


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Found some amazing quotes by kids on an IG account lately (livefromsnacktime) and started to rewrite some to have fun with Yōsen boys.

MuraHimu is a ship shaped for memes, why did I put them aside for so many years T__T ?

And now time to illustrate a new one o/

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vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell 

I’m not super involved in either of the characters (as you may know) but personally I don’t really see the appeal. I don’t think Himuro and Mura have anything else in common besides being stuck with each other; they seem to have fundamentally different vibes, ambitions, personalities, approaches and temperaments. And I believe in opposites attract, but they aren’t even opposites, just different, you know? They just happen to be there for each other, and while that’s a pretty realistic way of life, I don’t really sense that kind of spark. MuraHimu to me feels like saying “yeah I need more gay ships, preferably with those good looking fellas, so why don’t we just uhhhhhhh ship them together?” p lazy

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Day 1: Chocolates/I don’t remember having these many hickeys. But I don’t mind. -MuraHimu

Summary: Atsushi is at lost on how to make Muro-chin happy this coming Valentines’ Day until a certain baked good catches his attention.

Day 2: Pillow/Are you wearing my shirt? -MuraMido

Summary: For Midorima’s lucky item on the 14th, only Murasakibara can help him.

Day 3: Flowers/You’re beautiful, you know that? -MidoTaka

Summary: Shin-chan is being very difficult these past few days and Takao is getting frustrated.

Day 4: Love Song/I wish you were here. -NijiAka

Summary: Akashi has finally realized that greater things come to those who wait.

Day 5: Kiss/Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day. -AoKi

Summary: Having a sweet but a psycho boyfriend is exactly what Kise Ryouta signs up for.

Day 6: Stars/I’m flattered, you’re jealous. -KagaKuro

Summary: Kuroko doesn’t know whether to get pissed or be happy when Kagami-kun finally has the balls to ask him for a date with a catch, of course. 

Day 7: Free day - MuraMido side AoKi

Summary: College students Midorima and Kise ponder about their long-distance relationship with their respective partners, the struggles of being in a long-distance relationship. 

Yasss finally done! O(≧∇≦)O

edited as of 02.21.20


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I am sorry for posting late just because I am quite distracted and I can’t seem to finish this fic lol. But without further ado, I present to you the fan fave pairing, KagaKuro <3

Many thanks to @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for the prompt ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Originally posted by atsu-san

Day 6 Prompt: Stars/I’m flattered, you’re jealous. (KagaKuro side MuraHimu)

Title: Valentines’ Wish

Summary: Kuroko doesn’t know whether to get pissed or be happy when Kagami-kun finally has the balls to ask him for a date with a catch, of course. 

Rating: T for cursing

Also on Ao3

The sky is glowing hues of red and orange as the sun is beautifully setting off and Tetsuya, of all his sixteen years of existence, has never felt so content. He might not show is on his facade but he knows his feelings better than anyone. Well, maybe, except for Kagami-kun. After all, he is his shadow and he is his light. 

The truth is, they have been going out for more than two months after they play Yosen in the quarter-finals. For the most part, they don’t actually make it obvious that they are together, save for those few friends that actually know. In the Seirin team, only Furihata-kun knows because he accidentally walks in on them in the locker room after practice when Kagami-kun is about to kiss him on the lips. He feels a little bit guilty because the poor guy couldn’t look at them in the eyes for two weeks straight. When asked if they’re together, Tetsuya just gives him his usual poker face but he neither deny nor admit. But it is so evidently obvious though.

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Decided to participate just because I feel inspired. Thank you so much @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for making this possible. So yeah for Day 1, I have decided to do my ultimate ship, MuraHimu. Also, thank you @tastytatsu for your support *cyber hug* <3


Originally posted by reginanoctua

DAY 1 Prompt: Chocolates/I don’t remember having these many hickeys, but I don’t mind.

Summary: Atsushi is at lost on how to make Muro-chin happy this coming Valentines’ Day until a certain baked good catches his attention.

Word count: 3, 855 words

Rating: T

Atsushi is lost. Why, you ask? It’s because v-day is approaching fast and being in a relationship with the one and only pretty boy, Himuro Tatsuya is enough to make his knees go jello but he is totally lost on how to please him. He may appear to be a monster on the court but he must admit that he is at lost on how to make his Muro-chin happy. After all, he is in his first-ever relationship with a guy, and a pretty one at that (did I say it twice?). He has this gut feeling that once v-day comes, Muro-chin is gonna be swarmed with lots of delectable chocolates that he won’t even notice his. He sighs in defeat as he put his hands on his pockets. He is currently loitering around Yosen’s hallway after class, trying to think of something to do. He knows that Muro-chin doesn’t really like sweets so giving him a chocolate bar or any sweet confectionaries is out of the picture. And now, he is more than reduced to aid in his dilemma. 

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