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Meet the…

Pen Pals couple~


Ship: MuraHimu

Pen pal: a person with whom one becomes friendly by exchanging letters, especially someone in a foreign country whom one has never met.

Murasakibara Atsushi

Status: Vampire

Age: 200+ (appears early twenties)

Maker: Akashi

Meddling Kise created a profile for Murasakibara on a dating website called Vampr. And while Murasakibara usually ignored any interest he received on there, he happened to be online when he got a message from Himuro.

Himuro seemed fun and was really pretty, so Murasakibara decided to keep talking to him. And, after a while, Himuro mentioned that he was coming to Japan to visit his little brother and asked if Murasakibara wanted to meet up.

It started out causal, but make no mistake, Murasakibara will crush anyone who so much as looks at Himuro the wrong way. This is the first time he’s ever been in love.

Himuro Tatsuya

Status: Human, gap-year college student

Age: 23

Favorite food: Pickles

Blood type: A

Himuro was accidentally thrust into the world of vampires when he was bitten by a guy he’d gone home with after a night out. He didn’t dislike it. In fact, Himuro ended up loving vampire bites. So much so, that he began hitting up every vamp club on the west coast.

It got boring after a while and one evening, while aimlessly browsing the internet, Himuro came across a targeted ad for a vampire hookup website.

Too bad it was for Japanese locals.

He checked it out anyway and was immediately drawn to Murasakibara’s profile. After chatting with some regularity, Himuro asked if Murasakibara wanted to meet up, under the guise of paying his younger brother a visit. Hey, Taiga had just moved into a new apartment, after all.

While it began as two weeks of barely leaving Himuro’s hotel room – they were very compatible – it grew into something more. Made all the more apparent by Murasakibara’s Maker inviting Himuro over for dinner – no pressure.

Murasakibara became very important to him so, instead of returning home after his break, Himuro decided to stay in Japan indefinitely. This is the first time he’s ever been in love.

The Pen Pals are the featured ship in the following fics:

Roommates III - T

Wanna Bite? - T

Pen Pals - M

Pen Pals II - T

Pen Pals III - T

Pen Pals IV - E

Pen Pals V - T

Pen Pals VI - T

They also appear in several of the other fics in the Roommates Series, including the larger ensemble pieces, Uncrowned and [Stolen - coming soon].

Link to master list (coming soon)

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I usually don’t post WIP but I feel like it today.

My favorite former Akita boys but as college students AU (studying in Tōkyō though).

I plan to fully render this one, too much flat colors lately I need to challenge myself a bit more ! (I’m so scared to work on it o__o).

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Redraw for my Murahimu “Happy New Year 2021”

(took time before I actually could rework the first version but I’m glad I did)

I wasn’t very happy with my first version hence the redraw.

Anyway I managed to get it done o_o , let’s move on~

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Happy New Year 2021 and all~ ୧⍢⃝୨

Starting with some wise words and resolution from a sweet, innocent and naive boy.

Im bringing the college era MuraHimu redesign cause I just have so much stuff for grown-up them.

And now time to get back to work on them some more o/

(hahaha I honestly hope this illustration isn’t a glimpse of what 2021 could be cause damn it was sooooo exhausting to work on it ಥ_ಥ). Used some ref from Kibbitzer’s poses book and self poses to get through it.

-No reupload / repost on other platforms-

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i can’t believe that Kuroko No Basuke just went and assumed that the Average American Teenage Boy is extremely stupid, eats 219826 cheeseburgers in one sitting, and takes basketball way too seriously, and they were right

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Probably last MuraHimu post for 2020  

Already got enough stuff I’d like to doodle to go on with them until late 2021.

I’m trying different styles everytime cause I ain’t happy with my current sketching/lining and I hope it’ll improve nicely enough to get to the Himuro I’m dreaming of !!

2021 will be an interesting journey art wise, and I plan to get through it stronger, keeping those precious boys by my side o/

(Will probably go back to some MakoHaru/PharMercy/Tomoyo x Sakura as well cause I miss them so much  ╥﹏╥ )

Wish you the happiest ending for 2020 !


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So… I have a text file filled with quotes and stuff to draw featuring Atsushi and Tatsuya. Some are from funny quoting blogs or series I’m fond of while the biggest part is just from me wandering around in my thoughts and giggling like “ahahah that is actually interesting I wanna draw that”.

Today I stumbled across an amazing recipe video I found some weeks ago and a flood of MuraHimu situations just flew in. And I’m like “omfg I need to draw every quotes and ideas !!!” knowing January will be focused on that stuff cause now I can’t get it out of my stupid head… So yeah I’ll probably kinda end up like that cute drawing meme girl.

Anyway here’s some Adventure Time AU Atsushi x Tatsuya from October.

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vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell 

I’m not super involved in either of the characters (as you may know) but personally I don’t really see the appeal. I don’t think Himuro and Mura have anything else in common besides being stuck with each other; they seem to have fundamentally different vibes, ambitions, personalities, approaches and temperaments. And I believe in opposites attract, but they aren’t even opposites, just different, you know? They just happen to be there for each other, and while that’s a pretty realistic way of life, I don’t really sense that kind of spark. MuraHimu to me feels like saying “yeah I need more gay ships, preferably with those good looking fellas, so why don’t we just uhhhhhhh ship them together?” p lazy

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