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Hey hey hey! This time is the turn of MuraMuro, which is one of the hardest pairings for me to write. But I love them too much not to write something about them XD


Contrary to popular belief, Himuro Tatsuya did not enjoy being called beautiful. He did when he was younger and more arrogant. When the obvious superiority of his acclaimed brother in the sport he loved so much was so frustrating that he was constantly searching for other way of validation. His looks were the easy option because everyone who ever saw him for the first time always said the same.

Wow, you’re so handsome.

Himuro-kun is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.

That mole is so sexy.

However, it got boring after as the praising could not cover the void of skill he felt between himself and the rest of the players. So now the mere comment of his appearance made him turn down whoever approached him. Was it too much to ask for someone who would look at him at himself and not just a pretty face?

Not even him expected that person to be Murasakibara Atsushi.

Because when he met he giant purple man he only saw another genius who did not need to do anything to excel. The same one who took everything for granted but at that moment Himuro decided this time he was going to use it for himself. So he befriended Murasakibara because he was his teammate and that meant if he won he would win too, right? But then Murasakibara happened to be actual good company and Himuro saw himself spending more and more time with him. Because he might be lazy but what people usually did not see in him was his inherited kindness.

So far Himuro had seen Murasakibara give his precious candy to a kid whose ice cream had fallen on the floor. He always helped the old librarian putting the books on the top shelves. Also, Himuro was pretty sure it was him the one who watered the plans next to the court. And he never once called him beautiful.

Which did not mean he did not show his affections in other ways. Contrary to popular belief, it was Murasakibara the first one who kissed him. After all, he was too scared of ruining their friendship to do something until the purple giant decided “waiting was boring, Muro-chin”. So right at that moment, after a million dates and two years together, Himuro felt the sudden need to say it.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” he said to Murasakibara.

“Muro-chin is saying weird things again.”

“But it’s true, you are. I know I don’t say it much, but for me you are the most beautiful person in the world, Atsushi.”

Murasakibara closed the space between them, his tongue licking the trace of sweets on his mouth leaving Himuro breathless.

“And Muro-chin is the most delicious candy.”

Himuro had never received a better compliment.

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"Did anyone else just see that?" Takao, Kise, Himuro. Please.

“Himuroooo! I am challenging you!”

Takao and Himuro break off their conversation to look at (an apparently very drunk) Kise. This party is ending with a lot of drunk people, and given that there’s already been one fire (in the kitchen, which was Kagami’s fault) and one very shocking hook-up (Seirin folks are wild) Takao is rather glad he’s not drinking.

“There is not a basketball court here, otherwise I’d gladly accept,” Himuro says. Himuro is drinking, on his third cup in fact, although doesn’t seem at all affected.

“No! Not basketball. For prettiest player. You’re my only competition out of high school basketball players, and we need to decide who’s prettier, you or me.”

“Hey, I’m standing right here,” Takao says.

“Pft,” Kise says. “Please.”

“I’m pretty,” Takao insists. Although he’s not sure why. It just seems worth saying. 

“You’re a model, Kise-kun. You are very pretty. Definitely the prettiest person at this party,” Himuro reassures.

“Hey!” Takao says. Both Kise and Himuro look at him with pity in their eyes.

“But we still need to decide,” Kise insists, looking back at Himuro.

Takao is about to express his indigence again when he sees something out of the corner of his eye and does a double-take. “Did anyone else just see that?”

“See what?” Himuro says.

“Whatever it is, it’s not as important as this challenge,” Kise says.

“You’re right. I’ll leave you two to it then!” Takao says, strolling away and laughing. 

Sure, he might not count as one of the pretty ones, but he is going to gleefully enjoy it once Kise and Himuro realize they missed out on the naked streaking contest going on with very drunken Murasakibara, Midorima and Kasamatsu. Takao is going to check this out immediately and enjoy gloating over it tomorrow.

A/N: hahaha, I hope you enjoy this sheer crack, friend. I can’t picture those three streaking but will just wave this aside by saying copious amounts of alcohol were involved. Thanks for the question dialogue prompt! (And thanks to everyone who sent one in!! I’m working slowly on them but I am getting to them!)

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Can I request a fic in which Hinata and Murasakibara are forced to work together (on something neither of them are good at? I’m thinking about a supernatural AU where all the characters are (different types of) magical creatures

“But why do I have to work with Murasakibara?” Hinata says, aware that he’s whining. “Kageyama is my Double Decker!”

“Because you and Kageyama caused millions of yen worth of property damage on your last mission because you fought so much,” Ukai says.

“Yeah, but we got the bad guy,” Hinata says. “And, and I work well with Kageyama! Even though he’s mean and stupid and he shouts a lot.” What Hinata doesn’t want to say is, I work best with Kageyama, because he doesn’t want to admit that out loud. He’s still a rookie, and he does work best with Kageyama, even when they’re competing. Probably especially when they’re competing.

“This is only for a couple weeks,” Ukai says. “And at the end of it, maybe you’ll learn something about why you shouldn’t fight with your partner while actively pursuing an Anthem user.”

“But why Murasakibara?” Hinata continues to whine. “He’s the worst.”

“Because he also needs separating from his partner for awhile,” Ukai says. “And because he’s really tall and you’re really short and that amuses me.”


“Come ooooon,” Hinata says. “The guy’s getting away!”

“You’re so loud,” Murasakibara says. “Why is someone so short so loud?”

“What does being short have to– would you drive faster, this is torture.”

Hinata refuses to admit that one of the main reasons he hates working with Murasakibara is because the man is so tall. Also lazy. This is a waste of height, really. Hinata feels like if he was as tall as Murasakibara, he would put it to better use.

“I miss Murochin,” Murasakibara sulks.


“You nag too much,” Murasakibara says. “And also, you suck at shooting.”

“I’m getting better!” Hinata says hotly. Even Kageyama says he’s getting better. (It’s better when he has Kageyama around to help with timing, but Hinata is not going to say that to Murasakibara.)

“Yeah, but you’re really not good at this, why’d you even join SEVEN-O?”

“Because I want to be a hero!” Hinata says instantly. “Like the Small Giant!”

“Guh, you’re the worst,” Murasakibara says.

You’re the worst!”


“Oh man, this was the longest three weeks of my life,” Hinata says, so happy that he gets to return to his usual Double Decker. “What’d you and Himuro do, anyway?”

“Eh?” Murasakibara says.

“To get separated,” Hinata clarifies. “Ukai said this was punishment for you two. Did you guys fight?”

“No. The opposite.” At Hinata’s confused look, Murasakibara rolls his eyes and says, “Ukai caught having sex in the break room.”

What,” Hinata says. “I use that break room!”

“Don’t sit on the couch,” Murasakibara says, unconcerned. “Storage unit is better, if you and Kageyama are ever looking for a place.”

“I’m not sleeping with Kageyama!” Hinata sputters.

“Really?” Murasakibara says. Then shrugs, as if he’s lost interest in this whole conversation. “You probably should be.”

Then he saunters away, and Hinata is thoroughly glad that this terrible partnership is over.

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! Not quite what you asked for, but I finished watching Double Decker: Doug and Kirill recently and it was the only thing that came to mind. They’re kind of an odd duo to try and put together. Hope you enjoyed! =D

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Ummm a Furiaka or Murahimu avatar AU?

If there is one thing Himuro wishes he could change about himself, it’s his overwhelming jealousy for Benders.

(That’s a lie. If he could change himself at all he would make himself a Bender. But that seems so pathetic and shameful that he wishes he didn’t want that, so instead concentrates on the more practical wish of erasing his jealousy.)

He wants to believe it doesn’t matter. He wants to believe that a non-Bender can achieve just as much as someone who can bend. But he grew up with a Firebender, being tutored by an Earthbender, and all things considered, he knows there are some things he’s never going to be able to do.

When he meets Murasakibara it’s a reminder of all the things he’s not. Not a genius Earthbender, not physically strong, not naturally athletic, not from a powerful family, not famous for his skills. And this kind of human embodiment of everything that Himuro is not and never will be should be the kind of person Himuro avoids at all costs.

So he’s not entirely sure what to do when Murasakibara starts following him around. 

At first he just ignores Murasakibara, figuring that will make him go away. When ignoring him doesn’t work, he starts to feed him, since he’s not sure what else to do. Finally, he just decides to ask.

“Why do you keep following me?”

Murasakibara munches on a snack Himuro had bought for him and then shrugs. “Murochin is restful.”

This irritates him more than it should. “You have responsibilities. You can’t just rest all the time. Your mother wants you to join the police force, and the king–”

“That’s stupid, though. They just want me because I’m an Earthbender.”

“A very powerful Earthbender,” Himuro smiles, as if he isn’t inwardly raging at Murasakibara dismissing all the accolades Himuro himself would kill for.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I should only be an Earthbender,” Murasakibara says, and in a sulky voice adds, “or at least, it shouldn’t.”

Himuro opens and then closes his mouth, thinking through that for the first time. Then he says simply, “Yes, you’re right. It shouldn’t.”

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! I went with MuraMuro because I haven’t written them in a long time and I write a lot of AkaFuri. I was also assuming you meant ATLA and not the James Cameron movie, so here’s hoping that was correct =D

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A birthday gift for @amakatarei! <3 

Himuro was sick and tired of this.

It happened with every girl that came up to him, every doe-eyed, blushing, stuttering girl who thought that they could do what no girl could and win him over. He’d step back, politely take whatever chocolate or gift they held, and try to be as gentle as possible when telling them he wasn’t interested, especially on Valentine’s day. He knew he wouldn’t even touch the bags filled with chocolate.

In this sort of environment, he couldn’t just tell them that he wasn’t straight or he might meet resistance, and if he’d learned something here, it was to get along with as many people as possible. It was things like this that made him miss America.

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<Chapter 2        Chapter 4>

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Pairing: Aokise, MomoRiko, Kagakuro, MuroMura, more???

u can find this on AO3 lol

Summary: Adult AU, Criminal Underworld AU. Where Kagami Taiga is a young heir suddenly targeted by 6 rather dangerous members of the criminal underworld (each with their own set of personal troubles), and Kuroko is a bodyguard with a dark past.

Warning: Violence, Strong language, a lil dark and angsty sometimes. Getting spicier ;^)

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So today the first song I listened to early in the morning as I was heading to work was ZERO GAME. Next thing I know, I’m obsessed with murahimu. I mean, I’ve shipped them for a while now, but I wasn’t obsessed with them.

Past tense.

If by any chance you’re following me and you ship them as well or you just read this and are willing to recommend me stuff on them, I’d appreciate it. Fanfics, blogs about them, DJs. I could use some. Really.

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Title: Christmas shopping rush

Pairing: AoKuro + MuraMuro

Plot: Kuroko is helping Murasakibara searching for a present for Himuro. And Murasakibara thinks that Aomine is too stupid for Kuroko. [pre-relationship]

Notes: It took me some time to come back. Once again I was too busy and almost lost the desire of writing, but fought and came back. This one shot made me realize that I love writing (especially short fluffy slices of life). Thank you everyone :)

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Ok I still have my WT 31 to do for today, but I’ve been at this damn ‘fun shameless interlude’ for a month. 

Miracles; T+ (Assorted ficlets in-universe)

The Miragen are girls AU; It’s not as though there’s actually a rule that girls can’t compete in boy’s basketball.

 “This is a vacation,” said Akashi. “We’re going to the beach.”

 “I did not pack a swimsuit,” said Midorima.

 “I did!” said Kise, who was shining with excitement.

 “I packed for you,” said Akashi, confirming Himuro’s long-held suspicion that no one had let Akashi play with dolls when she was little. “Actually I prepared backups for all of you, except Kise.”

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Murasakibara: You know what your "great" friend did?
Himuro: What?
Murasakibara: Your friend, out of nowhere, took some of my fries!.. ヾ(  ̄O ̄)ツ
Himuro: That's it? What's the big deal?
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Can you do 3, H, and ☁ for MuroMura?

A/N: Hahaha, OK, so the words are, “Jail Cell, Blackout, Lipstick,” and dear anon friend, I want to sincerely apologize for how long it’s taken me to get to this prompt. I want you to know that when I first saw my thought was, “Oh ho, someone wants me to write some really filthy prison smut with prostitute!Himuro” and my second thought was, “Damn, this prompt is wasted on me.” Because, like, man, that would be kind of fun. But hahahaha, as I have mentioned, my capacity for smut writing is nonexistent because the idea of anyone reading it embarrasses me to an unimaginable extent.

But! Then I wrote this Prison AU prompt and kind of had an idea for how I would want Prison AU to go, so, after long last, I now have your prompt request! Thank you for it! I’m sorry it couldn’t be amazing smut like that prompt deserves, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

So! Without further ado, more Prison AU! This time with MuraMuro. It is still, sadly, SFW, but since Prison AUs are one of those things that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is under the cut. There is, at least, some *implied* smut, so, there’s that.

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Miracles; T+ (Assorted ficlets in-universe)

The Miragen are girls AU; It’s not as though there’s actually a rule that girls can’t compete in boy’s basketball.

The last installment of Miracles, four (physical, REAL LIFE) years later. Set in the summer of their second year. 

The first email came just after the the interhigh ended and read, Kagami, please send me Miss Alex’s email.

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