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HELLO <333 wahhh tysm for reading, and i hope you’re still around lurking here to see this, my anon <33 also, i did write these in headcanon formats but please PLEASE let me know if you wanted scenarios and i’ll whip up scenarios :>

Pregnant S/O with Midorima, Murasakibara

Note: I am also writing this hc under the premise that the S/O has been dating with them for quite some time and is practically settled with them

Part 1 here

Midorima Shintarou

How He Found Out

  • i would believe for him to always, always use protection whenever he ends up having sex with you, and make sure you’re on birth control to prevent such an occurence
  • for a pregnancy to even happen, these conditions need to happen: 1.) he needs to be 100% sure that the two of you will be together for a very, VERY long time enough to not freak out about contraceptives or at least toy with the idea of not use any in the back of his mind and 2.) you somehow riled him up so much that he let it slide once/twice and go condom-free (whether you were on birth control or not that’s up to you, but he’d assume you were)
  • well, it turns out that during one of those rare moments of unprotected sex, you got pregnant, and now here you are with a positive stick in your hand squinting at it and scratching your head that you were either incredibly lucky or unlucky to get pregnant out of those few times you two went raw
  • how were you gonna tell him? well, he was a traditional man, so you simply set up a small, cute surprise for him when he gets back home
  • y’know, balloons in the living room and a little wrapped gift on the cleared table… it would send the message across… you think
  • hours passed and you were on the sofa twiddling your thumbs like a preschooler on timeout LOL and you didn’t want to go anywhere in case Midorima comes home early
  • your instincts were right because an hour later, he comes home utterly exhausted, immediately thinking about being roundabout in asking to snuggle with you
  • but then he freezes when his shoe stepped and POPPED one of the balloons you scattered around prior, and it scared him SHITLESS
  • he almost dropped his lucky claypot. almost.
  • “(y/n), what is going on?!”
  • he thinks it’s one of your antics and pranks as usual, and he immediately sighs exasperatedly at the thought of cleaning the mess up
  • “Seriously, I can never leave you alone in this house, nanodayo…” and as he shuffles through the floor, trying to avoid the rest of the clutter you caused, he notices you sitting primly on the couch (and giving him a poorly-concealed smile)
  • “Shintaro! I didn’t know you’d come home so soon~”
  • “Well, everyone was being annoying as usual, and most of the work has been done for today. I might as well come home to spend the rest of the day with you… obviously.”
  • you were so obvious, your eyes flitting back to the gift on the table and back to him, and Midorima doesn’t know whether to roll his eyes or laugh
  • “I’m assuming this is all for me,” he sighed, trying to hide his smile. “I don’t recall any special occasion for today, though.”
  • oh, your face just grew the biggest shit-eating grin at his words
  • “Is that so?~” you feigned with a sing-song voice
  • at your insistence on him opening the present right now, he swiftly pulls the ribbon apart and opens the box to see your positive test
  • MIDORIMA.EXE has stopped working
  • “W-W-W-What is that?!
  • “A pregnancy test.”
  • “Who’s?!”
  • “… Mine?”
  • “Wait, how?! With who??”
  • “Uh…” You stared at him incredulously. “You?”
  • MIDORIMA.EXE is failing to reboot
  • you were pointing at yourself and Midorima to further try to get the POINT ACROSS to this poor man who’s trying to process this OFBEJDIWHRIE
  • but you stopped your hand motions when you see the purest smile slowly growing on Midorima’s normally stoic face
  • YOU.EXE has stopped working
  • he brings you into a tight embrace and for a while you two hug in silence, enjoying each other’s company
  • “So uh, I’m pregnant,” you said, your words slightly muffled by his shirt
  • “Yes, I am quite well aware now,” he replied dryly, but his eyes are quite affectionate
  • “I hope you realize that this is a huge responsibility, (y/n).”
  • “Hey! I know that it’s a big deal! Come on, who do you take me for?”
  • “… Right.”

During Pregnancy

  • the first thing he does was take you to the doctor’s just to find out when you were going to deliver
  • “What? Why?” you asked him
  • “I must know our child’s horoscope sign as soon as possible,” he said seriously. “We have to make sure they’re born with no misfortunes attached to them.”
  • “Are you fucking serious?”
  • “Why wouldn’t I be?”
  • okay, but he’d also ask the doctor diligently on what you should be doing and what he should be doing to ensure a successful delivery
  • Midorima is deadass budget-version doctor at home
  • it’s that one meme where you go:

“Hey mom can we have a doctor?”

Mom: “We already have a doctor at home.”

Doctor at home: Midorima Shintarou

  • JOKES aside, he really is knowledgeable on this entire ordeal, which is a blessing and a curse
  • you could always come to him to rely on him when you’re unsure of something or for him to deal with your moodiness
  • but at the same time, you can’t get away with snacking on abhorrent things because he’d SNATCH them off your hands and scold you for being irresponsible LOLOL
  • you could NEVER sneak off unhealthy food because he’s ALWAYS somehow there to catch you or he eventually finds out later and still give you an earful
  • you still try to do it again anyways
  • then there’s that side of Midorima where he’d stuff the entire house with bundles of lucky items because he insists on buying two lucky items for you and the kid every day during your pregnancy… all so you can “maximize” your chances of having a successful delivery
  • you’re sobBING, it’s so CUTE BUT SO DUMB
  • did I mention that he’s already started on building the nursery and decorating it in ALL sorts of lucky charms and adorable plushies under the guise of “being safe and making the room lucky”
  • he rarely lets you step out of the house, but if you have to, he’ll always make the time for you so he can accompany you and just glower at anyone who looks at you the wrong way
  • surprisingly, he’s a lot more lenient on the PDA during your pregnancy: LOTS of hand-holding, chaste kisses on your head/forehead and maybe cheeks, and he does often hug you from the side to protect you
  • if you bring it up to him though, he’ll deny it to the VERY end and insists that he only does it so you don’t get moody and snap at random strangers passing by, and then it’ll be a hassle to deal with them
  • yeah right, Midorima

Murasakibara Atsushi

How He Found Out

  • when you first found out, you decided to hide it from him until you can figure out how to go about your pregnancy
  • 1.) he didn’t seem like the type who can handle kids, let alone even like them
  • 2.) you’re worried about how he’d react considering that he has a “devil-may-care” attitude and has quite a languid view on most things, even to this day
  • you underestimated Murasakibara though because when you first initially excused yourself to the restroom the first few times, he assumed that you were having too many sweets and barred you from consuming them until you got better
  • but you didn’t… in fact, you looked even sicker as the days progressed
  • that was when Murasakibara got suspicious and started paying attention to you and your behavior
  • when he gets serious, he’s incredibly sharp and intuitive
  • even still, he doesn’t know if he should confront you or wait until you tell him, because you’ve always been the “big pants” in the relationship, for lack of better terms
  • so he waits and observes, but he still acts just as normally as any other day, and you, on the other hand, thought you were able to successfully hide this from him
  • still, when you keep up this sneaky behavior around him, he slowly doubts himself about if he did anything wrong, if he forgot anything important, or if you’re doubting this relationship ???
  • but he’s not going to admit it to you, so he’s going to casually call Himuro and voice his concerns in such a roundabout way
  • Himuro immediately understands what he’s trying to ask and simply tells him to talk it out with you
  • ofc, Murasakibara just huffs and complains about it being so troublesome, but Himuro, smiles, knowing him better that he was going to do it despite his verbal complaints
  • when asking you if he did anything “wrong” and such, you immediately shake your head and deny it all to ease his worries, and you tell him that it wasn’t anything like what he imagined
  • at your words, Murasakibara was relieved but at the same time, if these weren’t the problems, why were you acting so strange?
  • like when you kept oversleeping, kept rushing to the bathroom early mornings, or when you even turned down his offer of going to the grocery store, bakery, and the confectionery store together multiple times simply because you said that you didn’t have the energy
  • he finally confronted after a few weeks of dodging on your end, draping his entire body over you from behind and placing his chin on top of your head
  • “Chibi-chin…” he mumbled. “You’ve been acting really weird for the past few weeks. Talk to me.”
  • you only sighed as you turn around and embrace Murasakibara, and then separated from him to put distance between the two of you as you make eye contact with him
  • you resigned yourself to tell him the truth because he was going to find it sooner or later, considering that you’ve developed a small bump… so far, you’ve passed off your stomach size as a “food baby” and “gaining weight, I guess,” but you knew you couldn’t use that excuse forever
  • but before you can utter out a single word, dizziness hits you like a truck, making you completely lose balance before you legit fainted on the spot
  • poor Murasakibara expresses one of his rare moments of absolute distress as he lunged forward to catch you before you fell to the floor
  • he’s dialing Himuro because he has no idea what to do and he’s absolutely PANICKING and thinking of the worst-case scenarios of what happened to you
  • Murasakibara was READY TO CALL THE AMBULANCE AND EVERYTHING but Himuro managed to calm him down enough to reason that it’s better to bring you by car
  • after all, Himuro had an inkling of an idea of what happened to you, but like a little shit, he’s not gonna tell Murasakibara because seeing him so openly expressive like that was a guilty pleasure for him
  • he’s constantly holding you in the car like his life is on the line, and Himuro is just driving and looking straight ahead mentally cackling and wondering how he’s gonna escape his wrath if Murasakibara ever finds out that he knew but didn’t tell him
  • imagine a distraught giant busting through the doors carrying an unconscious you with a model-like guy trailing behind and pushing the giant to the side to try to coherently talk to the disoriented receptionists
  • what a life
  • the doctor merely just says that you fainted and it wasn’t serious, and Murasakibara doesn’t believe them ONE BIT
  • but he notices Himuro walking over to the doctor’s ear and whispering something, before they had an “ah-ha!” moment, and then right on cue, they had you moved to a different room for testing
  • poor giant is so agitated, constantly shaking his leg on the floor while he’s sitting in the waiting room, jeez HIMURO PLEASE GIVE HIM A BREAK
  • “Congratulations! She’s pregnant!”
  • “Huh.”
  • “Aren’t you her special someone?”
  • “Indeed, Atsushi is!” Himuro answers for him with a wink
  • Murasakibara needs to p r o c e s s this
  • after a while, you groggily stroll out the room like nothing happened, but still you had a frown on your face because you didn’t want Murasakibara to find out about your pregnancy this way
  • the car ride home was so AWKWARDLY SILENT
  • you try to coax him with kisses, hugs, and tickles, but he’s not budging one bit
  • even snacks didn’t move him… even though he did eye them for a bit before he turned away
  • “Atsushiiii,” you whined. “Talk to meeee, I’m sorry.” and there you go pouting and trying to squish his cheeks to get him to give up
  • he looks at you with an uncharacteristically serious look when he asks, “Why didn’t you tell me, Chibi-chin?”
  • and here you are, reluctantly explaining your reasons, and Murasakibara is just frowning because he’s thinking about how he needs to get his shit together so you don’t ever think that you can’t rely on him again
  • lots of wholesome cuddling to make it all up to him
  • “So… Chibi-chin.”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I’m… gonna be a dad?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • and he gives you the brightest smile he’s had since the game against the Jabberwocks, except it was much more intimate and sweeter

During Pregnancy

  • does Murasakibara have any idea on how to deal with pregnancy? no, but to be fair, most people aren’t prepared anyways
  • he keeps forgetting that he can’t just give you sweets and snacks willy-nilly anymore because that’d be horrible for the you and the child
  • but he’s always giving them to you out of habit LOL, but of course, usually you turn his snacks down and remind him that you can’t eat them anymore
  • except when you have ungodly cravings and just accept his offerings without a complaint
  • and then Murasakibara feels like something feels off before he realizes you’re tearing off the packaging and ready to shove the entire biscuit into your mouth—
  • from that point on, he’s a lot more diligent in keeping the processed foods away from you
  • whenever Himuro stops by to help you out, Murasakibara REFUSES to forget what he did before and he glares daggers at him with every chance he gets, and both you and Himuro ignore him and are having your own conversations about the child AND MURASAKIBARA JUST SULKS IN THE CORNER ALL ANGRY—
  • he’s so petty and he’s so pouty, and honestly he is the one that becomes clingy during your pregnancy
  • whenever you shop for baby essentials to prepare, he’s always tailing after you like a lost puppy and trying to learn and understand the baby basics(????), while also doubling as your bodyguard
  • I mean, who would want to mess with you while there’s a purple titan RIGHT there?
  • still, you get a huge kick when you see people’s shocked expressions at seeing this gigantic man in the baby sections/aisles following around
  • you noticed, especially during your later trimesters, that he’s even gentler in how he handles and touches you, and it’s super cute that he’s so conscious about his size and strength around you
  • your heart is LITERALLY melting
  • you don’t think he even realizes that himself
  • but still, Murasakibara has to literally grit his teeth to stop himself from glaring/snapping back at you when your mood swings get really bad
  • how much do you want to bet that Murasakibara makes you buy extra baby food just to try it?
  • he’d probably even make you taste test it with him
  • he says it’s so the baby can eat the best brands out there and doesn’t have to eat the shitty food, but you think that he’s just eating it for fun and you tell him not to spoil the baby so early like that
  • he leaves the decorations and actual planning up to you though, even though he’ll be right behind you as you do it… he just finds it tiring and too complex sometimes
  • if you send him on grocery errands and things like that, he’d actually get up and do it without a complaint
  • if it was all for you and his child’s sake, he’ll do anything… after all, it’s the least he can do to be a dependable father
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“Welcome Home Murochin~”

(Murochin isn’t crying, or if he does it’s not out of sadness despite the odd pose. Boys are actually ecstatics to be reunited o/)

Again it was supposed to remain as a simple sketch =x (again the reference was a picture of two cute girls cuddling found on pinterest, and again the photo was on without credit -__-) (And yes I found a lightning effect that I like and will abuse it like a noob :[ )

- Do Not Repost / Re-upload -

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Well… It all started as a simple “quick pose study” from a photo of two cute girls I found on pinterest and I got carried away somehow ^^’

Quite happy with the final result ‘cause I wanted to try different light flows and anatomy after experiencing a lot of struggle with it lately.

Warning : Years ago, when I wasn’t into that ship as much as I am now, I found some amazing MuraHimu arts on tumblr/pinterest which were obviously reposted and I never get to find the original artist. I’m 99% positive they are Japanese, cause some artworks feature texts but no signature… I checked pixiv and nothing came up. The way they were drawing them is mind-blowing, especially their profile so I feel a bit bad cause after using it as references it turns out the profile I drew are VERY similar, I tried to get out of this copycat thingy but ended up unhappy with the result. I’ll try to work hard in the following month to come with something more personal =< (I won’t display the following artworks because I do no wish to take part of this uncredited repost hell).


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CW: mentions of jealousy and a small temper tantrum, relatively sfw 

You heard them bickering as soon as you walked in the door. Murasakibara was complaining about Kiyoshi hiding the sweets, Kiyoshi had done no such thing, you had hidden the sweets, but Iron Heart was taking the fall for you. So, when you walked into the kitchen both of your giants turned and looked at you. Kiyoshi gave you a sweet smile while Murasakibara scowled and continued looking for his sweet stash. You rolled your eyes and made your way to the bedroom, wanting to change into something more comfortable. Kiyoshi following silently behind you dropped a kiss on your exposed shoulder after you shrugged your work shirt off. “Would you like me to run you a bath?” he asked while trailing his fingers across your skin.

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hi!! let’s be friends together in this ghost town together HFUWHEIGJS thank you so much for requesting <33

Sweet Sample

Murasakibara x Reader

Word Count: 2019

»»————— ☼ —————««

How did you get yourself here?

You remembered being dragged around by Himuro in a blur of houses until you both, before you knew it, stood before his house that reeked “high class.” Before you can muster up any form of complaint that you (sort of) thought up of when you were dragged, Himuro ushers you in hurriedly. Even when he was in a rush, his movements were elegant and fluid.

“… a-ah, Himuro-san?” was all you muttered, but you only got a closed click of his bulky front door as a reply. You turned around to face a nonchalant ravenette shedding off his outer coats before he hung them on the racks next to you.

Too nonchalant, in fact.

You weren’t that close to him enough to warrant a casual visit to his home, nor did you have any reason to come here in the first place. Yet, Himuro looked as if you two had plans for the evening but that you somehow forgot that you had an arrangement with him in the first place. Plus, and probably the most crucial part that made this entire ordeal awkward to you, was that you’re dating Murasakibara. Anyone with common sense can see countless implications when someone is alone in someone else’s house, let alone dragged into one.


“(Y/n)-san,” he smoothly interjects, nodding his chin to the racks to indicate for you to take off your outer layers as well. “If I may ask you something.” You only nodded in meekness as you tapped your left feet behind your right leg, a nervous tick you’ve always had since middle school.

“Have you ever gone on a date with Atsushi before?”

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お誕生日おめでとう室ちん  ! ! HBD to Murochin, the most handsome, cunning, hardworking, kind-hearted, funny, babysitter senpai o/

(Sadly no time to work on a full Murochin centered illustration for his bday. So here’s one of my AT AU one)

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